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This course includes data about NewSell and NewTell Methods
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Ever Better Thoughts and Action that
Attract New WOMBAT Sales to flow IN.

"Newsell is the first new strategy for selling in 50 years", judged Professor George Gallup, inventor of market research and The Gallup Poll at Princeton.

NewSell E-Book

It has been the sacred belief of the American selling profession ever since the subject was first written about, that the primary job of the salesperson is to: Close the sale! ... Yet newsell says: You cannot close the sale! This revolutionary insight has allowed newsell to beat oldsell profit-results hands down, every time, in any market and with any product or service. Sometimes newsell has beaten oldsell results by a ten times better return on investment. The names newsell and oldsell describe the strategy they do not describe the individual.

Today, many American entrepreneurs still use oldsell and there are just as many Americans who do not use oldsell at all. There are also many Australian entrepreneurs who still prefer to use oldsell while others choose to use newsell.

In 1980, Cambridge Professor Edward de Bono was Michael's tutor for the world's first PhD in Lateral Thinking in which he proposed the Theory of Newsell.

At the commencement of the project Professor Edward de Bono wrote (17 August, 1978):

Your application of the principles and attitudes of lateral thinking to selling in your Newsell approach is, to me, an interesting and powerful approach to an important area. What particularly interests me is your proposal to test theoretical constructs in a very practical manner in your field work.

His External Examiner was Professor George Gallup, the inventor of market research and public opinion polling at Princeton. On the successful completion of the Newsell project involving 70,000 employees at 24 New York City hospitals,

At the completion of the project Professor George Gallup wrote:

Newsell is the first new strategy for selling in fifty years. You have presented a new approach to a very old subject with proof that your ideas do work. I find some parallels in your thoughts about selling and my own views on how advertising works... What you are doing in teaching people to think may be the most important thing going on in the world.

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is the world authority on Newsell. He is the Principal of the School of Thinking. He received the world’s first PhD in Lateral Thinking for his discovery of a whole NEW strategy for selling.

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is Australia’s best-selling author of Newsell and his new upgraded edition entitled, WOMBAT Selling: How to Sell by Word of Mouth. Michael’s advice on business development has been sought by Jack Welch of GE, Edward de Bono, Seth Godin, the Mayor of New York and the Australian Sports Commission. Newsell is now being used every day in the marketplace by thousands of leading sales people and their managers around the world.

JACK WELCH of GE: "Michael, you are a friend of our company. I wish I had a management team that really understood newsell. It’s the value-added role in the management process."

THINK + SELL = LEAD: Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is an international speaker and trainer whose specialty topics and themes are in the areas of THINKING, SELLING and LEADING.

Michael is training senior scientists at the Bioscience Research Division at Latrobe University. Michael is the first Visiting Academic Fellow in Innovation Thinking at the Biosciences Research Division. For this training project his first two lectures, of a series of ten lectures, were:

New upgraded edition of Newsell entitled: WOMBAT SELLING, Michael shows how your customers can create a whole new world of business for you by word-of-mouth and become hard-working rainmakers 24/7—selfish rainmakers perhaps but constant, loyal and productive....

1. While NewSell is mostly thought of as being for use in 'marketing goods and services', the FACT IS when the knowledge is understood, it's clear that the dynamics APPLY directly to SELF-Development that maximizes a person's potentials in all areas of our life-expressions.... The term NewSell is used to quickly identify the scientific methods of product distribution and consumer services, from the OldSell methods which does great harm to a company's profit-margins, to methods that greatly and consistenly multiply profits.

2. NewSell offers the opportunity to take a genuine quantum leap in one's intellectual assets... NewSell is a very very unique opportunity... Be sure to not miss out. Create the space in your day to give yourself every opportunity to make the most of it for yourself, your business, and all other energy transmutation areas.

3. NewSell applies the wisdom of memes... Memes are information genes or information viruses which create human brain programming... Memes are only the second replicator, after genes, ever discovered by science. Like genes, which produce physical traits like red hair and certain tendencies like shyness, memes are replicated in human brains, along the lines of darwinian evolution, producing cultural traits like wearing a mini-skirt or using a laptop... We think and do what we think and do in alignment with memes.

4. NewSell is a business growth strategy which synthesises the ideas of

5. In NewSell or darwinian (survival of fittest) marketing there are three main attitudes:

6. Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson's founder of the School Of Thinking, and primary developer of methods to teach the component within NewSell, does NewSell Coaching... This is a new kind of sales training that goes way beyond traditional sales training... Participants with the "Daily Marching Forward Internet Project" presented by An Ever Better World Academy have the opportunity to both learn and then facilitate this system that will Attract Eager BUYERS using WOMBAT.

7. Research shows that most contemporary customers reject the old-fashioned 'closing the sale' tricks and car-salesman ploys of the 70s and 80s.... but which most companies still use... When NewSell is compared to OldSell, it's self-evident why "OldSell sales failure" puts many companies out of business every day...

8. Sales management is a costly overhead which many small companies cannot afford. They may want to remove a fixed overhead from their books. Outsourced sales management is a business survival strategy because it minimises overheads and fixed costs.

9. NewSell Coaching not only manages sales reps to stay focused on meeting projected sales quotas but also trains, motivates and coaches them to achieve unexpected X10 or more business growth.

10. NewSell Coaching is a personal very affordable daily subscription service to help members to multiply their current sales by ten by providing daily coaching in this new kind of sales training.

11. This new kind of sales training is NOT of the hype-driven or quasi-religious rah-rah kind. NewSell Coaching is highly professional and science-based and the results are direct, immediate and measureable. NewSell can produce ten times the results of the oldsell methods.

12. NewSell Coaching is also a way for corporate members to outsource 'sales management'. Enterprise outsourcing is one of the fastest growing profit trends in business. Businesses are outsourcing their non-core functions: hiring, training, payroll, collections, accounting, advertising, marketing and fulfilment. You can also outsource your sales management and/or your sales coaching.

13. Make fast progress toward PERSONAL and Community objectives using LIVE ONLINE Success Coaching via Internet Conferencing at An Ever Better World Internet Academy .... The awesome Ever Better Life-Expressions memetic power generated from DAILY Interaction with Better World Thinkers is easily seen and measurable!!!!

14. The following excerpts from "WOMBAT Selling" by Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson reveal just a small fraction of it's powerful dynamics...

15. "The notion that the salesperson can close the sale is an illusion rather like the notion that you can win lotto. You can’t close the sale and you can’t win lotto. Note the active tense used here, it’s very important. Neither can you win roulette, a horse race, or a vote. If you could win, in the active sense, you’d do it every time and you’d be the most famous person who ever lived.

16. The verb to win, when used in these examples in the active tense, is an illusion. A very costly illusion that has cost many a life, a fortune and a career. Nothing is better documented, every time there’s a lotto draw, than the fact that you cannot win. Recently the nightly news showed millions of Americans lining up for hours to buy lotto tickets in a jackpot that was building to US$450 million. Presumably, they all wanted to win. Did they all win? No, they did not. The facts showed that over 99.9 per cent of all these people did not win – they were losers. If the focus was placed on this overwhelming piece of evidence then it would be clear that you can’t win lotto. But the clever trick played by the lotto people is that they hide this fact by not mentioning the losers and spend a lot of money and media focusing on the so-called winner. This helps maintain the illusion for the faithful that, yes, you can win lotto. This clever trick of ignoring the losers is played on millions of willing players every day all around the world. Of course, most people get their value from the fantasy of winning for a few days before the bad news arrives. I’m one of them.

17. The illusion of winning is no less an illusion just because it’s widely believed. If 10 million people are led to believe the earth is flat, that’s not enough to make it flat. If 10 million salespeople are led to believe that they can close the sale, that’s not enough to make it possible.

18. You can’t win, in the active sense. Winning can only happen to you in the passive sense. It’s a question of odds. In lotto, the odds against winning happening to you are very low, more than 1 million to 1.

19. In selling, the odds of winning happening to you are much better, often as high as 50/50. You win if the customer gives you a YES and you don’t win if the customer gives you a NO.

20. If you, dear reader, can prove that you can close the sale and get only a YES, I’ll give you $100,000. Please, email me at because you’ll make me a very rich man. If you can show me how to make the customer say YES I could win a Nobel Prize for the scientific breakthrough of controlling the electrochemical behaviour of the human brain. But, more practically, I’d be on the first plane to New York to visit some of the largest companies in the world. How much do you think they’d pay me for that sort of information?" (RE: "WOMBAT Selling" Pages 50-52)

How Memes Infect

Darwin on survival

21. Charles Darwin, author of The Origin of Species and most famous for his brilliant idea on how evolution works. Darwin's idea has explained more about life in the universe than any other idea ever produced by any other thinker. He is easily the #1 Thinker of the Second Millennium. His theory of evolution was explained by the survival of the fittest. His theory showed how -- over evolutionary time which is very, very, long -- random mutations or variations in the copies of each generation allowed for the fittest copy to survive and pass its adaptation on to the next generation. The same idea can explain much of what happens in the marketplace over time. Only those offers that are good enough at getting themselves copied -- the fittest -- survive.

Dawkins on memes

22. Oxford Professor, Richard Dawkins, is well known for his witty and elegant explanations of how darwinism works in genetic detail. It's all about replicator power! In The Selfish Gene he showed how fitness survives not only in biology but wherever we can find replicators at work. As another example he coined the word meme as a unit of culture which gets passed on from person to person. A meme is a replicator like a gene. Successful genes replicate from DNA to DNA and successful memes replicate from brain to brain via word-of-mouth (WOM).

23. "Memes can be good ideas, good tunes, good poems, as well as drivelling mantras." says Richard Dawkins in Unweaving the Rainbow. "Anything that spreads by imitation, as genes spread by bodily reproduction or by viral infection, is a meme ... As with genes, we can expect the world to become filled with memes that are good at the art of getting themselves copied from brain to brain ... It is enough that memes vary in their infectivity for darwinian selection to get going ... We may think this spreading for the sake of spreading rather futile, but nature is not interested in our judgements, of futility or anything else. If a piece of code has what it takes, it spreads and that's that ... In Climbing Mount Improbable I explained that an elephant's DNA and a virus are both 'Copy Me' programmes. The difference is that one of them has an almost fantastically large digression: 'Copy me by building an elephant first'. But both kinds of programmes spread because, in their different ways, they are good at spreading.

24. The meme is a very useful tool for understanding how WOM in marketing works because it allows us to use much of the power of the darwinian model. Today, memetics is one of the fastest growing ideas in science. Memetics allows us to understand not only how people get ideas but, more importantly, how ideas acquire people or how minds become memed.

25. NOTE: Just a note on repetition. As you'll see, repetition is a very powerful tool when we're establishing new brain patterns. You will notice unusual repetition in this training and the main point is that it is deliberately put there for your benefit. It's to help your brain acquire these ideas more easily, or, to put it another way, to help these ideas acquire your brain more easily. The most important memes are the ones that are invested with the most repetition.

26. Susan Blackmore in her enlightening book "The Meme Machine" explains, "We do copy each other all the time and we underestimate what is involved because imitation comes so easily to us. When we copy each other, something, however intangible, is passed on. That something is the meme. And taking a meme's eye view is the foundation of memetics."

27. In marketing, nothing is more important than taking the meme's eye-view because nothing is more important than WOM. WOM is the meme that gets itself passed on from one customer to another. Or, a meme is the WOM that allows one customer's brain to become 'infected' by another brain. Memes reside in the brain (like genes reside in DNA) and how they get from one brain to another is what memetics is all about. Only the fittest memes survive. Think of the marketplace as the meme pool. There are vastly more memes than there are brains to shelter them. Which ones will survive?... Why?.... Which ones will fail?.... Why?.... The answers to these questions are about WOM or darwinian (survival of fittest) marketing.

Gallup on measurement

28. Professor George Gallup of Princeton invented the Gallup Poll and the concept of market research. He found a way to measure the spread of customer's memes; to measure WOM. George was my mentor and one of most remarkable people I have ever known. He always would impress on me the need to measure the public's viewpoint as a way of forcing change.

29. By creating the Gallup Poll, he became the champion of change. By inventing market research Dr Gallup liberated the customer from vassal to king. Before Gallup, Henry Ford could get away with telling customers, "You can have any colour as long as it's black". Not anymore! No professional politician would run for office today without first polling voters' memes. No professional marketeer would launch a product without first researching the market's memes.

De Bono on escape

30. In 1978, Edward de Bono was my tutor for my PhD which was the first ever in lateral thinking. What is lateral thinking? Lateral thinking is the deliberate search for alternatives. It's more difficult than it seems because the patterning features of the mind tend to reinforce existing patterns rather than to search for new ones. We are more likely to defend our current view than to escape from it and switch to a better view.
31. De Bono's lateral thinking is a clever technique for escape. He once told me that he felt the most difficult feat in thinking is escaping from our point-of-view. At that time I used lateral thinking as a mechanism of escape from the American 'close-the-sale' model of selling to design a new 'word-of-mouth' strategy for selling called newsell.

Hewitt-Gleeson on growth

32. For thirty years I have been interested in the dynamics of growth. In particular, the relationship between thinking patterns and business growth; the inhibitors of growth and the accelerators of growth. Growth is critical to all businesses. Things can't stay the same in business because the market is always changing. You're either growing or you're shrinking. While recognising the fact that small is beautiful and that there are always problems associated with growth--especially fast growth--the premise of the X10 culture is: in business, as in life ... growth is good!

33. In life, growth is governed by a 'growth gene'. In business, growth is governed by a 'growth meme'. In the human body, the 'growth gene' is like a software program which resides in the DNA and this program dictates the rate at which the body will grow. In the corporate body (the business enterprise) the 'growth meme' is like a software program which resides in the brains of the employees. This program dictates the growth rate of the business because it dictates the way everyone thinks about business growth.

34. What is the current 'growth meme' that resides in your brain? If you are like most people, in your brain business growth is governed by the current meme of '10% per annum' which arose out of the Industrial Revolution. The 10% meme allows a business to double its size in ten years. As an experiment, ask around. Ask others what growth rate they were memed with. Ask what they think is the current growth rate for business. I have asked people from all facets of business life--board level to operations, to marketing and even customers--and the usual response is, "10% per annum".

35. Things have changed since the Industrial Revolution. The size of the baby boom market now at it's peak spending years, the internet, globalisation and modern science and technology offers overwhelming evidence that this 10% pa meme is as outdated as the 'flat earth' meme and needs to be upgraded.

36. The X10 culture spreads throughout the enterprise and upgrades the growth meme of a business from '10% per annum' to 'X10'. The X10 meme dictates for a much better growth rate: 'multiply the business by ten'. What if every employee in a business from the customer representative (salesperson) to the shareholder representative (board member) replaced their 10% meme with the X10 meme? What would happen to management thinking? What would happen to customer service? What would happen to the growth rate of the business?

Top Down or Bottom Up?

37. X10 means multiply your company by 10. But how do you get started? X10 programs for large enterprises require a top-down strategy that starts at the executive suite. The greatest successes have been when the CEO is infected with the X10 meme and becomes the X10 champion. The CEO then memes his employees with X10 meme. In smaller organisations the bottom-up approach is fine and any group forming a critical mass can start to grow an X10 culture. Very often, it starts in marketing, like a virus, and infects others in the company. At first it's learned, then it becomes the habitual adding of a zero and ultimately the natural use of the power of ten in one's daily thinking and daily behaviour.

38. In designing the X10 culture I have tried to synthesise the quintessential power of the ideas of the thinkers mentioned above. I show how to introduce the X10 memeplex into an enterprise in this new kind of sales training.

39. By the way, a memeplex is just a co-operative of two or more memes that work even better together than they do apart. The X10 memeplex consists of two X10 memes that work together to accelerate growth. The two memes of the X10 memeplex are coded as: CVS X10 and CHECK X10.


40. This is part two of a lesson and continues your overview of what the X10 memeplex is all about...

41. As mentioned in yesterday's lesson, the X10 memeplex is a partnership of two X10 memes. The first is CVS X10 and the second is CHECK X10 and each one is covered in detail in it's own tutorial in this book. These both work well together to create business growth through a much better combination of employee innovation and customer intimacy. They are both designed as switches the use of which is multiplied by ten. The innovation switch is moving from CVS to BVS. The customer intimacy switch is moving from UNCHECK to CHECK.

42. CVS to BVS means that whatever the Current View of the Situation (CVS) there is always a Better View of the Situation (BVS). The relationship between a CVS and a BVS is decimal. The equation is: CVS X10 = BVS.

43. CVS X10 is taught to everyone in the enterprise and then used as an escape mechanism to find a much better way of looking at their job. It's a change mechanism, It's an innovation switch. It has been used for revenue enhancement and it has successfully driven cost containment. CVS X10 is also used to find ways to understand the customers point-of-view ten times better.

44. UNCHECK to CHECK is for customer intimacy. CHECK (from chess) is the moment we make contact with a customer so it is possible for them to buy. UNCHECK is any moment we are not in contact with a customer so it is not possible for the customer to buy. UNCHECK is where most business failures take place. Few companies measure time spent in UNCHECK, but when they do they are staggered to find out how much of their business time is spent in UNCHECK. You will learn an easy way to do this in the Case Study section of this book.

45. UNCHECK is when your business meme is not replicating. CHECK is when your meme is replicating. A CHECK move is any customer contact like a phone call, email, postcard or handshake. CHECK X10 is used to multiply the quantity of customer contacts by ten and by so doing to increase the amount of customer intimacy. Escaping from UNCHECK is what business is about and escaping from UNCHECK ten times more often than before is what business growth is about.

Customer intimacy X10

46. The newsell strategy is simple but not easy. It is this: multiply by ten the number of customer contacts (CHECK X10) and multiply by ten the quality of your offer (CVS X10). This is an iterative process and is part of every employee's everyday thinking in the X10 enterprise. A division of ANZ bank memed their employees with X10 and in a 12 month period they increased investment clients in their V2 Fund from 38 clients and $4 million to 161 clients and $70 million. AV Jennings Home Improvements used X10 to raise their client contacts from an average of 374 a month to 1565 within four weeks. A boutique fund manager became memed with X10 and raised their funds under management from $20 million to $200 million in a deliberate and pre-meditated use of the X10 culture.

47. The X10 culture is a way to trigger growth, to help manage growth, to encourage enterprise thinking about ways to embrace growth. The X10 culture can be internalised by individuals or by nations. It can be adopted by the business enterprise or a rural community can exploit the X10 culture. The government, the school, the sporting team or even the laboratory can utilise X10 (after I had memed them, I was later told by the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute that they habitually use X10 in their project management and lab planning meetings).

48. The X10 culture allows people to rethink the way they look at their business and to focus growth on all aspects of the business, internal and external. While growing customers, at the same time growing those areas needed to service that growth: quality of production, reduction of costs, management of innovation and in particular the growth of strategic business opportunities.

Sausage Software X10

49. In 1996 I infected Steve Outtrim, the founder of Sausage Software, with the X10 meme. As an X10 business opportunity, I memed a plan for him to X10 his $5 million business by listing it on NASDAQ. I introduced him to a network of merchant bankers and they subsequently decided to list on the ASX. In a recent Financial Review the value of his personal stake in was valued at a quarter of a billion dollars.

50. There is really no limit to the use of X10. An X10 culture provides an environment for every individual thinker on the payroll to create growth in her own area of expertise. Multiply this by all the members of the enterprise. X10 changes the way the thinker looks at her workplace and how she manages her attention. X10 thinking allows the thinker to reinvent the way she sees her environment, to change her view of the world just as having a pair of binoculars changes what she can see at the Melbourne Cup.

Ten Dos & Don'ts To Grow Your Business:

1. Don't continue to use the 10% growth meme

2. Don't defend your CVS

3. Don't spend so much time in UNCHECK

4. Do escape from your point-of-view (CVS X10)

5. Do look for a much better view (BVS)

6. Do CVS to BVS ten times more than your competitor - X10

7. Do escape from UNCHECK

8. Do contact customers (UNCHECK to CHECK)

9. Do CHECK ten times more than your competitor - CHECK X10

10. Do meme every brain in the enterprise with the X10 memeplex.

Your business X10

51. Before going further, will you try a thought experiment? A thought experiment doesn't need a laboratory because you just do it in your mind.

52. Here is the experiment: Multiply your business by 10!

53. Just a take a moment to think what figures you want to put down. Express how your business is currently measured and then write what it would be if you were to multiply that figure by 10 -- which is an easy thing to do because you just add a zero. For example, If you had 43 customers last year, then X10 would be 430. If your current sales are $20 million then X10 equals $200 million. If shareholder value was $1 billion then X10 would be $10 billion. If safety standards rose by 3% then X10 would be 30%. If the number of employees is 572 then X10 would be 5720 employees. If you got a raise of $200, X10 would be $2000. If you received 13 new referrals then 130 would be X10.

54. Since this is an experiment you are asked to remain objective and open-minded. You are not being asked to believe this or to judge it or to critique it. Just to think about it. To explore it.

GE X10

55. I discussed the same thought experiment with Jack Welch who was Chairman of General Electric Corporation in America. At that time General Electric was a 30 billion dollar manufacturer, making everything from locomotives to light bulbs. GE was having the same sort of problem that most manufacturing companies were having at the time with shrinking markets and increasing competition.

56. The problem was: How to get that unfair advantage when all your competitors are doing the same as you are? At that time there was the quality drive. Everyone was into 'quality'. Everyone was reading the same books, attending the same seminars, using the same consultants, doing the same thing, so there was a Red Queen effect -- just like an arms race in biology. In Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass The Red Queen had to run as fast as she could just to stay in place! Suppose you've got gazelles and you've got cheetahs. The genes in the cheetah pool are selected to make for faster running cheetahs in order to be able to catch the gazelles. At the same time, the gazelle gene pool is selecting for faster genes so gazelles can run faster to avoid being eaten -- so you get this kind of genetic arms race. After all that effort you still get much the same amount of cheetahs eating the same amount of gazelles.

57. This is what was happening in manufacturing in the 70s and 80s with memetic arms races in 'quality' and 'excellence' and 're-engineering' and so on. Corporations in countries like America and Australia were doing the same thing while competition was getting tougher, markets were shrinking and it was very hard to get that quantum leap.

58. So, Jack Welch was very interested in the concept of multiplying GE by 10. If you added a zero to GE, a 30 billion dollar company, it would become a 300 billion dollar company. I first memed Jack Welch at a GE management meeting at Marco Island, Florida in September 1984 where I was invited to present my "Software for the Brain" address about CVS to BVS and the GE X10 strategy. I was followed by Professor Bob Hayes from Harvard who agreed, "In business, moving from CVS to BVS should be the constant".

59. After the meeting Jack invited me to forget my commercial flight and return to New York with him on one of the GE corporate jets. Through my agent in New York, it was arranged for me to meme thousands of GE managers around the US over the next 18 months with the GE X10 meme.

60. Jack Welch found a way of creating growth in manufacturing by using ideas to drive growth and he asked me to help him. In wanting to grow GE he saw that it would first require a total enterprise commitment to change and the need for a new way of thinking at GE. Jack Welch of GE is a business leader who understands the role of ideas - knowledge - in managing change. He has invested heavily in GE's own private business school at Crotonville, New York. Jack personally teaches the X10 meme to GE managers, "We have to shun the traditional incremental growth strategy and grow by the quantum leap".

61. Today, other corporations are emulating the knowledge strategy that drives growth at GE. This is much easier to do in a small company, but to do this in a 100-year-old mature, global monolith is a unique achievement for which Jack has been recognised internationally. Jack switched GE from being a product-driven business bent on market share to a customer-driven business bent on profit share. To do this he memed GE from a $30 billion manufacturing company in 1985 to a clever $300 billion company in 1998 and as a result GE's shareholder value has grown ten times. Just think!

WOWBAT... NewSell

A powerful application of Energy Transmutation Dynamics, and JUST ONE of many LifeStyle Improving Courses being created for presentations at An Ever Better World Internet Academy!!!!!!!!!

NEWSELL was unique in that it was genuinely something NEW about selling. It was acclaimed by marketing gurus and business leaders alike. It provided the intellectual basis for customer-driven selling, permission marketing, symbiotic RELATIONSHIP generation, viral marketing, and buzz or word-of-mouth selling. It became the most important teaching aid for salespeople.

Now WOMBAT SELLING has the power of educating a new generation of ecommerce businesspeople about selling — it literally leads salespeople out of one way of thinking and forces them, often quite shockingly, to see selling in a different way.

For those who are looking for the actual fountain of new ideas about selling, the quintessence of the emerging ecommerce paradigm, they had better consult WOMBAT SELLING.

A full understanding of this strategy will revolutionise your ability to manage evolving complex markets, grow new online passion groups and get your customers replicating and your business growing!

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