Life is an enzyme process...
Without Enzymes There Is NO LIFE!

In considering the health of the human body...
Always DINE with Enzymes!!!

Many dis-sease conditions today are directly related to the body's inability to completely digest food. Undigested food particles end up in the blood stream as foreign invaders, so the body's immune response creates a condition called deigestive leukocytosis. (This can be diagnosed by evaluating the number of white blood cells in the blood, before and after a person eats.) This condition is caused by incorrect or inadequate digestive enyzmes... thus many people have immune systems that are extremely overworked and very tired resulting in many other dis-ease conditions (the cause of which usually goes undetected.)...MYSTERY SOLVED... Lack of required enzymes!!!...

It's scientifically proven that without Enzymes There Is NO LIFE!... and that ONLY with enough correct enzymes can health exist!!... Thus the wise action is to be sure to have the vital enzymes the body needs by using Megazyme+ at EVERY meal.

Enzymes are fundamental to all living processes in the body, necessary for every chemical reaction and the normal activity of our organs, tissues, fluids, and cells. There are hundreds of thousands of these "workers of Nature."

All the vitamins, minerals, and hormones that life relies on, need enzymes to work. Enzymes move muscles, stimulate nerves, make the heart beat, and keep us breathing. Enzymes are specialized LIVING PROTEINS that enable the human body to digest and assimilate the life and health sustaining components within proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and plant fibers... Enzymes actually are "energy", the proteins are the package that holds and help transport the energy to where it's needed.

There are three classes of enzymes...

All life forms have an allotment of inherited life-empowering enzymes in their "bank account"... IF there are more withdrawals than desposits, then the living processes cease to function and decay enzymes return the form to its elemental components...

"Only plant enzymes initiate digestion in the stomach which is why when you take plant enzymes it spares the pancreas from doing all of your digestion..... Unlike conventional drugs that control body chemistry, plant enzymes enhance nourishment, so that the body can control itself." -- Dr. Lita Lee, Ph.D.

Since food cooked over 118 degrees fahrenheit has no living food enzymes, when consumed they force the human body to supply digestive enzymes, which causes a temporary deficit in metabolic enzymes; since our body can NOT PRODUCE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. This mean our body could be unable to repair organs and fight disease when necessary. If enzymes from an outside source are consumed, then our enzyme reserve would not be depleted at such a rapid pace. This would keep our metabolic enzymes more evenly distributed throughout the body.

  • Disaccharidase or Invertase (digests sugars): lung problems, especially asthma and bronchitis; seizures; hyperactivity; mood swings; insomnia; depression; chronic diarrhea; dizziness; and environmental illness.

  • Lactase (digests lactose - milk sugar): most adults lack intestinal lactose thus suffer gas, bloating, cramps, nausea after consuming milk products.

  • Glucoamylase (digests maltose) lack of energy, tiredness.

    It should be easy to understand why...Supplementing the diet with digestive enzymes is a must for people consuming a traditional diet!

    Is Your Body Demanding Food Enzymes?.... Read what Dr. Howell has to say about Digestive Enzymes.

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