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Having plenty of Leisure Time is the ultimate TRUE Liberty and one of most prized form of wealth ... SO WHY don't we all have this highly prized state of being?

BECAUSE enjoying time away from the workplace and other areas of daily survival is a GOAL achieved by understanding the PROCESS, that manifests Leisure Time and the joyful activities we associate with this Liberty Zone... This PROCESS begins by carefully planning and balancing our whole-life expressions using a Ideal Whole-Life Portfolio, WITH Ideal Leisure Time AS a Desired Result...

"Having fun is a Great Way to Learn" is a key theme of our friends at Wesselman Nature Society in southern Indiana... Here is practiced the Corecepts that allows Ideal Eco-Systems to exist:

What I do comes back to me! ...

They're proving there is something very magical in having fun doing the right thing together: KEOA - Keeping Each Other Alive! That happens on a lot of interesting and intelligent levels....

A Whole-Life Portfolio is "reality based" thus must include a Dream Manifester Kit in which Dream Stealers are identified, along with methods and tools to avoid, or remove, Dream Stealers.

In doing the research for this Liberty Zone, I was surprised to discover that LACK of having a HUGE delightful Leisure Zone in most individual's lifestyle, IS directly related to a major Dream Stealer... LACK of accurate knowledge about: WHAT AM I? ... Most have discovered the answer from understanding the Human Body's Brain and Sex Organs! ... In no other area of biology or philosophy, is there greater lack of accurate understanding... This lack of understanding causes choice-making to rather than being focused on doing the art of living, choice making actually practices the art of dying...

I shall not bore the reader with details... just offer a fast easy solution.... Attend Whole-Life Pleasure Enhancement Parties, featuring "After Dark FUN Parties"... (In the works... Internet FUN Parties... Let me know if you're interested... Interest will determine the speed of development.)

Discover amazing facts
about the Brain & Sex Organs...

Along with methods & tools to
enhance their Abilities...

To satisfied those readers who just have to have a dose of intellectualizing even with the subject of sex, here's a no frills brief....

Human Beings differ from the animal kingdom mainly because of the method of using the brain and sex organs, and their abilities. -- If maximum happy healthy longevity is to be obtained, we must have accurate information about both the brain and sex organs in the male and female of our species. As well as how to develop methods and tools to maximize their potentials.

Of the organs and systems within the human body, most individuals know the least about our brain and sex organs… Thus, these are essential frontiers to explore as we ventured into the 3rd millenium since Jesus Christ liberated us from institutional control about use of our human body…

In conscious beings, ignorance about anything results in formulation of imaginative speculations, mysteries, myths, taboos, traditions, etc… In no other areas, is there more massive mysteries, myths and taboos at work than in the topics surrounding the organs of the brain and sex …

Throughout history, many forms of institutions, schools, cults, beliefs, and customs have emerged to control what a human being does with their brain and sex organs.

Paralleling the common knowledge:

Most individuals don't plan to fail, they fail to plan wisely and act appropriately on their plans.

Most individuals don't plan to be ignorant about their body; they fail to gain knowledge because of the default method for using the body's various organs and systems that exists in PRE-consciousness...This default method is known as "instinct" or "innate urge for survival of self and species"… The drive to acquire survival needs of food, water, shelter and reproduction…

When not blocked from doing so, POST-consciousness curiosity drives an individual to learn how to the organs of the body, especially the brain and sex organs. for self and species survival, as well as intentionally causing feelings of pleasure or pain, and satisfying other hierarchy of needs as identified by Abraham Maslow, and other scientists.

Most individuals discover early in life that feelings of pleasure or pain are directly related to the functional aspects of their brain and/or sex organs. The degree to which these are explored, and development energy channeled, depends upon the attitudinal environment in which an individual is birthed and raised… It's culturally common to discourage exploration, and retard development.

To facilitate understanding how the human body functions, especially the brain and sex organs, along with how to manifest desired levels of pleasures, Whole-Life Services® created a series of dynamic pesentations for Whole-Life Pleasure Enhancement Parties® and Intimate MAGIC Educare Workshops®

You're invited to host (or attend) a Pleasure Enhancement Party®, where you can see, feel and explore the awesome adventure of Intimacy MAGIC... These Parties can be FOR ... Women Only... or ... Men Only... or ... Couples... Just let me know your preference.

Huge FINANCIAL Opportunity….

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THE SIZE of your Leisure Zone!!!

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