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One factor of gaining freedom from debt-money is: We must strive to live a congruent, holistic and integrated life in order to live a life of power, abundance and actualization.

If you're not already participating with Solutions Unlimited, then you might not realize that... Using a Jubilee Declaration, We The Sovereign People, Congress or the President could INSTANTLY be using debt-free money with NO need for TAXES... Thus individuals would possess plenty of private capital with which to build a grand civilization...

What's a Jubilee Declaration? .... Click here for overview

As observed in an article on learning about NanoTechnology..."By reading what you don't understand, you gain a sense of the patterns of the field — the terms and abstract relationships, the kinds of problems being addressed, and the kinds of knowledge required to understand more. And this adds up to an important sort of understanding. Later, this familiarity makes it much easier to consult the literature: one knows which disciplines deal with what problems, and what one needs to study to gain a deeper understanding. Also, it fills your mind with questions, so that you can later recognize the answers and have your mind seize them more firmly.... "

The essential HOW TO DETAILS are presented in the Infinite Wealth book by Barry Carter

Understanding of the debt-money banking system fraud is revealed by Tom Schauf in his 2 books !!!

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For details on obtaining these books, send E-mail In subject line TYPE: Send HOPE Order Details... In the message include your full name, mailing address, phone number AND the name of your Solutions Unlimited Sponsor... (This is important because as a free-market promoter, we diligently protect lines of sponsorship to insure those doing the work get justly compensated.)

The solutions to ending any debt-money system are easy... We can easily eliminate entangling taxing regulations and remove need for the constant struggle against poverty.... BUT reality suggests that solutions will NOT happen until enough people DEMAND this debt-free money system be used... As Robert Schulz says:

"Our cause will fail unless we put a collective foot down."

Remember.. Politicians don't see the "light"... they respond according to the HEAT applied... To achieve this "massive heat applying - put our collective foot down - GOAL", we can utilize an integrated LOCAL Solutions Unlimited Educare Co-op System, implemented by using the Solutions Unlimited Whole-Life Wealth Generating Course and System...

Part of what you'll learn about in this course is how to create and wisely use MasterMind Teams... Solutions Unlimited MasterMind Teams will educate the public about how to have ALL forms of wealth, including how to generate the funds each of us need to invest in locating and electing representives with the courage to stand against bankster and other destructive cartels....

The "Solutions Unlimited" program uses a very simple system to build Local Educare Co-operatives... BE a Whole-Life Solutions Unlimited Member... Then pledge to pay a $25 monthly membership fee to support your LOCAL "Whole-life Educare Co-op" System... The $25 supports a LOCAL Solutions Unlimited Office where Solutions Unlimited Mentors do consultations, hold meetings, and can work with their local clients... Mentors are individuals who sponsor new members into the Whole-Life Educare Co-op System, and pledge to share with the new member information the sponsor has already learned...

Learn then Teach... This Mentor usually will be the same person who told you about the Whole-Life Solutions Unlimited. Mentors also participate with Solutions Unlimited projects, thus keenly aware about where to focus most of the mentoring for manifesting your personal success.

Basic aspects of being a Solutions Unlimited Participant is explained in the following presentation...

The individual's goal is to be able to think in ever-wider-scope integrations and with fully-integrated honesty.... these consistently expand the size of an individual's Liberty Zone, along with the skills to make value-productive choices..

The knowledge acquired by others who discovered the FACTS before you, is extremely valuable to you.... They can save you a huge amount of time, money and suffering.... This is very important for success in a FREE-Flow of Private Enterprises Economic System... When others share what they know with you, the sharer deserves to be compensated... This obeys the Universal Law of Reciprocity... which opens the door that allows abundance to flow forth from the Universe's Storehouse of Blessings.

At this point it's also wise to reflect on the situation of "representative" style government and begin collecting information about whether or not this is the best system to use in the NEW CIVILIZATION of accurately informed individuals....

Accurately informed individuals can NOT be enslaved... Accurately informed individuals are fully conscious, self-correcting, self-improving and wise Self-Governors... Self-Governorship is the universe's highest form of "government"... Self-Governors have no need for "representatives" or any form of external Body Politic Gang (governments)... Their "vote" for socializing laws or what's acceptable, is via being WISE Consumers and Producers; which keeps all areas of the social system functioning at it's maximum value-productive level... This Private Entrepreneur/Consumer System is the Universe's Method of Operation and Homeostasis Control... But until humankind's ascends to this "spiritualized" functioning level, wisdom suggests the wise use of "Constitutions" to set forth the expectations and protective chains.... The Miracle of America study course reveals the essential components for a Constitution for an evolving free society desirous of doing NO harm.

The DO NO HARM intent is presented in a clear concise methodolody in The Neo-Tech Constitution...

The book Infinite Wealth - A New World of Collaboration and Abundance in the Knowledge Era by Barry C. Carter... is a must read to achieve clarification on this topic ...

CapitalWise and Whole-Living Projects provide an ideal system to attract people and inspire dynamic cooperative and club building.

Some of what we'll learn from Tom Schauf's books will lead to placing Americans backed into compliance with the sound money and perfect tax system contained within the Constitution of 1787... (NOTE to enlightened Constitutionalists promoting an immediate return to gold and silver... Take the time to understand the Soltuions Unlimited project and it will become clear how return to Constitutional Money will happen via this correcting time course... So please participate with open solution-mindedness...)

People who don't use "sound money forms", "wise banking methods", and "invest in the stock-market" WILL NOT HAVE and KEEP a free-market ecomony... These VITAL aspects are ignored or even feared, simply because of LACK of understanding HOW IMPORTANT these are to TRUE LIBERTY... (and how these same aspects can be corrupted and used to enslave a society within illusions of liberty)... Unfortunately even if individuals do comprehend their importance to a healthy economy, few discover how to learn how to implement a SOUND money system, do HONEST banking, or do WISE investing...

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This information has been denied to all but a few "elite insiders" UNTIL Tom Schauf discover the facts, blew the whistle, then linked up with the Solutions Unlimited Local Clubs... The core knowledge is NOW AVAILABLE via well-researched and documented factual books and cassettes... which are part of the educare received after joining a " Solutions Unlimited Co-op"...

Learn what the Bankers don't want us to know!
How to GAIN Freedom from Debt...

Information on this website is being provided to inform and educate.

Please feel free to print this information, and pass along the information to family and friends.... Ask them the following questions...







As a Student of Tom Schauf's books, you could provide the CORRECT answers!!!

Do you realize there are TWO basic banking systems in the world?... The systems are: Debt and Debt-Free banking…

Are you aware that the united States Congress was tricked into exchanging a perfect "debt-free" system for a "debt-based" system??? .... Do you know this action placed each and every American into HUGE DEBT designed so that the debt could never be paid off??? ... Do you know this system makes BANKERS very RICH collecting interest on this never ending debt???

Basic illustration: A government collects $10 billion in taxes and has expenses of $11 billion. They are short of $1 billion. A $1 billion short fall is called a deficit. They need $1 billion of money to pay the bills. They have three choices to raise the $1 billion. The government can:

Banking system #1 is a Debt-FREE System.. This system will have the government print $1 billion and use the cash to pay the bills for operating "government". This SAVED taxpayers $1 billion in taxes and $1 billion in loans and debt. Abraham Lincoln printed the cash to finance the Civil War. This saved taxpayers taxes, and there was NO debt to the people.

Banking system #2 is a DEBT System which also prints $1 billion of cash. The cash is given to the bankers for free, or the bankers (Federal Reserve Bank) pay for the cost of printing the cash. The bankers give the cash back to the same government as a $1 billion bank LOAN. The government gives the bankers $1 billion in government bonds and the TAXPAYERS have a new bank DEBT of $1 billion.

Now taxpayers must pay taxes of $1 billion plus interest to discharge the $1 billion of debt. The bankers gained $1 billion for free and the taxpayers lost $1 billion because taxpayers now have a $1 billion debt they would not have if we followed President Lincoln's solution.

As a Solutions Unlimited Participant you'll Learn What The Bankers Don't Want You To Know about how to GET BACK the type of Money that manifests the American Dream!

Every time we give the bankers $100 for free, the taxpayers have a new $100 debt to the bank. If we add $10 billion of new money to the economy, the bankers receive $10 billion for free and the taxpayers have a new debt of $10 billion. Now the citizens must work to pay the $10 billion plus interest to the bankers.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank publication Your Money page 12 the bank pays .02 cents for the printing of $100 of Federal Reserve Notes.

Federal Reserve Bank publication Modern Money Mechanics gives examples of banks buying government bonds by printing money.

In 1996 Bob Dole claimed about 40 percent of personal federal taxes pays interest on the national debt. He did not mention the $5 trillion of national debt was created by creating money. About 16 percent of YOUR gross WAGES goes to pay interest on government debt created by banks creating money and loaning it to government.

If we followed Abraham Lincoln and only used cash, United States Notes, as money, over time we could pay off the national debt, State, county and city debt and cut our personal IRS tax to ZERO.. Plus we'd have our homes, cars, farms and businesses paid off and be out of debt... WHY? Because we would have NO government debt.

Tom Schauf interviewed a number of bank auditors and top bank officials. They all told him the same exact story. You can confirm it for yourself by asking them to sign the affidavit we'll make available for your use.... The Federal Reserve Bank publications confirm what Tom is about to say. … The following illustrations are examples from his books and are basic simplistic ways of showing the basic bookkeeping and economics of a loan in America.

Just as in banking system #2 where the government gave the bank $1 billion of cash and the bank returned it to the government as a $1 billion loan, the same applies with your local bank loan.


To do this we need your help. This is what we all need you to do...

You be the judge! -- both of law and fact...

We've done our part of collecting and organizing the facts.... NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO BE THE JUDGE AND JURY!

Although the bankers and politicians don't believe that you can see through the fog, we believe that you will see the truth and the truth will SET YOU FREE! This is only a simplified basic illustration only to show the economic effects of the bookkeeping entries to make it easy for lay people to understand.

Illustration: You want a $9,000 loan. Tim agrees to loan you $9,000. Tim asks you to sign a $9,000 promissory note agreeing you will repay the $9,000 plus interest. You sign it. Tim wants security/collateral to ensure you will repay the loan. You agree to hand Tim your diamonds worth $9,000. You are expecting Tim to give you back the diamonds when you repay the loan.

Without your knowledge, permission, or authorization Tim sells the $9,000 of diamonds (or bank promissory loan agreement) for $9,000 of cash and uses the cash to fund a $9,000 loan check to you. Tim claimed he loaned you $9,000. You repay the loan. Now you ask Tim to return the diamonds and Tim refuses.

I think we all agree it makes no difference if it is $9,000 of diamonds or anything else of value Tim received from you. Diamonds or cash or stocks or a negotiable instruments worth $9,000 is still worth $9,000. I think we all agree Tim should return the $9,000 to you. If Tim does not return the $9,000 to you, you lost $9,000 and Tim never loaned you anything. He merely took $9,000 from you and returned it back to you.

I can hear you say, "I never gave the bank $9,000 for a $9,000 loan." That is the trick. It happened without your knowledge and there is no agreement or contract without mutual understanding and agreement and you cannot agree to something you did not know happened.

Remember Federal Reserve Bank publication 5 admitted money doesn't have to be, "issued by a government or be any special form." It continues to explain if an asset like a government bond or promissory note can be exchanged or sold for cash and if one accepts it as money, it is money. Page 27 admits the bank created new money when the bank granted the loan and the borrower funded the loan. Federal Reserve bank publication Your Money page 7 and Modern Money Mechanics page 6 admit the bank never loaned you legal tender or other depositor money.

I am not here to condemn bankers or politicians. I am not calling them criminals. I thank the Federal Reserve Bank for giving us the details. As one bank auditor told me, "the written loan agreement never authorized the bank to take $9,000 from the borrower and return it as a loan." He tried to get me to agree to keep this a secret. He said if the American people ever figured this out he would get out of the country.

I am here to congratulate the bankers and politicians and media for their genius and creativity in devising such a plan or keeping it quiet and not exposing it to the world. As a retired CPA expert witness, it took me several years to research it and be able to explain it to the average American. You must admit they are pretty slick in transferring our wealth, $9,000, to themselves without our knowledge, permission or authorization and then get us to argue the $9,000 was never transferred to them for free.

One of the top bankers in the country privately admitted to me I was right. He said the American are to stupid to figure it out. Then he admitted because the bankers receive the wealth for free they use it for huge political contributions to control lawmakers, judges and police. He explained how the media needs advertising dollars from lenders and needs lenders money for loans to stay in business so they would remain quiet and not allow the secret to be revealed. Then he made one significant remark. He said, " If the American population ever figure out what we did to them, I am getting out of the country."

I believe there are good lawmakers who want to correct the problem but they know if they speak out against the banks they will not receive favorable media and definitely will not receive the bankers money to get them reelected. It is easy for lawmakers to be silent if they wish to be reelected. I believe they think it is your responsibility to get the word out so the people will support the change and make it safe for politicians to make the change. Face it if you make huge profits from the banking system why vote to change it unless enough people woke up and the change was inevitable. When enough Americans figure it out, then they will vote to make the change. It is your job the download this web page and copy it and get it out to friends. Buy the banking book so you understand the details and ask your lenders to sign the affidavit. When they refuse, it will show you I am right.

2 extremely valuable BOOKS essential to have in every personal Freedom Library...

America's Hope - To cancel bank loans without going to court - By Tom Schauf

The American Voters Vs. The Banking System - The technical guide to America's Hope. - By Tom Schauf

About the Author & founder of CapitalWise

Tom Schauf is a retired CPA, court expert witness. He taught over 2,000 CPAs nationally for CPA continuing education classes to renew CPA licenses. He taught CPA's how to testify in court as an expert witnesses. He quotes the Federal Reserve Bank publications, so you can do your own investigation to verify the accuracy of the information.

Thomas Schauf has a diverse background. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science with double majors in accounting and finance. After graduation he worked as a staff accountant for Motorola. He worked for a small Certified Public Accounting firm, owned and operated his own business brokerage firm and Certified Public Accounting practice.

Over a period of nearly ten years, he has testified in a number of cases as an Expert Witness in business valuation, and has taught the arts of business valuation, business acquisition and negotiations to buyers, CPA's and lawyers on a national level in colleges and major universities.

He has taught lawyers and thousands of CPA's the art of valuation and negotiations in his copyrighted course designed to meet continuing education requirements.

He has been a controller, head of purchasing and personnel for a major manufacturing company. He has been a real estate broker and aircraft flight instructor (CFII).

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