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Art of Living Paradisiacally

Success Engineering 101 begins the process of comprehension about, and integrating with, the Diversity Harmonics aspect of Universal Cosmos... It's generally accepted that energy is formed and reformed by Orchestrated Harmonics and Random Chance resulting in Cosmos and Chaos.... Orchestrated Harmonics occurs from a Creative Power of Thought "plan" that purposely forms and reforms energy to manifest a "desired result".

Have Vision of Desired Result
Create The Plan using Nature's Path of Least Action Dynamics
Act Smart Doing The Plan
Enjoy The Process

With the foundational corecept of Energy Transmutation Quantum Physics in place, this article will offer a brief overview about how individual Human Beings can use Orchestrated Harmonics to form energy into An Ever Better World Dynamics to create Desired Results... The term "world" was selected because world indicates a broad spectrum of various energy applications and cohesiveness ... from the most minute energy packet, to worlds of interests, to planets within the universe, and even the whole of all that is ... The term "Ever Better" was selected to reflect the perpetual improvement nature of consciousness (making the current best ever better)... The term "dynamics" was selected to indicate energy in motion that empowers transmutation from invisible to visible, intangible to tangible (shape shifting)...

An Ever Better World Dynamics begins with Consciousness of Consciousness, Authentic Self Awareness and Access, followed by clarity of Personal Visions, then creating of Personal Resolutions, Promises, and Goals within a Cosmos Community, using A System To Sustain Authentic Self Access, Keep Promises, Do Resolutions, Attain Our Goals and Manifest Our Visions without doing any harm to other energy forms within the world... Synergy, Symbiontic, and Teamworking are terms used to indicate mutually beneficial energy transmutations that result in cosmos.

The fact at this time, is: Most Human Beings are in a free-fall through life, ping-poing from one wish and drama to another, careening from one crisis to the next. Because of Universal Laws governing energy transmutation, this non-design method means that results are chaotic and unpredicatible.... There are some Human Beings who go with a fixed cultural flow which might bring order and predictability, but quickly becomes slavery... Fortunately there is a growing community of Human Beings who understand individual sovereignty combined with value-productive teamworking focused on creating desired results such as personal paradises, and at the same time creating an ever better world community... Our mission is to encourage faster cohesive growth in this segment applying WISE Command of our Creative Power Of Thought... A growth that generates a "cosmos" also known as "diversity harmonics".... This topic is cover throughout the various levels within Success Engineering Energy Transmutation..

When we have some comprehension of desired results then it's easier to put attention on setting step by step goals, and identifying specific tasks within the goals, to most efficiently achieve the desire results. In other words in setting goals, do so as a comprehensive whole-life plan for a peron's life-expressions founded on Personal Dreams and Visions which flow from our Authentic Self's purpose and passions for living, which flow into the community of all that is... We each live our own dreams or somebody else's... WHAT and WHO I AM attracts conditions to each individual energy packet... As does being what others have molded also attracts more onto that mold.... This dynamic is known as the Law Of Attraction.... like attracts like... This is most quickly comprehended at the emotional level... pleasure attracts pleasure... pain attracts pain... love attracts love... hate attracts hate.... etc... Note that the Law Of Polarity insures "opposites" create a complete CYCLE in energy flow...

Following this Law of Attraction we find that, Dreams and Visions that flow from the Authentic Self align with innate universally-knowable values and desires, and are dreams the individual falls in love with... We FEEL intense pleasures from pursuing and manifesting dreams that engrandise self AND others... We FEEL forms of pain when not in alignment with Authentic Self dreams and empowering others also to be doing their dream-manifesting.... Dreams can use what is attracted into our indiviudal energy zones to create the Visions... Love generates sufficient passion and pleasure to keep actions being done that manifest the dreams... Talk about the dreams, write about the dreams, schedule actions for dreams to move from invisible intangible energy to visual tangible energy, be grateful and appreciative for all experiences.... Keep what is delightfully energizing, graciously let go of anything else.

Throughout our worlds, success orientated plans are used in all vocations and professions... Plans capture ideas into written format and create materials lists with step by step building actions to form the materials according to the blueprint's design.... This is how energy transmutation occurs within the universe.... What is created in our life-expressions are according to our own design OR according to somebody else's design... Thoughts and Emotions control energy transmutation.... For example: If a person is going to build a new house and had an idea for a fabulous master bedroom suite, nobody would rush out and start building the master bedroom.... Before starting any project of this magnitude, the smart approach is to have a complete plan that would secure integrity of the whole structure. When resolutions and goals are approached in the same manner, there is a much greater potential of achieving the desired result and lasting success at keeping the result.

Success Engineers start with Thinking About The END of This Year, (What do I desire to be and have at [date/time]?), and then create a feasible step by step - day by day - moment by moment - PLAN of Actions to achieve the End Desired Results for THIS YEAR... Use an objective-tasks board to keep totally focused and motivated day in and day out, no matter what..... We do a complete life plan in the SAME manner... Think AT The End Desired Results, then create a viable PLAN of Actions along with a tracking device to measure progress and get the desired results... IS what I am doing at this moment achieving the established desired results, (or even better results than first envisioned) ? ...

The most comprehensive guidebook to gain understanding about this productive method of thinking, as well as efficient application techniques, is The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. This wisdom is available in FREE online text, in printed book format, and NOW in a Digitally Mastered 6 CD Collection that contains all 24 Lessons originally sent as weekly letters from Charles Haanel to students... THE 24 lessons are NOW online instantly downloadable and FREE for participants in our Amigo Natural Health Team...

Use of THESE Master Key audios along with LIVE interactive study of the weekly text IS THE FASTEST METHOD for capturing and focusing Command of the Creative Power of Thought to transmute pure energy into desired forms... (NOTE: The last 3 links include affiliate programs that reward sharing the message and creating a TEAM of like-purposed energy-forms. ) ... PLUS An Ever Better World Community ALSO offer FREE LIVE Interactive Teamworking Support via Internet Conferencing... PLUS An Ever Better World Internet Academy offers 26 week Master KEY COURSE presented LIVE !

Can you tell we are SERIOUS about getting this knowledge to everybody on the planet????.... This is because The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel is the only clear, concise, comprehensive, definitive, distinctive, cogent, and scientific presentation of the Creative Power Of Thought ever formulated by any one person at any one time.

Plus we now have a well-design system for delivering My DAILY Insights Email created by Vic Johnson, this is a powerful addition to An Ever Better World Success Engineering System, which already includes live interactive help with creating Personal Life-Design Dynamics:

In short, by using this Success Engineering System it's easier to program choices for living according to personally designed results.

Let this program help you get started on your BEST YEAR EVER using My Daily Insights along with courses offered at An Ever Better World Internet Academy.

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