Neo-Tech: The Philosophical Zero
by Yasuhiko Kimura


  1. ... The Copernican Revolution
  2. ... The Lost Knowledge of the Greeks
  3. ... The Geocentric Hierarchy
  4. ... The Origins of Mysticism
  5. ... The Master Neocheaters
  6. ... The Discovery of the Zero
  7. ... The Propagation of the Zero
  8. ... Neo-Tech, The Philosophical Zero
  9. ... The Neo-Tech Revolution
  10. ... The Universe, Inc.
  11. ... Epilogue

NOTE from Darlene: After careful study of the article of about 35 pages outlined above, I came to the conclusion that the history trackings greatly hindered getting the vital information I was seeking contain within Sections 8 & 9; which is a sound approach for grasping the importance of consciousness... For Whole-Life full-spectrum Success Engineering this article has proven to be very beneficial for individuals desiring to ascend from a world functioning by dishonesty and cheating, into a world functioning by fully-integrated honesty, value-productivity and value-creativity.

The blunt honesty of the NeoTech and NeoThink writings are in the highest ideals within all religions when distilled to their pure forms. They are found to be in complete agreement with the far advanced understanding of values possessed by these brave writers who adhere to reality... THE question is always... "WHAT objective life-enhancing VALUES manifest, whatever the concept, belief, or action is?" - - By subjecting all to the scrutiny of "potential beneficial or harmful results" it's possible to consciously make wise choices about their accuracy and worth... Since each individual is responsible for the consequences of their thoughts and actions, it is wise to have the best possible mentors and tutor to acquire the Self-Governoring knowledge and skills so as to do NO harm with our thoughts and actions.

KEY Quotes and my comments in ( ) include...

"Consciousness does not age, because it is not a physical living process that regenerates to exist but a metaphysical phenomenon that generates itself solely through metaphysical concepts and principles, albeit it requires a living conscious agent to sustain its existence...."What a living conscious agent is has yet to be fully understood... for humankind has yet to comprehend what "life" is or is not... Most beliefs embrace the concept of eternal life.)

Conscious beings' accumulation of knowledge increases, first at a geometrical progression rate, then eventually at the speed of light. Thus, their power for controlling the universe and its destiny also increases at a tremendous rate. Therefore, the amount of knowledge and power that might be possessed by conscious beings who have achieved commercial biological immortality millions of years ago is totally beyond the imagination of current humanity on Earth. And probability statistics indicate that these highly advanced conscious beings exist not by the few but by the billions." (These advanced conscious beings include the celestial or spiritual beings referred to in religious writings; termed "angels" in the Bible or "ascended beings" the Urantia Papers. Each being is on an "acscension career"... always improving upon the improvement... making the best ever better.)

"Furthermore, it is logically predicated that many of those highly advanced conscious beings have attained the power to control the entire universe, and that the universe is virtually run by them. For, as mentioned before, given an infinite span of time, what is theoretically possible will occur infinite times. Those conscious beings not only control the existing universe but also can freely create new universes, whereby infinitely expanding the realms of existence forever. The universe is the eternal scenario of existence written by those highly evolved conscious beings that exist throughout the whole universe. Through the achievement of commercial biological immortality on Earth, we, too, will someday be able to write the scenario of our own universe." (Again religions embrace the presence of a celestial governing body, with descending degrees of perfection from the First Source and Center of all that is (God) to the biological units on a planet.)

"Neo-Tech is the name given on the planet Earth to the primordial essence of all knowledge that conscious beings can ever possess anywhere in the universe. And the primordial essence of the universe-controlling power that conscious beings will eventually claim is Neothink.

Perceptivity-centered consciousness incorporates the present with the past in the context of the past. Conceptuality-centered consciousness incorporates the past with the present in the context of the present. While these two modalities are inherently fragmented and can never reach the universe-controlling power, Neothink integrates the future with the present and the past; it integrates the entirety of time -- the future, the present, and the past, i.e., eternity. Neothink also integrates the unknown with the known; it integrates the entirety of existence, i.e., infinity.

What is Neothink? Neothink is the ultimate modality of conscious intellection that generates the context-creating matrices through which all ground-breaking integrations of knowledge can occur. Contexts define the structure of integration, and context generation is the finest function of consciousness. Neothink brings into existence a vast integration of knowledge that would be impossible for the other two modalities of consciousness, i.e., perceptivity-centered and conceptuality-centered modalities, precisely because the Neothink integration of knowledge is accomplished in a self-created context. Perceptivity-centered consciousness has no context at all.

Conceptuality-centered consciousness integrates knowledge only in an existing context. It is Neothink that takes knowledge into new dimensions of integration by continually defining ever larger and finer contexts.

The great thinkers are distinguished not by their intelligence but by their ability to create a new context. In science, Newton and Einstein are the two greatest Neothinkers of modern history because they could create the fundamental contexts that determined the entire course of subsequent scientific development. In philosophy, Aristotle and Plato are the two greatest Neothinkers because they created the two fundamental contexts, albeit radically opposing, that determined the course not only of philosophy but of the entire history of mankind. (Aristotle defined the context for reality identification/integration, whereas Plato defined the context for nonreality generation/rationalization.)

Neothink is amoral. That is why some of the greatest Neothinkers such as Plato and Kant are master neocheaters. Neo-Tech is the first conceptual matrix for Neothink formation that is designed to counteract and overcome the force of Neothink-neocheaters. Neothink is intellectual nuclear power; it can destroy values and annihilate humanity completely if employed by master neocheaters, or it can bring eternal happiness to humanity and transform the universe forever if employed by Neo-Tech individuals. Thus, for the benefit of all humanity, it is urgent that Neo-Tech, the voice of fully integrated honesty, be heard and understood, and evolve into the Neo-Tech/Neothink matrix.

Context creation is the finest form of integration; it is the integration of integrations. Neothink is a two directional vector, as it were, whose two distinct magnitudes represent potential eternity and infinity. Context creation, the integration of integrations, moves into two directions by increasing its magnitudes ever closer, in one direction, to eternity and, in another, to infinity. As the zero yields infinity when it divides a given number, Neo-Tech, the philosophical zero, brings infinity and eternity into the realm of cognition when it captures the facts of reality in its fully integrated matrix/context. Hence, the Neo-Tech/Neothink matrix is the finest and the vastest context-creating matrix-structure whose infinity/eternity grasping power can far surpass and thus can soon collapse the neocheating/Neothink matrix of master neocheaters.

By fully integrating Neo-Tech knowledge while dispelling mysticism and transcending both perceptivity-centered and conceptuality-centered entering the sphere of Neothink, humanity will be able to realize that the universe is an eternally regenerative scenario composed and directed by conscious beings, and consisting of intricate interactions of eternal design principles that exist as the totality of eternally noncontradictory abstractions, i.e., as objective and immutable reality. It is truly remarkable that conscious beings should be able to comprehend these inexhaustible eternal design principles of the universe and immensely fine abstractions of reality, and, with Neothink, to control the manifest destiny of cosmic existence. And through its faultless logic, Neo-Tech eloquently demonstrates that consciousness, this infinite capacity to know and control, along with its growth into Neothink, is not an accident but an essential component of the eternal design of the cosmos.

With Neothink, conscious beings begin to fulfill their destiny. With Neothink, conscious beings begin to control or alter the manifest destiny of the universe. The Neothink consciousness is not only the conceptual integrator of the universe's design principles but also becomes the prime designer of the cosmos. Neo-Tech, the philosophical zero, made possible the dawn of Neothink, the rebirth of human consciousness to unprecedented heights and into full maturity. Now, consciousness on Earth begins a new journey toward the evolution, a mighty power without end -- the eternal journey and unfoldment of the Neo-Tech Revolution/Evolution. And the whole romance of that eternal cosmic Neo-Tech journey is called BUSINESS."


Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values. Value is the actualized knowledge that protects, nurtures, supports, or accommodates all growing needs of life. The process of value production consists of four stages: (1) metaphysically conceiving potential values -- the conception stage; (2) metaphysically/physically developing working models of previously conceived potential values -- the development stage; (3) physically mass producing previously developed product-models -- the production stage; (4) physically mass marketing product-values for consumption -- the marketing stage.

The process of value production is a tetrahedral system (time-tetrahedron) that divides the universe into that which is relevant and that which is nonrelevant to the production of particular values. That which is relevant to the production of particular values includes: all the information and knowledge that is required; all the individuals who possess the information, knowledge, or skills that are required; and all the physical materials, equipment, space, and time that are needed to produce particular values.

Each stage of value production -- each vertex of the time-tetrahedron -- has a unique value-index which increases geometrically as the process of value production evolves from one stage to the next."

For readers of the Urantia Papers... Information within this article offers a PERFECT description of the stages into Age of Light & Life described in the Urantia Papers...

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