Am I supporting the Art of Living or the Art of Dying?

Am I My BEST Friend or My Worst Enemy?

WHICH ME is making choices?

What's Fact or Fiction??

What's Reason, Rationalization & Mysticism?

Am I building or destroying?

Are my activities actually accomplishing values?

This is a topic which gets left out of teaching programs, not because of its complexity, rather because grasping the information empowers the individual to think in the certain way that access Creation Power Wisdom, which would invalidate what that "teaching program" is attempting to indoctorinate and force acceptance about... Be clear there is a HUGE difference between a Teaching and Learning Program... This Information Respository is an example of a LEARNING program and environment... Information is presented from the perspective of what is NOW known, along with the challenge to personally test, validate and perpetually improve upon the current knowledge....

In this learning process be careful to NEVER confuse the brain and the mind... they are separate tools...

The following information is offered in a NON-technical conversation format... It's intended only to set the stage for further exploration and discovery.

Human Beings, like all of the universe, are marvelous beyond complete understanding and description. Human Beings keep attempting to expand our understandings and make descriptions... It seems that: Human beings are the only bio-organic life-form aware of being "self and other aware", and who are in perpetual exploration and discovery to understand the self and the universe of which we each are a part. Some have discovered and linked many results to their causations. Some have learned how to manipulate cause and effect in many ways with "good and evil" results. Most realize there are LAWS governing how the universe operates. Some have learned that the more we work in harmony with these Universal Laws, the more easy it is to succeed in whatever endeavor we are doing... Some have even discovered that all is energy, and how to energy transmutes into many forms... We in-general select environmental conditions for our safety and comfort... Many have learned to form substances in the universe to create the desired conditions. We can communicate with many forms of languages in many forms of media (verbal, emotions, body movements, written, mechanical recording devices, etc.). We possess and use many other abilities. We realize we have potentials as yet undeveloped and undiscovered. We are in a perpetual learning mode about how forming and reforming energy is accomplished, and what we might be able do with the universal thinking substance within what we term as energy... We use terms like think and act to describe how we do what we do and what we are.... Marvelous INDEED!!!

It seems that the universe is a "Perpetual Discovery Organism". While much is done automatically by what we term as "instinct" controlled according to what is termed as DNA Codes, none seem to be born with what could be termed as a consciously accessible 'User Instruction or Operations Manual'... In an attempt for each new being and generation to not be in complete ignorance about past discoveries, or be trapped into always being at the beginning of the beginning with no knowledge of prior discoveries, human Beings have found ways to store some of the accumulated knowledge and communicate this knowledge to each new generation, with the "charge" to KEEP what is still working beneficially, delete what no longer is working to sustain life in the comforts to which the current generation is accustomed without doing harm to survival of future generations, and add to this historical accumulation what is discovered during the current generations, and pass the accumulated knowledge on to each succeeding generation... These become what are termed as Cultural Memes, which replicate in much the same method as DNA life-codes, although without self-adjusting, self-healing, or self-correcting methodology... Thus errors replicate along with accurate facts and must be separated out by conscious evaluation...

Humankind being a species born depending on others to survive and thrive, discovered even after gaining self-care skills, that survival was short when the individual attempted to live alone... Individuals discover that survival is easier and longer when individuals worked together with others in their birth location... This is what we term as symbiontic family and social units... Symbiosis is a mutually beneficial relationship. Symbiosis covers those associateions where neither is harmed and where all concerned benefit. Symbiosis is the opposite of parasitism, in which one organism feeds on the body of another.

Over the course of 'history' humans experimented with various interactive dynmanics, termed as family and society models or paradigms...

In a libertarian reality love-based family-social paradigm, individual life-expressions are highly respected, as is the DNA survival coding that inspires survival of an organism by striving to do NO harm to others which would cause others to destroy the harm-doing organism... This is a mutual reciprocity paradigm whereby there are Cultural Meme Expectations that all do NO harm... This free-flow expectation without "survival user instructions" or "clear do-no-harm cultural memes", makes it very easy for honest loving individuals to become OUR OWN WORST ENEMY.... To NOT recognize the facts that "others" are NOT always loving or honest, and often do harm, is to be irresponsibly AT RISK of being harmed... To be able to PROTECT our self, we must be a "realist" and understand "reality"... We must consciously demand our self to learn how "reality" functions... We must become as curious about reality, and as open to new knowledge, as we were in early childhood... We must discover how deception and deceivers operate to create a non-reality (illusions, delusions) that seems like reality... With such information we'll be enabled to identify and dis-empower potentially harmful actions.... Reports in the Bible about The Garden Of Eden clearly reveals the results of not being aware of deceivers and be constantly vigilant in protecting the self from that which seems safe but can do harm... Of course "harm" being a relative term, such requires careful evaluation.

In understanding this realm it's helpful to comprehend parasitic and symbotic relationships in the "food chain." ... It's common to reason about affects and effects upon individuals, and neglect affects and effects upon systems, populations, etc. We also often observe applying of consequences at the system and population level to individuals... The more external the social behavior control, the more "invisible" the individual becomes. Some action might be harmful for an individual yet benefit the population of individuals as a societal whole; individual slavery to the tyranny of the whole of society.

In the current realm, we must realize that memes with hidden proceedures and specious (seemingly good) modes of operation are applied by parasites to feed off victims... Cultural Memes are very effective at producing some desired result NOT of our owning choosing... Although such memes and techniques are hidden to most people, they BECOME OBVIOUS to those who develop critical awareness spawn from embracing fully-integrated honesty.

WE must demand of our selves the COURAGE to have critical awareness... We must bravely study information that COULD potentially REVEAL that what is now believed is FLAWED, or simply no longer able to value-productively function in the current situation... We must carefully evaluate any emotional attachments... Emotions can NOT identify potentially harmful factors... Emotions can be very deceptive... We must NOT allow feelings to motivate actions, rather we allow actions to determine feelings... We must have SELF TRUST to make adjustmemts, or complete changes, when wisdom directs it prudent to do so... We must empower our selves to live beyond cultural memes and beliefs, to understand and integrate with the facts in reality... In so doing, we achieve the LONG-SOUGHT AFTER control over many areas of our life-expression... This form of consciousness ALWAYS leads to doing that which manifests LIFE and Paradisiacal Conditions that support Life.

Because no individual lives in isolation, we each are affected by whatever else is in our environment... Like being affected by the waves in a lake created by fast moving speed boats... Thus AFTER we have learned how to identify these wave-makers and neo-cheaters, think with fully-integrated honesty, and protect our self, THEN we wisely inspire others to begin the healing life-protecting process... We must become persuasive communicators offering FACTUAL INFORMATION in APPEALING and PROFITABLE methods...

Hopefully this presentation will be useful in determining fact from fiction, separating reality from illusion or dillusions, and identifying life-valuing memes from life-destructive memes.

Functioning by conscious control requires maintaining a high degree of understanding how the universe functions, and about how information is used.... Does the information enlighten and empower individual liberty so as to harmoinize with the universe and generate life-enhancing value-productivity?... OR ... Does the information confuse, disempower, enslave and steal the wealth manifested by others?...

While doing research for Paradise Manifesting, which includes a Whole-Life Liberty Crusade and Solutions Unlimited Educare Projects, I'm continually amazed at the level of specious (seemingly good and desirable) double-speak, and the artful persuasion skills used by deceivers and dream stealers within all paradigms; while reality-based fact-tellers are generally effective communicators ONLY among other sincere fact seekers... (i.e. Preaching to the Choir.)... WHY does this deception and parasitic mentality generate MUCH MORE skilled broad spectrum persuasive communicators, than does the honesty and self-care mentality guiding fact seekers and presenters?...

THE simple answer is: Deceivers have clear understanding that THEIR "survival" REQUIRES being effective communicators AND information crafters to ENTICE VOLUNTARY ACCEPTANCE of "their" version of the gospel, rules, laws, etc... and VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE with them... The more docile and cooperative the prey, the easier for the parasite to feed off the prey... Parasitic Deceivers carefully teach their brain to think as a skilled salesperson and acquire the skills of sales and cartel teamwork!!! ... Many professions train in the art of deceiving such as lawyers, politicians, and religious cult leaders... Members of A CARTEL agree to NOT compete against others in the cartel, and to promote ONLY enterprises IN the cartel whenever possible... The word "mafia" and "protected territories", should paint a clear picture of this paradigm... Titles of Nobility, licenses to allow only certain people to do specific services such as lawyers, doctors, electricians, is prohibited by The Constitution of the united States of America Article 1, Section 9... Although this cartel paradigm has been mostly used by "evil-manifesters", this usage does NOT negate the WORKABLE WISDOM within this system... Value-manifesters have yet to discover the carefully hidden "secrets" to this cartel system... We must reveal the secrets and teach the skills, BECAUSE value-productive "teamwork" IS the most important lesson humankind MUST learn IF survival of the species is to happen... Consider HOW essential family units are to the survival of a "baby"... Human beings are NOT born able to survival and thrive... Our gestation period to appropriate self-care requires MANY YEARS... The more complex the technology, the longer the gestation period.

The solution revolves around understanding human being's dual Self, and the level of "conscious" understanding and connection with Universal Reality or Brain Generated Illusions... We are just beginning to comprehend the potentials for Paradisiacal Manifesting from understanding the separate energies of MIND and BRAIN... Mostly these aspects of humankind has been referred to as "invisible mind being the spirit" and "visible brain being the physical organ"... Understanding of humankind's dual system by the general population has been retarded by separating the aspects into fields of study that decayed into almost being "enemies"... The "intangible mind" was classed with "philosophy/religion" and the "tangible brain" classed with "science/commerce"... Within most literature even from highly enlightened beings, it's common for the two energies to be used interchangably; thus creating a high level of confusion as to their correct usages... As we journey together in the Paradise On Earth Vision, many facts about the mind and brain will be shared. For this presentation, the following simplify explanation is sufficient:

The brain is a very efficient survival tool WHEN properly programmed... BUT, the "Ideal" is when the brain is conditioned to work with the mind as a team; otherwise the brain becomes self-only (EGO) and GANG (agree with me & engrandize me) orientated, separated from the value and whole-life sustaining aspects of the rest of the universe...

For this presentation it's only necessary to work with the fact that: WHERE consciousness is focused depends on WHICH SELF a person connects and identifies with consistently... "Is MY DESIRE for connection with the reality-integrator divine-self mind, or the illusion-generator ego-self brain?"

To faciliate deeper understanding of this topic, the following excerpts might be helpful for individuals who have not read about the bicameral mind as was first identified by Dr. Julian Jaynes of Princeton University in his book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, published by Houghton Mifflin Company... Drawing from his research, in their article CONTROLLING MYSTICS THROUGH THEIR BICAMERAL MINDS, John Flint and Eric Savage write:

"The bicameral mind is a human mind functioning in a particular, unconscious mode or manner... in the manner intended by nature. While the bicameral mind exists in all people, it can be controlled or dominated by a special mode of consciousness developed not through mother nature but volitionally by each individual being. That mind control or domination can be exercised by an individual over himself and others. Or an individual can allow that mode of consciousness in others to control or dominate his or her bicameral mind.

The bicameral mind (two-chamber mind) is one that functions as an unconscious, two-step process. Automatic reactions and thoughts originate in the right hemisphere of the brain and are transmitted to the left hemisphere as instructions to be acted upon. The bicameral functioning is nature's automatic, learned mode of response without regard to conscious thinking. By contrast, man-made consciousness functions through a deliberate, volitional thought process that is independent of nature's bicameral thought process.

Until approximately 3000 years ago, man's brain functioned entirely in nature's automatic bicameral mode. But the automatic bicameral mind became inadequate to handle the mounting problems as societies became more complex. To survive, man was forced to invent a new way of thinking -- a new mode called consciousness that could solve infinitely more complex problems. That consciousness mode involved his newly discovered powers of introspection. His thinking process was further enhanced by new thoughts and insights created by comparisons done through metaphors and analogs.

Consciousness allows a person to make his or her own decisions rather than relying on nature's bicameral process that automatically follows learned customs, traditional rules, and external "authorities". Metaphors and analogs increase a person's range and power of thinking infinitely beyond nature's range. Yet, despite the great advantages in using the man-invented mode of thinking, most people today depend to various degrees on their automatic bicameral mentality and external "authorities" to make their decisions for them.

That bicameral mentality lures people into searching for "sure-thing" guidance from "higher authorities", rather than using their own consciousness for making decisions and determining their actions. Thus, in their search for prepackaged truth and automatic guidance, people seek "higher authorities": religion, politics, true-believer movements, leaders, gurus, cults, astrology, fads, drugs, feelings, and even forms of poetry, music, medicine, nutrition, and psychology. The bicameral mind seeks outside sources that will tell it how to think and act. ...Anyone can exploit the automatic bicameral mind in others by setting up "authorities" for influencing or controlling that bicameral mentality seeking external guidance.

Bicameral mentalities avoid human self-responsibility by seeking and obeying external decision makers. In poker, for example, bicameral tendencies leave players open to being controlled by any conscious individual acting as an external decision maker and authority. In addition, the single, biggest money-losing, mystical concept -- the belief in luck -- is rooted in the bicameral mentality. In fact, most gamblers rely on the phantom "authority" of luck to escape the only valid authority: their own rational consciousness.

Understanding bicameral tendencies in others can provide unbeatable advantages by knowing the external forces that control most people. That understanding enables one not only to predict the actions of others but to control their actions..." - - (Source: )

The socialist/communist cartel has very skillfully used the seemingly negative aspects within the free flow of private enterprises to link humanity into use of ONLY the BRAIN... IF you understand how effective this brain-generated illusion system worked on Americans who became Korean Prisoners of War, then you have a clear understanding of the "Point out ONLY Negatives", plus "Divide and Conquer" paradigms... And how these methods are used to "sell" communism by ridiculing and vilifying greedy capitalists, gold-digging entrepreneurs, selfish private initiative, and free-flow of enterprise chaos... Planting doubts, fears, doom & gloom, feelings of alonenss, apathy; then offering THE NEW compassion and HOPE to their created destitute beings... Their solution always is whatever keeps the parasites in control and living off the now docile cooperative host.

Is it clear WHY and HOW certain individuals achieve their desired outcome at everything they seriously undertake doing??? ...

Is also clear that the same brain-generating conceptual or contextual reality, and cartel or club building system, works for EITHER value-destructivity or value-productivity???...

If so, then the rest of the presentation will delight you...

If some ????? remain, hopefully clarification will turn on like a light bulb at some point by continuing with our getting rid of all forms of toxins Liberty Crusade and Solutions Unlimited adventure...

What's most important at this point is to know the value-productive group of individuals have been tagged as American Dream Manifesters and Paradise On Earth Builders... Their secret is to focus on functioning AT the MIND level, directing energy onto a clearly defined PURPOSE that the Brain can diligently work on accompishing... WHILE ALSO having KEEN AWARENESS of the Brain-Generated ILLUSIONS and external conditions that have manifested in the world... AND that there are many "forces" trying to prevent this MIND and BRAIN LINKING... Because when the MIND and BRAIN work as a team, what manifests is a being who is a whole-life reality-integrator, working with substances of the universe to easily create and recreate forms; always moving toward ever more perfection (eternal life-survival)... A perpetual ascension career of tradable exchangable energy transmuting (a/k/a value-productivity)... Entrepreneurs producing goods and services needed for a healthy civilization seem to be the "best" at doing this integrated level of focus on collecting the materials needed, and reshaping if necessary, to accomplish their well-defined purpose-manifesting plan...

When the whole picture is viewed, aspects of Reality ALWAYS harmonizes; NEVER contradicts... Thus honesty and harmony prevails in doing the various tasks to gain understanding of even the most complex organism within the universe. Operating in accord with "reality integration" manifests a flexible OPEN-system of life-enhancing intimate interdependent relationships with the universe's whole-life paradigm.... Functioning at this level of appropriate response-ableness and energy transmuting, naturally manifests eternal survival (value-productivity) that results in what's been termed as living The Luminous Life or in the Age of Life & Light... where the levels of energy and vibration are synchronized in a perpetual life-enhancing cycle... The focus is on "Paradise-manifesting" in BOTH personal and social realms.

Living The Luminous Life IS a natural state of BEING! ... The various Garden of Eden and Atlantis metaphors that have survived throughout the eons of recorded history, reveal this dual paradigm, and the results of living inside or outside a carefully designed and cultivated "garden"... A "garden" implies conscious choice-making aligned with manifesting of desired conditions, verses accepting whatever is encountered... The "kind" of garden manifested (i.e. good, life-enhancing or evil, life-neutral) is determined to a huge degree by the attitudes, beliefs and desires, both of the self and those within our social groupings... BOTH the mind and the brain produce attitudes, beliefs and desires... They can harmonize or conflict!

Operating in accord with "illusions" manifests a CLOSED system that requires careful monitoring to maintain the illusion of the creator and remain "cloaked" as reality... To be "believable" a brain generated illusion's survival depends on the deceptions NOT being discovered, and IF discovered to be accepted as beneficial enough to makes the sacrifices required to keep empowering it... Thus it's essential to keep careful track of the "lies" in the tangled web... The more emotional attachments to the lies the more difficult to exchange the lies for the facts... The more dependent the financial incomes is on the lies, the more difficult it is to exchange value-destructive jobs for value-productive work.

Deceivers carefully practice their craft; adjusting their tactics and strategies as necessary, until able to work in harmony with their deceptive characteristics, can keep track and document their actions, can desensitize ethical feelings, have suppressed fear and enhanced daring courage and risk-calculating accuracy, and have acquired pleasing, charismatic, influential social skills... Thus their organized scripting and memory for events and details flowing forth in relaxed, non-nervous, pleasing manners, THUS can easily block the true purpose for their actions from detection by individual unknowledgeable in the art of deception... How could such a "nice" person, do harm?... To get a clear answer to that question: Consider the "nice" agents in the IRS, FDA, CIA, FBI, and other alphabet gangs, who without concern for the damage they inflict go about their "jobs" of destroying the lives of targeted innocent victims... Yes, BUT the targets must be guilty of some "crime" otherwise these "nice" government agents wouldn't be______. --- "Yes buts" is the brain defending it's irrationalism, caused by being disconnected from the fact seeking mind.

Individuals functioning from Honesty and Reason, having nothing to "hide" have awareness of the wisdom in "journaling" daily activities to determine where "time" is being invested or wasted... Such recording is for our own personal insights and development, not to entrap others in a tangled web of illusions and delusions... While journeying through life, when "asked" about events, they are offered as they're remembered; acknowledging such is MY VERSION passed through MY filters and shaped by MY interests... There is avoidance of engaging in contact with individuals and mystics that cause conflict... Experience has taught that "debating" and "angering" will NOT correct errors, especially when there is vested interest or emotional attactment to the errors; no matter how destuctive such can be proven to be... This is WHY political solutions are extremely difficult to implement... There is just TOO MUCH vested interest in the PET Projects to give up the money-changer's taxing con-game used to get what is desired without earning "it"... This works efficiently for "politicians" because most honest individuals are trusting and not "calculating" in their actions, being more Laissez Faire in their attitudes... (Whatever will be, will be.) ...

Most honest people have NO felt desire to acquire high level of persuasion or social skills... UNFORTUNATELY, the "lone wolf" easily decays into dog-eat-dog competition, attitudinal negativity, and hopelessness apathy when the NON-teamwork paradigm makes "living" too difficult to continue... What begins as "I'm me, accept me as I am; or leave me alone." ... decays into... "I hate politics, I can't do anything about crooked politicians."

THE emotional CONNECTION between "cause and effect" is lost to an individuals caught in intellectualizing and rationalizing...

NOT being an involved with the art of balanced whole-life living activist for the value-productive CAUSE of honesty and reason at all level of the social strata, allows the value-destructive activists from authoritarian paradigms to PAINT their dishonesty and myths to APPEAR more attractive than the hard work often involved in being honest, or doing sound reason and wise actions.

When an improvement-minded free-thinker is challenged or accused of something "bad" (like being "rich" when there is so many poor people), dream stealers and deceivers delight in bringing down the good guys... thoughts flow along ... Independent-thinkers are always trouble-makers... they must be guilty of "some" harm, so entrap and convict them of whatever you can. ... (Remember: Jesus was crucified by the demand of the mob.).. Authoritarians are experts at using the MOB to DO their dirty work and DO what "authority" knows it can't safely do... (i.e. Bankers and Court Clerks DO for the IRS what the IRS can't get away with doing.)... Anger the crowd (jury) and let them do the lynching... Anger children to use guns against innocent school mates, so the horrified society will demand removal of the right of the people to "bear arms"...

Beginning to see the carefully crafted plots???

Hopefully the following basic tools will be useful in determining fact from fiction, and separating reality from illusion.

Consciousness exists to identify, integrate with, and work harmoniously with reality... Consciousness is a method used by BOTH the Mind and the Brain.

Reality is what exists, with or without conscious knowledge of such existence.

THESE FACTS are vital to understand, because JUST THE OPPOSITE is speciously taught by deceivers, thereby blocking happiness and even endangering survival...

Reason is based on the primacy of existence.

Rationalization is based on the primacy of consciousness.

Mysticism is any attempt to recreate, alter or contradict reality to deceptively extract values from others, and/or create problems where none existed (which is followed by selling a solution to the problem caused, that in turn causes more problems to sell more solutions for.) ... This is the system used by all forms of debt-based banking and income taxing; which America's Constitutional Framers understood and prevented by carefully crafted provisions in the 1787 Constitution of the united States. - Few people understand the wisdom of these people who had just won freedom from the King's evil empire of mysticism.

All reason, rationalization and mysticism, use reason, logic and concepts to accomplish the purpose...

Reason is the faculty of the brain that conceptually identifies and integrates the materials provided by senses, perceptions, perspectives, and previous conceptions.

Reason is the prime faculty of consciousness in reaching ever higher abstractions or broader conceptions; first by distinguishing the relevant from the nonrevelant within the entire realm of sensory, perceptual, and conceptual data-bank, and then by conceptually integrating the relevant in accordance with logic.

Logic is the art of principle of non-contradictory identification.

Reason functioning in the conceptuality-centered modality is reasoning.

Reason functioning in the perceptivity-centered modality, or in the mystical context, is rationalization. (IN this modality any artfully crafted illusion can be made to be seem as logical and be accepted as "reality".)

Reasoning is an intellectual process for achieving an integrated conceptual picture of reality by always starting from perceptual experiences, then making a logical connection between what is perceived and is conceived.... These survival skills foment our first purposeful work as children... Be cautious, as logical connections might not be "accurate connections", or the "most beneficial connection".

Reasoning begins with logically non-contradictory premises based on the facts of reality. Such facts exist so others can also independently acquire the same facts. Reality is the same with every encounter, only the perceptions and perspectives of the encounterer can be difference. Thus reality might seem different to each individual, according to the filters through which their brain has been trained or untrained to see and interpret what is seen.

Rationalization is an intellectual process for fabicating any illusionary "reality" in concepts by disconnecting conception from perception.

Rationalization begins with premises that contradict reality. Thus we have a "test for facts" against which to begin the investigative process.

No valid knowledge is ever possible without observing the primacy of existence; for existence exists in the very act of living, reasoning, and even rationalization or mysticism.

Platonistic philosophy denies the supremancy of an individual wherein consciousness resides... (Reality reveals an individual can exist WITHOUT "consciousness".) ... According to Platonism, an earthly individual consciousness is an universal entity (a Form), of which an individual consciousness is merely a reflection from this ONE form.

Platonistic style philosophy stands upon a ground which does not exist in reality... By standing on "nothing" it could be "anything"... thereby putting illusions that seem real in place of reality.

Aristotelian-based thinking pointed out flaws in Platonism, but not until Ayn Rand was there a fully integrated and thoroughly reasoned context to aid in ascending out of flawed philosophies by retraining the brain how to determine reality from illusions... BY ALWAYS challenging the "truth" to re-prove itself as "fact"... To consistently evaluate "beliefs" and determine if such is accurate from the current accumulated knowledge... Then not until Frank Wallace's discovery of neo-cheating and mysticism was it possible to identify the poison-core flaws that previously had led to value-destructive self-sacrificing altruism and collectivistic philosophies used to usurp values and power created by others.... These flaws block the intended Jesusonian self-respecting value-productive familyhood philosophies that validate and protect the individual as a unique separate part of reality, and possessing a separate consciousness desiring to produce values for self and others... An individual possessing consciousness with free-will which may or may not integrate with other consciousness, as chosen by the individual.... A shared family unit and Integral Vision are the result of individual consciousness reasoning and voluntarily integrating their knowledge in working together as an integrated UNIT that wisely uses "task specialization" while always AVOIDING over-specialization, which endangers acquiring wide investigations and integration of accurate knowledge.... The BUSINESS Paradigm (entreprener-ship teamwork) is the best example of a value-productive Integral Vision... It is via business that philosophy, science, and technology meet the challenges of life to integrate into higher and higher values that benefit both the individual and humanity. Entrepreneurs using the Business Paradigm takes the best of nature and cleveraly improves upon it IF in so doing manifests more or better values than the original form of energy created by what we term as "nature"...

Before leaving the private individual topic, a few words of caution are warranted... Be careful in this realm of ONENESS and spirituality... It's easy to make the error of confusing "spirituality" and "consciousness" ... Spirituality does seem to flow from a reality-based MIND First Source and Center, thus has a SAMENESS felt by all consciousness (Although spirituality often is expressed by the consciousness in various forms; usually resulting from the culturing and environment in which the being possessing consciousness resides.)... Whereas consciousness is an "invention" ... a tool... created by the bicameral brain to evolve into being more efficient at working with reality (of which MIND and spirituality are part) and honestly manipulating the substances of reality to enhance an individual's survival and happy healthy longevity.

Again be careful to NOT confuse the brain and the mind... they are separate tools... The mind works primarily for and with Spirituality, seeking and inspiring high ideals and value-productive actions... The brain works primarily for and with Consciousness, seeking and inspiring survival... WHEN the brain and mind function cooperatively THEN the best value-productive "being" and "doing" manifests.

Understanding USE of the numeric ZERO, helps comprehend "honestly manipulating" reality... The ZERO is the mathematically defined numerical function of NOTHINGNESS used NOT as evasion of reality, but as an intellectual getting hold of reality... The ZERO is a place holding TOOL, for expressing and dealing with universal math reality, which is available to all who care to know and use the facts and the tool... As such the ZERO is INTEGRAL to the whole context of reality... The ZERO as an integral tool, especially in sciences and business mentality - values exchanging and trading - aspects of reality... The ZERO functioned to END the mysticism, specialization, and monopolization by cartels or cliques of knowledge about commerce, mathematics and other sciences. By giving birth to the Hindu-Arabic positional place-value numeration consisting of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, allowed business mentality to spread widely causing scientific knowledge and usage to flourish even among the "common people"... Have you ever tried to do math using Roman Numerals????

Understanding deception and mystics, is helped by understanding the card game of "poker" ... In poker, the accepted ETHICAL basis is LYING and DECEPTION among opponents who are in the game voluntarily... These game player allow exploiting advantages that are available to All the opponents; whether or not a player chooses to use these advantages... But CHEATING is NOT considered as ethical among the players... Cheating is conjuring up advantages NOT available to opponents. (i.e. marking the cards, so that others don't know which are marked or code used; thereby giving an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE making it easy to deceive and cheat others.)... Cheating is avoided and discouraged among honorable players... INDIVIDUAL CHEATERS are usually easy to detect... Whereas, COLLUSION CHEATING practiced by cartels or cliques of professional players is difficult to detect by those outside the cartel. Those in the cartel consider their cheating to be legitimate tools of the trade, gaining the cartel members as much advantages as possible over their opponents. (This is the mentality of dictators and agents in agencies such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, AMA, and others in the Alphabet gang... who accept as legitimate the doing of whatever is necessary to entrap and win against their opponents... rules disguised as "law" made by We The People... Rules of game are ignored in their cheating and use of force to contain voluntary obedience to being a slave in their service.)

In understanding the ZERO, it's important to understand that ALL previous compution forms for COUNTING, MEASURING, et cetera (such as Roman Numerals) were FAR TOO COMPLEX for the average level of interest... THUS only those dedicated to commerce, applied the effort to learn the math language, and apply the complicated work to use these compution processes.

This limited knowledge now is prevelant within the programming languages used with computers ... few of the many millions of computer users have even a basic grasp of what a binary languages, ever fewer can create the type of software they use on a daily basis... This leaves the end-users at the mercy of those who do have the knowledge... With the brief information presented about neo-cheating, it shouldn't be surprising as to WHO ARE becoming the most skilled in programming languages and progamming, or for WHAT uses...

Before the Summer of 1995, the World Wide Web (WWW) was little more than a specialized section of the Internet connecting "pages" of information (Levy, 1996). By June of 1995, the WWW had become the new cyberspace frontier for anyone with a computer and a modem (Collins, 1996).

With its full color graphic capabilities and ease of use through web browsers such as Netscape or Mosaic, the WWW has become a magnet for the public and the business community (Washburn, 1996). Today, estimates are that the WWW is doubling its size through the addition of computer servers and new "home pages" every 53 days (Levy, 1996).

The foregoing reveals why EVEN with the huge volumes of books and other media of information dissemination about self and social improvement, lasting progress is generated only by a few... Unfortunately, most "improvement" and "positive-thinking" information is based on mind-over-matter paradigms that involves lying, deceiving and cheating the brain and consciousness about reality... (RE: Success of Virtual Reality Games.)

Whereas when facts are discerned, true lasting improvement is manifested from the brain and consciousness understanding reality and actions that work to adjust the personal perceptions and perspectives, or honestly manipulate aspects of reality, so as to manifest a reformed approach to dealing with reality more according to what will manifest the desired resultant experience... This is the operational modality of the true American System... The aspects included in this modality includes the premises that reality reveals that by nature a conscious individual is good, of highest value in the universe, and competent to understand and deal wisely with reality.

The responsibility, job and tasks of philosophers, spiritual leadership, philosophies, religions and sciences are to help UNDERSTAND, CLARIFY and WORK with REALITY so as to simplify survival and living; NOT to bewilder, confuse, complicate and mystify... What is required in NOT more belief, or stronger faith... What is required is SELF-DISCIPLINE to use consciousness in accordance with logic (non-contradictory identification); regardless of emotions, feelings, desires, etc.

Success engineering results from actions based on awareness that reality exists independent of consciousness, yet reality is NEVER beyond the grasp of consciousness.

Such successful actions result from understanding the whole context of reality and accurate integrating knowledge.

By participating with the Solutions Unlimited Projects, whole-life value-productivity will manifest!!!

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