MOROCRACY... Moral Democracy
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We have before us two choices.

The easiest, and the one we have been making since soon after the day of our birth, is to accept our lot as it is presented to us. We ask few questions and even those we do ask, are the wrong questions.

The result of this choice is simple...
We are born, we live for a short time, and then we die. That's how it is, that's how it has always been, and that's how it will always be.

But as a wise man once said: "If you always think the way you have always thought, and always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."

The second choice is far more fruitful...
We are born, we learn how to think rationally, we make the right decisions based on honesty and honest principles, we develop our natural freedom, we recognise the usurpers of this freedom and eject them, and then... we live...

Where does this hung sentence end? ...
Could it perhaps be ...happily ever after?

Or is that really too simplistic?

It really is that "simplistic" via use of Morocracy - Moral Democracy offers the actions that manifest choice # 2...

In most areas on the planet, Morocracy is already in use in every other walk of life outside of politics... Politics is about "power", not about giving people what we want...

Who are these people who run your lives, make decisions which affect the things you are 'allowed' to do, and those which are 'forbidden' to you? ...

Why do they have this power over you? ....

Are they better than you?

Do they come from a different class of humanity, bestowed with powers of perception you do not own?

Are they exceptionally honest?

Are they immune from corruption?

Do they unfailingly fulfil all the promises they make you, and have they faultlessly raised your quality of life year upon year?

Are their priorities your priorities, and if not, do they leave you with a choice?

IF these questions inspired uneasy feelings... then you'll want to know about Morocracy...

Morocracy is a "term" introduced by Chris Randall... Information within his carefully research presentation, reveal how to value-productively shape ANY CULTURE or POLITICAL Structure so as to inspire and empower individuals to be, do and have the best of the best...

Morocracy is SIMPLE, yet because of slave-mentality, currently resistance is strong against fully-integrated honesty and value-productivity... NeoActions can attract individuals to replace Slave-Think with NeoThink and thereby manifest fully-integrated honesty and value-productivity in all areas of life.

... Collect the facts, then YOU be the "judge" ...

The following is an Overview of Chris Randall's presentation

Read Chris Randall's complete presentation being put on the Internet at

MOROCRACY (Moral Democracy)
As defined by the Freedom and Prosperity Party in the UK


Being rooted in honest and moral principle, Freedom and Prosperity emphasise that initiation of force and the threat of force is an unacceptable practice. The democratic vote results in the initiation of force over those people who do not vote with the majority. This seems to put Freedom and Prosperity under the horns of a dilemma. How could Freedom and Prosperity, if elected over other governmental systems, operate without the element of force? Indeed, how could it operate without force, even over those people who actually voted in support. This important question makes it first necessary to find an acceptable solution to the problem. The way we eliminate force from those who vote in favour of Freedom and Prosperity is by introducing a transitional period. But this must be agreed upon by its supporters.

The minority who did not support Freedom and Prosperity cannot morally be forced to apply Freedom and Prosperity principles in their lives. This would be contrary to those very principles.

But there is a way in which we can make use of the concept of proportional representation and use it morally. In a way, it is already in use in every other walk of life outside of politics.... Take two people living next to each other. One enjoys outside pursuits like football, rock-climbing, skiing and motor sports. The other enjoys computer games, going to the theatre, playing music and oil painting. One wants to get married and have children. The other has no wish to get married and children is are not on their agenda. One works as a motor mechanic and enjoys DIY jobs like carpentry, decorating and plumbing. The other works as a doctor and never does any DIY. On the other hand he does enjoy reading up on medical research and technology.

These two people are representative of people throughout the country. Every person is different from the next in a whole range of likes, dislikes, pursuits and occupations. All of their differences are catered for in one way or another, and none of them seek to impose their own lifestyle on anyone else. In a way, we can say this is proportional representation, where every single individual is a minority of one. Each of their lifestyles is tolerated without the use of force, and is therefore moral in principle.

This principle can be expanded to engage the philosophy of Freedom and Prosperity. It is only in immoral politics that a problem arises, but Freedom and Prosperity can eliminate that problem by the implementation of proportional representation tackled in the same moral way as it is always applied in other walks of life.


The principle would work in this manner. At the voting booth, each individual will register their personal vote. At the head count the votes will total up and show the proportional choices of the nation. Those who vote for Freedom and Prosperity will, by their vote, agree to the principles of that party. Those who vote for other parties will, by their vote agree with the policies of the party they have voted for. And those who have refrained from voting for any party will, by their abstinence, not agree with any of the parties. Voting, in this context, becomes more than just a cross on a paper. It becomes a ticket to freedom.

That freedom is to support or not to support whosoever they wish, and assume a status in accordance with their own personal choice.

In effect, this must be seen to place all individuals on a level playing field, from which they, as individuals, or as supporters of a set of principles or policies, can freely erect for themselves the system under which they wish to live.

This is the physical demonstration of a moral democracy, which Freedom and Prosperity refer to as Morocracy.


The obvious retort to this suggestion is, "How can a nation operate with multi systems in place?" And the obvious response is, "Why can't it?"

Of course, in the long term, such a tiresome arrangement will collapse. But in whose favour? .... This is where Freedom and Prosperity have total confidence.... It must be stressed that this suggestion is only an option where Freedom and Prosperity receive the majority of votes, as no other party will ever agree to giving up any part of their seat of power. Politics is about power, not about giving the people what they want. It is largely this misapprehension by the people which has allowed politics to survive and prosper for such a long time. But Freedom and Prosperity is not about politics. Freedom and Prosperity is the only party designed to put itself out of business. All other parties are designed to increase their power base.

If Freedom and Prosperity succeeded in taking control of the countryıs management it would first need to level the playing field as stated earlier. This would entail several processes in order that non-supporters could be free to pursue their own requirements without interference from F&P.

This levelling process could not be achieved over night but would require a transitional period. In order for it to even begin, Freedom and Prosperity would require a mandate to put the structure in place. That mandate must be agreed to *as an integral part of the vote* cast for the Freedom and Prosperity changes. Those initial changes would equate to a dismantling process where certain structures currently under a central controlling system would be decentralised and reorganised in such a way that the existing control exerted by immoral government can be detached and replaced by a moral system.

At the end of the day, all voters get what they want. But in essence Freedom wins, because everyone is free to pursue their own personal desires. Even to the extent that they might wish to be ruled by those who seek to supress their freedom. Freedom to be free and freedom not to be free. Both are expressions of freedom.

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