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Overview about choosing a Great Company to profit with

When we began evaluating money-generating projects to include in Ideal Portfolios for An Ever Better World and inclusion in courses offered by Ideal Academy, much research was (and continues being) done to identify Ideal Dynamics for Perpetual Success with generating consistent Profitable Returns On Investments... This document contains the basics to consider in getting to Know, Like, Respect, and Trust a business; then at the end of this document 3 projects are provided that meet All the Ideal Dynamics...

Evaluation of a business depends upon a number of factors, these include:

Management team & company ...
Personal ability and experience of the CEO, and the team working with the CEO.... solid professional backgrounds, ethical, integrity... long-term vision for the company and people working with it... financially sound (preferably debt-free)... receptive to input from the field and internal company personnel... vertically integrated (in control of everything).... product-focused... visibility and ease of contact with CEO and management team... excellent customer service readily available when you have questions.

Product ...
high need... consumable... quality... has market demand... uniqueness.... efficacious... based in science.... priced right for the masses... Are the products and/or services something that people desire and will buy? .... Is there exceptional value for money offered in comparison to the competition? ... How much competition is already in that chosen marketplace for similar products?

Tools & Training ...
e-commerce websites... recorded overviews... regular "nuts & bolts" trainings... access to Member's Area, Virtual office & customers/clients genealogy... Are product and marketing materials readily available to easily make professional presentations that get Customers Positive Attention and Desired Action, such as power-point presentations and sales websites, traffic exchange banners, brochures, CDs & DVDs, etc.? - - Before a customer can say YES or NO their attention must be on your offer. Are you challenged to exchange current viewpoints and methods not producing desired results, with ever-better point of views and methods that could produce more desirable results? -- (CVS to BVS to EBVS) -- NOTE: Remember NEWsell dynamics -- scientific measuring and adjusting with perspective that the customer/client does the "close" (decides to buy)... OLDsell revolves around a FALSE assumption that sales-person does the close.

Timing & Trends...
positioning ahead of the major growth of the company (Is the company able to efficiently handle rapid growth?)... Is the media talking positively about the product ingredients? ... Are marketplace trends favorable for reception by enough consumers to generate high sales and profits.

Profit Margin & Compensation Plan ...
Is there enough between cost and income to create sufficient profit to warrant time and other resources invested... Is the commission plan simple to understand, lucrative, no hidden hoops & hurdles, seamless marketing and delivery process, (if affiliate structured, is it global, can sponsor anyone in any country), low monthly autoship which appeals to the masses, dynamic compression, paid on dollar value and not on b.v. (bonus volume).

Time in business...
There is an old-age idea that joining any company under 5 years old is a recipe for disaster. But consider: If no-one bought from or joined anything under 5 years old, how does ANY business become 5 years old to start with? ... The smarter considerations fall within the previous presented Ideal Dynamics...

The aforementioned factors are the most important aspects of consideration. In most networking businesses, unlike store-front business models, the start-up phase is where large amounts of money are made. The business is hot, the sizzle is starting, plus representatives and prospects are keenly interested and eager to try and buy. However, never abuse those factors that generate LONG-TERM repeat buyers, because it's your credibility that will ultimately suffer, if things go wrong... RESPECT and TRST are earned and kept by placing customer/clients needs along side of personal needs in WIN-WIN-WIN situations.... You win. I win. WE win.

Evaluations of the most successful entrepreneurs reveals that they view growing their referral business knowledge, and earning subsequent success, as a lifelong process. They are not building for the short term success, rather they are thinking at the end for perpetual success.

The attraction in Referral Marketing of an already established product or service, is that newcomers can be relatively successful right away. Same for any seasoned networker who is still trying to find the right formula to make it work to produce a steady income. Keep in mind most of the foundational work has already been done by others. The challenge for most people in Referral Marketing is picking the right company with the right product, along with the system that suits their personal style, interest and skills.

A great asset of working with a mature company is that many people have already taken the "arrows in the back" pioneering workable business-building concepts. That can also be a roadblock, however, if you aren't provided with a simple plan that directs you in exactly how to use this "already acquuired by others" knowledge. Many people who are successful can NOT explain HOW they accomplished the success. If they can NOT show HOW to do it, then new people could have many challenges in the learning curve involved in discovering what works to successfully produce desired results.

To start in Referral Marketing, select a product or two that you feel good about. Then select two to three proven sales methods from your training materials. Concentrate on these methods, avoiding the temptation to expand. In other words, "narrowcast" rather than "broadcast" your efforts. Do the same with your sponsoring methods: Select two concepts you're comfortable with and focus on these.

The objective should be to keep the plan as simple as possible, but no simpler. In other words, don't be under-prepared, but don't also do too much prep. Take one step at a time. Measure your success one day at a time. Work consistently. Stay committed to your vision and goal. You will get your desired results.

WOMBAT Ideal Internet Academy
for Instant Success

WOMBAT = Word Of Mouth Buy And Tell

One of the resources we use in the Success Engineering Course is Randy Gage... In his 2006 book: "Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke... And How To Get Smart, Healthy & Rich!" offers in Chapter 8 "The Greatest Prosperity Secret" - Unleasing the Awesome Power of Leverage -- some wisdom to consider when deciding where to look for creating sources of money flows.

Understand 3 Business Models

1. Real Estate

2. Information Entrepreneur

3. Network Marketing

Randy Gage says on page 131: "I love real estate and I want to build a huge portfolio. I've made ridiculous amounts of profit with it in very short periods of time. And I love being an information entrepreneur as well. I've earned millions doing it, and the lifestyle it provides is perfect for me. But my very favorite business, and the one I recommend to everyone, is our third business model.

Multi-Level or Network Marketing is the last bastion left in the free enterprise system where the average person - without a large investment, vast experience, or a lot of education - can still create weatlh."

It seems wise to understand the benefits and drawbacks within these business models... For instance, David Bach is the his book "Start Late, Finish Rich" offers 13 reason to work with the Network Marketing Industry (which Randy also quotes on pages 133-134):

1. The moment you join a direct selling company you're in business.

2. You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

3. You don't have to do it all by yourself.

4. You will be forced to stretch yourself.

5. You will find mentors and experts.

6. You can create passive income.

7. You can make a new circle of friends.

8. You don't have to retire.

9. You get to help other people.

10. You make your own hours.

11. Tax incentives.

12. Is less expensive to get in than many other businesses.

13. It's a family business.

More reasons and benefits to consider:

14. Sponsorship lineage of people eager to help you be successful because they each have a vested interest in the volume flowing to them from the sales organization you generate.

15. Work from home or anywhere you select.

16. Travel to luxurious places for coneventions.

17. Many methods of conduction business development.

In addition to An Ever Better World Membership Program, there are 2 "must-have" projects within An Ever Better World Projects meeting ALL these Ideal Dynamics....

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