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Manifest A Glorious I-beingness Consciously
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Ascending into Memory MAGIC & beyond!!!

The thrill for healthy whole-life living is firmly established BY the joy of continually learning ever more about controlling the self, developing ever more skills to create desired results, and manifesting ever better conditions in the environment in which we each live... An adventure which leads into the Fullness Of Being, Universal Understanding, Creation Power Wisdom and Expressions Of Divine Love... An adventure into embracing attitudes, emotions, thoughts, and actions that manifest Excellence from which flows a dynamic democratic open personal and social system within a free world order... An adventure which begins with being prepared to learn, followed by acquiring how to learn skills related to our purpose and passions for being... This process seems to occur naturally in sound family units involved in trading style entrepreneurial endeavors... This process seems to be quickly derailed when anything interfers with or competes against these universal "educare" providers.

To accomplish life-long Educare Excellence, we must in all areas of our life-expressions, strive to KEEP the intense pleasures of exploration, discovery, and gaining control that are naturally experienced by young children... This intense pleasure in "learning" provides the motivational desire for selecting appropriate actions so as to survive, live long, and prosper... To have life and have it abundantly ... To Be the BEST ME I can BE... To produce more than is consumed... To treat others as each desires to be treated (this requires intimate connection & empathy with others that naturally manifests from appropriate educare)... To as Abraham Maslow described in satisfying the survival, comfort and pleasure "Needs" and "Being-Values" Hierarchy, have a lifestyle that always is moving toward self-actualization, ever-improving conditions, and beyond even today's grandest dreams, where time stands still in joyously experiencing universality and eternity (= Paradise - Luminous Life).

How often are you involved with a project you dearly love doing, then suddenly realize hours have passed as if only seconds???

Remembering this time stands-still experience, offers a glimpse of what Educare Excellence and Educare Cooperatives can provide... Imagine conditions where each person is doing "art of living tasks" aligned with their innate talents which manifests from their genius-within... Imagine Educare Cooperatives that empower this perpetual value-productive state of beingness... What would it be like to perpetually enjoy Infinite Wealth?

We need an "ideal" that offers a "meaningful target destination" to make it worth the effort to do the work required to reach the target... In grasping this "ideal target"... remember it's the journey, not the destination that is "living" ... Our tasks as Educare Providers for Self and Others, is to manifest the "give life and give it more abundantly" environment in which the art of living occurs at its optimum... Stay conscious to the fact that we're talking about REALITY manifesting, not utopian illusions or delusions.

Also, stay conscious to the fact that IF humankind is to AVOID another Dark Age, we must offer and expand loving tolerance for honestly investigating ALL information, TRUSTING that within this Liberty Zone and Loving Educaring, humankind will peacefully weed out the value-destructive and keep the value-productive... PROJECTS in this LIBERTY ZONE website are VITAL to be included in EVERY child's and adult's lifestyle… THEY enhance value-productive EDUCARE and PLEASURES while also reducing value-destructive FEARS and PAIN!!!! ~ These projects can PREVENT and UNDO damage done, plus accelerate the improvements currently under-way in the education and social reform movements being inspired by PRIVATE ENTERPRISES and the FREE-FLOW MARKETPLACE... At the very least…

EVERY HOME, EVERY CLASSROOM, EVERY OFFICE, EVERY PERSON is very wise to have convenient Internet Access and Multi-Media Educational Programs included within Memory MAGIC™.... ....

The massive flood of individuals getting connected to the Internet attest to the HUNGER and THIRST for ACCURATE INFORMATION... Human beings are attempting to ascend out of the conditions created by centuries of institutions enslaving individuals and ruling "how learning is to be done" and what information is "made public"... The years of struggle since the American Colonies Declared Independence in 1776 from a monarchy, have moved individuals who grasps the fullness of this action closer to an open libertarian social system where individual rights are cherished and protected from all forms of tyranny; be it minor choice-making oppressions or major enslavement... The "fear" of the self is being replaced with "loving confidence" for self and others to do what is appropriate IN the moment with the clear comprehension of each choice's affect and effect for all FUTURE moments... This END RESULT consciousness is developed by appropriate educare... Acting with the wisdom of an "experienced gardener" is ever present... the fruits harvested are directly related to actions or inactions of the garden's care provider.

As a new century dawns, we have yet to manifest enough institutions that respect the worth or potentials of individuals, and provide environments in which an individual's real divine self is empowered to manifest... The forces of value-destructivity have acquired teamwork "cartel" skills to incite the collective follow the mob mentality, while value-productivity have defused Creation Power by following the individual isolationist path... THUS acquiring True Liberty and Educare Excellence has been a LONE struggle for Liberty Crusaders... A struggle with much suffering and many martyrs for the "cause"...

With the advent of Computers, Computer-Assisted Learning Programs, and the Internet, lone Liberty Crusaders can easily break free from institutionalized systems... The NEXT actions is to locate each other and link together in networks to more safely COMMUNICATE, so as to share INFORMATION that becomes KNOWLEDGE to guide the ACTIONS to quickly move into creating the projects required to manifest the long sought for Glorious Golden Age... Free World Order... Age of Light and Life... True Participatory Democracy... Synocracy... Morocracy... Whatever the "name", the inner divine self recognizes the chararcteristics and values within such a system, and will guide manifesting the components within the IDEAL... I Do Everything Around Longevity ...

This thinking in the END consequences modality, results from the uniqueness of having a divine spiritual nature.

Human beings contain a very unique combination of complex systems always in fluctuation and adjustment, always seeking to experience more of Being Divine and acquire more universal understanding, always seeking more Creation Power Wisdom... To describe the CHARACTERISTICS of Being, Universal Understanding, and Creation Power Wisdom, are also to describe the intrinsic VALUES of Being, Universal Understanding and Creation Power Wisdom...

The aspects of creating an environment in which Educare Excellence can occur are clearly comprehended when it's understood the brain needs a clear "target" to work toward... When the mind or emotions cause a felt, imagined or physical destination (or interim step), such provides a target toward which the brain's HOW TO ACCOMPLISH that which is desired processing system functions most productively at manifesting...

Learning NEW knowledge and skills occurs best in an Environment that provides the brain with a clean step by step sequencing path to use to get it moving toward the targeted destination... This concept is easily seen at work in organizing card games like Solitare... This organizing format allows the brain to then go beyond concrete already known by "somebody" library, to abstract thinking about what has never been known to anybody... Such as what Einstein talks about when explaining his discovery of the aspects of "relativity" by dreaming about riding a beam of light going at the speed of light... This image provided the brain with a NEW target and steps, so as to be able to RE-organize the thinking process to venture into the as yet unknown realm of relativity... This is what is happening with Educare Excellence... a new paradigm is evolving that will allow the brain to invent the new tools to build and maintain the new culture... This process of perpetual re-inventing ... reforming consciousness, matter & energy... is the key to the concept of IDEAL.

A HUGE part of "the discovery process" is disintegrating the "old" to integrate the "new"... (I often refer to this open-system mechanism as a "perfecting ascension career" or a "lake effect"... clean water flows in... polluted water flows out)... Learning this skill is a natural part of "childhood work" of discovering what works efficiently, and what doesn't work as desired, for the target of satisfying our survival and pleasure-enhancing desires... This protective open-system mechanism is essential in "acquired learning" so as to insure wise use of consciousness, sound reason and clarity in "belief paradigms"... It helps prevent prejudices, build-up of myths or mysticism, and irrationalization... But unfortunately this beneficial whole-life feed-back feed-forward open-system is the FIRST skill UNLEARNED in institutional schooling... Along with the loss of this reality-based disintergrating and intergrating skill, also is lost the attitudes and skills for tolerance and respect for the differences that make us each unique beings... These implement "tyranny" and its many aspects of slavery and violence. The best preventer of tyranny is the Family's Democratic Open System where there is a VESTED INTEREST in providing Educare Excellence.

Let's pause here for those who bring up objections like: "What about dysfunctional families???" ... "We must protect children from abusive parents." ... "We must protect children from parents who are religious zealots and would lock their children away from the world."

My reply to these "fears" is to NOT self-justify tyranny... WHAT CAUSED the condition?... Identifying "cause" reveals the first part of the solution... Remove the "cause" and the healing begins... Anybody who cares to investigate, realizes that Educare Excellence accepts the world as it IS, and in the process of living, each of us naturally makes whatever improvements perceived as value-productive and worth investing time and energy toward....

Since it's a well-documented fact that a huge CAUSE of tyranny is tax-funding of projects... Thus this is the first area to address... Simply withdraw support and stop using "tax-funded" projects. Seek out replacements that are "private-funded"... This offers an example of how to provide an Educare Excellence TARGET that works perfectly for all the people, all the time WHEN allowed to do so... It's only when a system plays to the Dream Stealing target tune of the few "evil" exceptions, that "evil grows"... The best method to get rid of "evil" is to politely NOT reward it; while also non-threateningly offer information about BENEFITS of embracing "good", along with sensitizing "evil-doers" to the DESTRUCTIVENESS of their ACTIONS... Experiences with "isms" like socialism, communism and welfarism, proves the accuracy of the universal axiom: Giving attention to anything manifests increase in what is given attention. ... Give attention to dream stealers or those manifesting undesirable behavior will cause increase in what was given attention to...

This also applies to REWARDING (often by NOT ignoring) those manifesting desired behavior... For example: Schools are filled with special programs that reward "unacceptable" behavior and "dysfunctionalism"... The result is building more institutions (prisons) to house the dysfunctional.

Since PRAISE and RECOGNITION are innate needs, we must do these validating and appreciating actions to encourage repeating the desired behavior!!! ... WARNING... Use great care that ONLY DESIRED behavior is given attention!!! ...

Parenting and all forms of education should focus on using methods that establish and maintain a consistent sound conscious connection with ...

This conscious connection with the self and the universal environment, enhances the ability for correct reason and adjustments... reason that benefits the individual without doing harm to others... reason that empowers and inspires others to also be their best self. is designed to BE WHOLE-LIFE orientated... Thus this website is unique and value-productive in many aspects... This website applies the principle of synergistic educare integration that begins by offering a Liberty Zone in which to freely explore possibilities, and beginning ideals from which to launch... Participants can explore energy configurations, release their consciousness, and develop ability to create ever expanding dreams and values by SEEING what is NOT, and convert the substances within reality from what is not, into WHAT IS ... THESE require the skills that are caught and brought into experiential reality only by participating in true value-productive business... Observing a child learning to WALK or TALK reveals WHAT TRUE value-productive business IS, and is not... As practitioners of Neo-Think validate... "The success of a business is always dependent upon the creation of NEW VALUES, and the creation of new values is dependent upon one's ability to see what is NOT as of NOW but CAN BE IF.... " ... PLUS... Success is often simply moving from failure to failure with enthusiasm!!! ... The baby learning to roll over, to crawl, to walk, to talk... etc... just keeps self-motivatingly DOING various actions UNTIL the desired result is achieved... When what produces the desired result is discovered, then it's a matter of repeating this successful action consistently... Often response to seeing an action is "pleasing to others" provides sufficient external encouragement to inspire continued "trying" when self-motivating's fuel is running low.

Progress occurs from discovery evaluation "IF" questions...

What will happen IF I do this or that...?

How soon can I expect the end result to manifest IF I think and do this or that?

Educare is all about inspiring Synergistic Integrations of Contextual Reality and doing the multi-tasking to create what has VALUE from doing the physical movements of the IF .... ...

Breaking desired dreams in the actual physical movements required to manifest the dreams involves processing through the HOW TO questions...

Educare is learning to ascend beyond surviving by usurping values created by others, to acquiring the skills to produce MORE values than is consumed. (The MAIN principle that allows the universe to give life, survive and manifest life more abundantly!)... The universe is always abundantly generous to ensure that at least some of the "seeds" fall upon fertile ground and receive the conditions (i.e. sunshine and water) required to grow to bear bountiful fruits and more seeds.

Unfortunately, institutions are NOT abundant seed planters or wise condition providers... Institutions function by creating monopolies and SCARITY, and then rationing this limited amount to the lucky few... For example... Schools have been replacing the abundance of parental love and educare with merger amounts of well-meaning concern... Schools function by replacing the NEED for educaring parents and sound learning processes that inspire Synergistic Integrations of Contextual Reality, with ILLUSIONS that use teaching methods and paradigms designed as if ALL students are LEARNING DISABLED, THUS retarding the progress of everybody... Therefore schools, and most individuals exposed to them, acquire learned scarity competition and dysfuntionalism... consume more than they produce... build little of lasting value... and spawn random acts of dishonesty, fraud, deception, coercion and violence.... All as the direct result of an education system DEVOID of reality-based "business-orientated" activities that induce proper brain growth, consciousness, and ethical sensitizing... One generation of children raised without proper brain functioning, or without appropriate consciousness and conscience, can DESTROY a whole civilization! ... It's happened time and time again... This time political and moral corruptness has the technology to destroy ALL civilizations on the planet...

The solution to "abusive dysfunctional" parenting is to end "abusive dysfunctional" institutions throughout the society... To stop promoting and rewarding disruptive unhealthy behavior such as sloopy dress, junk food consumption, smoking, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancies... A no tolerance policy toward that which clearly causes HARM, rewards the desired behavior with attention and continued use of the facilities by only those who live up to the DO NO HARM expectations set by the institution... Value-productively Living in a group, requires clearly defined rules of conduct aligned with that which produces the desire results!!! ... Reality imposes the DEATH penalty for not OBEYING the "cause and effect rules" for life continuation... Don't breathe enough air... drink enough water... eat enough food... and see how long the body will survive not obeying rules for life... Step out of an airplane flying at 10,000 feet above the earth without a properly functioning parachute, will incur instant death on impact with the ground for not obeying laws of the universe...

History attests to the facts of the foregoing observations. Over and over great societies have emerged from "nothing" by creating wealth from value-productive ideals and reason gained by greater understanding of the operatig laws of the universe, then crumbled under the weight of insanity and value-destructiveness (mysticism - disobeying cause and effect laws)... (Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result... Insanity is caused by not being flexible enough within the established framework of social conduct to do the discovery and evaluation questioning and adjusting required to manifest the ever expanding "IF" paradigms made possible by ever greater understanding about "reality" and its operational formulations...)

Children begin their adventure in living with explorative honesty and fanciful imagination, seeking to survive and manifest self-responsibility within an integral vision in harmony with the universe (reality that exists beyond "interpretation".) ... IF we desire sound individuals and a sound whole-planet society then: ALL that is "done" must nurture and empower this curosity, imagination, and value-productive honesty throughout life... SUCH "nurture" has to be done WITHOUT mysticism... The FIRST requirement for manifesting Educare Excellence is to AVOID or ELIMINATE emotional attachments to beliefs and what is, so that continual ascension into higher ideals and values can occur....

WHAT DO I KNOW that is independent of all interpretation?

WHICH of my thoughts and responses are determined by preceptions and perspectives, and which are according to reality?

Since it's an established fact that most human beings have been taught to make choices according to the a SET of mental FILTERS... formed by beliefs, paradigms, experiences, etc... and it's also established that many of these are flawed... it's reasonable to understand how interpretations can be flawed... Proper educare inspires us to CONSCIOUSLY LIVE IN THE MOMENT, so as to easily step BEYOND and OUTSIDE the limiting pre-judged filters to obtain a non-emotionally attached CLEAR VIEW of the ACTUAL PICTURE... To be able to SEE the target... Unfortunately, as yet the skills to accomplish this self-responsibility for sound reasoning is not sufficiently wide-spread to be a SHARED VISION...

The KEY to validating Educare Excellence is to consciously DETACH from EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS to beliefs, and avoid REACTIONS caused by such triggers, so as to allow VALUE-productive FACTS to surface... WHEN actions manifest feelings, THEN facts emerge.... WHEN feelings manifest actions, THEN unreliable information and even mysticism emerge... IF WHAT is "believed" is accurate such will be validated by honest investigative review... IF what is believed has errors, isn't it wise to have such revealed so reason can guide what to do about it? ... When information is linked back to our DNA code which contains our survival-guidelines, it's surprising how much of the information being used is out of accord with reality. Relentless application of honesty will eliminate what is destructive.

One of the best project helping to ascend to using fully-integrted honesty, remove mysticism and manifest consciousness, is NeoTech (which means with full-integrated honesty acting on integrated facts).... Some observations offered within the bluntly honest observations include the following 3 paragraphs...

"Conscious life is the highest integration and expression of the autopoietic cognitive living process. Consciousness is the most complex form of cognition which is distinctly different from any other mode of cognition found in other sentient beings.

....Every time knowledge reaches a new height, a whole new dimension of the unknown unfolds right in front of our eyes. We become aware of a dimension of the unknown which we previously did not know that we did not know. Since all of human knowledge is based on finite experience, there is always a sphere of existence or a dimension of reality that is as yet unknown. Knowledge perennially begets new dimensions of the unknown, which in turn begets new realms of knowledge and expands forever into infinity.

... Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values. Value is the actualized knowledge that protects, nurtures, supports, or accommodates all growing needs of life. The process of value production consists of four stages:

  1. metaphysically conceiving potential values -- the conception stage;

  2. metaphysically/physically developing working models of previously conceived potential values -- the development stage;

  3. physically mass producing previously developed product-models -- the production stage;

  4. physically mass marketing product-values for consumption -- the marketing stage."

For individuals seriously willing to rise above emotional attachments to beliefs, and be a scientific investigator and true personal evaluator of information encountered, NeoTech hosts a website that with BLUNT HONESTY reveals facts about the GREAT EVIL of mysticism which is blocking knowledge of the true value-productive power possessed by each human being...

Mysticism manifests by confusing spirituality with religion... by replacing responsible self-discipline with external force to "behave" according a certain social code... by denying God-man from manifesting by creating "God" in the image of man; rather than creating man in the image of God...Click here for some selected Excerpts from one article on their website

Another project helping to clear the filters and restore self-responsiblity was developed by Harry Palmer and has become known as the "Avatar Course" ... offered from Star's Edge International located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. - - This course is a series of experiential exercises that enables an individual to rediscover their self and align their consciousness with what is desired to be achieved... Author of the book "Healing Our World", Dr. Mary Ruwart, offers many shining examples of the results from RESTORING self-responsibility to ALL levels of our life-expressions...

WHATEVER METHOD selected to CLEAR OUT ERRANT information and obstacles that block consciously manifesting our best... Re-claiming control, of and self-responsibiliy, for educaring the brain's programs and programming, are of great worth AS LONG AS as such "course" is NOT based on BLAMING OTHERS and is NOT allowed to place "consciousness" as the prime-reality-creator... The brain IS a tool of human consciousness that functions as a reality integrater and individual participant with "cosmic consciousness" which is the grand unifying force of all that exists... Reality exists whether or not any individual consciousness knows it.

While we do not blame; it's essential to recognize, acknowledge and move beyond dysfunctional culturing that program Human Beings to function according to FEAR and PAIN responses; rather than by the innate divine method of LOVING EDUCARE that inspires progress and improvement desires and value-productive PLEASURES... Until then, most will be (by choice or default) connected the external "teacher" and cult dogma (authority figure - closed system)... As yet, not enough human beings have acknowledged and reclaimed responsibility and connect to their internal Divine Thought Monitor and Adjuster (reason - open system), to manifest the IDEALS expressed in the Bible's Eden Analog.

While doing the research to clearly understand WHY humankind has not ascended to the excellence we have the potentials for achieving, it became clear that the MAIN CAUSES were lack of a true personal and social LIBERTY ZONE in which to explore, investigate and determine facts... This results from LACK of TRUST in the design of the human organism and APPROPRIATE EDUCARE... Among the best reports that address these factors is an article entitled Neo-Tech: The Philosophical Zero written by Yasuhiko Kimura... In Section 6 he makes these observations...

"For science to evolve, there should be three basic socio-intellectual factors present:

  1. a flourishing business climate that will provide an incentive to advance knowledge;

  2. an explicitly defined Aristotelian philosophy that will provide the metaphysical/epistemological foundation or context for valid scientific knowledge and the ethical/moral basis for productive living;

  3. mathematical tools, such as the zero with the place-value principle, that will facilitate the advancement of science.

During the Renaissance all three of these factors were clearly present. Science did not develop in India after the discovery of the zero owing to the fact that NO explicitly defined Aristotelian philosophy had ever been prevalent in India or had been known to the Hindus in general.

Indian philosophies from Hinduism to Buddhism, although they differed in various issues, all held that reality could not be known by reason and logic but only by a mystical union with existence called samadhi or nirvana, purported to be transcendental to reason and logic. They believed that reason and logic could take them only to the point where they could merge into existence through the cessation of the mind. In truth, their mystical union, samadhi or nirvana, was nothing more than a glorified perception or sensation. They inverted the epistemological order of human cognition, which proceeds from sensation to perception and perception to conception, and gave perception and sensation the ultimate cognitive status.

Therefore, albeit the Hindus perfected one of the greatest discoveries in human history -- THE ZERO, they could not realize its cosmic function as a mathematical tool of science. Although it required a conceptuality-centered modality of consciousness to conceive of the zero, the Hindus did not possess a conceptuality-centered philosophy -- an Aristotelian philosophy -- to integrate the zero concept into a larger philosophical scheme so as to bring about its fruits. The zero, thus, had to wait for nearly 1000 years until the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Copernicus in order to bear its fruits and transform the human world forever.

Meanwhile, in the West, the Romans repeatedly burned the Alexandrian library, which as early as 100 B.C. was reputed to have had 700,000 manuscripts containing the wealth of Greek intellectual achievements. The library was first set on fire in 47 B.C. during the war between Caesar and Pompey (40,000 volumes were burned), set ablaze in 272 A.D. by a Roman emperor, ignited in 391 A.D. by another Roman emperor, and finally completely destroyed by the Muslims in 642 A.D. Thus, before the zero could reach the Western world around 700 A.D. via the Moorish invasion of Spain, the intellectual soil wherein this remarkable concept could have borne fruit had been destroyed almost completely by the master neocheaters and their neocheating strategies. The Western world had entered the Dark Ages." ...

Another collection of information that validates these reality-based observation are the Urantia Papers.... Whereas Neo-Tech avoids any religious connections, the Urantia Papers uses familiar "religious" terminology to express the same reality-based value-productive conclusions... When a person allows the brain to function via consciousness, FACTS emerge from within any "package" in which the facts are housed; whether spiritual or atheistic...

As observed in the beginning of this presentation... IF humankind is to AVOID another Dark Age, we must offer and expand loving tolerance for honestly investigating ALL information, TRUSTING that within this Liberty Zone and Loving Educaring, humankind will peacefully weed out the value-destructive and keep the value-productive... PROJECTS in this LIBERTY ZONE website are VITAL to be included in EVERY child's and adult's lifestyle… THEY enhance value-productive EDUCARE and PLEASURES while also reducing value-destructive FEARS and PAIN!!!! ~ These projects can PREVENT and UNDO damage done, plus accelerate the improvements currently under-way in the education and social reform movements being inspired by PRIVATE ENTERPRISES and the FREE-FLOW MARKETPLACE... At the very least…

EVERY HOME, EVERY CLASSROOM, EVERY PERSON is very wise to have these Multi-Media Educational Programs included within Memory MAGIC™.... ....

For the sake of giving credit where credit is due... This writer's personal adventure of thinking far beyond the boundaries set by social paradigms has been a life-long journey that has been fueled along the way by many other explorers... Among those of paramount inportance are the Urantia Papers.... Total LifePower Series by Glenn W. Turner... ... and Neo-Tech/NeoThink writings..... These provide a wealth of reality-based very user-friendly knowledge about how to have the LIFE-DESIGN you sincerely desire.... From my experiences with these and other value-productive thought inspirers, I can attest that they do provide a treasure chest filled with rare gems… Throughout our lifetime, and our family's lifetime, investment in researching through information OUTSIDE the CUBE of current common paraidgms, does massive building of neural connections in the brain that will continually return huge benefits... Throughout our lifetime, we must maintain SELF-ACCEPTANCE for the conditions manifested... Whatever "others" DO TO US, maintain responsibility for the choices that placed us in the WAKE of THIS WAVE, and be in control of responses... From the examples set by others, we can gain a glimpse of Jesus in dealing with reality, which often includes prejudices and false accusers.

I'm reminded as I write of the Dare To Be Great empowering love that flows from Glenn Turner even after enduring the best the government terrocrats could throw at him... His ordeal is a constant reminder that: A human being's first great exhilarating pleasure is felt when it's realized that control can be gained over something, either in their internal or external environment. When the cry of a baby gains the desired attention, that behavior is repeated. When a baby's smile is met with delightful responses, more smiles are generated. At first, these are innate stimuli-responses mechanics... but soon it's perceived that by developing greater awareness about how things function, ALSO gains more control and more pleasures. The more pleasures that are felt, the more desire there is to continue expanding awareness and control, both over internal and external conditions.… As consciousness of cause and effect relationships grows, so too does conscious awareness and comprehension increase about the valuable health enhancing feelings of pleasure. All of these beneficial create memories that motivate continued adventures into unlimited exploration set by the Liberty Zone. ... It is also a fact that memories of suffering and pain also limit the degree to which a person will reach, usually the distance is limited to a fixed Comfort Zone.

The intense happiness and thrill of ever-expanding awareness and gaining more and more control over events and conditions provides motivation throughout a lifetime to keep exploring, learning and creating more and more values; many of which had never before existed. The more values produced, the more goods and services there are to trade with others who are also creating new amazing values.

Producing values to share with others generates new dimensions of pleasure that further enhances the desire to learn more knowledge, acquired more skills, produce more values… Being able to learn and in turn teach others what has been learned, generates societal teamwork where each individual is involved in a perpetual never ending ascension career spiraling cycle as student ~ teacher ~ student ~ teacher ~ … The innate belongingness need for others, is replaced with self-other value and respectfulness along with joyous service to the team of learners and teachers (sharing networkers).

If dream-empowerers are encountered, and dream-stealers are avoided… children grow to adulthood keeping in tact this intense pleasure of learning how to gain more and more control of events and conditions. By gaining more and more knowledge about creation power wisdom, and producing more and more values to enjoy and exchange with others.

If dream-stealers are encountered and not ignored, the natural joy of learning dwindles, and eventually a comfort zone attitude of "good enough to get by" forms…. When doing just enough to survive until the suffering is too great to continue, replaces the childhood joys of living, then developing innate potentials is stunted or stops... We'll never know how many creative geniuses have been lost because of dream-stealers!!!

Primary prerequisite for educare excellence is to USE METHODS which inspire….

  • CONSCIOUSNESS that integrates with honesty and reality…

  • CONSCIOUS communication with INTUITION and CONSCIENCE…

Education can accomplish its desired result of motivated life-time learners and value-producers ONLY WHEN these attributes are understood and included. Learning, knowing, and applying the knowledge to control conditions, or generate desired outcomes, are parts of a complex multi-faceted invisible synergistic integrated process.

Since this process occurs invisibly, it's easy for dishonest individuals to transform the ORIGINAL Creation Power Wisdom into a COUNTERFEIT... Where the original is shrouded in mystery surrounded by a mixture of facts, myths, dishonesty, greed, laziness, parasitism (often these factors are collectvely referred by the abstract term "mysticism")... Mysticism creates problems, where none previously existed. Then the problem causer usually tries to sell a solution for the problems that were generated by the errors... which often creates more problems in an unending cycle of decay and destruction. To reverse this process, requires ascending into accurate knowledge and value-productive concepts and zones within Creation Power Wisdom; such as: honesty, truth, beauty and goodness.

Because each person is at various levels in their Knowledge, Liberty and Control Power Zones; so as to simplify and demystify these vital-to-survival and joyous living processes and zones, the wise approach is, whenever possible, to work with observable and felt results from this invisible aspect of objective reality... WHY? ... Because: Objective reality functions the same for every person. Thus basic objective reality consistently replicates the same for every person using the same knowledge with the same methods. This allows the knowledge and methods to accurately pass on to posterity.... be such fact or errors, they are passed in their original formula... This is why with written constitutional texts, society can cause quick progress or de-gress, according to the formula recorded for all to easily know. Thus, just as great care must be used in reasoning through probable results from subjective (intangible) formulations, the same applies even more so with objective (tangible) formulations.

Because attributes of consciousness, conscience, and intuition are invisible spiritual factors of reality that are generally beyond human perception, it's generally difficult to use only concrete objective reality to visually SHOW how these attributes are developed or how they function. Thus the components of humaneness often slip into the non-conscious realm, and get left out of the curriculum design. In the 20th century schools, the rush to eliminate religious and racial intolerance caused by errant beliefs, also threw out the spiritual value-concepts...

As a result, a whole generation has been raised without appropriate educare for developing value-productive conscience, consciousness or intuition (all intangibles, spiritual). To not include these essential and pleasure inducing attributes of spirituality into every arena of learning, subject taught, personal or business project undertaken… invites boredom, confusion, failure and self-destructiveness that manifests in harm to the self and others... We all need the delightful pleasures from flights of fancy, and grand dreams of what might be, that can only flow from the spiritual nature of the self.

As said in the beginning of this article...PROJECTS in the LIBERTY ZONE website are VITAL to be included in EVERY child's and adult's lifestyle… THEY enhance value-productive EDUCARE and PLEASURES while also reducing FEARS and PAIN!!!! ~ They can undo the damage done, and accelerate the improvements currently under-way in the education and social reform movements…. Please REMEMBER, that at the very least…

EVERY HOME, EVERY CLASSROOM, EVERY PERSON is very wise to have these Multi-Media Educational Programs....

For Educare Excellence in all arenas of life-expressions, FOLLOW the links to these and other projects in Liberty Crusade Portfolio presented on this website...

It's generally accepted that: Each Human Being has the ability to develop degrees of creation power wisdom… including fully integrated synergistic consciousness, conscience, and intuition. ~ Most individuals are comfortable grouping these attributes together and credit them as coming from a Divinity Within who knows the appropriate answer or response to the current question or situation… As components of the spiritual (invisible) realm of creation wisdom, these attributes or skills of consciousness, conscience and intuition are collectively known by many terms including… the Inner Still Small Voice, Inner Knower, Inner Infinite Intelligence, Inner Divine Guidance, and Guide Of Divinity Thought Adjuster… By what ever name, the access and use of this wisdom generates what I termed a Zone of Creation Power Wisdom… the agape kind of creation power that Jesus offered over 2,000 years ago.

Jesus attempted in many ways to convey to humankind the facts about this wisdom and these attributes. His message was designed to inspire us to understand that: Consciousness is the grand-unifying force of existence. .... "Why call me great? …. Whatever I do, you can also do."… As Jesus showed: Consciousness is a unique method of using the brain and organizing mental functions… that with appropriate disciplined management can become God-like in all realms of working with reality. The life and teachings of Jesus reveal that human beings can develop God-consciousness. ~ The Garden of Eden account reveals that humankind usually make the choice to be limited by use of mostly biological attributes… THIS is a CHOICE… Just as it is also a CHOICE to develop God-like consciousness… Being created in the image of God refers to the infinite spirit/mind aspects, not finite biological aspects.

Scientists have proved that with appropriate methods, discipline, and integration… the thinking process can leap from bicameral … to lineal consciousness … to integrated consciousness.


  • Bicameral = the brain's 2 hemispheres that communicates back and forth, which can seem as if hearing voices from an external source.

  • Consciousness = cognizance, awareness of awareness, mindfulness, sentience, alertness, knowledge.

  • Lineal consciousness = Awareness of this communicating being an internal process. Can think one thought at a time.

  • Integrated Consciousness = awareness of the immense power of reasoning, self-authority and self-responsibility for creating the best of the best with our innate potentials. Can think in integrated bundles or clusters of thoughts simultaneously. Can expand length of silent time between thoughts, allowing clearer hearing of Infinite Intelligence.

  • Conscience = sense of right and wrong, sense of value-productive and value-destructive, sense of beneficial and harmful, inner voice, the still small voice, Unseen Guides, moral guidance, moral sense, duty, morals, rectitude.

  • Intuition = insight, perceptivity, perception, second sight, sixth sense, innate knowingness, knowing without acquired learning, Infinite Inner Intelligence.

Even though consciousness, conscience, and intuition are separate attributes of Creation Power Wisdom, they seem to emit or reflect from the same source within the mind or brain, or from the same light and life source. ~ Pure evolutionists, who often deny a spiritual God, or divine universal consciousness, would say the Self is the source. Pure creationists, who believe in a Divine Spirit Consciousness and spiritual hierarchy, would say God the Creator is the source… Many individuals realize it actually doesn't matter WHERE these precious attributes flow from… we have and can use them… But, to communicate with some clarity, we do need words to describe what we are sensing or feeling. Thus since in the Western World, Christian Creationist beliefs have been the most prevalent, it is from their vocabulary that these attributes are often referred by their God perceived source, such as Inner or Unseen Guide, God, Still Small Voice, Infinite Intelligence.... For me, by personifying these attributes, they are like friends who can always be trusted to provide wisely appropriate counsel. Always having wise counsel companions is SELF-EMPOWERING and self-emancipating…

FEAR, and desire that people NOT know, about this freedom from need for other than self-given "authority", might explain why authoritarian-orientated academia purposely doesn't include libertarian value-productive skill development areas. Most institutions teach from a fixed belief and curriculum paradigm (model). Their doctrines are designed to instill NO free-thinking, NO reasoning, NO investigation, NO questioning by either the student or teacher.

For this internal friend and source of guidance, as a child I began using terms such as Christ Within or my Guide Of Divinity Thought Adjuster that evolved to using the first letters … G.O.D.T.A... When trying to decide on a course of action, I'd say: I gotta talk with GODTA… My pet name shows no disrespect for a God of Creation; but rather reflects HONOR to the First Source and Center of all that exists… the Parental or Father fragment as Urantians might prefer… the Universal Consciousness as New Agers might prefer… The concept of a divine consciusness, or light and life, that reflects the values of truth, beauty and goodness into all reality, has become widely known as "Inner Infinite Intelligence"… This term probably evolved from exposure to Napoleon Hill… IF you haven't read his book "You Can Work Your Own Miracles"… please do yourself a huge favor… right NOW GO to the LINK AT THE END OF THIS PAGE to AMAZON.COM and order a copy…

In designing appropriate educare methods, there is an aspect to always consider… If a person is looking for a FREE ride, the Inner Infinite Intelligence… the GODTA… is SILENT… Inner Intelligence will NOT give unearned knowledge… But if a person has done the "basic self-development and striving to know" work, the Inner Infinite Intelligence is more than able and willing to guide and answer in a helpful way. This source of creation wisdom, often coordinates and organizes knowledge which has already been earned in such a way that a person can get NEW insights from what is already known.

Question-asking skills are vital … for linking the conscious level with the Inner Infinite Intelligence… for developing Intuitive skills… for learning how to separate emotional reactionary feelings from pure intuition… and how to wisely use reason, feelings and intuition. ~ Ask the question, then listen for the response. Questions of what is wanted must be specific, otherwise the answer might not be understood… ASK and Ye shall receive. Knock and it shall be open… ALWAYS REMEMBER... A person must be knocking at the CORRECT DOOR... A person must be willing to meet and greet the habitue in the form that appears... Answers are not always to our liking…

Success mentors often say… "It's a sad fact, that many people have climbed the long difficult ladder of success, only to find that when they reach the top, the ladder is leaning against the WRONG building".

When living the dreams of others, the ladder is definitely at the wrong building!!

Every person either… lives their own dreams… or lives the dreams of others… Every person has unique dreams that only their Inner Infinite Intelligence can reveal. The pursuit of true happiness is when a person is working to live their own dreams…. Which happens most easily when a person connects with, and flows in, the stream where others empower, support and supply components for our personal dreams… This is a TEAMWORK universe… Dream Manifesters know their dreams always include aspects that help others to also manifest their dreams… Success engineering is a mutual admiration society.

In developing the skills of consciousness, conscience, intuition and dream manifesting, it's helpful to understand that a question is NOT always answered immediately… Be confident and trust the process by knowing that the brain, mind and other energies that are involved, are processing the request and working to manifest the answer. Often much later, an answer will suddenly become conscious… often at an unexpected time… often in response to a trigger event.. Also intuitive knowledge is often general, leaving the specific or scientific facts to be discovered with further investigation by the conscious level.

Since to consciousness, the brain seems to be a separate entity, many think of consciousness as the mind of God and the brain as controller of the body. Self-talk reasoning involves a constant interchange between these parts of the whole. Whatever works to help a person achieve self-empowerment and avoid external authoritarian entrapments is acceptable to me. Self-talk is part of consciousness' use of analogs and metaphors to communicate, especially with non-physical concepts.... The BUILD FREEDOM website has a huge collection of valuable knowledge about breaking free from the illusions that hold our pre-program brain in bondage to often well-meaning myths that have evolved to explain how the universe functions.

Analog or metaphor is a "What if?" or moralizing story, parable, fable, legend, allegory, folk tale, simile, et cetera, that help us understand how reality works. Words are abstracts symbols, that in and of themselves have no meaning. Words paint objective noun-form tangible pictures we can relate to. Since the brain thinks best in picture format, the better picture we can paint with words, the more clearly the brain comprehends the abstract use of words.

Appropriate education must teach the brain how to integrate with abstract concepts such as "inner guidance", "honesty", "reality" and being "value-productive" …. Whether or not these abstract concepts are fully understood, avoidance of inner guidance, honesty, reality or being value-productive, easily decays into detachment from reality value-destructiveness; which is another abstract concept.

Value-destructive paradigms or philosophies (also known as mysticism) manifests a detachment from reality and a CONSCIENCE detachment syndrome that results in laziness, dishonesty, parasitic greed, violence and insanity… Detachment from reality and lack of a moral conscience makes it very difficult to comprehend cause and effect relationships… Without being able to understand how thoughts and actions are responsible for the conditions being experienced, causes major harm to be done to the self and others… Mysticism blocks brain hemispheres and thought integration, which thus erodes all values. Mysticism is suicide to the art of living; be such on personal, family, social, political and business levels of living. ~ Mysticism survives by accepting (i.e. making excuses, blaming, rationalizing) and perpetuating dishonesty, deceptions, fraud, conflict, cheating, and parasitical stealing of wealth created by value-producers.

Whatever the inner guide, whatever the inner intelligence, is…. IT CAN (is able to) respond only to a conscious connection between the transmitter and channel receiver… Visualizing radio or television signal wave transmission and reception, helps understand the send-receive pre-requisites.

A station might be transmitting, but if the set isn't on, and channel isn't tuned in correctly, the signal wave can't be received.

Education should teach the skills needed for turning the conscious connecting set on, and for tuning it to get clear reception from the channel.

This self-talk with an inner guide could be referred to as the visible communicating with the invisible… conscious biological brain communicating with the subconscious or supra-conscious mind-energy… By whatever terms or explanations given this Guide of Divinity Thought Adjuster, my personal experiences leave me with no doubt of the existence of an Inner Infinite Intelligence… I have no other way to explain why I know, what I've not been taught.

... DO YOU HAVE new knowledge suddenly pop into your consciousness??? ... Whether this is a particular arrangement of brain neurons or cells, or a spiritual energy, or an entity, I have no proof... Only my humble opinions that these attributes are not a religious phenomenon, for even atheists have this "knowing that I know that I know" experience, and agree that such exists, if for no other reason than the fact that the brain functions from conception as a survival sensory and information collection recording device. A person can access the stored "cosmic" memory bank and retrieve the stored data, then arrange AND rearrange these memories into an unlimited array of potential concepts and precepts.

I'm curious about the design of Creation Power and these unseen spiritual energies, but I don't know all the design details… I only know the system WORKS VERY WELL for those who choice to develop the skills to enter and use the universe's Creation Power Wisdom system!

Whatever term or explanation that a person is comfortable with... remember... the point is that: Education should focus on using methods that establish and maintain a consistent sound conscious connection with this inner infinite intelligence, knowledge and moral guidance. This conscious connection with the self enhances the ability for correct reason... reason that benefits the individual without doing harm to others.

Random acts of dishonesty, fraud, deception, coercion and violence are the direct result of an education system devoid of ethical sensitizing. One generation of children raised without consciousness and conscience can DESTROY the whole civilization! ~ History attests to this fact. Over and over great societies have emerged from value-productive ideals and then crumbled under the weight of value-destructiveness (mysticism).

This is easy to understand when it also understood that: The elements of existence are energy, matter and consciousness. Physics demonstrates how human-like consciousness is not only an integral part of existence, but is the eternal controller of its geometries, fields, and particles. Consciousness is self-causative. Consciousness must generate a continuous integration of energy to sustain its existence by its comprehension of reality. ~ IF consciousness is replaced with automatic reactions, then the flow of life-sustaining energy integration decays and eventually dissipates, requiring return of the bicameral use of the brain for basic survival… The bicameral brain NEEDS external authority to instruct it what, when and how to do anything.

With the advent of the Internet, some are beginning to comprehend that over 2,000 years ago Jesus offered us VALUE-PRODUCTIVE CREATION WISDOM and CONSCIOUSNESS POWER… He had and offered consciousness from CYBERSPACE that inspires agape love, honesty, truth, beauty and goodness to reign supreme… Had humankind heard his true message, the technology that generated computers would have been invented within his lifetime on the planet. Jesus offered us the infinite capacity to know and control all that exists. Unfortunately this basic components of this wisdom were seized by a few and converted into parasitic mysticism that generates precepts and illusions that block reality-based consciousness. They took his original libertarian teamwork concepts and created a counterfeit slave-master kingdom. Jesus not only offered the capacity of consciousness to understand anything in existence, he showed the path to discover how to exchange the human consciousness for God-consciousness… Or as Julian Jaynes author of The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind [Houghton Mifflin, 1976] … might say... "This exchange is equivalent to the amazing discovery thousands of years ago of how to exchange the bicameral use of the brain for the conscious use of the brain." ~ Jesus showed how to exchange the biological dual hemisphere brain that humans are born with (which needs external authority rules to guide and govern it), for a conscious brain-mind integration that is righteously self-guiding and self-governing.

I grasp part of the 'how to' of this Creation Power Wisdomfrom a vision in 1950 and again from interacting with Glenn Turner in 1970. Understanding why and how human beings are constantly blocked from developing our full potentials emerged in 1985 after a near death experience, and reading Julian Jaynes' research. Since then, comprehending the wisdom Jesus offers from discourses and parables presented in the Bible and the Urantia Papers has become more and more easy... Writings by these people and others such as Ayn Rand, Frederick Mann, and Brian Eenigenburg shows potentials for how far this level of subjective and objective reality comprehension can ascend.

In my opinion, Julian Jaynes's book, and Objectivism: the Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff rank among the most important books ever written (for anyone wanting to have and enjoy true liberty... For slave-masters, and those who prefer to be slaves, these are among the most feared and hated books.)

Understanding their book brings the end of a 10,000-year reign of value-destructive authoritarian institutions that have been accepted without question, by repeating seemingly good sounding MYTHS often enough that they are accepted as "truth".... ONLY HONESTY can CURE the attachment to "truth"... Truth is whatever a person selects to belief... Whereas Honesty says... "This or That is truth from MY (or another person's) perspective and perception." .... Objectiveness books questioning common beliefs and challenging people to reason by cause and effect thinking, began a NEW era of individual consciousness, during which people are increasingly acting on the authority of our own brains and consciousness. This Conscious Honesty Movement inspires self-responsibility that will ever-increasingly undermine and weaken influences of external or mystical authorities, and illusions such as divinely-ordained government and religious institutions.

Dr. Jaynes identifies that early Christianity with its teachings attributed to Jesus, was an attempt to shift religion from the outmoded bicameral and celestial mind of Moses to the newly developing conscious self-reasoning brain of humankind... A method of thinking that Jesus early in his life on Earth mastered great skill at using... and which made him a major threat to the Caesars.

Unfortunately leaders in the Christian movement discovered an effective tool for regaining authoritarian control, even over a conscious being -- GUILT... Guilt over discovering self-trust, free-will, and that all authority is self-given authority, which means previous errant beliefs might have caused harm… Guilt over questioning whether or not there is a "God"… Guilt for having more blessings than others… Guilt about eating when others in the world are hungry…

ONLY a conscious being can FEEL GUILT… Guilt works to gain external control over consciousness, and it also requires consciousness to be effective…. Most human beings don't like to suffer the pain of guilt… Thus, to ease the pain of guilt (and in the process gain more control over the enslaved)… it was found that these could be done by offering individuals external forgiveness through some form of sacrifice, penance or payment to an accepted external authority; who then absolves guilt and forgives transgressions.

Dr. Jaynes revealed how external illusions of authorities can exist only through the remnants of the bicameral mind, and the desire of the lazy to keep this need for external guidance, and being fed from the work of others (a/k/a socialism, welfarism)... He also reveals a four-step paradigm that can reshuffle susceptible minds back into hallucinating, bicameral mentalities. He shows that the Greeks used such a paradigm to re-program uneducated peasant girls into totally bicameral mentalities so they could be oracles and give advice through hallucinated voices -- voices that would rule the world. (i.e. the oracle at Delphi). ... Individuals who deteriorate into schizophrenic psychoses ensue similar paradigms.

Beware of any authority illusion or belief system that seeks external guidance… Subject all to the self's evaluation process, including this presentation…. Reality can stand up to all examination and emerge still as reality. What to believe and select to act upon is always a self-choice; the consequences of which the believer and actor also must be held account for.

Mystics and parasites attempt to entice people into surrendering their self-control, self-choice and self-decision making, in exchange for usually seemingly good sounding (specious) false promises of protection and guidance.

Even after many times of being set FREE from external authorities, Humankind has over and over again demonstrated willingness to re-embrace slavery to external authority, and follow the path of least effort; rather than risk adventures into the unknown zone of true liberty. Only a few, like Jesus, have allowed their self to taste the delicious fruits of true liberty and in the process RISK incurring the wrath of authoritarian bureaucrats with the ability to incite the public to destroy the libertarian.... Thus only a few individuals have willingly expanded sufficient energy to use our own invention of consciousness to guide our own life.

Fortunately via the Internet, many are discovering it's dynamically energizing to know… that each individual is solely responsible for his or her own life and life-expressions… that each person is responsible for making the efforts required for learning how to honestly guide one's own life toward growing prosperity and happiness. More and more are discovering what individuals like Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) revealed in his writings and lectures… "YOU CAN WORK YOU OWN MIRACLES…" I can have SUCCESS UNLIMITED…

In 1970, Glenn Turner exposed me to these principles with his DARE TO BE GREAT programs… for which I'm eternally grateful… He linked me back to my NEW EDUCATION METHOD vision in 1950... His self-empowering value-productive principles helped me to start repairing the massive damage done by slave doctrines and methods used in external authority institutions, schools and churches.

I now comprehend that the correcting time process and repairing damage done by the detachment from reality, requires constant exposure to others skilled in applying value-productive self-responsibility and working with reality... Hence the NEED for Educare Cooperatives in every neighborhood... Even with knowledge about consciousness, intuition and conscience… and knowing that all true learning is self-taught… WITHOUT constant exposure to positive influences providing constructive and re-constructive feed-back feed-forward information-communication loops… once the entrance has been blocked early in childhood, and kept blocked, by years of exposure to external authority paradigms… it's very difficult to make the journey alone back into the Creation Power Wisdom Zone that we began life with on this planet.

THE need for value-productive MASTER MIND TEAMWORK IS A PRIMARY REASON for EVERY neighborhood to have an American Dream Manifesters' Educare Cooperative.

The Educare Co-op is also necessary so that value-productive mentors, enlighteners, entrepreneurs, and defenders of liberty, are NOT forced out of "business" by bureaucratic persecutions. Throughout history, value-producers have paid dearly for revealing CREATION POWER WISDOM!!!

Hopefully, someday everybody will know about and acknowledge the great values of brave self-empowered libertarians; especially those who founded the democratic compound republic of America... a system that will someday evolve into the fully democratic civilization envisioned by the signers of the 1776 Declaration of Independence... This respect for individual sovereignty, liberty, and property rights, within a social system built on harmonic unity of diversity, will once again GIVE OURSELVES PERMISSION to BE, DO and HAVE as MUCH GREATNESS AS OUR POTENTIALS EMPOWER!!!

To individuals not connected to the zone of true liberty, this level of honesty and effort is frightening, even terrifying… THERE is a PRICE to PAY to climb out of the comfort rut of external guidance by fixed belief systems and external authority.

The fact is, in reality there are NO automatic or effortless routes to gaining knowledge or guidance. WE CAN work in family units and other forms of TEAMS to greatly lessen the tasks… We can use many forms of multi-media to gather and present information… But even with these, each individual must teach their own brain by their own choice-making conscious power. We each do this self-teaching in a variety of methods. Whether inside a school classroom, or in the open spaces communing with nature, or in Master Mind Teams... ALL valid usable learning is SELF-TEACHING. ~ Even when a "teacher" sits next to us "preaching", that teacher can't POUR or infuse knowledge into us… ONLY the "I" can open and receive the knowledge into the I-ness for recall at will… This is a factor that needs careful thought and clear comprehension. There is a major difference between the magic of learning and rote-memorization habit-training indoctrination...

Although, the subconscious records whatever that teacher or mentor offers, only the "I" can bring the information into the realm of knowing the knowledge clearly enough to use the knowledge in an ever expanding variety of paradigms. If the teacher or mentor, understands how to entice "I-ness" receptivity, then acceptance can be elicited. This is how hypnosis works. This is how indoctrination occurs… it by-passes the conscious learning-evaluation process and goes directly to sub-conscious neuron-receptors. Recall is then done by "triggers" and automatic habits that required no actual "thinking".

Because of the same "I-ness" reality… No valid external "authority" exists that a person can automatically live by and still be connected to reality. To live effectively, an individual must empower only the authority of their own consciousness to guide their own activities. ~ All consistently competent people have learned to act in accord with reality -- not only by their "what feels good" feelings, or by someone else's feelings or doctrines. An individual must accept the responsibility to guide their own life to consciously live competently, successfully, happily.

Stepping into the Creation Wisdom Paradigm can be a real challenge with so many sources of external authority illusions enticing the "I-ness" to accept the good sounding guilt-inducing philosophical doctrines of religion combined with political doctrines such as Democracy, Socialism, Fascism, and Marxism. No matter how good they sound, all such doctrines demand the surrender of the sense of self or of the individual's ego into a collective dogma; and demand obedient faith toward the "authority" of that doctrine. These doctrines offer closed system answers and guidance from which faithful followers can survive WITHOUT the responsibility or applied effort of using a person's own conscious minds.

In spite of Jesus' example of throwing the money changers-temple tax collectors out of the temple, and his wise teachings that set us free from salvation by blood sacrifices, all current mainstream religions and political systems are a regression into bicameral brain mysticism… In spite of many emancipations, for the past 2000+ years, Humankind keeps going from consciousness back into remnants of the bicameral era … from value-productive self-empowered free-will choice-making accountability and reaping consequences for our actions… back to value-destructive enslaving rules, regulations and tribute to slave-masters and parasites. The only law is the simple… LOVE… which innately guides an individual to make choices that DO NO HARM.

Creation Power Wisdom applied by integrated consciousness will cause disappearance of illusions , slave-mentality, and poverty. Creation Power Wisdom will cause reality along with its value-productive wealth to emerge. This unique Zone of Creation Power Wisdom shows how to escape illusions and ascend into the reality of heaven on earth… which is the ZONE we can live in any time we make the choices required to have access to this Luminous Life Reality.

= Creation Power Wisdom

Within a Zone of Creation Power Wisdom, consciousness can work to effectively eliminate THE insanity disease known as schizophrenia… which is detachment of consciousness from objective reality... Detachment from consciousness and reality is required to convert a human being's precious life into a worthless life -- into a parasite….

To preserve, and then flourish human consciousness on Earth, the value-productive Zone of Creation Power Consciousness eliminates (by whatever means necessary) the institutions that support anticivilization and its parasitical-elite propagators. Jesus in his own way spoke often about this anticivilization and its causation being dishonesty, laziness and greed (mysticism) as diseases blocking reality. Mysticism, sin, evil, are a rebellion against life, effort, and consciousness. Mystics place emotions over reality. Mystics use the brain's precepts to fabricate reality… taking a belief and making it seem as if such is reality. Mystics entice following external authorities and avoid accepting total self-responsibility. Mystics obey 'higher powers', rather than doing honest independent, integrated thinking. Mystics follow the path of least resistance, rather than the path of disciplined thought and work necessary to understand reality and use it wisely.... The very reason and process of being "human" is to survive ever more easily by learning about the environment in which we live, move and have being; and about how to control or adjust to the environment, and when possible control or adjust the environment to be more supportive for happiness and healthy longevity.

The cure for insanity in society and government is simple:


  • education,
  • all forms of information collection or dissemination, and
  • governorship ...

Creation Power is complete disciplined control of consciousness placed into action manifesting the desired value-productive reality. Consciousness requires accurate perception of reality, so as to make the evaluations and judgments required for survival, desired lifestyle, and long-term happiness.

Consciousness is the only component in existence that is able to change, to adapt to, or to alter, the course of life, nature, or existence its self. Everything else can only REACT… Animals, atoms, molecules, chemicals, gravity, et cetera rely on stimuli response methods to function. Human beings can introspect and make conscious moral cause and effect choices. Humankind can know the difference between good and evil… what has value and what does harm. Human beings have the choice to either act consciously as objectively determined most beneficial for the self and others, or default to laziness and use only habituated response-stimuli feelings without due reflection or care about probable consequences.

Consciousness has been viewed as a passive observer and conceptual integrator of cosmic phenomena, but has not been viewed as having to do with the destiny of the universe. Now even quantum physics is challenging this passive observer belief. Scientists have observed and realized that beliefs and consciousness of the researcher affects the results or interpretations of experiments... How much more does our conscious presence affect or effect?

So far, six epoch changes have occurred in humankind's perspectives about humanity and the universe….

  1. Humankind's invention of consciousness some 3,000 years ago,
  2. Greeks' discovery of logic and its power,
  3. Renaissance's overthrow of traditional "truths" for a scientific method,
  4. Copernican Revolution,
  5. Newtonian Revolution,
  6. Einstein's relativity and quantum mechanics.

The seventh epoch change is about to occur: the unifying discovery of Thoughts and Things as the same, just manifesting at different vibrations… Some term this as the Age of Light and Life manifested by Integrated Consciousness as the grand unifying field or force... Self-empowered Creation Power recognizes that it is the level of conscious awareness that makes them appear otherwise. While it's common to think in terms of mass, energy and consciousness, reality might be as simple as accepting that ALL existence is consciousness in some form depending on the waves and vibrational frequencies in the moment, and the dimension in which such is manifesting. An agape concept Jesus offered some 2,000 years ago… The greatest of these forms is LOVE = value-productivity consciousness... Unfortunately this concept can easily decay into Faking Existentialism As Reality by beings unskilled in use of consciousness... Acting based on Feelings; rather than feelings resulting from actions... Clearly the events of history reveal that: Only by use of fully-integrated honesty can "spiritualized" terminology be safely used.

As the result of existentialistic indulging of anybody's emotions to escape reality, there has been a huge eroding of self-esteem, self-control, self-responsibility, productivity, and happiness... Such surrendering of Creation Power Wisdom renders an individual in need of external control; thereby validating the claim by "external authorities" to save and control of individuals by force.

I shall close this presentations with some quotes from Neo-Tech/Neo-Think writings that share this string of thoughts. While I might not agree with all their conclusions and phraseologies, their reports about neo-cheating mysticism have been personally helpful in providing terms to express in communicative form the disentangling value-destructive subjective doctrinal illusions, from value-productive honesty and objective reality. While at times their blunt honesty is a challenge to endure, it causes conscious connecting to an inner intelligence, and provides a reality-based vocabulary framework from which to do my part in the teamwork of building safe bridges over which individuals can cross from insanity to sanity.. from fear of liberty and embracing pain, to desire for true liberty and embracing happiness.

"… Albert Einstein spent his professional life searching in vain for what Neo-Tech discovered - the unifying, controlling element of the universe: human-like consciousness… Always searching for order, Einstein focused on only two components of existence: mass and energy integrated with the geometries of time and space. He believed those components could always be explained, exactly and predictably. Thus, he never considered the third and controlling component of existence: volitional consciousness - free-will conceptual / introspective / integrating conscious minds….

Consciousness is the most complex form of cognition. Consciousness is distinctly different from any other mode of cognition found in other sentient beings.

Reason is the prime faculty of consciousness in reaching ever higher abstractions or broader conceptions, first by distinguishing the relevant from the nonrelevant within the entire realm of sensory, perceptual, and conceptual.

It requires a modality of consciousness to conceive of the zero… a place holder that allows for a unique form of conceptual mathematics …. Such abstract as the " zero", possess a conceptuality-centered philosophy -- an Aristotelian philosophy

Consciousness in which the considerations of the whole system/context precede the considerations of its subsystems / subcontexts. Seeing the whole before knowing its intregral parts.

Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values -- to transform nature's technology (the physical universe) into values. The physical universe is the aggregate of energy configurations in existence. Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values. Value is the actualized knowledge that protects, nurtures, supports, or accommodates all growing needs of life.

The most fundamental controller of existence is human consciousness, the force that controls symmetry and Gravity Units. From those dynamics, existence evolves. ...Consciousness is the ultimate logic, beauty, and symmetry of the universe...

Universal consciousness as the eternal interaction between individual conscious beings and existence is what dominates .

The only diseases of human consciousness are dishonesty, mysticism, and irrationality. Those diseases destroy the natural good of human consciousness. Those diseases cause all wars and crimes, including politically inflicted property ..."

The Bible book of Deuteronomy illustrates the conflict between the bicameral mind and the conscious mind. Likewise, the transition to consciousness is observed in other parts of the Bible."

Hopefully this dissertation provides some insight into the direction that education must go, IF our goal is generating sane fully-functioning value-productive individuals who by the art of teamwork create a peaceful fully functioning value-productive society generating and enjoying wealth in all its glorious forms.

For individuals ready to step into fully integrated consciousness, information on the Build Freedom and Neo-Tech websites are paradigm-expanding. World-wide Peace and Prosperity will result when everybody can reach this level of fully-integrated honesty... Remember... The KEY to validating Educare Excellence is to consciously DETACH from EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS to beliefs so as to allow VALUE-productive FACTS to surface... IF WHAT is "believed" is accurate such will be validated... IF what is believed has errors, isn't it wise to have such revealed so reason can guide what to do about it?

...IF ALL value-producers recognized their genuine self-worth and felt their earned pride, they would reject mysticism and end the hoax of all neocheaters...." ... THEN Educare Excellence would manifest from reality.

Explore Macrobiotics (i.e. Montessori-dynamic)


NeoTech .... NeoThink ... The Philosophical Zero

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