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Health care power of TNT -- Teleological Nutritional Targeting?

NOW it's very easy to help our self and others manifest
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Whole Foods... Whole Living... Whole Learning ... Whole Earning ... WOW !!!

If a member in the Solutions Unlimited Network had to be limited to doing only ONE project, the WholeFood Farmacy could easily be the selection... There's no other possible conclusion, when the VISION that inspired creating the Solution Unlimited and Safe Networks, Whole-Life Liberty Crusade, Liberty Zone Cafe, and American Dream Manifesters' Educare Cooperatives, is laid along side the vision and genius of the team pulling together this unique WholeFood Farmacy project... The alignment of purpose is very clear from Don Tolman's philosophy of whole food, whole learning, and whole living ...

After reviewing the the WholeFood Farmacy website... Remember that to return to this location, close the new browser window that will open by clicking the above link.

On The the WholeFood Farmacy Internet site is a wide scope of whole foods.... Introducing yourself and others to this amazing foods will generate GLORIOUS JOY and MEMORIES from helping individuals and family units greatly enhance and improve all areas of their life-expressions...

Remember when it's all said and done... All we have are the MEMORIES -- Joyous memories are the most precious wealth of all - they are indeed eternal!!! - So create glorious memories... that's why I made the conscious choice to do Educare Consulting and Networking... Helping individuals obtain Value-Productive Educare makes it possible to participate in creating glorious memories for all the people we interacted with...

Once in a great while there emerges an epochal project destined to generate giant leaps forward in improving the conditions of life for individuals and humankind... Just such a project manifested from blending into our personal LIFEstyles Great American - Whole Food Farmacy, with the Life and Health Consciousness gained from Paradise Dynamics within Better Universe....

Better Universe has the whole-living educational focus using MOVIES (the perfect inspired learning medium) along with "Movie of The Week" and "Science of Success" Internet Conferencing Workshops... (Perfect communication and relationship project for use in ALL areas of our LIFEstyles.) ....

Combine this EXCHANGING 'stinking thinking' for 'wholesome thinking', with consuming pure whole-foods from the Great American Wholefood Farmacy... WOW... Finally we have projects that can supply access to the best of the best products for, and accurate knowledge about, self-care health-care, accessing Authentic Self, personal empowerment, personalized education and survival preparedness....

Survival Preparedness includes...

The Paradise On Earth potentials within the Solutions Unlimited Network becomes self-evident when it's realize just how many solutions we now have access to... a self-development learning system that functions as the brain is designed, along with a cooperative system that's pulling together the best multi-media academic educational software... dehydrated whole super-foods... portable water filters to keep us protected full-time from water-borne dangers... and many other health, personal, family and home care products!!! ...

NOW average individuals will have full access to affordable educational products that before now could only be obtained by super rich mega institutions!!! ...

NOW everybody can easily participate with this advanced form of thinking and acting...

PLUS with Whole-Food Farmacy, we have for the FIRST TIME EVER a method and product to END hunger and poor nutrition worldwide!!!

Several people and discoveries deserve credit for this epoch event, with the ascending spiral revolving around discoveries by Don Tolman... Among his discoveries are how to use the photographic brain correctly, AND a recipe for the unique super-healthy whole-food meal "Pulse" referred to in the Bible... He discovered this pulse recipe in an ANCIENT SCROLL brought to the United States in the 1900s. The scroll was a gift from the Pope to the Church of England as a peace offering in the 1800s.

The new Whole-Food Farmacy COMPANY launched in March 2003, brings us what is believed to align with being the whole-food nutrient-dense enzymes-intact PULSE recipe for the DRIED - dehydrated - raw organic super-meal formulas mentioned in Daniel 1 verse 12 ....

"... pulse to eat, and water to drink"... according to the first chapter of Daniel caused Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego to ... "at the end of ten days their countenances appeared fairer and fatter in flesh than all the children which did eat the portion of the king's meat... And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm." ... So these 4 youths who followed their convictions about wisdom given from God were in much better health AND much smarter than those who ate the best of the king's food!!!

II Samuel 17: 27-28 relates the choice of "wheat, and barley, and flour, and parched corn, and beans, and lentils, and parched pulse, and honey, and butter, and sheep, and cheese of kine (cow milk), for David and for the people that were with him, to eat..."

The term "pulse" is used in connection with "grain crops".... From the Bible's usage, "pulse" is generally interpreted as a Hebrew term applying to vegetable foods that are pulled or plucked, not reaped or cut, whether roots, leaves, or fruits... and preserved by a unique natural air drying or parching method that maintains nutrients at their peak level, and prevents brittle HARDNESS that occurs in most processes used for drying of vegetables such as peas, beans or corn.... This parching method renders the dried food crunchy yet easily chewable. Other dehydrating forms require the dried foods to be soaked in liquids to soften into chewable texture, and usually cooked to be eatable... THIS parching method means the foods CAN BE CONSUMED WITHOUT ANY SOAKING or COOKING... making it IDEAL for a busy lifestyle, travel, survival... It's light weight to carry, compact and easy for storage!!!

The Great American Whole-Food Farmacy offers various very tasty combinations that are a COMPLETE nutritious meal replacement... This nutrient-dense food is well within the average food budget... And by sharing the great news with others, can generate extra $$$$$$ into the household budget...

All ingredients in Pulse are organically grown and air or sun-dried to maintain all nutrients in tact.

Ingredients in Sweet Pulse include: Dates, oats, raisins, prunes, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, walnuts, pecans, filberts, figs, amaranth, beet powder, buckwheat, flax seed, quinoa, barley, einkorn, brown rice, millet, grapeseed oil and walnut oil... No man-made chemicals have been utilized in their growth or production of these ingredients... Notice that among the grains used in Pulse are Quinoa and Amaranth... Most health conscious individuals are aware of the research that shows the nutrition these grains possess is beyond compare. But getting these grains into the average diet has not been an easy task for even dedicated health enthusiasts. (NOW, thanks to Whole-Food Farmacy, it's easy to get everyone in the family EAGERLY EATING WHAT'S GOOD for them.) ... Plus, Notice that Pulse contains a nut base of five different nuts, each for a very specific purpose to nourish the brain and nervous system.

It's VERY important to mention in connection with these mega super-foods, that SNACKING ... or "grazing" as some term it... is the NATURAL design of the human body and thus the BEST method for consuming foods. The concept of 3 "meals" a day is a relatively new and un-natural method of dealing with the industrial and corporate lifestyle... Understanding how the hormones function verify the accuracy of "snacking" throughout the day as the body's preferred method for receiving its energy supply.

Pulse was given freely to children in a classroom in Utah as a test to see how the kids liked it and how they reacted to it. Each child was given a bowl at their desk to snack on through the day, along with pure water. The result was that nearly all kids loved it, and completely finished their bowls by days end. But even more impressive was that the teacher noticed a marked improvement in her ability to teach the kids that day. They were calmer and better able to pay attention.

In addition to being a super healthy snack for children, Phi Pi (Pulse) has 3 other purposes....

1. Phi Pi (Pulse) shines like a pulsar star for enhanced mental performance providing the needed brain chemistry for challenges such as research projects, studying, preparing for examinations, meditation, brain-storming sessions, conceptual design, envisioning and all intense focused mental activity. We suggest 2-4 ounces of Pulse to supplement the diet daily. This is analogous to the "loading" on high carbohydrate foodstuffs such as pasta that athletes consume several days prior to their competitive events... But without the bad side-effect of going out of the MAGIC zone... keeping the glucagon and insulin in appropriate balance.

Phi Pi (Pulse) prepares the brain for it's "event" with a full range of vitamins, calcium, and 22 amino acids providing a complete protein complex, lecithin, selenium, non-metallic minerals and trace minerals.

2. When the fabric of your life is unraveling, your nerves are frayed at the edges, we suggest the following to pull the threads of your life back together into a colorful, tightly woven tapestry portraying your true self, possessing an optimistic outlook, balanced emotive energies, boundless mental capacity and physical stamina to do whatever it takes to realize your dreams. At the minimum, enjoy 2-4 oz. of Phi Pi (Pulse) daily... Additionally, restrict your diet to FRESH fruits and lightly steamed vegetables, and at least one gallon of pure, fresh water daily.

3. For optimal weight reduction, we suggest a diet composed strictly of selections from the Whole-Food Farmacy and abundant quantities of pure water (exceed one gallon) for 10 days... There can be no purer, no more natural diet for weight reduction and for de-toxing the body and mind... One ounce eaten 8-10 times a day provides the energy to make a late night of it after a minimum, brisk one-mile walk to keep your body's metabolic rate high. The more you incline towards physical activity, the more drastic the weight reduction. Just be sure not to overdo it... Set a pace you can live with the rest of your abundant life.... After 10 days, gradually add fresh fruits an steamed vegetables. Your energy will increase tenfold with a daily enjoyable workout routine... WOW... How simple, nutritious, natural, delicious and EFFECTIVE!

Along with dehydrated whole-foods, the company offers several other exceptional high quality super-health generating support items.... including DIRT-FREE Salt - Stardust Ra Sea Salttm - - a TRUE SALT with NO sand or other foreign articles that are harmful.... Stardust Ra Sea Salt is the most unique salt in the world. It's vacuum pan prepared to remove all the impurities, including the heart-stressing, artery clogging, microscopic sand (silicas, hapitites, zeolites ) contained in most other salts, including regular sea salt.... There are many FAVORED Salts available in the products area of the internet site..

Scientists have recently discovered WHY salt was thought to be the cause of conditions such as high blood pressure and artery diseases... Sodium is NOT the cause... Sand-type particles that are in condiment are the CAUSE of damage and blockages... Heart research reveals that it's the microscopic sand in salt that starts the platelet aggregation which leads to arterial obstruction... The easiest method I found to understand this, is to visualize how the oyster protects its delicate soft muscle from sharp edges of the sand particles that get into its shell. The oyster forms a "smooth substance" around the sand... We call it a PEARL, but to the oyster it's a survival technique... In the human blood stream, the same type process is used in an attempt to prevent damage to the fragile arteries from the sharp sand particles usually combined with salt. This protective build-up around the particulars eventually caused blockages in the arteries, which restricts the flow of blood.

SO... Throw-away ALL other forms of salt... (or store it for melting ice during the winter :-) ... Use ONLY Stardust Ra Sea Salt to safely enjoy the delicious taste of this miraclous mineral.

The latest research in Neuro-Science indicates that sodium plays a large role in preventing loss of memory. Sodium also enhances overal mental efficiency and performance. The Stardust Ra Sea Salt sodium is unique in all the world. Remember, it's "vacuum panned prepared" to remove the heart-stressing, artery-clogging, microscopic sand that all other salts, including sea salt, contain.

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