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The mission of Safe Network is to share with you, the most profound and intellectual ideas on the creative power of thought and your method of thinking.

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The Science of BEING Rich
The Master Key System

Table of Contents
for Science of BEING Rich


Chapter 1: The Right To Be Rich

Chapter 2: There Is A Science of Getting Rich

Chapter 3: Is Opportunity Monopolized?

Chapter 4: The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich

Chapter 5: Increasing Life

Chapter 6: How Riches Come To Me

Chapter 7: Gratitude

Chapter 8: Thinking in The Certain Way

Chapter 9: How To Use The Will

Chapter 10: Further Use of The Will

Chapter 11: Acting in The Certain Way

Chapter 12: Efficient Action

Chapter 13: Getting Into The Right Business

Chapter 14: The Impression of Increase

Chapter 15: The Advancing Personality

Chapter 16: Some Cautions and Concluding Observations

Chapter 17: A Summary of The Science of Getting Rich

Appendix A: Support The Network
Appendix B: Get The Audiotapes

The Master Key System

Overview Summary of the 24 Weekly Lessons

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The Science of Getting Rich, The Science Of Being Well, The Master Key System and Mental Chemistry go indepth on the ideas, principles and concepts of Natural Laws, Creative Power of Thought and Spiritual Power. The information shows how to make these practical in your life, working FOR you instead of against you... The information deals with the invisible aspects of the universe in such a method that any individual can easily grasp the huge values of gaining understanding about these invisible influences on energy and matter...

These are timeless classics on success and achievement written circa 1903 to 1912... They reveal Universal Principles and empowers the student with Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding for manifesting life-enhancing conditions beyond our grandest dreams! -- From the wisdom offered it becomes self-evident "that brain programming affects my state of being". -- The information in these books serve as the foundation of everything in the "self-development industry"...

These books are for the theist, agnostic, atheist, and all memetics... This information definitely deserves to be in everybody's personal library as treasured reminders of Creation Power EACH of us have access to... We each can benefit from DAILY "reminders" of our co-creator status in the universe...

When information is encountered from Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Leslie Fieger, Varenycuiz, and many other self-empowerment mentor-coaches, you will find The Master Key System to be the likely progenitor.... After reading Mr. Haanel words of wisdom, you will be saying: "Ah! I know why that information sounds familiar."

Rumor has it that while he was attending Harvard University, Bill Gates discovered and read The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel! ... And that this book inspired Bill Gates to drop out of the University and pursue his dream of "a computer on every desktop".... You probably know the amazing results from knowing the FACTS about HOW to manifest your dreams...

It was Silicon Valley's secret that almost every entrepreneur who made a fortune in recent years did so by studying the words Mr. Haanel penned in the 1912 era!.... Almost every millionaire and billionaire in the Valley read The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel.... Since this book was no longer available then, copies of The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel became a HOT commodity in the Valley.... Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison... you name a highly successful person and chances are he or she is using what Mr. Haanel taught in order to amass the huge fortunes that are profiled in newspapers, magazines, books, and movies.

Over the years, portions of this book have been used in various programs that cost from $1,250 to $2,500 to participate in... They are always eagerly embraced by those who have the financial means and time to afford the price... But an affordable version has been denied to the general public...

Because of many factors blocking "WHAT to believe to receive paradisical conditions", the planet can NEVER attain freedom from slavery, eliminate toxins, enter into the glorious Age of Light and Life, and manifest Paradise On Earth, UNTIL this knowledge with its firm scientific understanding is widely known and applied... The universe is a COSMOS maintained in balance by definite and exact laws... Because there are comparatively few people who have the understanding of these scientific laws, we manifest CHOAS in individual DEATHstyles and adversely interfer with the Life Harmonics of the Cosmos.

Thanks to dedicated students we have access to BOTH the "Science of GETTING Rich" ebook close to Mr. Wattles' original text... and the "Science of BEING Rich" online text in First Person.

Thanks to a dedicated student, Anthony Michalsk, and Kallisti Publishing we AGAIN HAVE access to

The Master Key System in a very affordable BOOK FORMAT that is very close to Charles Haanel's original transcript.... Also his book Mental Chemistry and other of Charles' books are available from Kallisti Publishing.

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The Master Key System is an essential tool for all who are concerned about suppression of individual identity and the world-wide rote-brain-programming schooling crisis that blocks Genius-Making... It is a must have reference guidebook for every Member of the Safe Network, Whole-Life Liberty Crusader, Wealth-Generator, and Paradise On Earth Builder

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel is the only clear, concise, comprehensive, definitive, distinctive, cogent, and scientific presentation of the Creative Power of Thought ever formulated by any one person at any one time. --- CLICK the above link to purchase this essential book!

Mr. Haanel attacks the subject matter in depth in the LANGUAGE OF HIS ERA... He uses terms and phrases most easily understood by the greatest number of readers OF HIS TIME in the early 1900s... Many individuals discover IN THE FIRST lesson, their most devastating self-sabotaging MENTAL TOXIN... From THIS enlightenment most students launch a personal cruasade to get liberated from ALL FORMS of toxic beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, habits, etc... By using non-judgmental reading and doing of the exercises on their Whole-Life Liberty Crusade, accumulated toxins and errors dissolve, plus how to do paradisical vision manifesting become self-evidently apparent...

The Master Key System is not a book or lessons that will be digested in one sitting... This is WHY Mr. Hannel distributed the Master Key System in WEEKLY Lessons... Getting the most from the information offered is WHY it's suggested to be studied, reviewed and digested with the help of others in LOCAL CLUB-type AND GLOBAL iConferencing gatherings... The publisher Anthony Michalski observes: "I know that if one studies each of the "Weeks" for one week, that person will be new and improved by Week 24. I know because I have seen it happen time and time again. So have you, if you read the papers."

What Current Situation or Condition do I desire to exchange for a Better Situation or Condition?

Because what is thought, forms what is manifested and kept.... Each person gets out of life exactly what THAT person puts into life.... To change conditions being experienced requires first exchanging the current method of thinking for a method that consistently produces the desired results.

The Master Key System Book is soft-back, 6x9 inch, 200+ pages... convenient to take along...

For most adults, the information will provoke your thoughts and beliefs... It will challenge the ideas that you have limited yourself to... What size CUBE have I created for myself?... Do my thoughts keep me from creating an ever-larger Cube of Success?

The origins of the information used is not entirely known, although it is believed the material can be traced back through the centuries, from Europe to ancient Egypt... Most religions were founded by individuals who also discovered the premises within Haanel's observations of the components within Creation Power Wisdom.

Mr. Haanel was a noted author and businessman. Born May 22, 1866, he died at the age of 83 on November 27, 1949. He was a member of the Author's League of America, and The American Society of Psychical Research.

The Master Key System is divided into 24 weekly "lessons" to be studied daily along with doing the exercises. Each week's exercise links to and builds upon the previous week's process.... This is a life-long learning system... It's very helpful to keep the MKS BOOK handy at all times and refer to as needed to stay aligned with the cosmos...

Completing the exercises is absolutely essential to gaining a full understanding.

This material is very powerful and profound. Practice and apply what is learned, so as to produce definite, concrete desired results.

Repeat the program as many times as necessary, until there is mastery of all ideas, concepts, principles and completed all exercises.... Mastery is known to be obtained WHEN desired results are being consistently manifested.

Diligently re-study the wisdom anytime chaos or undesirable conditions should creep into your experiences...

Read the book that inspired Bill Gates!

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