What size "cube" do I live in?

AM I attracting or repelling forms of wealth?

How balanced are the elements in my LifeStyle?

A CUBE can remain a "cube" ONLY WHEN all sides remain of EQUAL size... Balancing our life-expressions so as to maintain a cube, is necessary for joyful happiness and all other forms of wealth to manifest and be sustained...

Since the brain thinks and reasons (considers potentials consequences of thoughts and actions - connects causation with effects) most efficiently using "images", thus having a "literal picture to relate to" makes it much easier to communicate about the various components that affect the effects (results) from our choices (causation - reshaping energy - forms and functions).

The "cube" being referred to herein is part of Conscious Life's Operating System, which involves many of humankind's needs, such as:

1. Biological and Physiological needs - air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep, etc.

2. Safety and Security needs - protection from elements, security, order, law, limits, emotional stability, financial security, etc.

3. Belongingness and Love needs - work group, family, affection, relationships, etc. - Connections through experiences and memories created. - Creating Legacy.

4. Esteem, Cognitive, and Aesthetic needs - Esteem includes self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc. - Cognitive needs include knowledge, meaning, etc. - Aesthetic needs include appreciation and search for beauty, balance, form, music, poetry, dance, art, etc.

5. Self-Actualization needs - realizing personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences.

6. Transcendence and Success of offspring and others - helping and inspiring others to achieve self actualization.

The "cube" can be formed for various areas of our life-expressions by arranging needs and desires into a life-design pattern most innately attuned with our individual vibrations within a Conscious Life's Operating System, such as:

  • 6 lifestyle formation aspects: Attitude, Courage, Core Values & Desires, Paradigm Models & Shifts, Relationships, and Choices.

  • These collaborate to align the 6 categories of conscious life expressions: Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Relationships, and Memories....

  • We do life-expression alignment using 6 dynamics: Pleasure (feelings, emotions), Paradigm (model, format), Philosophical (wisdom, ethics, art of living), Partnerships (Others, Social, Family, Friends, Commerce), Production (energy reshaped and sustained), and Political (social law and order agreements)....

Pleasure is "felt paradise" (happiness, satisfaction), resulting from the other dynamics being balanced around our needs and desires.

Paradigm is a mental construct, pattern, model, example, inflection.

Philosophical is joy of wisdom gained from the skills of thinking or reason, so as to understand and explain the knowledge obtained, usually using or creating a communciation system so that others might also comprehend the same paradigm; involves study of the causes and principles of the universe.

Partnerships is interactive relationships between compoments within any Operation System.

Political is the science and art of governing by laws, principles and rules used by an Operating System to establish and sustain life-empowering harmonic order.

Production is creativity expression such as educare, career, commerce, business... Shaping and reshaping the energy substances of existence.

Thriving Survival, Happy Healthy Longevity, and even Eternal Life, all desired results that require BEING AWARE of the Conscious Life's Operating System, along with DOING THOUGHTS and ACTIONS CORRECTLY, from constant monitoring and making adjustments as deemed wise... (Visualize something that is on course to a TARGET that might encounter obstacles to steer around... i.e. a vacationing cruise ship headed for a specific tropical island, a guided missile seeking an assigned target.)...

A valuable technique in creating and sustaining a Personally Balance Cube and hitting center of any Target is: Desired Results Process - THINK FUTURE then REMEMBER that Future in satisfied happy memories... This Desired Results Process generates neural pathways within the brain software that connects the thinking process with the mind (universal consciousness) and opens clear communciation channels with the solar plexus... It facilitates clearer view of Consequences from emotions, feelings, attitudes, beliefs (memes), thoughts and actions.... "I enjoy and greatly appreciate having balanced healthy prosperity in all components in my life-expressions and experiences..." - WHEN actively forming a MENTAL FUTURE Picture, be specific of all the details desired, the clearer details in the picture and more pleasurable the feelings, the more quickly energy transmutes to provide the desired results... Remember one of this writer's favorite sayings: "WHEN it's all said and done, all we have left are MEMORIES - so it just seems WISE to create pleasant memories to be enjoyed and treasured." -- AS we have learned ever more about how the human brain, mind, and energy transmutation functions, we can ever-more wisely develop thinking skills to enhance ever-better (and even IDEAL) life-expressions moment by moment, every moment! -- UPDATE -- Joe Vitale wrote an article that terms this as: "Remembering Your Future Past" in a blog post on January 26, 2011.

Using a Success Engineering Cube Paradigm helps insure that correct Pleasures, Attitude, Courage, Core Values, Paradigm Models & Shifts, Relationships, and Choices are maintained ON TARGET toward manifesting Desired Results, and in appropriate synergistic alignment, in all arenas of our individual and community life-expression attributes.

IF Study Course for The Science of Being Rich and Master Key System has been done, THEN the foregoing and following information will flow delightfully into your cube, and each dimension can naturally expand it to it's fullest potential...

NOTE: Click here for information about interactive team study of these books via Internet Conferencing...

The IDEAL Life-Design "cube" is possible because of the 7 Universal Laws and their Subordinate Laws... A basic understanding of these Universal Laws and their major subordinate laws, such as the Law Of Attraction, are vital to survive and thrive...

HOW TO Expand Your
Personal Success Engineering Cube
safely ride waves in the
universe's sea of life.

NOTE: Wisdom aligns with thinking skill development, and doing daily actions, proven to naturally manifest paradigms and conditions that information in this presentation explains... To facilitate an adult's easy return to this natural process, and restore the LOCUS of control to each sovereign individual, an Essential Actions Portfolio is being formulated... To only read, study, and philosophize, will trap an individual into paralysis of analysis and procrastination stagnation.... Paralysis and Stagnation decay into Hopelessness that welcomes the relief of Slavery to direct thoughts and actions... Robotic doctrines are embraced and defended.... Robotic is that which operates automatically in response to pre-programmed commands.... If_________ then __________ (If this occurs, Then acquired knowledge suggests do this) is the computer programming term.... Robotic Doctrines, while very helpful in teaching primary skills for survival, when applied beyond basic life-care modality, fixed doctrines block healthy functioning of the Perpetual Improvement spiral system of Human DNA... We have the ability to "think" and "reason" beyond acquired knowledge.

The following information is designed to only offer a brief overview about Success Engineering Educare extracted out of the very complex process of "IF, Then Learned Survive and Thrive Responses" and "Perpetual Improvement Systems" that naturally occur IF proper educare in harmony with Universal Laws is offered in the early years of physical life... Advocates of educare methods based on work of Maria Montessori, advise: Observe the Child and supply the Child's needs to get the desired results.... Her work is validated as wise in studies by Abraham Maslow and other behavioural scientists ...

The simple Success Engineering Educare is an appropriate enabling response system which empowers personal integrity within a Luminous Life.... IT is NOT necessary to be able to "explain successful harmony" with Universal Laws to have The Luminous Life... It's only necessary to release personal integity and live in the light... Many have offered this honesty and completeness wisdom, including Jesus Christ; but few have as yet allowed their self to enter into such a glorious open-system ascension career.

IF the reader is having challenges following the syntax (the way in which the words and phrases are arranged.)... it's OK.... be patient and gentle with the self and this presenter.... This presentation condenses a HUGE library of information into a reasonable overview... Accept that many First Encounters usually causes temporary confusion and even unpleasant cognitive dissonance... Opinions, or beliefs, or items of knowledge, are dissonant with each other if they do not seem to fit together as currently assembled, or are different from currently held opinions or beliefs.... When the brain neurons are allowed to create NEW brain cells it becomes easy to exam, understand, and format systematizing processing of advanced wisdom... This presenter acknowledges that this presentation is not an easy read... that is why DOING the Essential Actions is suggested... IN DOING we MOST EASY LEARN the knowledge and skills.... This is WHY Apprenticement with Master Artisans IS the wise method for learning any art and science....

Networking with others using Creativity, empowers easy absorption of Creation Power Wisdom, and restores alignment with reality that was a natural part of our early explorative childhood... In the process of doing the Essential Actions, the human brain knows enough to extract the details needed to do the value-productive work, and quickly learns to avoid that which does harm, or doesn't function as desired... Just as to drive an automobile or use a computer, it's NOT necessary to understand their design, or how each functions.... When the Basics Use Skills are acquired, then the rest more advanced knowledge, is naturally learned AS needed...

Can you remember what it FELT like actually having a vehicle start moving with you at the controls???? .... Do you remember the FEELINGS when you first saw a person using a computer, and when you first began to use a computer? ....

Since the brain and consciousness prefer the use of picture-type metaphors and analog models to express and comprehend the complex aspects of life and life-expressions, this section will begin to utilize these "relate to an already known factor" system to paint a picture than can be seen by all who encounter it... These pictures form lasting mental images, that when used along with word descriptions, facilitates clearer understanding of the elements and dimensions "hidden" within what is seen...

While reading stay conscious of the images of ...

  • a CUBE,

  • the SEA (ocean or any huge body of water that can appear as a Sea of GLASS, OR with many sizes of WAVES and chaos), and

  • a huge expansion BRIDGE (like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California)...

Collect and Assemble ACTUAL PICTURES or OBJECTS in these shapes to glance at throughout the day.... They will create "hooks" and "triggers" of knowledge gained while reading information offered on this website... These images will serve as a VERY Clarifying TOOL to be conscious of while reasoning, pondering, and exploring the what ifs...

As we proceed, stay conscious about Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualizing characteristics:

  • keen sense of reality - aware of real situations - objective judgement, rather than subjective

  • see problems in terms of challenges and situations requiring solutions, rather than see problems as personal complaints or excuses

  • need for privacy and comfortable being alone

  • reliant on own experiences and judgement - independent - not reliant on culture and environment to form opinions and views

  • not susceptible to social pressures - non-conformist

  • democratic, fair and non-discriminating - embracing and enjoying all cultures, races and individual styles

  • socially compassionate - possessing humanity

  • accepting others as they are and not trying to change people

  • comfortable with oneself - despite any unconventional tendencies

  • a few close intimate friends rather than many surface relationships

  • sense of humour directed at oneself or the human condition, rather than at the expense of others

  • spontaneous and natural - true to oneself, rather than being how others want

  • excited and interested in everything, even ordinary things

  • creative, inventive and original

  • seek peak experiences that leave a lasting impression

Do self dialogue in a written SEA journal..... SEA means Success Engineering Arena.... Use exploration questions to determine current conditions and desired conditions as learned in Internet Conferences and Physical Meetups hosted by Ideal Network...

In the process, keep visionalizing and painting a WHOLE-LIFE PICTURE of Paradise On Earth... Use all your senses.... WHAT would this state of being look like???.... feel like????... smell like???? ..... sound like???? .... taste like????? ....

Use Virtual Reality 3-D Programs to bring a personal vision from the mental arena into a visual arena... It's NOW easy to literally BUILD your own World in cyberspace...

There IS one common factor in people's successes. IT IS present in everything that significantly happens in our life.... That one common factor in each of the successes studied is something so simple, yet few "gurus" have discovered it, because they're too busy hyping their techniques, the how-to's of what to do, to get to this common factor, this true cause of achievement... Information in the DNA of Success reveals how to unleash what Jack Zufelt calls "our Conquering Force" and apply it to literally anything desired in life and achieve the desired results.

Here are a few questions to journal about to get started accessing this Conquering Force Within....

  • What are my Purpose, Passions, Visions and Missions?

  • WHAT am I doing to create An Ever Better World internally and externally?

  • What keeps me ON TARGET to my desired destination?

  • What is my Lifestyle CUBE SIZE at this moment?

  • WHAT SIZE "cube" do I desire to grow?

  • How smooth is my area of the SEA?... Is it a Sea of Glass on which I can safely surf?

  • How skillfully do I prepare for, and ride, changing CURRENTS and WAVES when they arrive?

  • How many BRIDGES have I crossed in getting to where I am at this moment?

  • How many MORE BRIDGES am I willing to build and cross to get where I desire to be?

Whatever a person now experiences, owns, or has stewardship over, is determined by the BRIDGES built and crossed, the SEA into which an individual is birthed and chooses to live, and the size of the lifestyle CUBES that grew from Attitude, Courage, Paradigm Models & Shifts, Core Values & Desires, Relationships, and Choices.

These 6 aspects of lifestyle formation are determined by the how early in "life" an individual learns about THEIR Self-Worth and how to manifest smooth waters and strong glass over the sea... or safely ride waves and cross bridges... With accurate EDUCARE, these experiences manifest appropriate self-esteem, self-control, self-discipline, self-governorship, self-formation, self-liberation that releases integrity (honesty and completeness a/k/a self-actualized beingness), appropriate response-ableness and responsibility...

Discipline (applied accurate order-inducing controlled effort) is required for accurate apprehension (seized or grasp by the brain) of reality, and acquisition of any discipline (trained skill or condition)...

  • The MORE accurate effort applied, and
  • the more internal conscious "order" that is achieved,
  • the more reality is understood and integrated with...
  • the larger can the personal "cube" be grown....
  • the smoother the sea and thicker the glass (or ice) floor over it...
  • the stronger the bridge's foundation and roadway, and
  • the more flexbility its expansion towers....

The TERM that most closely defines the conscious process of "cube growth", manifesting a "strong sea of glass", and "sound bridge building" is SUCCESS ENGINEERING...

Success Engineers ascend into what has been labeled as a NeoTech NeoThink Matrix (which will be explained as the presentation unfolds).

The 3 KEY components to understand are:

1. A CUBE can remain a "cube" ONLY WHEN all sides remain of EQUAL size... Balancing the sides as the life-expression cube grow, is necessary for sustainable joyful happiness.

2. Learning to safely ride the ALWAYS-CHANGING CURRENTS and WAVES created by new and improved technologies is an essential aspect of Success Engineering... Either learn HOW TO SAFELY ride the wave, or be pulled under the wave and risk drowning in complex dynamics of life-expressions; be they Paradigms, Philosophical, Partnerships, Political, Production or Pleasure Dynamics... The ultimate "seeming as if smooth condition" is the Sea of Glass. Safely riding the waves occurs from wise synthesis of whole systems thinking, Nature's fundamental principles, and an ethically driven local and worldview.

3. Conscious manifesting of the thoughts and skills required to build a sound expansion bridge to safely walk from current conditions, to the desired condition (a/k/a Desired Results NOW and all future NOWS). Without bridge building thinking and constructing, individuals get stuck with the status-quo and are unable to ascend beyond the level birthed into (and usually is unable to KEEP the unearned inherited gifts from their family, and decays from that beginning point.)

Learning to successfully surf the waves in ALL Life-Expressions, keeps the sides of the cube harmonically balanced and excitingly interesting, the sea gloriously smooth and inviting, and bridges safe and the "other side" attractively appealing...

Another way to say this is as previously stated: Thriving Survival, Happy Healthy Longevity, and even Eternal Life, require DOING THOUGHTS and ACTIONS CORRECTLY, from constant monitoring and making adjustments as deemed wise... The Success Engineering Cube Paradigm helps insure that correct Attitude, Courage, Paradigm Models & Shifts, Core Values & Desires, Relationships, and Choices are maintained, and in appropriate synergistic alignment in all arenas of our life-expression attributes... These sides of our "cube" are created by or regarded as an effect or product of whole-life attributes....

  • personal attributes (physical, intellectual, physiological, psychological, emotional, biological, chemical, electrical)... (post Bicameral includes: spiritual & philosophizing)

  • philosophical-spiritual-political attributes...

  • partnerships-social-moral-ethical attributes...

  • production-educare-career-business-financial-economical attributes...

  • environmental-ecological-ecosystems attributes...

  • planetary-global-universal attributes.

With so many realms and attribute elements to cope with, it's clear WHY higher and higher realms of consciousness are manifested to help reason through and efficiently make choices to prepare for, and control as much as possible, the affect and effect these attributes will have upon our being... Without consciousness, a being is at the MERCY of the elements....

As the human population increased interactive complexities caused more and more chaos, making it impossible for a CENTRAL EXTERNAL Body Politic Controller (Gods-Caesars) to direct the life-expressions of everybody; thus to maintain "harmonic order - unity of diversity", mechansisms for INDIVIDUAL SELF-CONTROL had to evolve...

FROM this emerged "body politic" experimentations... The most "effective and efficient" experiment so far, is Local HOME-RULE with the "action controlling authority" residing with the HEAD of Family Units... The Christian Bible refers to this body politic method as consisting of 10s, 100s, 1000s... This is the pattern of the democratic open system that respects individual choices and involves individual participation in social "rule" and Individualism dynamics (or chosen representatives style) used by the Native Americans. Their pattern evolved into a democratic compound republic model in forming the socio-political unification of diverse territorial and cultural units of the North American Colonies, into an open system that respects the individuality and rights of each being within the united States of America. This blended Individualism Paradigm (self and others value/respect - do no harm) is a self-regulating, self-regenerative open system that encourages value-productive competition, cooperation and collaboration among individuals and the institutions they create, while retarding the value-destructive aspects within self-centered Anarchism whim worship (actions without consequences) open system... or unbalanced ego dictatorial, competitive, statist, gang warfare of closed systems.

Some readers have inquired as to why the philosophical and spiritual life-expressions are separated from the personal attributes... The reason why is clear when the politics of slavery and neocheating are understood... Plus it's NOT possible to separate the contextual concept of "belief" and "conscience"... they are 2 sides of a coin used by "Caesars/kings" to enslave and block individuals from discovering "facts" and "consciousness"... Thus philosophical and spiritual life-expressions are considered separate from "personal attributes" because they are not part of the bicameral brain.

The pre-consciousness form is what is trying to be kept or revived by slave paradigms... Although "the Body Politic" existed in the Bicameral Era, Philosophy and Spirituality did NOT exist before Consciousness was discoverd by humankind.... But within consciousness these "categorizing of phenomenons", form much of a person's life-expressions...

Pre-consciousness relied upon "external gods" (heads of Body Politic) to manage the realms and attributes, and tell people how to act... Pre-consciousness beings feel no "guilt", or need for personal "internal or external ordering", or categorizing between what is good (beneficial) and what is evil (harmful)... The gods (slave master) tell what these are...

In a post conscious-era complex social structure where the general population has Individual Choice-making abilities (reason & rights), SCIENCE manifests to place "things" in order, and PHILOSOPHY manifests as the conscious effort (experience) for placing in order the effort (experience) of placing in order.

Then Production BUSINESS develops as an integrated circuit of consciousness to produce values with exchange worth (that which is beneficial, non-harmful) to make the process of living as comfortable and control as possible.

The Biblical Account of Adam and Eve in an Ideal Garden clearly validate these facts, WHEN reality is allowed to surface from the quagmire of beliefs.

Spirituality expresses as an individual's sense or view of life combined with their assertiveness toward living. Spiritual well-being manifests from a sound connection and relationship with Inner Divinity (a/k/a Holy Spirit, Christ speaks of "leaving" to be our companion.)... linked to the First Source & Center of all that is (Inner Intelligence, God) that forms Core Values... Spirituality empowers self-esteem, conscious self-correcting within an organism and abiding happiness... Using The Master Key System facilitates understanding these factors...

Spirituality doesn't deny that disagreement and harmful actions will always be POSSIBLE within humankind... Spiritual Beingness grasps the essentialness of a "means or mechanism" to enable human beings to co-exist without doing harm, and to interact in harmony... A mechanism that creates an appropriate mixture of true liberty and controls...

As humankind continues to explore and evolve, THAT means or mechanism will manifest, and the rest of the story will continue being revealed; thereby allowing an individual to manifest their balanced, ever expanding "cube" in which to live, move and have our being!!! ... Each will learn how to step into The Luminous Light and Life

THE mechanism and means WILL BE originated by individuals who understand the virtues of productiveness (private ownership & enterprise), along with sound philosphic and moral principles that protect individual rights and responsibilities (True Liberty); BUT who have been TOO busy earning a living to do so previously... Solutions will NOT come from the gangs of conversatives rooted in religion (spiritualists advocating economic freedom), or the collectivist liberals rooted in Marxism (materialists advocating intellectual freedom)... These groups of intellectuals or politicians are TOO removed from reality to achieve the CLARITY of vision, or the INTEGRITY of principles, or the COURAGE, to dig out the ROOTS of the diseased tree they're so heavy vested into, and plant a healthy tree into fresh clear healthy soil...

At this point, we do know that in the absence of principle centered standards that inspire educare excellence and context-maintaining, human being tends to act aligned with "feelings", and drift from "belief" to "belief" without a clear vision of reality, or accurate knowledge about how to understand, work with, or control various aspects of reality.

For a leap forward in joyful happiness gained by appropriate BRAIN TRAINING and Expanding Your Success Engineering Cube, CLICK HERE to link to the article Neo-Tech: The Philosophical Zero ...

"Whether you think you CAN, or you CAN'T, You're RIGHT"!...Henry Ford

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to wait for, it is a thing to be achieved." - William Jennings Bryan

"Capitalism IS the system of laissez-faire... Capitalism is the only system that makes possible the achievement of virtue... Every other social system clashes with every essential aspect of the mind's function." - re: pages 380-381 "Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand" by Leonard Peikoff

Happiness Survey

A project of the Seattle, Washington Area "Happiness Initiative and Sustainable Seattle", with "Take Back Your Time and the Compassionate Action Network".

This survey offers an enjoyable way to learn just how well the survey-taker is doing in the nine domains of happiness identified by researchers around the world.

These include:

  1. psychological well-being;
  2. physical health;
  3. time or work-life balance;
  4. social connection and community vitality;
  5. education;
  6. access to arts, culture and recreation;
  7. environmental quality and access to nature;
  8. good governance;
  9. material well-being.

After completing this survey, an instantaneous well-being score for each of these domains is generated, along with feature to compare your score with the median results for others who have taken the survey. The 135 questions in this survey will encourage thinking about your life in new ways and about what you can do to be happier.

This survey takes 20-30 minutes to complete and you cannot stop and start over, so do the survey when you have a period of free time. It is the length of the survey that allows it to give you a comprehensive picture of your well-being in comparison to others.

Overall data from this survey will be analyzed and provided to media but your individual data will not be revealed to others. We ask for demographic data so we can analyze overall results, but we do not ask for your name, address, etc. Your privacy will be protected.

To gain ever more wisdom, EXPLORE labels and terms used herein beyond definitions within this presentation such as:

Dimension at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimension

Cube - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube

Geodesic Dome - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geodesic_dome

Synthesis of whole systems thinking, Nature's fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview.