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Chapter 10 - Brainpower and cognetics

1. The design model for the mind tools presented in this book is what I have called cognetics. You don't have to worry about the name but if you don't come up with a fancy name in science, nobody takes you seriously.

2. Cognetics comes from cognitive cybernetics. Cognitive means to do with how the brain 'minds' and cybernetics has to do with 'feedback'. Cognetics brain software - neuroware - are higher order executive patterns that you can use to deliberately:

take control of your attention, and

manipulate your own perception.

3. Once it is programmed into your brain, the brain software gives the you, the brainuser, a simple way to increase your awareness of the thinking strategies that are available to you in a situation.

4. For example, suppose you are dealing with a problem situation and you are currently aware of only 3 strategies you can use - Strategy A, Strategy B or Strategy C. For you then, your intelligent behaviour is limited to a choice from those 3 strategies. But what if you could deliberately make yourself aware of 6 or 9 or 12 strategies you could use in that situation? Obviously you would be able to choose an even higher level of intelligent behaviour due to your increased options.

Problems and Opportunities

5. Brainpower or cognetics is this deliberate use and application of thinking software. In cognetics, you can choose from a range of cognitive strategies to solve any problem that confronts you or to explore any opportunity you desire.

6. A problem is a situation which may require a solution, a way out, an option, a cure or a new approach.

7. An opportunity is a situation that may need to be explored, a plan that needs to be worked out, an idea that needs to be developed, a possibility that needs testing.

8. Your problems or opportunities are often personal, business, family, recreational, academic, scientific, physical, or philosophical.

9. When we ask business people about their problem/opportunity areas they nearly always say: career or purpose in life, time and stress, getting a better balance between professional and personal life, money issues, bringing more creativity and flexibility into their company.

10. Here are some of the situations SOT members have worked on during their Clever Brainuser training:

11. OPPORTUNITIES: to buy some land; to get a better job; to improve knowledge of South East Asia; to learn acting; to play the piano again; to grow their business; to go back to school, to raise their income, to give up smoking, to improve their golf.

12. PROBLEMS: to pay mortgage; to cope with a difficult boss; to save my marriage; to choose between academic courses; to overcome fear of using the telephone in selling; to speak in public; to make new friends; to lose weight.

Intelligent Behaviour Equals Strategies and Options

13. If you wish to order take out food but you only have a pizza menu then your choice is limited to pizza. But if you have menus from 10 different restaurants such as sushi, health food, Spanish, seafood, Thai, TexMex, French and Pizza etc then you can eat twice as well. The key is to keep yourself aware of a broader menu of options.

13. The brain software - SDNT CVSTOBVS QRH PRR - (introduced in the next chapter) will keep you aware of strategic options you can use in situations that confront you. This book will explain these strategies and your increased skills will give you a simple way to raise your Game Intelligence by at least 100% and minimise the effects of PTV.

14. The four-part brain software package provides your brain with 15 mind-tools. These mind-tools can be used by the brainuser in an ever-widening repertoire of combinations to produce a virtually unlimited number of effects. Just as the carpenter can use a dozen or so tools to perform a wide range of effects, so can the brainuser.

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