Ideal Plug and Play Portfolio 102

Ideal System
for Ideal ECO-Green Solutions

Earn Money FOR Being Green

1. Join Carbon Central Network and discover how to create a GREEN IDEAL Carbon Footprint and GET PAID for being ECO friendly --- (can join free to learn facts)... Opportunity to convert money in savings earning next to nothing into earning coumponded DAILY passive earnings from ECO-bonuses from supporting eco-friendly entrepreneurial enterprises.

2. ECOe takes high-cost out of equipement for Wind and Solar Energy-generation... NOW it is easy to participate in the delights of working with startup and growth of a NEW wind turbine manufacturing company designed to make it VERY affordable to generate electricity to feed the grid...

3. Green Festivals and Fairs - Participate to connect with people involved in the Green Movement... Teamworking being responsible for clean safe environments.

4. Reminder: Use PM Marketing System introduced in Portfolio 101 to create personal websites to share information about ECO-friendly Niches.... Email Marketing Campaign already created for Carbon Central Network that along with your Leads Package will at YOUR request be loaded into your personal Email Marketing System... Falling Off The Log Simple! - Customize the 5 websites in your Build Fortunes Education Package, to share wisdom about earning HUGE profits from buying and selling of Carbon Offset Credits -- the HOT Commodity for 2011 -- You have AT your Finger-tips the complete system to instantly BE earning high percent of return on your money and time... Share wisdom with your CyberSites and Social Media Networks... PLUS easily attract NEW participants from Responsive OPTIN Leads provided and placed for you into your FREE Leads Management and Email Sending System.

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