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By using Creation Power Wisdom we can be PRO-active in creating conditions and events. We each control how we respond to the "wakes" caused by the forces of nature and others actions... We can gracefully ride the "waves" or be drown by them.... Humankind is consistently learning more about accurately predicting conditions and events, and how to appropriately prepare to survive and even prosper in unexpected or adverse situations... BUT as yet, NOBODY CAN BE SURE exactly what will happen ALL of the time... Events can change quickly, especially if left on the present political course endorsed by the majority... Natural Forces on the Planet and Politicians can quickly turn harmony into chaos, challenging survival of even the most prepared... Fortunately the MORE accurately informed and prepared we are the more likely we are to survive any sudden change or disaster... The LEAST each person should be is: BE prepared with basic survival items (which we all should have in case of any disaster situation)... and ALSO in the process MANIFEST an ever IMPROVING LIFESTYLE!!! ... The LEAST every person needs to do is consistently use and always have quick accessiblity to a plentiful supply of STC Energy Water Crystals, Distilled Water, and Super-Foods.... Plus a few extra containers of Essential Protein adds to the health sustaining safety margin.... REMEMBER the human body can go without carbohydrates and fats for long periods of time, BUT complete protein and pure water are required on a consistent intake basis, otherwise muscles and vital organs deteriorate and die...

Doing these, generates and protects health, and other forms of wealth, no matter what conditions beyond our individual control should manifest...

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It seems conscious wisdom suggests the best approach is to ALWAYS be prepared for survival in as much comfort as possible, just in case of ANY EVENT that might disrupt normal flow of pure water, food, shelter, money, transportation, etc... Throughout this Internet-based Liberty Zone Cafe can be found information about these areas...

The way individuals respond to changes spawn by potential diasters, reveal much about our methods of culturing and educare, and the inner beliefs these memes implant... Because of Humankind's "design" our beliefs reflect outward to create perceptions and perspectives that determine many of the conditions and events we experience...

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Hopefully the preparedness consciousness raising that the Year 2000 Y2K concerns inspired, will manifest such items as individual power-generating units and NEW SAFE ENERGY sources ... For example... The Newman Energy Machine and energy sources such as clean inexhaustible hydrogen to replace petroleum, have the potential to create energy freedom from the oil cartels... Use Search Engines to check the Internet for FREE SAFE Energy sources...

The more we understand Ecolonomics, the more prepared we are to survive.... Ecolonomics is a word expressing the understanding that our ecology and economics are two sides of the same coin. Ecolonomics is a movement away from behavior that is ecologically and economically destructive towards activities that protect our environment and nurture our economy. Ecolonomics is an academic discipline aimed at harnessing the symbiotic power inherent to the ecology—economics relationship. Ecolonomics is a vision that sees business, government and education working together to achieve a prosperous, sustainable future. Ecolonomics is a commitment to our future made individually and collectively, here and now.

Both Hydrogen power and the Newman Energy Machine (whether or not they prove functional or economically feasible) are excellent examples of how long held Theories are changed by OPEN-SYSTEM Thinking... and how slave-orientated people, will conspire to PREVENT liberating discoveries from being made known or used... The long struggle by Joseph Newman to get a patent for his discovery and invention for a SELF-RUNNING Energy Machine with its Electro-magnetic lift system that continually recharges the batteries, is a perfect example of how hard "government" monopolies will work to PREVENT FACTS from being made known and block liberating technology from being used!!! - - WITH THIS ENERGY MACHINE, we can have SAFE and almost literally FREE ENERGY - - For over thirty years, Inventor Joseph Newman has been innovating a revolutionary technology which will TOTALLY DE-CENTRALIZE our access to energy and provide an inexpensive, non-polluting form of electromagnetic energy which will replace ALL present forms of energy production.

His long time supporter, Evan Soule is the person we can thank for leading the battle to re-legalize buying GOLD in America... Learn about this major life-improving technology from ON-LINE audio and videos on their website.

The 2000 Y2K era arrived in the midst of a cascading series of global crises in the economy and the environment. The Y2K concerns brought home what was already on our doorstep: It was our first great reckoning with such millennial challenges.... Prepareing for the consequences of accelerating change, in an atmosphere of clarity and wisdom -- hopefully in an environment free of fear-based apocalypticism....

Most people recognized that Y2K was not just a technical computer problem... Most comprehended it was a human dilemma with many individual, social, economical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. From media reports, Y2K was of little concern among the general population who seldom prepare for any type of potential change or disaster... These people ignore their CHOICE-MAKING power, and the consequences caused by individual and collective choices... (Those who do prepare, end up either caring for the unprepared, or defending ourselves from their theft of our wisely created stockpiles.)

In addressing accelerating changes and crisis... The wisdom inspired by libertarian free-market economics and Integral Spirituality shines forth.... Whatever happens, free-market entrepreneurs always succeed in responding correctingly...

FORTUNATELY FOR SOME... Y2K sounded a MAJOR WAKE ALARM about the responsibilities of our choices... individually and collectively... Thus prudent people around the planet prepared for the worst, while also holding mental images for manifesting the best responses to whatever events unfolded...

Some are also taking a close look at the many blessings that could result from taking personal responsibility to look very closely at possible consequences of each action, and to become as survival-proof as possible... The interest in being enviromentally wise and self-sufficient could generate many advances in health, longevity and survival areas... such as local year around fresh FOOD production, RENEWABLE energy sources, free-flowing communications, and responsible self-government.

When dealing with the any potential danger… However it's said … Proverbs 27:12 offers sound reasoning…

"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it."

"The prudent sees danger, and hides; -- the reckless go on, and suffer." (The Holy Bible in Modern English - Ferrar Fenton)

"Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it; but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later" (Good News Bible - American Bible Society)

"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished" (King James Version - Salem Kirban)

"A sagacious man, seeing an evil, gets under cover; simpletons, going ahead, pay the penalty." (The Bible in Living English - Steven T. Byington)

In the various versions of the Bible, THE FIRST factor each version points out IS CONSCIOUS RECOGNITION OF THE DANGERS... Then in CONTEXT OF the advise being given, "take refuge, hide, avoid, or getting under cover" would more accurately translate as BE PREPARED TO RESPOND APPROPRIATELY to the danger so as to SURVIVE... No matter how this basic RESPONSE factor is stated.... It is self-evidently and prudently wise that when any potential danger is sensed, a responsible individual will PREPARE for self-survival, and a caring Family Head will ACT to protect their loved ones, by ensuring that SAFE SHELTER and plenty of EXTRA FOOD and BASIC survival items are CLOSE AT HAND at ALL TIMES…

When dealing with sudden survival endangering acts of nature, such as earthquakes or tornadoes, it's not possible to KNOW in advance exactly WHERE a person will be when the events occurs... But in many cases, we DO HAVE ENOUGH WARNING to PRE-DETERMINE WHERE each of us WILL be during the first hours after a disruption of normal conditions ...

Some are sugggesting the greatest threat will come from terrorists and governments who will use disruptions as an excuse, or cover to hide their true motives, to further their reign of terror and freedom-curtailments... Remember INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY is a "right" that must be personally surrendered before ANY form of enslavement can manifest!!! ... Take a CLOSE honest investigative look at ALL regulations.... HOW MUCH personal choice-making freedom is being curtailed??? ... Beware of the seemingly good virus of socialism!! - Individuals working together in cooperative TEAMWORK to achieve a purpose is NOT socialism... but such cooperation CAN degrade into socialistic tendencies; for the common welfare, of course {:-)... The test is always: How much influence and choice-making control remains at the individual level over the individual's life-expression and situations manifested???

WHATEVER HAPPENS, we each have the opportunity to MAKE SURVIVAL PREPARATIONS... At the very least, this is being a widespread CONSCIOUSNESS Raising Exercise that could result in making some very wise thought adjustments and improvements in the perceptions, perspectives, approaches, choices, and components we use in our daily lifestyles...

THE Y2K event did much to advance self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and RENEWABLE ENERGY industries... Solar, wind and water power generating is a WISE investment NOW and FOREVER for our homes and business locations...

THE Y2K event greatly improved our health by reviving short and long term benefits from home and local co-operative FOOD growing and storage... How about greenhouses attached to our homes, or done as neighborhood co-op projects??? ... (Such family and community projects "connected to survival and healthy longevity" would also provide now MISSING components required for our children's healthy mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development; plus enhance all of our life-expressions in many ways.)

Y2K inspired many NEW HOBBIES and CAREERS to emerge for creating things that are survival and healthy-longevity orientated as well as environmentally sound... Some have been mentioned... It would be interesting to see how many we can think up... Make notes as you go about your daily activities... How many things do you do that could be done more wisely or that could create new "jobs"? ... What about new or little known technology and materials for things like... Environmentally sound shelters and greenhouses... finding, collecting, storing, purifing water... water-heating... composting toilets... harvesting and storing foods from the wilds???...

WHAT would happen in your home, or to yourself and loved ones, if the supply from normal sources of food and utilities were interrupted for 4-6 weeks??? … How prepared are you for survival???

One reason why the American Dream HOLDS SO MUCH APPEAL is because, built into this unique success formula are factors that maintain the innate DESIRE to acquire the SKILLS and SUPPLIES TO SURVIVE. (Whereas, other political systems and religions work to deaden desire for survival... Who wants to survive long-term in conditions that cause suffering, guilt, unhappiness???)

In dealing with the potentials from Y2K…. the wise saying prevails: "BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY."

Have a permanent water source, food, a unified neighborhood and independent electrical power: in that order.

The most precious commodities in times of disasters have proven to be:

which includes clean water).

Besides, the "insurance" WILL NOT BE WASTED if the worst fears do not materialize. The "insurance" is STORABLE FOOD, GOLD, READY CASH and, YES, GUNS! ... Therefore, if the looming UNCERTAINTY is defused, one may:

Nothing wasted... and you will enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you and your family are protected. Those who wait till the last minute will inevitably get caught up in a mad scramble… DON'T BE A SCHMUCK, prepare NOW!

Why take the chance?

There is REAL DANGER to the lifestyles we are accustomed.

Shortsighted greed causes most chaos...

In times when survival depends on self-sufficiency… THE most valuable modern-day culture might prove to be the AMISH… and others who traditionally shun the conveniences of modern technology… They already depend entirely upon themselves and are thus relatively immuned to many forms of chaos… But even these self-sufficient groups are taking additional preparations… Kerosene lamps, wood burning cookstoves, non-powered tools and implements are all big sellers.

Gather with others in your area to acquire survival skills from each other and beginning stocking up on items you CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT…. Skills to include… Learn how to:

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Why Y2K Preparedness?

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