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where IDEALS in the other Zones
manifest into experiential reality...

Community is where I experience We...

Community is the harmony or chaos resulting from the collective consciousness, thoughts and actions of each individual... I and WE reap, what I and WE each sow and cultivate.

One of the quickest ways to escape from a personal Current View of a Situation (CVS) is to ask another thinker for their point-of-view. Since no two human brains are exactly alike each person has a valid, but different, CVS.... Their CVS might be your Better Viewpoint (BVS).... We can ask our partners, our children, our customers, our enemies, our experts, or any other thinker for their point of view.

Community begins within each family unit.... Family units co-operatively interacting with other family units create ever larger realms of harmonic community, which we term as a civilized society.... When all goes according to the Universe's Plan for Paradise in the here and now, then we enjoy the benefits from living at this level of excellence.

What would a PERFECT SOCIETY be like? .... Begin creating a list of words and phrases which describe what would be in a Perfect Society... Keep the list with you and keep adding to it... Talk about this topic with others and record their insights on this list... In this process, be conscious to a historical fact:

As the Family goes, so goes the society!!!

I AM WHAT I THINK ABOUT, thus WHAT must I think about to have a Perfect Family Unit and Perfect Society???

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment to improve the world." -- Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl, 1952.

We can begin improving the world BY having self and community pride in excellence... Each being and doing our best... On WHAT is MY consciousness focused at THIS and EACH moment?

We can be very honest about benefits and harm within various social and economic systems... Honesty is the smart policy, it might be challenging to face past errors, fortunately we do NOT have to repeat them... Each moment we make choices that EITHER keep past errors, OR make choices that create ever better conditions.

Using Community Respect and Enableness for self-empowerment and self-responsibility for consequences of choices and actions, we can easily melt away any mistrust we might have about our own powers of creation.

We can realize the incredible and profitable entrepreneurial first-to-market opportunities that sustainable LIFEstyle development offers any community, while also understanding that "being first" competition can easily generate distressful conditions.... Are there more equitable social and economic systems to explore?...

Could it be that "perfect systems" will manifest by individuals simply adopting the "honest evaluation consciousness" focused on: WHAT situations and problems harm me and the people of MY family and hometown?... HOW can I help locate or manifest solutions?

What are the components required for a Consciousness, LIFEstyle, Home and Community of Excellence that could manifest a contextually perfect world?

How would a planet filled with Consciousness, Lifestyles, Homes and Communities of Excellence manifest?

While some might consider "perfection impossible to achieve"... Having pictorial paradigms that inspire an ascension career of manifesting components within Paradise Perfection Dreams, makes more common sense than staying caught in Deathstyles of Suffering.... THE LIST you are creating helps the BRAIN SEE Paradisiacal Paradigms (models, patterns, etc.)... We each recognize quality and excellence...

The CHOICE of each human being and humankind collectively is between Creating a Heaven OR Hell on Earth... Personal Responsibility and Consequences for our individual and societal actions naturally shapes and reshapes the substances of reality into ever-improving Forms that align more and more with "Perfection".... Perfection and Paradise are a Process, as well as a Condition and Destination...

Only after a designation IS KNOWN, can the most safe route to get to the desired destination be planned and traveled.

WHEN during our formative years, we are EXPOSED TO paradigms (models) that set family and social EXPECTATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITES for each member to develop our full potentials throughout our ascension career, THEN we EACH are more likely to make our individual THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS create life and health enhancing technologies and services... (instead of that which empowers war, disease, greed, laziness, slums, etc.)...

WHEN each IS EXPECTED and HELD ACCOUNTABLE to develop our full potentials, THEN we each are more likely to desire, and do the work required, to understand the Universe and acquire Creation Power Wisdom... WHEN from birth, each IS EXPECTED TO HAVE PRIDE in self and surroundings, and IS REQUIRED to participate in self-care, home and community care excellence, THEN we each are more likely to treasure and protect the self, others, homes, communities, and environment... WHEN standards of excellence prevail throughout the societal system, THEN we each are more likely to acquire Creation Power Wisdom and Passion For Excellence within, that then reflects outward...

Reflectivity within the realm of human consciousness is defined as: What is preceived as possible, by thoughts can grow from wishes into being desires and potential, and by actions can manifest into being actuality... We each shape and reshape the substances of reality according to what and how we each think... WHAT Brain SOFTWARE am I using?????... The brain can only function according to programming parameters.

The ultimate level of Creation Power Wisdom involves the phenomenon of universe reflectivity, that unique and inexplicable power to see, hear, sense, and know all things as they transpire throughout a superuniverse, and to focalize, by reflectivity, all this information and knowledge at any desired point... Each human being HAS this innate potential. Whether or not this potential is developed depends on many factors; many of which are discussed within the various zones of this Liberty Zone Cafe... (RE: Urantia Papers - Book version p. 105) ....

The many developmental advantages and disadvantages encountered within our communities, might explain WHY IN the ascension career, the finite brain has manifested many diverse beliefs, philosophies and religions attempting to create a replicative system that enhances and speeds up (or retards and blocks) the process of acquiring the ultimate level of Creation Power Wisdom... History leaves no doubt, there are many who have acquired a vested-interest in doing that which does harm to others.... Harm, like any virus, could not manifest IF such potentials were quickly identified and isolated... Harm can live only when such is enabled by the potential victims... How many "things" do I know to be harmful, but I make "excuses for" rather than doing disempowering actions?... Without a consciousness focused on NO HARM Excellence, it's TOO easy to think or say: "It's just the way it is, I can't do anything about it." .. When there is constant personal and societal sensitivity to potential results, then the conscience will not be comfortable with being, doing, or having, anything less than the best of the best.... Creation Power Wisdom knows that the current best, can always be improved... In Paradise there is NO boredom, our meaningful work is never done.

During this adventure of understanding and acquiring Creation Power Wisdom, several developmental paradigms (models) and projects will be offered for your consideration, and hopefully will inspire thoughts about other value-productive models... Those listed in the Side Menues of the Liberty Zone Cafe provide plenty of thought-inspiring diversity... The most important factor in considering the topic of "community" is to NOT allow "communitarianism" to place the importance of society ahead of the unalienable rights and responsibilities of the individual... As much as individualism is feared by those who don't TRUST OTHERS to be able to make value-productive choices, THE GREATER FEAR IS any form of GANG forcing what might be destructive on any body... Actions by gangs will always be MUCH MORE HARMFUL than any actions by an individual... (The term "government" has evolved to empower the delusion of a gang having a "legal" right to force THAT gang's will on others... What is termed legal, is not what always in accord to what is lawful. The government programmed brain seldom is able to recognize the harm it causes.)

The main factor at the beginning of success engineering a "perfect society" is comprehending the huge difference between gangsterism and teamwork... Gang Members do what the leader or creed says, no matter who or what such actions do harm to... TEAMWORK co-operation and collaboration is that which gets things done while ALSO RESPECTING and PROTECTING Individuals, Rights and Personal Responsibilities. - - As a mature form of libertarianism is emerging, the importance of "community" along with lasting mutual-admiration nurturing relationships is growing and replacing self-centered independent aloneness... The term "VILLAGE" is often used in place of the word "community", so as to keep consciousness away from being linked back to the harmful Communism Paradigm... As dominent trends of one era gradually give way to trends of a new and better way, there are often feelings of anxiety and concern. (Such uncomfortableness is mostly due to EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS to "the current way it is".)...

To eliminate uncomfortable feelings, and honor intelligent individuals who make decisions for their own self (not merely changing in compliance to a wave of cultural fashion).... it's suggested that in compiling the information of WHAT TO INCLUDE AND EXCLUDE from YOUR Model For Paradise, the following be given first attention...

The words of a Free-Thinker John Galt, the hero of "Atlas Shrugged," who observed: "Man's life, as required by his nature, is not the life of a mindless brute, of a looting thug or a mooching mystic, but the life of a thinking being -- not life by means of force or fraud, but LIFE BY MEANS OF ACHIEVEMENT."

Life by means of achievement... what a powerful guide for creating lifestyles and communities of excellence...

Reflect back on what was said about developing Creation Power Wisdom potentials...

The heroic pursuit of happiness that does no harm to others, is part of living life by means of achievement that is most personally and globally value-productive.... For in so doing, others received MANY FALL-OUT BLESSINGS from the actions of such an individual's value-seeking, achievements, making things interesting, and other myraid of happiness inspiring endeavors...

The Connecting Project selected to facilitate in creating BOTH a CyberSpace Community and Physical Community is "Co-opWorld"... This system offers Value-Productive Solutions Unlimited Success BY Association -- Using this multi-dimensional project we can create a Desirable FUTURE CONTEXT while continuing to survive in the CURRENT Context... Of all the books written on the topic, that which stimulates connecting with our own common sense is "Healing Our World" by Dr. Mary Ruwart... This hot link leads to the book in a FREE Downloadable file format

"Mary Ruwart has written what may be the most important book of this decade... It will challenge everything you think you know about how we can accomplish our goals of growth and prosperity as a nation of individuals." -- (Joseph Terrano, Visions Magazine)

Dr. Ruwart shows us how to transcend win-lose scenarios by systematically applying win-win tactics to our social interaction that have proved so successful in our personal lives. As is observed: War and poverty are caused, not by "selfish others," but by our own reactions to them. If we wish to improve the world, we must first improve ourselves.

The Internet offers a very effective medium in which to Grow A Healthy Local and Global Village... Never before have we had such a valuable tool for HONEST communication, FACTUAL information gathering and MasterMind Team Building... We can first work in the more SAFE environment of Internet-based Virtual Reality, then allow improvements to flow into the various streams of Reality we interact within...

Like a LAKE,
as FRESH CLEAN WATER flows in,
pollution flows out...

Using Computers and the Internet, NOW we have the opportunity to success engineer a true community revolving around honest communication, co-operation, collaboration and celebration of our individual sovereignty, unique sameness and diversity... We can create a Desirable FUTURE Context in CyberSpace... Then our actions will manifest Genuine Community into our CURRENT Context...

STAY CONSCIOUS to the fact that: WHERE our attention IS, shapes the substances we create OR encounter... IF our attention is on Paradise Creating, the shapes of Paradise ARE what shall be encountered and what we each create...

It's up to Humankind to SEARCH through our various "communities" TO EXTRACT THAT WHICH IS WORKING THE MOST VALUE-PRODUCTIVELY, and IGNORE THE REST... Focus on BUILDING the new, rather than fighting against the old that doesn't desire to evolve... The old no longer viable factors will dissolve their influence as people refuse to buy their wares, and will thus become obsolete.

There are many religious and secular paradigms to investigate, and do a comparative analysis of the results that manifest from their tenets... WHICH COMPONENTS are most likely to manifest Paradise on Earth in the Here and Now?... To get the process started a few offerings are herein provided... As an adult very busy trying to survival in the ANTI-civilization RAT RACE, doing this search and comparative analysis is JUST TOO FAR BEYOND what can be fit into the CURRENT timeframe or available personal energy supply... THIS is WHY doing Solutions Unlimited MasterMind Teamworking is so vital...

So far all paradigms investigated have various groups claiming THE TRUTH to be under "its umbrella". Their members hold varied opinions about THE TRUTH teachings, organization, leadership, etc. - - In evaluation, it's value-productive to consider: How individuals handle INDIVIDUAL differences among THE TRUTH factions. This reveals much about the paradigms usefulness in achieving the factors essential in Manifesting a Planetary Paradise.

As Frederick Mann, founder of the Build Freedom website, observed: 'Many people want a better world and some are working in various projects to this end. I propose that the more "socially functional" we become, and the less we suffer from "cultural delusion," the better are our chances of actually creating a better world.'

Of all the writings so far investigated, The NeoTech Writings, the School of Thinking Courses, and The Urantia Papers offer the most amount of insight into age-old TABOOS that block humankind from, as yet, not manifesting Paradise on Earth... These sources also offer components necessary for creating Paradise On Earth... The first of which is WILLINGNESS to in NON-attached emotions, honestly evaluate information from all sources...

The threads from which to weave the tapesty of Paradise on Earth are HIDDEN within many sources... How else could they have survived through the eons of destructive neocheaters? ... It is up to Paradise On Earth Builders to find the components and bring them together into in places like the Liberty Zone Cafe, where they are easily accessible by the people...

In reveiwing the Urantia Papers, it's suggested at the URL http://www.urantia.org to begin with a word search for "Age of Light and Life"... Read the excerpts and proceed from this point of reference.... Some of the quotes are offered in the following paragraghs...

Paper 49 - line 153: "the final planetary age -- evolutionary utopia -- the age of light and life."

Beginning on pages 624 - Paper 55: line 27: "The age of light and life is the final evolutionary attainment of a world of time and space."... Line 80 ... "During this age of light and life the world increasingly prospers under the fatherly rule of the Planetary Sovereign. By this time the worlds are progressing under the momentum of one language, one religion, and, on normal spheres, one race. But this age is not perfect. These worlds still have well-appointed hospitals, homes for the care of the sick. There still remain the problems of caring for accidental injuries and the inescapable infirmities attendant upon the decrepitude of old age and the disorders of senility. Disease has not been entirely vanquished, neither have the earth animals been subdued in perfection; but such worlds are like Paradise in comparison with the early times of primitive man during the pre-Planetary Prince age. You would instinctively describe such a realm -- could you be suddenly transported to a planet in this stage of development -- as heaven on earth.

Human government in the conduct of material affairs continues to function throughout this age of relative progress and perfection. The public activities of a world in the first stage of light and life which I recently visited were financed by the tithing technique. Every adult worker -- and all able-bodied citizens worked at something -- paid ten per cent of his income or increase to the public treasury, and it was disbursed as follows:

1. Three per cent was expended in the promotion of truth -- science, education, and philosophy.

2. Three per cent was devoted to beauty -- play, social leisure, and art.

3. Three per cent was dedicated to goodness -- social service, altruism, and religion.

4. One per cent was assigned to the insurance reserves against the risk of incapacity for labor resultant from accident, disease, old age, or unpreventable disasters.

The natural resources of this planet were administered as social possessions, community property.

On this world the highest honor conferred upon a citizen was the order of "supreme service," being the only degree of recognition ever to be granted in the morontia temple. This recognition was bestowed upon those who had long distinguished themselves in some phase of supermaterial discovery or planetary social service.

The majority of social and administrative posts were held jointly by men and women. Most of the teaching was also done jointly; likewise all judicial trusts were discharged by similar associated couples.

On these superb worlds the childbearing period is not greatly prolonged. It is not best for too many years to intervene between the ages of a family of children. When close together in age, children are able to contribute much more to their mutual training. And on these worlds they are magnificently trained by the competitive systems of keen striving in the advanced domains and divisions of diverse achievement in the mastery of truth, beauty, and goodness. Never fear but that even such glorified spheres present plenty of evil, real and potential, which is stimulative of the choosing between truth and error, good and evil, sin and righteousness.

Nevertheless, there is a certain, inevitable penalty attaching to mortal existence on such advanced evolutionary planets. When a settled world progresses beyond the third stage of light and life, all ascenders are destined, before attaining the minor sector, to receive some sort of transient assignment on a planet passing through the earlier stages of evolution.

Each of these successive ages represents advancing achievements in all phases of planetary attainment. In the initial age of light the revelation of truth was enlarged to embrace the workings of the universe of universes, while the Deity study of the second age is the attempt to master the protean concept of the nature, mission, ministry, associations, origin, and destiny of the Creator Sons, the first level of God the Sevenfold.

A planet the size of Urantia (Earth), when fairly well settled, would have about one hundred subadministrative centers. These subordinate centers would be presided over by one of the following groups of qualified administrators: (continue reading on Urantia Book page 626)

Having started out on the way of life everlasting, having accepted the assignment and received your orders to advance, do not fear the dangers of human forgetfulness and mortal inconstancy, do not be troubled with doubts of failure or by perplexing confusion, do not falter and question your status and standing, for in every dark hour, at every crossroad in the forward struggle, the Spirit of Truth will always speak, saying, "This is the way." [Urantia Papers 383:1]


Although the Urantia Papers set forth wise insights that should forment harmony... there arose conflicts within the readership... "Unless the Foundation conducts itself with wisdom it may breed dissension between itself and the Brotherhood. In the opinion of the writer, there is no place in URANTIA Foundation for naiveté or any exhibition of proprietary feeling toward the Urantia Papers." - - William S. Sadler, Jr. - April, 1958 ... http://www.geocities.com/~nduval/mainpage.html -- offers insight into conflicts within the Urantia Papers readership community... WHEN we understand what causes conflict, it's often much easier to avoid making choices that might generate the same results... IF the Urantia readership had been larger, it's probable the conflicts would be as bloodly as those occuring in the Middle East... WHEN will it be clearly VERY FOOLISH to keep making the same choices over and over again, yet expecting a different result? ... Will humankind ever learn from its history the factors that guide making ever-wiser choices so as to produce ever-more value-productive results? ...

It might help by revieiwing some of the harmonic tenets set forth in the Urantia Papers:

The Urantia Papers - - re: page 2089: Jesus most touchingly challenged his followers, not only to believe what he believed, but also to believe AS he believed. This is the full significance of his one supreme requirement, "Follow me." - - NOTE: Jesus's believe AS I believe... DO AS I DO ... methods manifest value-productive teamwork... He walked the shores of HIS HOME AREA being and doing good... healing the sick, comforting the hurting, empowering good, offering parables that inspire wiser choices... He never fought against any evil, nor condemned or critized.

The Urantia Paper - - re: page 2090: To "follow Jesus" means to personally share his religious faith and to enter into the spirit of the Master's life of UNSELFISH SERVICE for man. One of the most important things in human living is to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his ideals, and to strive for the achievement of his exalted life purpose. Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life OF Jesus and how he lived it.

MOST Christian religions are ABOUT Jesus and focus on worship of Jesus... It's MUCH MORE value productive to focus on the life and teaching OF Jesus... which are all about, and form around, LOVE.

RE: Page 1571: "Be willing to suffer injustice rather than to go to law among yourselves."

Could Jesus be any clearer? And in a strong rebuke to the apostle John for attempting to control the spread of the gospel, Jesus said:

RE: Page 1764: "Forbid him not. ...How can you expect that all who will believe the gospel shall be subject to your direction?"

To Nalda at the well, Jesus said: "Better it would be if you would cease to trifle with my words and seek for the living water which I have this day offered you."

Such a mild and loving reproach for simply trifling with his words, but what will he say to those who have willfully and repeatedly refused his words altogether? What will he say to those who have disobeyed his direct injunction to "Forbid him not" as given in the lesson of The Strange Preacher? If the Master were here today I imagine he would ask, "What part of 'Forbid him not' don't you understand?"


On the topic of Hard-times and LOVE... David Icke at http://www.davidicke.com/icke/thoughts/time.html offers the following...

"The truth is, none of us are ever permanently damaged. No matter what has happened, there is always a way to heal and grow. And no matter what happened, there is always a way to heal. And no matter what happens, who you Are does not go away. In the world of healing there seems to be many back doors to not let go and be unaccountable. There is no such thing as "Once an addict, always an addict," and being victimized does not justify continuing to be a victim in life. These are cop-outs enabling one to rationalize getting out of the responsibility of spiritual growth, physical healing, and movement forward. It is our birthright to Love and to Thrive, yet we have created all kinds of excuses to not do just that. This is the Real craziness. You are your own Higher Power. You are not alone. You are already Free.

Tainting the Truth by sugarcoating, or twisting the Truth in order to make it more comfortable is a waste of energy. There simply is not enough time to wait or beat around the bush. Truth is important NOW, and that Truth is LOVE. Within the flame of love nothing else exists. No amount of negativity or darkness can live in the light of Love. That is why it is so important for us to amplify our own field of Love large enough to reach out into the world, to connect with the Grid that encompasses this Earth caressing and nurturing the darkness into light, the Grid of Love.

You do not have to have psychic powers or gifted abilities to Be Love, to Be who you Are, and to Live Truth. You are a child of God, a child of Love, special and perfect in every way. You have something very important to offer by your Being. The world is waiting for you to Open. Open your heart, let love flow in and out. Let love be your motivation in every action. Let love be the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before bed at night. Let love fill up your body, every cell, until it overflows out into the world, touching everything. Let Love be your gifted ability; it is what you are meant to do. Every moment take Love one step further in some way, let it grow and grow. Love is endless, as is your ability to express and experience it. There is no limit, no rule, no one way. The more you Open, the more Love will teach you, fill you, emanate from you. Do not wait. Start Now. Have Courage, Intent, Willingness. Let Love be the Truth you represent, the tool you carry, the vehicle that brings you to every new step."


Taking another approach to creating a Global Community Paradigm is offered by John M. Bunzl, entitled "The Simultaneous Policy" ... How to obtain a copy of his book is posted on this hot link... He deals with very sensitive issues and sacred vested interests...

Before forming any conclusions, READ the complete texts of BOTH books with the first learned attitude of genuine community... LEARN HOW to communicate honestly and lovingly with each other... Remember the co-operating and collaborating lessons learned in the ChildHood Sand Box... IF we truly desire "Paradise" we each have to acquire the attitudes and skill to live in the Diverse Reality that we might find to be part of this condition... Paradise might just be completely different than any AS YET KNOWN Paradigm.... REMEMBER like all enegeries, concepts are re-formable as required to created the desired form... it's up to each of us to input from personal experiences that which will enhance the results being created... Humankind have "Free Will" and "Consciousness" for a reason... That reason certainly is NOT to use these gifts unwisely... We have the abilities to learn how to accurately evaluate information and image stream to the potential results of any paradigm or dogma.... IF we surrender to whatever is inherited either in our birth family or social contexts, we deserve whatever happens by change... One of the major benefits of "community" is having a vast variety of substances in the mix of concepts to work with... Once commitment to any process is made, then the universe seems to be able to place the needed materials within our consciousness... It seems reasonable that "Paradise Building" will follow the same dynamics as the building of any environmentally sound structural, thus recognizing the components for the HOW TO DO IT PLAN can begin becoming clear by using this already known planning and material collection process (i.e. success engineering -- creating by conscious forethought and controlled experiments).

The opposing paradigms between co-operative private entrepreneurship and regulated commerce as offered in these 2 aforementioned books, reveal the HUGE challenges we're dealing with... Both offer GOOD SOUNDING logic... BUT which paradigm, or parts, is most value-productive? ... What other paradigm or combination of paradigms might be available that could offer us the most potentials for peacefully manifesting our general vision of "Paradise"?

If you have read the Communist Manifesto, there are some very "good sounding" arguments against capitalism that make communism seem as if ownership by the state would be better... But as history proved, communism just does NOT function value-productively for the long-term... As is presented in the desertation about "family unit structures", beyond this small unit most forms of external government become destructive... This is WHY the MAIN skills each individual must acquire is the ability and motitvation for value-productive SELF-Government... The MORE Internal Locus of Control, the LESS External Locus of Control is required to achieve the desired conditions of a perfect community.

We must have an open dialogue to evaluate the possibilities and potentials, so that we can know what to THINK and DO that will manifest the ideal of "Paradise On Earth" ... Hopefully open dialogues and honest communicative environment will manifest among those using the Solutions Unlimited project.

To make a point about where we focus our attention, it's worth considering a paradigm that unfolded following World War 2... As part of the surrender of Japan, the agreement included that Japan could have NO military... THUS while other nations continued an economy based on War Machinery Productions, the inhabitants of Japan turned their attention to designing and building a NEW LONG TERM Economy based on PEACEFUL Global Conquest... Investing their energies in MENTAL Development, playing careful attention to SCIENCES and TECHNOLOGIES... Understanding Reality and reforming the substances to manifest the Empire's Vision... The individual is part of the whole team system... The degree of precision teamwork and social co-operation is evident throughout the Japanese Culture... A review of the amount and locations of Japanese Trans National Corporations attest to the Creation Power Wisdom they acquired and applied...

American Industry ignored Dr. Deming's Thesis... Japan embraced him and his concepts... The results are becoming ever more clear...

WILL we ignore various value-productivity thesis being offered today? ... A collection of some of the most advanced thesis about Personal Responsibility is being posted at the

Advocates For Self-Government Internet Site... It's suggested books and tapes by Michael Cloud be included to your personal library...

The The MODEL for Paradise seems to be tropical lush beauty and peaceful atmosphere... In searching for a literal place to represent this common image, the location that keeps being referred to is Tahiti in French Polynesia --- The wisdom of using this as a model became apparent, WHEN when it was discovered that its NATIVE FRUIT is Morinda citrifolia - a fruit highly prized by the natives for its "Elixir Vitae"... (Lengthening Life Indefinitely).... A few years ago a scientist discovered this HIDDEN TREASURE and set in motion a mission to bring this treasure to the world... To shorten a long story... NOW we have a several other aspects to add into our "Paradise Model"... we have a treasured HEALTH CARE FRUIT Juice, and a mission that also offers a unique opportunity for acquiring skills for genuine community building and win-win-win entrepreneurship...

French Polynesia is often referred to as the Tahitian Islands; from Tahiti, the largest of 14 Society Islands in the South Pacific... The inhabitants tenderly care for the fruit that offers the world the Health Enhancing Elixir Vitae of the Morinda citrifolia... Understanding the Morinda Mission and Project provide us with the foundational knowledge and skills to shape and reshape the substances of reality to manifest more survival friendly sustainable environments... Many value-productive qualities set Morinda apart from all other companies and commerce opportunities...

This Super-Food discovery inspired consumer demand for other naturally occuring foods to be brought to market... The Health Zone presents data on this topic.

Since it's our individual actions that determine conditions... it seems the reasonable place to start serious evaluations is with our individual conscious self and our choices... our individual beliefs... our own thoughts... our personal actions... Aren't these contributors to creating the highest ideals for a personal lifestyle and social structure?... Maybe we could benefit greatly by pausing to remember how a young child approaches learning the art of living and manifesting an integral vision.

When any thing is encountered with which you completely agree or disagree... Do your self the honor and favor of curious inquiry as to "WHY do I agree or disagree"? ... Is such from resonance with the mind? ... OR... Is such due to reactions pre-determined by cultured brain programs?

It is only by conscious continual evaluation, that a human being can remain aligned with value-productive universal reality, and avoid the lures of illusions and delusions that often can be value-destructive... It is only when "love" (agape) guides consciousness, that what has "value" is consistently produced... "Love" is an action word (verb) ... Expression of "love" requires "others"... Various degrees and forms of Love are the foundations of sound relationships that build value-productive communities with others... Love is known by what is "done" and "NOT done".

Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love does not envy.
Love does not boast, it is not proud.
Love is not rude.
Love is not self-seeking.
Love is not easily angered.
Love keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
re: The Christian Bible - 1 Corinthians 13

Sciences, philosophies, religions and atheism are evolving to all agree, that: Consciousness is the grand unifying force of the universe... Scientists have consistently observed that every experiment is influenced by the thoughts of the persons involved with the experiment... Thus the importance of the "motivation" and "attitude" requires careful consideration.

Often the term God-consciousness, is used to indicate the highest form of expression... expression of agape love ... or ideal use of consciousness... What manifests from this level of consciousness is Creation Power WISDOM.... The MORE Creation Power Wisdom an individual has acquired, the shorter is the Manifesting Time-Delay... The more value-productive our thoughts and actions, the more quickly Events and Conditions align with the desired results...

Is it possible that lack of understanding what "love" is, or feeling "love" is the root cause of Social Dysfunction and for not manifesting the Components of Geniune Community? -- With "love" we're inspired to learn the Community Building Qualities, such as: How to communicate honestly... How to have but when appropriate, detach from, prejudices or vested special interests.... How to have value-productive enduring relationships.

Learning to acquire Consciousness and Creation Power Wisdom, and manifest perfection has been termed as our Ascension Career.

Whatever we term this power of consciousness... We can no longer avoid the fact that our personal choices of beliefs, thoughts and actions cause or contribute to the way conditions are NOW, and will be in each future NOW... Humankind's perceptions and perspectives, while NOT concrete reality; as are such factors as "gravity", they form the experiences we manifest and synergistic context we formulate and program into our brain to "react" accordingly.

IF this is a free-will universe formed and governed by the unifying force of consciousness, THEN each moment provides each conscious being with the opportunity to MAKE EVER-IMPROVING NEW CHOICES.... or attempt to remain as is... or be value-destructive...! - - THE CHOICE is ours!

WHY have our choices not been perpetually improving??? ... The primary reasons are that manifesting "excellence" has NOT been individually or politically expedient... What is ACCURATE has been DE-VALUED and NOT DESIRED, thus doesn't manifest... Reason is not in "charge"... Rather in the adult world, what manifests follows the enforced official doctrine, or flows along popularly accepted paradigm modalities... Incentives and rewards currently flow along parasitic streams of consciousness and illusions created by mysticism... Thus our current challenge is to ELEVATE symbiotic HONESY and ACCURACY, and all forms of EXCELLENCE to being DESIRED by the majority of individuals and politicians... As pointed out in the Financial Security zone... the best method to accomplish this goal, is to attach BOTH MONETARY and EMOTIONAL connections, incentives and rewards to excellence; rather than settling for just good enough to get by with for now.

These are some of the questions and high ideals this zone will attempt to attract and collect. The REALITY IS that individually and collectively our choices in beliefs, thoughts and actions manifest the kind of conditions we have. It is each of our personal responsibility as co-creators in this universe to learn what are the appropriate choices to make to manifest the desired conditions ... Teaching and guiding our choice-making consciousness to function at ever higher ideals requires a BEGINNING MODEL ... a SHARED VISION... a SOUND REALITY-BASED PARADIGM... to begin focusing our attention upon.

WILL YOU HELP create EXCELLENCE? ... It's been discovered by those involved with projects listed in the Financial Security Zone that we have created some very HIGH whole-life ideals that can quickly SHIFT PARADIGMS into models that consciously manifest excellence in all areas of our individual and collective life-expressions... You're encouraged to use the Financial Security Zone MODELS of Excellence to begin growing your personal family team of conscious excellence creators...

TOLERANCE and OPEN MINDEDNESS are ESSENTIAL, especially because of diverse paths of improvement upon which each of us have chosen to travel to achieve the vast IMPROVEMENTS necessary to have the high ideals of "perfection"... HARMONIC UNITY of DIVERSITY in our IMPROVEMENT TEAMWORK is the desired result... WHEN we collect together the values EACH creates, THEN we can see that the DREAM of PERFECTION CAN MANIFEST into reality!!! Urantia Paper 48 offers this insight... "The ACTS of today are the destiny of tomorrow .... KNOWLEDGE is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love. .... Progress demands development of individuality; mediocrity seeks perpetuation in standardization... The argumentative defense of any proposition is inversely proportional to the truth contained.... There are no royal roads, short cuts, or easy paths to Paradise..."

To facilitate our progress at permanent eradication of value-destructive vestigial traits ... such as procrastination, equivocation, insincerity, problem avoidance, unfairness, laziness, greed, covertness, dodging situations or circumventing disagreeable obligations.... we might consider forming and integrating "neighborhood charter schools" (a/k/a Educare Cooperatives - Art of Living Academies) for guidance in developing high qualities in traits, arts and skills such as...

ACHIEVING THIS APPROPRIATE EDUCARE GOAL is part of what the Paradise On Earth Educare Projects are designed to accomplish... This Portfolio of Projects is a MAJOR LEAP FORWARD for quickly spreading TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS around the planet... The Liberty Crusade IS the ONLY project with the scope and sequence necessary to collect and spread ACCURATE FACTS for the LEVEL of ADJUSTMENTS required to accomplish the DESIRED LEVEL of IMPROVEMENTS in every arena of our personal and social lifestyles!!!

Mapping out the Future of Hope

Solutions Unlimited
& the Miracle of America
are for the whole planet!!...
Nobody is free or safe, until we ALL are free & safe!!!

Remember this site is under construction! ... Also stay conscious to WHY the Dream is identified as the "American" Dream; known by answering the question of WHY so many have flocked to the North America shores, and are dedicated to this GLOBAL Dream of Paradise On Earth...

This Liberty Zone can be your safe home too.

You are welcome to e-mail ideas, suggestions, links, and information that you would like this site to contain.

Among people actively working to gain the skills of tolerance and facilitate improvements within their communities around the planet, are individuals who have DISCOVERED and are STUDYING a very unique collection of 196 PAPERS ... termed the URANTIA PAPERS... Information in the discourses seem to provide SOUND LOGICAL and REASONING for individuals desiring to create a PERFECT personal lifestyle and a PERFECT community ... The Papers integrate science, religion and philosophy with a perspective that can blend with ANY belief system seeking to comprehend and acquire high ideals of truth, beauty and goodness. The quality of ever-expanding tolerance and improvements inspired by studying these Papers warrants links to Internet Sites...

EXPLORE and draw your personal conclusion from first hand experience...

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