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Educare Co-op Basic Overview

Whole-Life Educare Co-ops... (a/k/a Neighborhood Family Support System & Whole-Life Learning Centers) are a natural extension of being concerned about suppression of individual identity, the world-wide schooling crisis that blocks Genius-Making, and from accessing Solutions that empower creating and having Unlimited amouts and forms of wealth for the Art of Living Paradisiacally...

The SCHOOL Model used since the 1940s is far from the Whole-Life Family Support Model envisioned in the North West Ordinance of 1787... The MAIN PURPOSE of the original model was to create and teach a UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION System... ONE Language - English ... Universal Mathematics .... Universal Terms for use in the arts and sciences - Music, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, etc.

When individuals can CLEARLY communicate... teamwork replaces gangs... creativity and cooperative collaboration replaces competition.... harmony replaces conflict... unity replaces isolationalism... access to the Genius Within, Wise Self-Governorship, and Choice Accountablity are empowered, replacing enslavement and control by socio-religious-political doctrines and creeds...

The MAIN CONSEQUENCE from having to learn how to do clear comunication is that individuals discover HOW TO CONSCIOUSLY THINK FOR THEIR OWN SELF... Thus in Educare Co-ops the emphasis and the consequence is have "clear communication" and "sound integrated thinking" AT the CORE of ALL curriculum ... PLUS THESE are "taught" in an "individualized personalized system"... Thus individuals learn that...

Knowing HOW and WHY to think is AS IMPORTANT,
as knowing WHAT to think.

NOT teaching this important HOW To Think factor, and not teaching the skills to do clear communication and sound integrated thinking-reasoning is the main reason for the Genius Within being trapped within most individuals, and for the conflict and wars between cultures.

Information on this Information Repository Internet Site provide a bridge to get to clear communication and sound integrated thinking-reasoning... Crossing the bridge is easy by doing projects listed in the Whole-Life Wealth Generating Portfolio.... Also doing these projects will grow a large enough LOCAL Wealth-Generating Art Of Living Educare Cooperatives to present courses that teach the basic and refined arts and sciences of living consciously... (Local Co-ops form quickly by using the Whole-Life Wealth-Generating System, presented in the above link.... Until then, use information already in this Virtual Reality Liberty Zone Cafe, in combination with the following links... These provide some information to get aligned with the NEW trends, and gaining the required skills to safely ride the NEW wave... Take a ride on some parallel waves to the Educare Co-ops...

ATTEND or HOST iConference Courses at which various aspects are presented about a VERY EASY SOLUTION to the providing THE BEST EDUCATION to EVERY CHILD (and adults too)... (which includes iConferencing and Internet-based Learn Centers)... Encourage participants to form neighborhood "personalized-educare support groups" ... Both home-schooled children and children who continue to attend traditional "schools" NEED this project...

Learn about what others are doing that aligns with this Educare Co-op concept... When possible, connect with and collaborate with them ... Avoid conflicts over WHO is right... Our attention is focused on cooperatively and creatively DOING WHAT is appropriate... Start searching the Internet for like-minded projects...

At was found....

NOTE:... Chapter 16
By William N. Ellis (1868 WORDS)


In 1980 there were 12,000 homeschoolers.
In 1990 there were 300,000 homeschoolers.
In 1998 there are 1,500,000 homeschoolers.

At this rate of growth (20%) one quarter of all children will be being homeschooled by the end of the next decade. The phenomena has developed without leaders, without planning, without design. It is an example of self-organization on the edge of chaos. It is further a social phenomena that will draw social and political attention. It also may provide models which can move the nation and the world beyond the current crisis in education."

The use of Multi-Media Computer-Assisted Basic Education IS the FASTEST and EASIEST method to achieve SOUND academic knowledge... NOW, even parents who can't read, CAN easily provide hi-tech and reality based AT-HOME education for their children... Families will create Neighborhood Educare Co-ops to function as Extended Family Support System and Community Activity Centers (health care services, food co-ops, sports, music, arts, sciences, vocational skills & networking, etc.)... In the process, parents (and even grandparents) will ALSO get a quality education and greatly improve the FINANCIAL wealth of the family unit... In the process, LOVING SOUND FAMILY UNITS will grow and all of society will shine forth the glorious fruits of LOVE and Creation Power Wisdom...

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for K - 12 Grades from -- The Complete Curriculum Learners Have Been Waiting For Is Here... Remember: Using the Whole-Life Portfolio, REMOVES EVERY EXCUSE for NOT delivering accurate knowledge to every individual, and empowering all other forms of wealth to manifest.

Other sites to bookmark and review include: - for understsanding the Body Politic

School Of Thinking --

Register for FREE with Project Renaissance --

Two other Internet Sites at and reflect the growing trend into Personalized Education that highly respects and nurtures a child’s natural LOVE of Whole-Life Learning....

When the components are understood, it's easy to realize this is the ONLY method to perpetually keep manifesting the whole-life American Dream from generation to generation... You'll also realize WHY practitioners of slavery fear Educare Co-opstm... They know WHEN Educare Excellence prevail, THEN individuals will clearly understand how to have Whole-Life External and Internal Liberty, and other forms of Infinite Wealth... They also know that because of the Internet it's only a matter of time before every community has a fully functional American Dream Manifesters' Educare Cooperativetm.

Join the Solutions Unlimited Empowerment Team and USE the Whole-Life Portfolio Concept and DO the suggested ESSENTIAL ACTIONS... Together we will manifest Educare Co-opstm. in every neighborhood around the planet...

NOTE:There is NO wiser method to use for spreading the value-productive news about Educare Co-oping, than the awesome free-flowing Internet... THE DOOR to the world is provided by having local dial-up Internet Service Provider and a very affordable portal to connect to the Internet... Favorite OnLine and iTV provide these tools! ...

Join the profitable world of Electronic Commerce!!! ... ALL ages profit in a vast variety of areas by participating in E-Commerce... E-Commerce is a fun way to explore and discover how to naturally manifest the American Dream world-wide!

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