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WHATEVER services and products you have to offer, success requires HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE you'll acquire from the Mentors In Motion Phone and WebConferencing courses

These Seminars and Business Briefings Allow Us to HELP YOU Develop and Implement A SUCCESSFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFEstyle and PRIMARY BUSINESS! .... Mentors In Motion provides students with a very easily replicative successful system to attract people who already DESIRE and KNOW THE WORTH of HAVING the WISDOM that Dream Manifesting Millionaires use... Keep $400 from every $499.99 MIM Seminar Student you enroll.. ONLY 5 students generates instant $2,000... Serious Mentors do this every day... Your students pay direct to you, so nobody takes slices out of your pie... You pay student's course fee to MIM... Doesn't get much easier that this to generate HUGE sums of instant CASH.... Simple... Easy... Highly rewarding... FUN helping others learn about Success Engineering...

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USE Mentors In Motion Phone Seminars to DO the bulk of the Success Mentoring Work for People in your organization... WHATEVER product or service you're marketing, using the Mentors In Motion methods will drastically enhance the profits generated.

With the TEACHING of Success Principles and Methods WORK being done BY others, Mentors In Motion could be the VESTED-interest you need to insure DOING what's required to enjoy all the forms of wealth you desire (but just didn't have the time, energy or skills, required to manifest)... EVERY business owner would be wise to implement the Mentors In Motion Methods!!!!

Our first priority is to work with people already interested in being financially wealthy... After the "already interested" in being a Dream Manifesting Millionaire are served, we turn our attention to HOW to awaken within others, the SENSES that RECOGNIZE and DESIRE the VALUABLE pearls we have gained, and are now eager to offer to others...

Please stay conscious to wisdom offered in Jesus' Parable about NOT Casting Pearls Before Swine... They have NO ability to recognize how precious the pearls are... Plus such uninformed might turn on you and do harm to you for trying to point out their ignorance and slavery!!!!!

As a Mentors In Motion Student or Graduate, and Participate with Solutions Unlimited Network, skills will be gained so as to SAFELY AWAKEN the desire within others for the precious pearls...

For those who desire Being A Mentor... Mentors In Motion packages the wisdom in a turn-key system that an average person can use to easily and quickly earn $2,000 to $5,000 a month, or more, PART TIME and WITHOUT recruiting lots of people!...

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For The First Time Ever, The "UNTOLD INDUSTRY SECRETS" Will Be Exposed To Those In Search Of "The TRUE ART" Of Marketing like a MILLIONAIRE!

For Many Of Us, It's Been Easy To Get Involved With A Program, Right? .... Now What? .... Most, Never Begin To Get Their Business Off The Ground.... What Is The Next Step? .... Do You Write Down A List Of All People You Know?... Do You Spend The Next 60 Days On The Phone, Doing 3-way Calls, Trying To Convince Others, Why They Need To Be Part Of A Particular Program? ... Do We Duplicate The Masses, And Look For Every New Pre-Launch To Capitalize On? Good Question... I Wonder If This Is What Rich Successful People Do?... DO YOU REALLY THINK TIME AND ENERGY INTENSIVE, CHANCE AND LUCK METHODS are The "TRUE" System Of A Select Few On The Front Pages Of Those High Glossy Magazines?...

WHAT IF... It was EASY TO DISCOVER WHAT The Books, Audio Tapes, Videos, And Industry Leaders Forgot To Teach Us?????

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Discover: Why "DUPLICATION" May Be The Beginning Of The End For Any Chance of Success For You And Your Business...

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Discover: Why Doing 3-Way Calls With Your Upline All Day, Is NOT A Common Characteristic For A Successful Marketer Making A Full Time Income....

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Having been one of the few people in the world to make over a quarter-million dollars a year in MLM, I thought I knew it all - My eyes have been opened!

When I found out how much money I've been leaving on the table (even though $250,000-plus isn't bad), I almost fainted! I could have been earning a million a year or more with the SAME program, the SAME comp plan, using THIS system - in HALF the time!

Kudos to you and your educational program, and may the Lord bless you and your teachings - I'd like to encourage EVERYONE who reads this... take it from someone who's been around the block in MLM (or so I thought)... TAKE THIS COURSE! HOCK THE TV AND STEREO IF YOU HAVE TO, BUT TAKE THIS COURSE!!! Your life and your bank account will never be the same, I can PROMISE you that.

Yours in Christ,
Richard P


By the way, and I am sure you've heard this hundreds of times over, but today’s seminar was truly the most valuable information in my network marketing career. ( Nearly 7 years and I have not been very successful financially, YET ) I have only introduced one person to the seminar, and when I talked to her, she said she just got off her knees, thanking the lord for the information that she had been asking for. So I would like to thank YOU on her behalf as well. An experience, I will never forget!

Your brother in Christ, a friend, a your student!
Chad L.


First of all, not only being a new Mentor, but also attending my first seminar on Saturday was the "BEST" thing that has happened to me in along time ( I almost believe maybe in my LIFE ). It was just mind boggling! I have begun applying things YOU talked about and I am totally amazed, that everyone I talk with is interested and willing to spend 22 minutes, to evaluate my business opportunity, just as YOU said they would. Your "workshop" was without a doubt the most mind-changing, eye-opening, success-conditioning information I have heard. Most importantly, it was so easy to absorb and assimilate.

I want to personally THANK YOU for your time and effort. Mentors In Motion is going to change an awful lot of lives. In my case, it is just what I have always been looking for and without a doubt has been the missing LINK necessary for everyone’s success in the NWM industry.

Totally Awesome! Steve D.


What you just shared with us today was absolutely "Mind Boggling". I knew I stumbled across you for a reason. You have given me a more powerful arsenal and a full line of "POWER" tools to take my business to the next level.

It was definitely worth the $499.99 tuition fee, and I look forward to the weekend training calls too!

I highly recommend that the people in MY downline take this course, as it truly is the only system that works and YOU totally prove this thru your teachings. Mentors In Motion is a must experience and I truly believe 100% in what you are doing for this industry!



I have had some success with ONE MLM company and still today receive a $1200 - $1500 check every month from a company I have worked for the last 3 years. I realize that I am in the 1% of people, that actually receive a check and have not been active in that company for some time.

To say your "WORKSHOP" was short of phenomenal would be a understatement....I truly could not get enough. By far this was the best investment of TIME & MONEY that I could have ever spent. I have thought long and hard about network marketing and was thinking about many of the same things that you covered today. Knowing that it is next to impossible to build the dream business, like I've always been taught......3 way calling, duplication, mail out etc. etc.

I have found the MENTOR, I've always been looking for .....When the student is ready ....The teacher will APPEAR!

Bill D



One Time Lifetime Tuition....

Enjoy 3 Action Packed Hours, Exploring And Taking In Some Of The Most Powerful Information In The Industry!

Step 1: Purchase Your E-Ticket ( Electronic Ticket ) From Qualified Mentor... How explained in Enrollment Steps 1 and 2 near the beginning of this overview...

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Step 3. Bring A Pen, Paper And A Recorder, This Is One Experience You Will Never Forget!


You can start earning $400 per student TODAY

Simply invited peope to listen to the recorded phone presentation at 212-461-2982... phone them afterwards and enroll them as a MIM Student!!!

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