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The NeoActions Network is for individuals having ascended into a True Liberty Paradigm thereby manifesting thoughts and actions that empower value-productive harmonic unity of diversity cooperation... The NeoActions Network is a connecting point for individuals having stepped BEYOND CONFLICT over beliefs and preferences into harmony manifested by respectful tolerance for ALL beliefs and preferences... Philosophies identified and aligned with this True Liberty Paradigm includes those termed "libertarian and "NeoThink"

If you embrace a True Liberty Paradigm or aspiring to be so, you're invited to join the FREE for all NeoActions Network, a proud supporter of the Whole-Life Liberty Crusade and Solutions Unlimited Success By Association...

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The NeoActions Network is for individuals who can design, build and maintain bridges between an anti-civilization and the True Liberty Paradigm (whereby Paradise on the Planet can manifest as a result of our actions).

HOW? ... By offering individuals the tools to be value-producers, producing all forms of wealth!

The NeoActions Network is for individual's whose fully integrated honesty, value-productive thoughts and actions, and symbiotic relationships, prevent or cure the interwoven destructive disease of irrationality, dishonesty and parasitic relationships... WHILE AT THE SAME TIME doing the actions that manifest wealth in all its various forms...


includes: Forty-Four Wealth-Power Secrets

Humankind has become the home of many, many "dragons" and "viruses"... Most of which we don't even know are lurking in our brain.... Unless we discover them and put them to death, our actions are directed by the dragons and viruses within us.

The fact is, almost all adults have hundreds of destructive aspects in their brain's programming; but few have chosen to become consciously aware of them, have the courage to face them, and the disciplined will-power to apply the effort to eliminate them... As a result of this causation, civilization on this planet is plagued with many destructive conditions and events.

History reveals that many individuals, philosophies and beliefs have sought to accomplish this Paradise goal of unlike organisms peacefully surviving and living together for the whole-life benefit of self and others. But few have had the methodology and tools to completely identify and explain what PREVENTS the art of living and eternal life ... That which prevents this desired condition many would term as "HEAVEN", has become known as "mysticism" and "neocheating"...

Producing values TODAY is most easily done by understanding what has and has NOT worked effective in the PAST ...

The BEST PROJECT to facilitate learning lessons from the past is the Solutions Unlimited Portfolio... The first course presents information about the Documents of Liberty... along with financial rewards for spreading the message about the Liberty Crusade.

Credit for love-based honesty and whole-life value-productive use of consciousness "methodology" goes to the FREE-Thinker who has had the most wide-spread influence -- Jesus Christ.... His life and teachings restored to individuals their "free-will" choice-making, consequence responsibility for actions, and personal relationship with a Universal Father as an In the Beginning Creator - a First Source & Center of all that exists, which links all humankind into ONE family...

Although Jesus left NO writings and never established a "religious doctrine", the actions and teachings attributed to him reveal Jesus' method of using the brain and consciousness allows the individual to realize that for every condition or event that happens in the universe, there is a CAUSE.... "Whatever you let loose on Earth, so it shall be.".... "God" like every wise father, is NOT a micro-manager... Existence is what it is, wherein each of us "get" what results from the "causes" we set in motion or participant in "allowing"... The more that's understood about "existence" the wiser our choices cause desired pleasant conditions within the realm of exitence... If a cause is removed, the condition or event will not happen. If the cause is continued, so too will be the effect and affect... This open-system "method of thinking" that empowers understanding "cause and effect" relationships, thereby set individuals free to flexibly work in life-sustaining harmony with reality, and be free from needing control by external authority or internal voices of gods to decide a fixed system of what thoughts and actions are "best".... Jesus' methodology "integrated the bicameral brain" so that "reason" could evolve and the host organism be eternally self-energizing, self-correcting, and self-improving; even unto eternal life... This Jesusonian libertarian art of living empowerment of being able to personally decide what is "beneficial or harmful" to the self and other organisms, was so feared by authoritarian factions that Jesus was crucified. Those who loved him unwittingly caused most facts about how to "seek within" for divine art of living guidance to be lost within worship rituals. In recent years, interest has grown in reclaiming accurate (scientific understanding) about the whole-life meanings and values within The Life and Teachings of Jesus... These scientific inquiries and investigations are manifesting many neo (new) pivotal paradigms that are changing the course of events back toward embracing concepts within the ART of LIVING Garden of Eden Paradigms found within ALL "religions" that promote HONESTY and VALUE-Productive Thoughts and Actions.

Credit for discovery of the most accurate version of "The Life and Teachings of Jesus", goes to the Urantia Papers, of which 196 were transcribed circa 1934 A.D. and published in 1955...

Credit for discovery of the "tools" that empower individuals to reclaim control of their self-correcting organism goes to the "purifying" work done by researchers within what has become known as Neo-Tech, NeoThink & ZonPower. These individuals had the courage to throw out ALL previous beliefs, including God, with the bathe water, and in so doing RECLAIMED direct access to GOD for each individual and all of humankind... Many are now using this scientific, begin thinking back until the beginning is reached inquiry approach. As a result greater progress was made in this past century than in all previous centuries combined... Some might brand such brave Free-Thinkers as "atheistic"... but when the whole of their tracking reports about the many years of difficult survival experiences that resulted in breaking the CODE of SLAVERY (Satan - Mysticism - False Liberty)... it can be seen that the exhaulted level of "True Liberty" and freedom from external parasitic authority, manifests the GOALS of the highest form of SPIRITUALITY... The rewards of "Heaven" earned at the end of our individual ascension career is eventually attained EITHER via the "traditional religious" path that practices the ART of DYING and physical death so as to rise to eternal spiritual life without a physical form... OR... the path embracing the ART of LIVING that manifests eternal spiritual life along with biological immortality and all the conditions (such as social peace and individual prosperity) that support this HEAVEN right here on this planet.

As the Dragon Slayer's website observes about one aspect of mysticism that resides in the brain: "Many people are afraid of science....

They don't understand the technology, and are therefore suspicious of it. This attitude, when demonstrated collectively, has a disastrous effect on scientific development.

The fear of science is a dragon. By devoting time to specific scientific projects within the Dragon Slayer pages, we hope to show that everything we have today has been produced through the development of technology. Progress cannot and should not be halted, even though many dragons might try to halt the process of time and its accumulated knowledge."

"Art of Living" NeoActions practitioners use the knowledge of reality to AVOID or SLAY "dragons" and release a divine power that Jesus revealed for us to use; many term this power as the "HOLY SPIRIT"... Some prefer to term this as the energy that releases an individual to have ZonPower... Whatever name is used, by accessing this divine power NOW Fully Integrated Honesty will increasingly RULE CYBERSPACE where all can access accurate information and by their actions manifest value-productive whole-life projects in ALL ARENAS of our life-expressions thereby creating dreamed of paradisical conditions...

ACTIONS on principles within Neo-Tech, NeoThink & ZonPower increasingly banish false biases and illegal authorities from government, business, science, education, politics, philosophy, communication, the arts... from anywhere and everywhere along with anything and everything that blocks any individual from reaching our full potentials... Zonpower uniquely has no leaders or followers... In cyberspace, every conscious individual eventually becomes an individual self-leader and self-correcting organism living in an eternal value-producing, business mode.

Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values. Value is the actualized knowledge that protects, nurtures, supports, or accommodates all growing needs of life.

Neo-Tech is the name given to the primordial essence of all knowledge that conscious beings can ever possess anywhere in the universe. And the primordial essence of the universe-controlling power that conscious beings will eventually claim is NeoThink.

NeoThink is the ultimate modality of conscious intellection that generates the context-creating matrices through which all ground-breaking integrations of knowledge can occur.

NeoThink is amoral - not classified as "good or bad".... For the Christian reader, this would be best understood as Adam & Eve's form of thought in the Garden of Eden "before" their "fall".... NeoThink is available to every individual desiring to CLAIM and USE it....

"Zonpower is Waiting for You

You can acquire Zonpower by going to the origin of Earth's anticivilization. At that origin, one discovers the exit. ...Prior to that discovery, no adult could leave this anticivilization ruled by parasitical elites and their armed agents of force.

Until the Zonpower discovery in 1992, every person on Earth was embedded in this dead-end anticivilization. Every person's thinking process was corrupted by parasitical "leaders" in government, education, journalism, entertainment, and big business. Every person's logic was undermined by illusions and hoaxes from those professional parasites. Indeed, to live off the efforts of others, all parasitical elites must undermine logic with look-good illusions and rip-off hoaxes. As a result, everyone on planet Earth suffers incalculable losses.

But now, today, you too can leave that anticivilization. Immediately upon leaving, you will experience the greatest mind empowerment possible for conscious beings. You will suddenly dominate life and control the future. Moreover, you will be among the first in history to acquire knowledge beyond this anticivilization. You will capture ever expanding knowledge from the all-powerful Civilization of the Universe -- you will capture Zonpower for unlimited life, wealth, and happiness.

For philosophical overview - CLICK HERE

In response to requests for a "clearing house" to be used by individuals seeking to do business with individuals who are familiar with and publically endorse NeoTech and NeoThink, this section has been created and placed online March 31, 1999 so that others can begin encountering it...

The "Solutions Unlimited Network" provides a connecting place for individuals embracing fully integrated honesty and doing value-productive private enterprises, WITHOUT having to focus on politics or religions, or wading through philosophical rhetoric.

OUR ACTIONS reveal the "fruits" of our labors...

The Solutions Unlimited Network includes individuals and projects functioning in accord with fully-integrated honesty and other value-productive whole-life reality-based concepts, under whatever "doctrinal label" that such might be categorized... The NeoActions Network is specifically for individuals who understand and embrace the NeoTech and NeoThink "label".... E-mail for details about qualifications to be listed in the NeoActions Projects and NeoActions Website Links.

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The Constitution of the Universe


The purpose of human life is to live happily.

The function of government is to guarantee those conditions that allow individuals to fulfill their purpose. Those conditions can be guaranteed through a constitution that forbids the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual:

* * *

Article 1

No person, group of persons, or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual's self or property.

Article 2

Force may be morally and legally used only in self-defense against those who violate Article 1.

Article 3

No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Neo-Tech Constitution rests on six axioms:

1. Values exist only relative to life.

2. Whatever benefits a living organism is a value to that organism. Whatever harms a living organism is a disvalue to that organism.

3. The basic value against which all values are measured is the conscious individual.

4. Morals relate only to conscious individuals.

5. Immoral actions arise from individuals choosing to harm others through force, fraud, deception, coercion -- or from individuals choosing to usurp, attack, or destroy values earned by others.

6. Moral actions arise from individuals choosing to benefit others by competitively producing values for them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

For a brief overview of this "universal philosophy", click here.

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