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It is with sincere hope, that in your adventure through the Zones on this website, each person shall experience continual delightful joy in conscious recognition and realization of what the mind already knows as fact and as being part of the I-ness and WE-ness integral vision...

When any thing is encountered with which an individual completely agrees or disagrees, do the self the HONOR and FAVOR of curious inquiry as to: "WHY do I agree or disagree"? ... Is such from resonance with the mind? ... OR... Is such due to reactions pre-determined by cultured brain programs? (memes) --- How much was acquired from those with whom I associate, without being fully evaluated for accuracy and value-productivity? ... Have I considered the potential end results of adopting inherited information and programs designed by others? ... Success By Association or Destruction By Association?

It's only by conscious continual evaluation, that a human being can remain aligned with value-productive universal reality (mind-integrated) and avoid the lures of illusions (brain-generated)...

Selecting information to include in the Community Zone is the most difficult, and the most rewarding...

In the investigative process to prepare reports and projects for inclusion in American Dream Manifesters' Educare Portfolio, realization dawned as to WHY I always feel tearful joy while working with PRE-SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN... Children's natural happiness, freedom, acceptance and emerging self-correcting consciousness, empower me to honestly be what naturally I am, and remind me of what has true values (consciousness of which humankind has all but lost)...

When adults allow our children, the Liberty Zone in which to do so, young children connect with the Creation Power Wisdom within each of us, which helps to keep us focused on being a FACT-Seeker and aligned with the true purpose for self in the context of reality and community... When we allow the self to do so, each of us can connect with the honest child within everybody we interact with; thereby producing limitless wealth in all its glorious forms... Wealth that ranges from feelings of happiness for being alive, to pleasures for manifesting grand ideals of material comfort and prosperity, and sheer joy of being a conscious participant in the unfolding ascension plan for the universe.

WHEN society empowers individual sovereignty and responsible accountability for consequences of personal actions, Creation Power Wisdom manifests.... WHEN a human being is unhindered in self-directing their educare and growth, the individual will advance their knowledge in the objectively defined context of reality, and allow consciousness to be self-correcting as necessary to work harmoniously with all reality.... From the work of Marie Montessori it's clear that great values result from adults observing children and supplying their life and health sustaining care needs WHEN and only when the child is NOT able to do so by their own abilities at this moment... AND in so supplying the "needs" such is done by methods that educare the child to learn HOW to self-provide that which will fulfill their "needs"... Educare is "consciousness" developing...

Consciousness exists to identify and work with reality...

Reality is what exists with or without conscious knowledge of such existence.

THESE FACTS are vital to understand, because JUST THE OPPOSITE is being taught or caught; thereby blocking happiness and even endangering survival... As Yasuhiko Kimura points out in The Origins of Mysticism: "Knowledge is the explication of existence into reality. Existence is reality implicate metaphysically and reality is existence implicate epistemologically. Existence is what is given to consciousness metaphysically, while reality is what is revealed to consciousness by consciousness epistemologically. Existence and reality are in essence synonymous, and as existence exists independently, so does reality. Therefore, no knowledge of reality can ever be achieved by merely fabricating concepts without regard to existence, as Plato suggests." ...

Because of lack of accurate understanding of consciousness and reality, (or the deliberate mis-use of accurate knowledge) humans are programmed to believe that anything anyone can make up in their own brain should exist, because that's the way it is... thus we end up with accepting brain generated perceptions and perspectives (thoughts) as "reality" with existence outside of one's own consciousness.... With such beliefs, a person will be in conflict with others who can NOT connect with their brain generated or programmed non-reality... Understanding another person's "thoughts" requires accurate clear information and communication exchanges. -- An individual's eternal quest is for understanding and unification with reality; for divine coherence...

Aristotle advanced corrections to Plato's perceptions and perspectives, with his system of logic based on the "primacy of existence" (with its principle of non-contradictory identification by which reality is identified and verified authentically), and an ethical philosophy based on the supremacy of a conscious human individual... Although he didn't fully evolve to fully understand: Consciousness as the grand unifying force in the universe, thus... Consciousness can evolve to understand reality enough to control, manipulate and reform reality; BUT consciousness doesn't "create" reality.... THESE foregoing facts are subconsciously known by young children as revealed in their approach to discovering and developing survival skills... such as developing locomotion skills how to crawl then walk... They observe some thing they desire to have or do, and then figure out HOW to get or do it... This progresses to brain-generated imaginations, and figuring out how to accomplish what is imagined... The child KNOWS their imagination in a SHAPING of reality that is NOT YET other experiential...

By nature... a human child is bluntly honest, self-esteeming, and entrepreneurial in releasing their innate intelligence, desires to understand and control the envirnoment into which it has manifested... A child instinctively works to acquire more and more knowledge, and integrate what is acquired, with what has already been learned; because this is what provides the POWER to control the destiny of their life and the environment in which he or she lives, moves and has their being ... A child discovers that monopolization of any area of knowledge is systematic oppression... A child instinctively knows that the idea of external "authorities" controlling access to information or the lives of individuals has NO validity in reality, thus they REBEL against such non-reality... A child is a perfect libertarian and free-enterprise entrepreneur, seeking to live and prosper in a paradigm of sane reason... A child neither asks for, nor needs, "permission" to be an explorer, honest evaluator of what is encountered, or value producer... A child naturally sets out to make sense of the self and the world, via systematic intake of information and reasoned context correlations... Try "this action" and if "this action" doesn't work satisfactorily... try something else... and keep on trying methods until the desires are satisfied. Each new discovery is synergetically integrated into the conceptual and contextual modality being formulated... A child relies upon honesty to gain accurate feed-back about the result of their actions... From this feed-back, a child quickly discovers that the only prohibited actions are use of initiatory force, coercion or fraud against any other person... What ever doesn't do harm to others, is OK... A child expresses joy in doing what pleases others, but isn't self-sacrificing or altruistic... A child does NOT seek external authority to be informed about what to believe or do... A child has NO beliefs; only potentials... A child quickly discovers that ALL external authority or teachings are suspect, and if allowed might retard or undermine development of their unique identity, self-respect, self-responsibility and values... A child's "job" is discovering how to be self-responsible for their own survival within the complexity of harmoniously co-existing with all that is non-self (= Success By Association)... A child senses only their own self can be totally responsible for their own choices and for determining what is best for the self...(This often gives the appearance of rebellion against modality paradigms established by others and external authority; instead of the fact that such action is a TESTING for ACCURACY.)... A child instinctively knows NO body can work to provide for any other's best interests; only each person can know what is best for their own self... (This does NOT exclude seeking out wise mentors, to acquire accumulated knowledge that might be time and energy saving in self-design and reality understanding work... A child seeks and asks for advise or help when needed.) ... A child is NOT selfish; their actions are self-protective and self-parameter testing.... A child instinctively knows its OWN discoveries are the most trust-worthy at producing desired results and what is valued... What is "valued" is that which supports survival and good feelings... A child's discoveries teach the wisdom of avoiding actions based on only feelings, whims, or wishes and to avoid that which might harm others... to wisely use these emotions to inspire and explore for what will manifest highest potential values of survival for their own self; which also seems to work out to do the same for others...

In providing for my survival, such generates "EXCESS BENEFITS" that others desire to have; and vice-versa; these experiences enlighten a child to be conscious of the law of reciprocity and its value in the survival of self (and others as a side-benefit)... When allowed to flow as nature intended, childhood experiences of working along side of adults, teach the great worth of achieving self-sufficient independence by producing exchangable values... The child doesn't think it creates "reality"; rather quickly comprehends how to integrate with, control and manipulate the "reality" encountered in such a way as to get what is needed to satisfy innate "urges" that enhance survival potentials... In manipulations, the child discovers what is within their control, and what is beyond their control; plus how to "posture and position" to bring some aspects now beyond their control into their control... A child does learn that he or she creates their own experiences, which is accepted as a form of reality; and that all reality moves toward "justice" (reaping what is sown)... A child seems to know that only human beings have the choice, can develop the knowledge, and release the power to control "reality" (nature)... A child responses to their innate survival spirituality and imaginations to develop, release and wisely control THAT power of control... (Meekness is power under control harnessed to serve beneficially.)...

The RESULTS and REACTIONS encountered in the adventure, form an individual's senses and accumulate the knowledge necessary for guiding their life-expressions... IF what is encountered allows learning of correct self-care responsiblity and skills, THEN a person's life-long choices will value-productively develop their unlimited potentials and enjoy true happiness...

The extent to which a person fails to develop their own independent thinking and guiding their actions, is the extent they are dependent on the various external authorities vying for their enslavement... The purpose of most Platoistic institutions is to ensure that a person fails to be self-directing or capable of self-perservation.

When in accord with the design of the universe's grand circle of life, a human being, as any organism, in self preservation, actually strives toward best interest of all... It simply is the BEST way to ensure personal long-term survival! ... This fact is discovered in the natural adventure process guided by rational self-interest.

One of the main tasks entrusted to this Liberty Zone's American Dream Manifesters' Educare Cooperative is locating concepts and projects, to share that are within the criteria established as value-productive with broad perfecting potentials, and hopefully with wide appeal.... In accomplishing this goal, the arena of "community" proved particularly challenging; because as can be gleaned from the foregoing information... society is fraught with aspects outside the context of child's open-system honesty and desire for harmonious co-existence with reality... With the majority of individual's within Society using closed systems, therefore conflicts are easily sparked... Investigation exposes this results from individuals (especially leaders in the political arena) blocking fully-integrated HONESTY that empowers natural exploration and discovery processes which reveal what works best for each and all in the family...

Investigation reveals the methods being used for child care and culturing ARE blocking honesty from being in control of thoughts and actions!!! ... The majority of various schooling methods are used to HERD children into a closed doctrine chosen as "right" by adults (for the good of ignorant child of course)... Thus are created groups that hate or fear each other, which is FAR different than TRUE COMMUNITY ... Teamwork designed to cooperatively acquire knowledge about reality and work to control reality in such ways as will manifest security and comfort for their life-expressions.

In dealing with reality, thoughts, perceptions, and persceptions, the wisest approach is the use of HONESTY and the greatest of all "emotions" LOVE (agape)... THE heart and soul of the Integral Vision...

Honesty is essential to conceptionalizing and achieving the fullness of agape (the ideal expression of "love").... Agape is the foundation of Jesusonian perceptions and perspectives of Peace on Earth with Goodwill toward Each and All... A brotherhood or familyhood of all, which includes respect for individual liberty and responsibilities, ethics empowering or sensitizing, and tolerance or safeguarding those with different perceptions and perspectives.

By understanding "very young childern", the theory follows that these high ideals naturally manifests, IF there are NO form of external one-right-way power or authority blocking the process that empowers honesty, curosity, imagination, investigation, and all other aspects within the value-productive self-responsible nature of human beings.

Honesty goes far beyond the level of truth... Honesty is acknowledging THIS is what I know to be "truth" for me at this moment, with the knowledge I now have... Honesty aligns with reality, thus can be sensed by all... Honesty leaves room for growth, improvement and adjustments to continue on the ascension career toward perfection attainment... or perfection acknowledgement (Is it possible that each is perfection as each is??? ... I AM that I AM !!) ... Honesty results in integrating truth, beauty and goodness... Honesty is fresh in the now and always value-productive... Whether or not what I offer about any specific item is accurate, as long as I am being "honest" about what I know now, then a dialogue can continue until the full facts can be discovered and be made known... Whereas, "the Truth" can be stagnant, block investigation, and be value-destructive.

In the arena of conscious beings, we deal with individual perceptions and perspectives that spawn what we term "abstract and objective reality"... thus we have few fixed and immutable points of reference or guideposts; such as gravity provides in "concrete reality"... Operating from Honesty, is as near to a "directional compass" for consistent reliable accurate guidance in the desired direction... Lack of functioning via honesty, leads to (or is caused by) authoritarian mentality - needing others to tell a person what to feel, think or do... While wach of us benefits from the wisdom gained by other's discoveries... Experience proves that: Independent use of a person's own mind and brain is a natural survival desire-implementer and mechanism!!! ... All that is encountered deserves the honor of being reviewed, and accepted or rejected by each person's own free-will choice-making attributes... To function below free-will, depletes the individual's will to survive, or do the work necessary to develop their potentials.

As understanding about humankind's design and concepts of various dimensions of "reality" have spread, more so has understanding about honesty been restored, even into the arena of Individual and Community Values and Justice... JUSTICE means respecting and protecting individual life, rights, and property.... IF an action is NOT protecting the life, rights and property of an individual, such action is not justice... IF any relationship grows out of honest free-choice, THEN values naturally generate and accumulate... It is when we are NOT able to function at a level of honesty with each other that conflict and adverse situations develop.

Unfortunately honesty-denying and anti-educational ideas of John Dewey advanced in the 20th century, methodically destroys the eager knowledge-seeking efficacy of the child's brain and mind... Most children are trained away from glorious imaginations or thinking that seeks, integrates, and harmonizes reason, wisdom and insight... Most are denied access to a mode of living that would honor honesty, truth, beauty and goodness... Most never feel the emotional joy of a blended vision that unites the wonders of imagination, a scientific attitude, philosphic thinking, and spiritual experience... Few children escape the de-sensitizing process; most become apathetic or dishonest manipulators depriving their self and others of honesty... depriving us all from developing the potentials that would result in true prosperity and happiness.

Most of those who don't surrender to the closed-system de-sensitizing process, or who escape, have found that upon acquiring consciousness about the various dimensions of reality spawned from individual perceptions and perspectives... followed by desires to ascend to the perfection allowed by such honest free-choice-making (and reaping the accountablity for the results manifested)... required leaving CLOSED SYSTEMS behind... Most find their honesty-thoughts don't align with mainstream political and religious doctrines... Most are uncomfortable with doctrinal-based party and church affiliations... Thus in the current mainstream social, political, religious or economic communities, embracing honesty deprieves most individuals from many areas of interactions... In the reclaiming honesty process which requires removing external power over thoughts; some even find it necessary to "throw God out with the dirty bath water"... which also denies the self of joys of spirituality and their spiritual nature...

Those able to function in an atheist emotional-aesthetic-deprieved environment; this approach is acceptable...

BUT this approach is NOT acceptable for many... Fortunately, WHEN honesty leads to discovering "God" is the grand unifying consciousness - the First Source and Center of All That Is)... and that God desires only to experience a loving relationship with each individual part of the whole... the same relationship as an individual would have with their father, mother, brothers and sisters... THEN that glorious joy manifests.

When we acknowledge spirituality with its strong sense and view of life combined with one's self-respect and assertiveness toward living that reflects a person's most important values that respect and protect life, THEN THIS spirituality inspires a psychological desire for, and pleasure from, aesthetics (beauty, goodness).... We recognize that aesthetic pleasures are essential to a person's psychological and spiritual well-being... We recognize that emotions and feelings are among a person's most valued wealth... We recognize the degree of skills required to harness, and when wise suppress, emotions, so as to be value-productive. We recognize the great worth that evolves from a sense of true COMMUNITY having respect for each individual's uniqueness and value in uplifting the worth of the all... It is said that the main moral purpose and reward of all human life is the experience of rational happiness... We understand that to deny or deaden one's self to worth of emotions and happiness, leads to increasing NEED TO FEEL PAIN, so as to consciously know one is "alive"... The less the connection to our spiritual self, the greater will be the desire for pain... This fact reveals why diseases, drugs, obesity, violence, wars, et cetera are so prevalent... these cause the sought after pain.

It should be noted that: Emotions have no "right or wrong" attribute... A person can FEEL any emotion without being "guilty" of anything... ONLY ACTIONS can be so "judged"... Emotions NEVER have to acted upon... The challenge of life-expressions is to consciously know (by training the brain) what emotions to release, suppress, or delay gratification (to be acted on at a later time)... so as to stay in the integrity manifesting realm being value-productive and not value-destructive... This is why HONESTY is so vital to the life-expressions of a HUMAN BEING... Only honesty will reveal what potentials might manifest from acting according to my emotions... DO I desire to experience the potential results ????

For those desiring to enjoy feeling fully alive, and with honesty ... openly live in a respectful, empowering, validating community... to our rescue has come an Honesty Validating and Restoring EDUCARE method known as Integralism...

In the arena of community and personal spirituality the perceptions and perspectives of Integralism (which Ken Wilber calls kosmology) are HONESTY applied to different fields of thought and culture... The integral worldview perspectives of an Integral Vision & Integral Spirituality seem to consistently reach for ongoing and continuing HONESTY... Starting with a current paradigm and adjusting as proven wise... Integral Spirituality provides an OPEN SYSTEM spiraling ascension career manifesting perfection potentials.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Integral Spirituality &
the integral worldview...

(From Integral Spirit Website)

What is the integral vision?
What, then, is integral spirituality?
How do I recognize integralism?
How do I know if I'm an integralist?
What is integral culture?

What is the integral vision?

Here are some characteristics of the integral vision that we have culled from the Top Ten Integral Classics available in Kosmos Bookstore:

INTEGRAL DEPTH-PERCEPTION: The integral visionary sees with head and heart, deeply feels interiors while calmly observing exteriors.

HARMONIZATION OF OPPOSITES: Beauty is everywhere, and beauty is the harmonization of cosmic extremes, the unification of contrasts. The integral spirit seeks the attunement of opposites in a beautiful higher unity.

LINKING OF "HEAVEN AND EARTH": The integral approach is neither this-worldly (secular) nor other-worldly (spiritualistic). It preserves both by blending them in a higher synthesis. Heaven can descend to earth; earth ascends to heaven. Time is fulfilled in eternity; eternity is present in time.

TRANSCENDENT IMMANENCE: Integralism celebrates the ultimate paradox: the doctrine of God-within. The Spirit that indwells the mind is the same Deity "in heaven" that infinitely transcends all beings. One is never reduced to the other yet both are preserved.

INTEGRATION OF SELF AND SOCIAL: At bottom, everything personal is really social; at the "top", everything in the collective is really about the welfare of persons. Integrations of self and society include family, community, country, planet, and universe. Cosmic citizenship is its fulfillment.

"HIEROS GAMOS": Integralism honors gender differences and regards them as a cosmic reality; the genders are complementary, and even deity has male and female attributes.

HUMOR: Finally, humor is integral to integral spirituality, since neophyte integralists can get much too serious about it -- which is certainly neither integral nor spiritual. Humor is the opposite of and the antidote to ego. Humor and ego feed off of each other until enlightenment dawns.

For more about the integral vision (especially with regard to the author Ken Wilber), see also "The Coming of the Kosmos" in our online journal.

What, then, is integral spirituality?

As we understand it, integral spirituality is a way of living in accord with integral vision. It's a way of thinking that harmonizes reason, wisdom and insight -- a mode of living that honors truth, beauty and goodness.

Put another way, we can say that integralists unite a scientific attitude, philosophic thinking, and spiritual experience into a blended vision -- an integral vision of living and loving. Integral spirituality is the beating heart of the emerging integral culture.

How do I recognize integralism?

Integralism -- or what Ken Wilber calls kosmology -- can be applied to different fields of thought and culture. When it is, we believe it has these characteristics:

In religion, the integral approach is founded on personal religious experience, yet favors an interfaith stance; it tolerates all varieties of authentic spirituality.

As science, it actively dialogues with religion; it looks to organicism in biology, chaology in physics, and the "new universe story" in cosmology.

In theology, God is seen as immanent and transcendent; deity is envisioned with male and female attributes.

In philosophy, it seeks unity in diversity, the synthesis of the one and the many, the wise integration of religion and science.

As an art movement, it is cosmological, integrating beauty with truth and goodness.

Politically, it espouses world peace through enforceable global law, and works for ecological sustainability.

In psychology, it integrates the concepts of the soul and indwelling spirit.

In ethics, it interprets and applies the Golden Rule.

Sociologically, this movement is sometimes called transmodernism, that is, the next social movement beyond modernism and post-modernism.

How do I know if I'm an integralist?

Integralists integrate apparent opposites in their thinking and mode of living. For example, you're an integralist if you're just as interested in learning about the evolution of galaxies as you are in meditating on the divine beauty of a sunset. Or, if you're just as likely to read Stephen Hawking as the Upanishads. You seek alternate health solutions such as acupuncture or Reiki healing, but you have the utmost respect for scientific medical breakthroughs. You prefer a philosophic discussion with a friend to an hour of watching sitcoms. You're just as likely to surf the "angel net" as surf the Internet. . . . Integralists tend to think they are odd people, and many feel socially isolated, says sociologist Paul Ray. But Ray's extensive research shows they are a large minority of the American population! (See What is integral culture?)

What is Integral Culture*?

The rise of integral culture is much more than prophecy. The culture of integralism emerged out of the social movements of the 1960s, and is one of only three competing worldviews in the U.S. -- alongside secular modernism and "heartland" traditionalism -- according to renowned sociologist and market researcher Paul Ray. The integral culture is really a "spiritualization of modernism," he writes, a creative synthesis of elements of scientific materialism and Christian traditionalism.

Ray's organization, American LIVES, Inc. has conducted dozens of surveys of lifestyle and values and directed hundreds of focus groups over the past ten years with all segments of the U.S. population. His findings show conclusively, in our view, that the segment of Americans belonging to integral culture (as he defines it) comprises fully one-fourth of the adult population -- to most everyone's surprise.

Regarding the current shift to integral culture, Ray writes:

Modernism has failed, and prescient thinkers have seen it coming for some time.... Consequently, as a growing common effort, and on behalf of the larger culture, leading edge thinkers in the West are generating a large variety of potential successor ideas, imagery and rationales to replace the "modernism" we have known for the last several centuries.

Numerous contemporary writers also return to those same basic themes without necessarily being conscious of their predecessors. This is not just a matter of independent reinvention, but rather is an example of the ongoing effects of what [European philosopher] Jean Gebser called "the ever-present origin" of the persistent stream of the perennial philosophy. For it is a spiritualization of modernity that most enlivens and fertilizes a postmodern synthesis, rather than a sterile postmodernism.

In effect, many of these writers draw from the same well of inspiration, hinting, intimating, and even predicting the "fall of modernism" and the rise of a new culture. But the change to Integral Culture (if or when it happens) will not mean a complete and radical rupture with previous social modalities. The cultures of large civilizations don't disappear, they change to new forms.

Clearly, modernist institutions -- currently embodied in our Western network of cities, jobs, workplaces, markets, businesses, universities and governments -- will not simply disappear overnight in a massive systems collapse. Rather, in the transmodern world they will change to forms our parents wouldn't have recognized.

While we may grieve for the loss of the familiar, we may also thrill to the new: the prospect of an Integral Culture.

*See "The Rise of Integral Culture", by Paul Ray (Noetic Sciences Review: Spring 1996). For reprints call Integral Spirit at (888) 267-4446.

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As we seek to manifest WHOLE-LIFE Paradigms (organism's operational models), it's very helpful to include the mind, as the spiritual aspect of consciousness leads into exploring "WHAT AM I?".... "How AM I designed?".... "HOW do I function at my best?".... It's helpful to understand that each of us is at "different realms" within the reality integration ascension career, and that within some realms it might appear as if "God - the First Source and Center of all that is" was thrown out with the dirty bathe water created by the continual honest inquiry, evaluation and cleansing process... Actually what has been thrown away are gods created from the brain's imaginations in seeking to understand and explain "reality"... These factors are mentioned because such will be encountered at some point in acquiring the higher realms of NeoThink... thus pre-knowledge of the need for these HONESTY aspects will prevent getting STUCK in mysticism or sordid spiritualism.

When ready proceed to the information and websites that present steps along the path into the Brain Cleansing NeoThink realm....

Then for individuals seeking to go beyond God-denial disciplines into an ever-expanding realm of possibility and potentiality, information in the Urantia Papers OnLine - with Word Search ability provides much wisdom to ponder and determine it's value-productive worth for the art of living at our optimum consciousness level.

Urantia Paper 2 offers some insight to ponder, especially thought provoking knowledge offered in the following quotes from Urantia Book Pages 41 - 43..

... "Unreality, even incompleteness of creature nature, cannot exist forever in a progressingly real and increasingly spiritual universe.

Facing the world of personality, God is discovered to be a loving person; facing the spiritual world, he is a personal love; in religious experience he is both. Love identifies the volitional will of God. The goodness of God rests at the bottom of the divine free-willness--the universal tendency to love, show mercy, manifest patience, and minister forgiveness......

The false science of materialism would sentence mortal man to become an outcast in the universe. Such partial knowledge is potentially evil; it is knowledge composed of both good and evil. Truth is beautiful because it is both replete and symmetrical. When man searches for truth, he pursues the divinely real.

Philosophers commit their gravest error when they are misled into the fallacy of abstraction, the practice of focusing the attention upon one aspect of reality and then of pronouncing such an isolated aspect to be the whole truth. The wise philosopher will always look for the creative design which is behind, and pre-existent to, all universe phenomena. The creator thought invariably precedes creative action.

Intellectual self-consciousness can discover the beauty of truth, its spiritual quality, not only by the philosophic consistency of its concepts, but more certainly and surely by the unerring response of the ever-present Spirit of Truth. Happiness ensues from the recognition of truth because it can be acted out; it can be lived. Disappointment and sorrow attend upon error because, not being a reality, it cannot be realized in experience. Divine truth is best known by its spiritual flavor.

The eternal quest is for unification, for divine coherence.........

The discernment of supreme beauty is the discovery and integration of reality: The discernment of the divine goodness in the eternal truth, that is ultimate beauty. Even the charm of human art consists in the harmony of its unity.

The great mistake of the Hebrew religion was its failure to associate the goodness of God with the factual truths of science and the appealing beauty of art. As civilization progressed, and since religion continued to pursue the same unwise course of overemphasizing the goodness of God to the relative exclusion of truth and neglect of beauty, there developed an increasing tendency for certain types of men to turn away from the abstract and dissociated concept of isolated goodness. The overstressed and isolated morality of modern religion, which fails to hold the devotion and loyalty of many twentieth-century men, would rehabilitate itself if, in addition to its moral mandates, it would give equal consideration to the truths of science, philosophy, and spiritual experience, and to the beauties of the physical creation, the charm of intellectual art, and the grandeur of genuine character achievement.

The religious challenge of this age is to those farseeing and forward-looking men and women of spiritual insight who will dare to construct a new and appealing philosophy of living out of the enlarged and exquisitely integrated modern concepts of cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness. Such a new and righteous vision of morality will attract all that is good in the mind of man and challenge that which is best in the human soul. Truth, beauty, and goodness are divine realities, and as man ascends the scale of spiritual living, these supreme qualities of the Eternal become increasingly co-ordinated and unified in God, who is love.

All truth -- material, philosophic, or spiritual--is both beautiful and good. All real beauty -- material art or spiritual symmetry -- is both true and good. All genuine goodness -- whether personal morality, social equity, or divine ministry -- is equally true and beautiful. Health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of truth, beauty, and goodness as they are blended in human experience. Such levels of efficient living come about through the unification of energy systems, idea systems, and spirit systems.

Truth is coherent, beauty attractive, goodness stabilizing. And when these values of that which is real are co-ordinated in personality experience, the result is a high order of love conditioned by wisdom and qualified by loyalty. The real purpose of all universe education is to effect the better co-ordination of the isolated child of the worlds with the larger realities of his expanding experience. Reality is finite on the human level, infinite and eternal on the higher and divine levels.

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