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This Learning Zone is designed primarily to provide learning tools and enhance understanding about:

"A new education from birth onward must be built up.
Education must be reconstructed and based on the laws of nature
and not on the preconceived notions and prejudices of adult society."
Dr. Maria Montessori, from "The Formation of Man" page 97

THE greatest obstacles blocking a Personalized Education System and Ideal Civilization (aka Paradise On Earth) are:

THE solution is Embrace Liberty, ONE Universal Language, and A COMMON Purpose and Mission...

We are all playing on BOTH a local and an international field... We are playing In BOTH Cyberspace (Virtual Reality) and Tangible Reality (Real Life - life begets life)... How do we stay at Point of CLARITY??? --- How do we avoid Blurred Vision? -- Accurate Knowledge requires Clarity Comprehension ... Confusion is the current state of beingness... Are Human Beings the only creature on Earth who create our own life-endangering problems; and then must find solutions that do NOT create more or worse problems? ... Do we know when being deceived or not?... Do we know difference between clarity, confusion, illusion and delusion?... Do we know difference between sane and insane; between sanity and insanity... The challenge faced by We The People in this game of life is inspiring Everybody to:

Buckminster Fuller observed:

There will come a time when the proper education of children, by a glorified system of spontaneous education of choice, similar to the Montessori System, will be made possible. Children, as well as grown-ups, in their individual, glorified, drudgery-proof homes of Labrador, the tropics, the Orient, or where you will, to which they can pass with pleasure and expedition by means of ever-improving transportation, will be able to tune in their television and radio (and Internet) to the moving picture lecture of, let us say, President Lowell of Harvard; the professor of Mathematics of Oxford; of the doctor of Indian antiquities of Delhi, etc. Education by choice, with its marvelous motivating psychology of desire for truth, will make life ever cleaner and happier, more rhythmical and artistic. - http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Buckminster_Fuller

One of humanity’s prime drives is to understand and be understood... What nature needed man (human beings) to be was adaptive in many if not any direction; wherefore she gave man (human beings) a mind as well as a coordinating switchboard brain.... we are beginning to learn a little in the behavioral sciences regarding how LITTLE we know about children and the educational processes. We had assumed the child to be an empty brain receptacle into which we could inject our methodically-gained wisdom until that child, too, became educated. In the light of modern behavioral science experiments that was not a good working assumption.

Inasmuch as the new life always manifests comprehensive propensities, I would like to know WHY it is that we have disregarded all children’s significantly spontaneous and comprehensive curiosity and in our formal education have deliberately instituted processes leading only to narrow specialization. (RE: Chapter 1 in 'Operating Manual Spaceship Earth')

It suggested to carefully read and make written notes about much needed insights within 'Operating Manual Spaceship Earth' by Buckminster Fuller

We have it within our power and abilities to easily and affordably create a Personalized Education System...

Here's a fact as of 1997.... About two thirds of the world does NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!

So, that means about two thirds of the world is NOT ABLE to know about the grand human experiments which reveal Liberty's ideals and the blessings Liberty offers...

We HAVE a VERY EASY SOLUTION.... a Personalized (one-on-one) Internet Delivered Teaching Method to INSPIRE learning of English, and which gives each person a sense of "specialized" learning experience. The virtual reality method is so real that it seems like the guides are in the same room with you.

Our expert audio voices pronounce each and every English word clearly, which is so vital in understanding and speaking the language correctly.

Desire to learn more about this unique learning method? .... Go to http://paradise-on-earth.en101.com... (clicking link opens a new browser window) ... At the EN101 website click the Demo Link to experience the absolute most astounding language course on the internet today.

Imagination is innate, consciously skilled thinking is NOT innate... A good command of a Common Language IS the Master KEY to advanced conscious thinking along with Life-Long Joyous Learning inspired from OUR Human Imagination, which is directly linked to Universal Creation Power Wisdom... A HUGE sentence with MAJOR corecepts that MUST be comprehended to acquire IDEALS and do actions that create the Art of Living Paradisiacally... Consider some acronyms for IDEAL and IDEALS:

Keep creating personal acronyms for IDEAL and IDEALS... It's a fun method to kept our brain software developing EVER-BETTER life-empowering thinking skills and Ideal Dynamics... It will be discovered that innately humans have the SAME common IDEAL purpose: To have LIFE and have Life more abundantly... (Human Beings require ideals to aspire and inspire us to develop our talents and do the actions required to reach our highest potentials)... Plus, gain ever-more understanding from accumulated knowledge about the path societies have already traveled (We MUST learn the lessons history has to offer!)... and acquire ever-better thinking skills, and allow about where our imagination might take us, are also required for Paradise On Earth SOCIETY to emerge, because as revealed in the motto of The School of Thinking:

"nemo nascitur sapiens artifex"
NO one is ever born a skilled thinker.

Learning TO BE A SKILLED THINKER and allowing imagination to flow forth are much more important than rote fact memorization... Education enhances access and application of imagination which is vital to the ascension career and survival of an individual and humankind... Indoctorination retards thinking and imagination...

Mark Twain advised:
"Never let school
get in the way of your education."

"The Vision I had in 1950 of having
My Education In A Suitcase,
will be available
as soon as we wisely use the Internet!!!"
-- Darlene Hedrick Sartore

Ponder: IF you were a six year old child in 1960, how would you have described a "laptop computer"??? ... It sure is challenging trying to describe something that has NOT yet been invented!

This is the same challenge now in inspiring people to recognize that: Learning and Education are NOT the same as school... Learning and Education might or might not take place in "school"... It requires an appropriate environment for learning and education to occur... In most cases the moment a child is forced out of the real-world home and into a "school for rote-memorization indoctrination", real world ever-better survive and thrive learning, education, and application STOP.

CONSIDER WHY humankind has reached the point where: The greatest need of society right now is saving a child's natural genius and resurrecting our own... The WHY is simple: Discovery of SLAVERY... Realization that another person can BE FORCED to DO want I desire! ... Realization of HOW MUCH I am forced to do what others desire!... IF course of events unfolded along NATURE'S WAY, THEN balance is achieved in Energy Transmutation, and Personal Liberty Zones evolve that keep slavery in check, and power instead of force sustains progress in Survive, Thrive, Replicate Mechanism and all is well of planet Earth.... IF so THEN we are thinking in ways that sustainably support our PERSONAL and Collective life, health, happiness and success, instead of ways that don't... Am I a co-creator, or Am I a machine???

Here is where in this presentation we consciously begin to encounter and consider the topic of Brain Software along with How, By Who and What did Programming of Programs operating the Brain Software... Here is where we encounter and begin evaluating Our Personal and Social LibertyZones and Map Of Consciousness... Here is where we begin to encounter and expand Consciousness and Conscious Observations and Evaluations... Here is where we begin to determine IF Nature's Certain Way is controlling our thoughts and actions... Here is where we begin consciously encountering Objective and Subjective IDEAL Dynamics... Here is where we observe and evaluate IF Universal Laws and Predictable Constants provide our Personal Guidance Systems, or IF something else has attempted to REplace Nature's Adaptive Certain Way To Survive, Thrive and Replicate... IF... THEN... IF "this" happens... THEN "that" happens... Am I a co-creator with Nature consciously controlling energy transmuations to sustain desired results; or Am I a machine programmed to respond only as programmed??? ... ALL computers... ALL Artificial Intelligence uses IF - THEN programs to guide processors and programs... Artificial Intelligence textbooks define the field as "the study and design of intelligent agents" where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success at producing a desired result set by the programmer. John McCarthy, who coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1955, defines AI as "the science and engineering of making intelligent machines."

Our explorations in the fields of Computer Processors and Artificial Intelligence have greatly enhanced our comprehension about Brain, Mind, and Education...

Observe, ponder, consider, and record "feelings about" a few factors that could inspire further personal exploration into the science and engineering of making intelligent machines... How confused is our identity?... Am I a Human Being or Human Machine????... How much thinking have I done about various factors in the art of living this life.... It's suggested to begin observing and journaling at the beginning... Consider the FIRST years as a "baby human being"... Think about "in womb conditions" = baby inside mother... Think about "birth process" = exiting out of mother... Think about "first hours after birth" = in mother's arms or in a nursery bed?... Think about "method of nourishment" = mother's breast milk or fed from a bottle?... Think about "care environment" = diaper changings - bed with rails to prevent falling off - gaining personal safety awareness and movement controls: roll-over, crawling on hands and knees, balanced walking upright, talking, feeding self foods prepared by others, fixing food for self...

Consider WHAT best instills feelings of security, trust and confidence in others and self... Consider HOW MUCH was done TO and FOR you... Consider HOW much survival is dependent on others and how fragile survival is without others; which makes it easy for "enslavement" and "pleasing others" to get survival needs cared for... Consider the "baby's will" to gain personal control over self and environment so as to NOT be dependent on others... Consider WHEN and WHERE personal choices were made about anything... Consider the conflicts and harmonics set up in these life-expressions and survival dynamics.... Consider HOW much is NOT "taught in school" sytle... Consider the innate genius discovery and unfolding processes involved in the first years of life... Consider THINKING as a learned skill... Consider WHAT happens WHEN learning occurs AS needed and desired... A Human Being learns to "think" because survival demands this ability to survive... When we follow Nature's Way, there seems to evolve a natural BALANCE that empowers healthy INTERdependence and independence (we and me valued; respected), while preventing extremes in slavery or complete dependence.

We acquire knowledge because of context. The context is the why, and it determines the what; it determines what it is that we grasp about reality as we form knowledge." Furthermore, he says that "you cannot know what a conclusion is apart from the context that gave rise to it... This applies categorically to any piece of knowledge – to any statement – any utterance. Context is what gives [an] idea its meaning... its existence and therefore its identity." RE: http://rebirthofreason.com/Articles/Dwyer/Objectivism,_Contextual_Knowledge_and_the_Correspondence_Theory_of_Truth.shtml

To repeat: The greatest need of society right now is saving a child's natural genius and resurrecting our own.

With the advent of means for Information Storage, Instant Information Retrieval and FAST Information Distribution, facts are at our finger tips WHEN such is needed. This Information Super Highway, we labeled as the Internet, greatly limits the need for rote memorization of trivia... This frees up time for the person to invest in inspring the brain cells to develop the SKILLS of being a highly skilled thinker, and allow imagination to conjure up a broader array of potentials, solutions, disoveries, and inventions, plus be an accurate decision make....

Liberty -- CHOICE Freedom - is the driving force of human development. It's easy to comprehend that development is the capacity to freely select, and that libertarian design is a vehicle for imagination release, enhancement of choice, and wholistic life-sustaining value-productive thinking.

Acquired knowledge via education is important, but nournishing imagination is VITAL to long term survival of conscious beings.

The imperative of personal independence combined with universal interdependency, the necessity of reducing endless complexities, and the wisdom of producing manageable simplicities, requires a SYSTEM Mode Of Thinking, with a wholistic frame of reference that allows focus on relevant issues, while embracing the endless search for more operational details WITHOUT drowning in ever-proliferating mountains of information. Internet Search Engines are beginning to provide a TOOL to get information WHEN we need it... While organizations as a whole are becoming more and more interdependent, the parts will continue to display choice and behave independently, making the choice to interact interdependently WHEN REASON suggests "this or that" from possibles and potentials, as most efficient and value-productive.

In this arena of having information AT OUR fingertips via LapTop (Portable) Computers connected to the Internet... (Knowledge and Education In A Suitcase)... NOW you can have Multi-Billion dollar blue chip technology and an award winning online education learning centers AT OUR fingertips AND at a VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE!... Instant access to ON-LINE courses (and more constantly being created)... Included is THE absolutely most effective Paradise On Earth IDEAL TOOL are programs for learning "ENGLISH as a a FIRST or Second Language"... Always stay conscious to the fact that having a UNIVERSALLY SHARED COMMON LANGUAGE IS ESSENTIAL FOR PEACE, HARMONY AND PROSPERITY... Being able to clearly communicate throughout our global community is vital to engaging and sharing arts/sciences of living wisdom, and block art of dying dynamics.

PLUS, with fast-paced changes manifested in a hi-tech society, each person at some point will have to address the question and realization of:

WHAT is it worth TO ME
having access to
a system that empowers INSTANT Learning?

Survival means I can't afford to NOT
buy into this INSTANT Learning system.

It will cost me much more than the particiption price to
NOT be able to learn quickly, or
not be able to think and act accurately.

My University in the Smart Media Desktop introduces creatives accross the learning dynamics (academics, games, computer software, et cetera)... Savvy technicians are fast working on primary, secondary and university educations that you get in the Palm of your hand - Ynot? .... Wanna graduate from Princeton by age 12? - Ynot? ..... As Don Tolman shared in his Ynot EduK8 fun spoofs, we believe "knowing stuff is good." .... Are you aware the window to learn foreign language and store them complete with accent is open in the brain from age 1 to about 10, and then closes? But get this: Formal Educators continue to wait and introduce foreign languages in Junior High! -- Duh?!? -- Educational scientists have NOT as yet inspired or forced Educational Institutions to budge! Scientists have known that music is rhythm and timing, if learned at an early age music accelerates abilities for arithmetic and higher mathematics later on. It's all about neural connections, early on. By the same token art, dance and acting stimulate parts of the brain that foster creativity and imagination. BUT when school budgets get tight, the first classes cut are music, art, dance, and drama! -- Science proves we can NOT think of music and the arts as frills anymore. Brains grow DOING the arts, playing chess, doing puzzles, and finding meaning in pictures. -- Ynot learn a 4N Tongue in 24 Hrs. Cause it can't be done? - Ynot? -- Even more, if learning and the method of remembering what is learned is fun, and done at the speed of sight, then you could have it all done by age 12. At this point we could choose to play, travel the world, or be the independent entrepreneur we are destined to be. In this paradigm, we chose the life-style desired to live, and are living life on our terms... it kind of sounds like the forgotten American Dream, doesn't it? ... After all this country wasn't founded on the Declaration of blending in! Make your own life. Live it on Our Personal Terms. Be Independent. Get a Cottage Degree @ Home or @ Play from Ynot EduK8. We believe in hire eduK8tion - that's right - learn to mind your very own business and hire all the right people to help you Hit a Home Run! -- Stay tuned as Ynot EduK8 introduces the, "EduK8tion in a Box-Series" - You'll love "thingamajigz and wattjamacallitz" and beg for more as you conquer the complex world of, "gittin" yer "EduK8tion".

Did you experience how the brain stopped at words spelled different from what was "expected", spelled "wrong"? ... Did your brain correctly see the optional phonic patterns (such as 8 meaning ate; 4N meaning foreign ) and interpret accurate "meanings and values" of the strange spellings?... The brain appreciates playing fun word games... The brain delights in working with the mind and creativity...

~ What Constitutes a True Education? ~

At the end of the day, what one single skill of all the millions available, pay off best in 21st century society? In other words, what would a true education provide?

First, it's the ability to speak in a compelling engaging fashion to any person you happen to meet. To be able to express joy, to utter knowledge with passion and warmth, so that others respond in like-kind dialogs. How much energy, time, and money do schools expend in that? ZERO!

Secondly, civility: courteous behavior, politeness, a kind utterance, a graceful happy countenance and behavior. Someone who is well spoken and full of grace in their interactions with others always does well in our society.

Thirdly, it's fulfilling to apply creative imagination, or to be exposed to it, in the exploration of observation and learning. For this cause, we are creating the PreMagined Academic Series.

Using Ynot EduK8, everything done is to bring about a Revolution/Evolution in individual lives in gaining basic fundamental foundations and higher and higher levels of these three skills in an accelerated Method of Imagination. It is our purpose. It is our joy.

But wait what about bell curves and different learning styles? Pure cow crap. Sweep your mind clean of those things, focus on the three gifts. These three things are very teachable, very learnable, very fulfilling and fun. They bring confidence and self-esteem, but best of all, everyone can obtain them. We desire to take an ancient method of Education Care (educare) combined with the best ideas from today's top imaginative creatives, and rock the world!

Computer action games are already light years ahead in applying methods that stimulate the brain to THINK, adjust, adapt and make ever- better choices... The brain is starved for this "play with me attention", that is why often action-game-players seem to be in a trance... the brain is FULLY engaged in discovering solution to succeed in the CURRENT mission and ANTICIPATING the next potential required action to stay on course to achieve the desired result - achieving the objective - solving the mystery... Humankind HAD this constant mystery-solving stimuation when we hunted for food, and even when we personally cultivated our food... We were engaged with the process and constantly interacting with our environment... Rote doing of actions bores the brain causing decay in its cells!

Have you read The Science Of Being Rich, The Master Key System, and The Software For The Brain????... IF so, you INSTANTLY GET IT... You immediately understood the Value-Productive POWER within the foregoing paragraphs... YOU KNOW that: Access to the Authentic Self and Accurate Brain Programming is easily acquired from the wisdom within these lessons... That's WHY sharing these resources is becoming THE most desired VOCATION...

Educare Consulting and Guides IS the primary VOCATION Training offered to adults participating with IDEAL Academy -- WHY? --- Common Sense reveals that Human Beings "survive, thrive, and teach" around what we know about!!! ... IDEAL Academy Guides embrace "Paradise On Earth Dynamics", and have access to a HUGE amount of Interactive Computer, Internet and MOVIE Tutorials and Tools... Membership in this network IS JUST AS ESSENTIAL for Experienced Computer-Internet Users, as it is for Beginners... Every Parent and Business Owner will GREATLY BENEFIT from participating with this system that taps into the AWESOME VALUE-Producing POWER of Multi-Media (TV/Radio/Internet/Movies/Videos, etc) and Pass-On-Values Word-Of-Mouth Buy-And Tell (WOMBAT) advertising! -- (WOMBAT is a VITAL self-correcting consumer-driven quality control method in maintaining harmony, prosperity and safety in a multi-cultural free-fair-diverse-marketplace economy.)--

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." ~ Goethe

In the learning arena, Motion Pictures was the FIRST multi-sensory method to provide a powerful memetic driven method to EASILY TEACH about any topic... Movies, video, and any form of animated pictures, captures attention, inspire IMAGINATION, and invokes HIGH RETENTION LEVELS!!! -- In Success Engineering, we start with ADULTS using movie/video watching process (visioneering) to see and mentally/emotionally experience potentials; for example "rag to riches" scripts help get free from failure caused by poverty-mentality, and embrace success empowered by prosperity consciousness. THEN PARENTS (as children's first and best teachers), CAN use this fun method to empower their CHILDREN to develop their fullest potentials!!!... Soon we can have a generation who can connect Creation Power Wisdom Within, be a Imagineer, and apply REASON, then "Do it right the first time"...

Thanks to access to the Science of Getting Rich, The Master Key System, Ynot Eduk8, and School Of Thinking,, we now have a system to use to quickly and affordably spread the message about how to HAVE Imagination Release, Accurate Brain Programming, Personal Success Development, and Glorious LIFE-styles !!!... (Had the LOVE-based wisdom offered by Jesus of Nazareth not been converted into a religion ABOUT him, we would have been enjoying these "life and having it abundantly" conditions for over 2,000 years... )

In many areas we have more understanding about Artificial Intelligence than Human Intelligence... For most of Humankind's history there has been confusion between what the brain and mind are, and how they function... Researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence are continually expanding our understanding about Humankind's thinkingness and behaviour.

Understanding the difference between the brain and the mind, and knowing HOW to think and learn so as to produce desired results, are vital in our quest to manifest the vision of Paradise On Earth, beginning with actions that manifest the goal of NO hunger and NO greed locally and globally... As long as there is hunger, the brain will not focus on much beyond basic food-gathering... When greed is the motivator, the brain gets locked on accumulation and locks out usage wisdom.... Hunger (i.e. just barely able to pay the "bills") and Greed are 2 of the major obstacles blocking acquiring the vision of IDEAL Civilization being wise stewards to create and keep Paradise On Earth.

Using the "triage rescue" paradigm might facilitate how to remove obstacles that block the vision of Paradise On Earth from manifesting, which revolves around how to solve the education crisis... In triage, the prime directive is to rescue the MOST viable FIRST... get the LESS injured to safety first, then return to help the more seriously injured... Emotions might lead to doing just the opposite actions, but wisdom directs using methods that lessen opportunity for creating higher death toll and more injuries... Wise triage is vital in approaching the topic of education, because EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS to certain memes fuel such great controversy and even violent conflicts, that improvements are blocked.

Some insight in 2 different major thought and emotion influencing memes is offered in a paraprased Lesson In Thinking by Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Principal for the School of Thinking and developer of X10-thinking...

Western thought has been dominated by the Platonic ethic: the importance of The Truth = (PTV - Plato Truth Virus).

Eastern thought has been dominated by the Confucian ethic: the importance of The Relationship = (RMC - Relationship Meme of Confucius).

In the context triaging and exploring information viruses (or memes), understanding how ideas spread by word-of-mouth and about how cultures become infected by idea-viruses and memes it's interesting to understand and appreciate the different thinking strategies that have evolved out of the Plato Truth Virus (PTV) and the Relationship Meme of Confucius (RMC). In my experience with teaching thinking across cultures, when one better understands the thinking style of a different culture it makes it easier to appreciate the unique elements of one's own.

PTV places the emphasis on having the truth, on being right. To demonstrate that one is right, in this tradition, it has turned out that the best way to do this is by showing others to be wrong. As a result of PTV we have seen the rise of dogmatism, intolerance, arrogance and persecution. This is not what Plato intended, of course, but is a consequence of PTV. Our own parliamentary behaviour in Australia, based on the Westminster system, is a regularly televised example of "I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong" in action.

RMC places the emphasis on the interaction, the interchange, the connection. This fits in with contemporary media-driven trends in psychology, sociology and philosophy where the accent is on understanding the relationships and defining the roles. Behaviour is governed less from external laws and more from internalised concepts of "the gentleman, the yuppie, the genXer, Mars/Venus, netiquette, greenies" and identification with brands and lifestyles.

In summary, the main difference between the Confucian ethic and the Platonic one is this:

  • the Confucian ethic is more concerned with manners and appropriate behaviour. It doesn't matter so much whether you are 'right' or 'wrong' as long as you behave well.

  • the Platonic ethic is concerned with 'truth' and whether you are in the 'right' or not. If you are 'right' then that can excuse your behaviour because 'truth' is on your side.

In today's shrinking world there is an overlap of PTV and RMC as the cultural boundaries are becoming more fuzzy with globalisation. Yet the differences are still there and the recent US/China incident regarding the spy plane is a clear example of how the two cultures have different views of the situation.

It seemed that China felt the Americans did not behave well regarding their lost pilot and protocol required an apology. While, on the other hand, America felt they were in the 'right' so they did not need to apologise.

No doubt these things are more complicated than that but it does help to get an overview if you can.

Offering this short paraphrased overview brings attention onto the CAUSES for most obstacles that block improvement... A main obstacle to progress is WHERE we are "looking", WHERE our attention is focused... Once we look in a direction, it's easy to see what is there.. But UNTIL somehow the direction IS realized or pointed to, it's easy to NOT be aware of what's there...

WHERE attention is directed IS a decision... Improvements and solutions are everywhere, but most often our decision of WHERE to place attention is NOT directed so as to see them... The various Zones and items on the Menues of this Liberty Zone Cafe are about WHY our attention is often NOT focused WHERE improvements or solutions are, AND about HOW TO direct and manage our attention, so that awareness is WHERE improvements and solutions are most likely to be discovered and implemented...

AT this point IT seems wise to ask:

Whether or not you do... BEGIN noticing and considering HOW the "words" brain and mind are used... Focusing attention upon "noticing", will probably gain more understanding than studying all the information that experts could impart....

But if research is preferred... It might be helpful to review Mind-Mapping -- In the book HEAD STRONG - THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW FORMULA FOR DEVELOPING BODY AND MIND POWER by Tony Buzan, he introduces you to the study of Holanthropy: the study of the brain and its interrelated functions; the study of the body and its interrelated functions; and the study of the interrelated functions of brain and body.

What is Mind? article by Dr. Silvia Helena Cardoso - - While at this link also click on "See here more comments on what is mind"... These articles offer a "tip of the iceberg" understanding as to WHY there is so much confusion about brain and mind.

As we learn from Software For Your Brain: The difference between the way the brain TOOL is used NOW, and the way it COULD operate, is determined by the operating system and software the brain is using. Each time you do 100 repetitions of CVSTOBVS (Current View of Situation to Better View of Situation) constructs a new executive neurosoftware pattern in your brain THAT guarantees keeping the self, your family, your school or company, on the road to a BVS. - - (BETTER means MORE CLEVER, MORE life-enhancing.)

CVSTOBVS simply means that the current way might be just fine, but there's always a better more clever way the imagination can conjure up, maybe even ten or more times better, if only we remember to insure our clever thinking brain is deliberately looking for a better way...

CVS-TO-BVS will dramatically increase the odds of finding BETTER ideas and doing BETTER actions... The odds increase because I will be actively LOOKING FOR them by ESCAPING and SEARCHING = THINK habitually, as a matter of personal policy. - - Instead of being locked into defending a CVS, I'll HESITATE ... LOOK for BVS gravity escape ... Search and SEE BVS options... then SWITCH to a BVS that appears to produce ever-better results.

I can get a good idea and do improvment actions today... a better idea and more improvement actions tomorrow... and I get the best idea and do the best actions, NEVER! ... There's always a BVS! ... This means that I can have a perfectly valid CVS, but there must always be a better MORE CLEVER one.

As Michael consistently reminds us: "You can use cognetics to get better (remember 'better' means more clever) at golf, better at cooking, better at studying, better at listening, better at solving business problems, better at selling, better at creating opportunities, better at making decisions, better at handling family matters, better at dealing with personal situations, better at getting better, better at anything!"

I prefer to use the term Perpetual Improvement Thinking (i.e. BVS) which most easily occurs when our educare has been that of an open-system that first recognized "Attention controls behaviour!"... (Just as when OVER-eaters begin to STOP and THINK whether or not their body actually NEEDS what they are about to "eat" BEFORE they do the action of eating it, often the eating compulsion, cravings, and urges magically disappear.)....

Healthy growth of Whole-Life Personalized Educare for all ages can most effectively be accomplished by use of sound family units facilitated by their participating with neighborhood Whole-Life Educare Co-ops and Life-Long Learning Communities that empower and inspire Perpetual Improvement Thinking... Perpetual Improvement Thinking facilitates restoration of the Extended Family Support System required for the healthy whole-life development of each human being...

Hopefully family-units will use a Scientific Reality Based Universally "knowable" System, in which each individual is held personally accountable for the consequences of their actions, and empowered in a "do no harm" free open-system to develop our innate ability to consciously think, learn, and shape our own life-expressions and living style... Being founded on "science and reality", this system is knowable and doable by each individual. This system contains NO "mysteries" or "wisdom" knowable only to some "Elite".... This system requires a being to do conscious interactions and participation with other factors in the environment to learn about and use the factors of Creation Power Wisdom, which forms a sound foundation and operating system for the IDEAL Academy.... Observe what others have "successfully learned to do", (cultural meme) then allow this observation to inspire imagination and seeking necessary coaching and mentoring to either replicate, OR avoid doing, that which would manifest this observed affect or effect... WHAT BENEFITS and WHAT HARM are done by these memes?

Before going any further be sure to comprehend the basic advantages and dangers of a meme: Meme is any self-replicating element of culture, passed on by imitation... as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary... All "schooling, teaching, education" is a meme...

For basic details read the above information in the "meme" link...

A site providing excellent examples of harmful MEMES and PEMES and how to avoid the harm of meme is on the BuildFreedom Internet site... Click this link, then at the site do a "meme" word search.

For example making improvements in methods of learning...

The Robinson family created a home school that actually needs NO teacher and is extraordinary in its effectiveness!!! - - PLUS the curriculum is the most affordable on the market available for K - 12 Grades -- http://www.robinsoncurriculum.com -- Every child deserves these learning tools; whether or not they are in a school outside of home...

Every individual deserves PERPERTUAL IMPROVEMENTS IN LEARNING TOOLS... We've just begun to scratch the surface of what lies buried out of our current sight... We've just begun to reveal what's been hidden in our inventive treasure chest.

Developers of "Hooked On Phonics" keep improving their method of teach reading, math and school success for families using traditional schooling... With monthly payment installments available, these supplementals become affordable.

The primary factor required in attaining access to ever ascending degrees of Creation Power Wisdom is to: Stay conscious to the Acquired Learning Corecept...

When ever clarity of understanding, or manifesting desire results, is LOST... return to the point of self-evident clarity and begin progressing again... This STOP and NOTICE process helps to attain MIND contact, and stay at the level of "knowing that I know that I know" automation, that offers major time and all other resource saving, without being subjected to dangers within meme rote memorization... Having clarity of cause and effects, helps avoid operating via inherited information or beliefs that might NOT CURRENTLY be accurate for manifesting desired results... Stay in the Perpetual Improvement Thinking Zone...

Does it bother ME being at the mercy of some stranger to decide what I will or will not know, or have? ... If so, information in this Learning Zone will delight ME... Use of the knowledge will set ME free from all forms of slavery, and reveal how to reap bountiful treasures!

If I AM contented with the self-engrandised Elite, or strangers, dictating what I know, do and have; then this Zone might instill enough dis-comfort to at least consider what JOYS I COULD HAVE living as a free sovereign BEING ABLE TO THINK FAR BEYOND those who attempt to enslave..

Would I enjoy participating in creating a civilization worth living in? ... If so, this Zone provides the success engineering knowledge and tools that make the process efficient and consistently value-productive...

The high level of illiteracy and violence caused by Peer-aged Schooling and Institutionalized One Fits All Curriculum, make it clear that the Open-System Hi-Tech Information Age requires a NEW Learning Environment that is INDIVIDUALIZED and HOME-Neighborhood Centered... The high speed of new discoveries and advancement, requires adaptive flexibility and continual changes that are far beyond what any "closed system institution" can do... ONLY individuals and intimate family-style teams (formed around "purpose" and "mixed aged members") can keep accurately informed about, and healthly response to, massive changes in growth toward a Global Mass Privatization Economy...

No Elite rule in this Free World... Order and value-productivity happen as a result of conscious commitment to "do no harm"...

Learning Co-ops in a Learning Community committed to providing the best of the best for our self and everybody else, encourages self-directed design of ecstatic (extremely happy) learning paths, and supports individuals in the pursuit of value-productive endeavors... In this process we use a combination of computer-assisted academic systems, mentoring, and apprenticeships in a both local and distance learning environments.... Since, at the beginning of the western world's new millenium (2,000 AD) local learning co-ops, and online learning communities, are forms and functions STILL NOT understood by the majority, WE WHO SEE the incredible potential for value-productive transformation both individually and societally, must link together and in collabrative effort do whatever is required to manifest the vision of Free World Order where value-productivity rules in our thoughts and actions...

No matter how much we're accustomed to their usage, the School Institution Paradigm can NOT provide the Perpetual Improvement Thinking, perfecting knowledge or tools required for the conscious decisions and adaptive lifestyle required in any Open-System Hi-Tech Information Paradigm...

As the new system emerges around Neighborhood Educare Co-ops, we can keep the value-productive features and benefits of "schools", while eliminating that which is value-destructive.... We can keep socializing components such as sports and music, organizations such 4-H and FFA, and Junior Achievement style vocational skill developers.

Educare Co-ops are Learning Clubs and Communities built around a specific "purpose"... The Whole-Life Approach, opens an unlimited amount of "purposes" to form a team around doing... In the beginning Educare Co-ops are essential for the purpose of "Plato Virus Removal"...

As observed in the FREE E-book Software For Your Brain ...

"In the Western world, Plato is recognised as the one who put thinking on the map. Plato figured that the more one thought about matters and the more one tried to discover and understand their true essence or form, the more insights one could experience. But he also decided (and this is the killer) that thinking was NOT an open-ended process. Plato figured there must be a finite end to a thinker's relentless search for meaning, an ultimate destination to a thinker's efforts, so he called that destination objective 'truth'. Uh-oh! Big mistake!! ....

Aristotle's cognitive operating system, logic, has dominated Western education for far too long. How come we still think this way 2,500 years after old Ari joined Socrates and Plato on Mount Olympus? ... WHY has ancient software survived so long?... Who kept it alive?... Who spread it around? .... Who programmed it into MY brain? .... We will discuss this in the next chapter.

Have a look around. Try to notice Aristotle's PTV-infected logic software in operation. I should try to notice it in MY own mental information-processing and also in that of others. Look for it in this book. Look for evidence of the virus in today's newspaper and on TV. Also, try to notice it in institutions and in common situations I come across in the next 24 hours. It is so pervasive that I may have difficulty noticing the very subtle manifestations. "

"Plato Virus Removal" and perfecting knowledge and tools for perpetuatual success engineering "open system thinking process" are presented in the various Liberty Cafe Zones. The most essential actions are in the Whole-Life Wealth Generating Portfolio presented at the IDEAL Academy... The Portfolio provides the Path of Least Resistance and Dynamic Momentum Power of an "Institution", ALONG WITH the Perpetual Survival Adaptive Speed and Flexiblity of "Individual Choice-Making".

Open-System Science-Style Thinking Process is the continual search for more likely truths... a search that continues on into the future... A "science" thus constantly updates itself, by displacing a current truth with a new 'more likely' truth.... This UNCERTAINTY of science accounts for a lot of its progress... and FOR the attempts to block it by individuals who prefer certainty of fixed unchangeable truth....

Fortunately, as Software For The Brain points out...

Since the 1970s brought the explosion of the Information Revolution and the rise of personal computers we've become even more interested in the brain and how it works. "What is intelligence?" and "How can we improve it?" are questions being asked in a whole new field of science devoted to these things called - cognitive science.

Cognitive science is concerned with the processes of sensing (seeing, hearing, smelling); storing information (memory) and recall; reasoning, planning and intelligent action. It also includes areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics. In other words - thinking - both in animals and machines.

Like all human traits - height, strength, sexuality and looks etc - intelligence is distributed unequally. Some people have more intelligence than you do and some have less than you do and, of course, the same applies to me.

How's Your Brainpower?

Do you wonder if there is any more that you can do to help yourself discover and develop more of your innate potentials?

Do you wonder if there is any more that you can do to help yourself to consistently make more accurate choices?

Do you ever wonder when sending your children off to school, or when beginning their home non-schooling day, whether the system or information being used will develop their innate potentials and wise choice-making skills???

Have you considered what improvements would occur if control of children's educare were placed into control of their loved one's hands; instead of being controlled by an institutional stranger?

Have you consider what improvements would occur if control of an individual's education were put into an individual's own hands?

What if the whole world of education were at your finger-tips?

How much would these personal controls increase the level of self-trust? ... increase self-confidence?... increase self-care pride?... increase responsibility for making accurate do no harm choices?

Think it's too costly, or time consuming, to have the best of the best for yourself and your children?

Then you'll be delighted to know that NOW there are easy to use, very affordable methods, that place the WHOLE WORLD of Learning in the hands of yourself and all your loved ones!... No longer does any body have to be at the mercy of some stranger to decide what you will or will not know or have.

Have you experienced any of the Reality-based computer-assisted learning programs that CLAIM to generate Education Excellence??? .... The market is beginning to be flooded with edu-tainment... BUT VERY LITTLE of it is SOUND whole-life EDUCARE ... Fortunately this is about to change with the Whole-Life Educare Co-op & Collaboration Projects for Life-Long Learning Communities... In fact, the basics are already AVAILABLE for use at home, in schools, at the office, or anywhere...

Learning Clubs and Communities are forming everywhere... Parents are reclaiming EDUCARE for their children, and forming neighborhood and community gathering events and places formed around CULTURING interests... music, arts, dance, threatre drama, sciences, exercise, sports, etc.

WE must create EVER-NEW strategies to address the ever-changing reality...

Without strategies, winning depends on chance. Deeply profound, global changes will soon affect how we all live and work. Entrusting our own future collective well-being to chance puts the well-being of future generations at extreme risk. Desire not to risk either, requires holistically proactive strategies..... New society strategies offer communities -- and all of their components -- an edge in obtaining viable solutions for avoiding the tragic collisions between how things are today and how we would like for them to be tomorrow! Since grassroot elements are as much a part of the complexity and chaos shaping these new societies, they are part and parcel of any new society strategy.

Learning Co-ops are perhaps the best kept secret of the home-schooling world!... The corecept of Learning Co-ops in ALL areas is a KEY to Whole-Life Wealth Manifesting..

As the folks at Haven ( http://www.haven.net ) point at... We have identified nine essential skills to help us practice and develop our global thinking. They are:

    1. Storytelling
    2. Dialogue
    3. Collaboration
    4. Bioregional awareness
    5. Ecological/systems thinking
    6. Design literacy and competence
    7. Axiology and ethics
    8. Linguistic flexibility and inventiveness
    9. Image-ination.

Continually asking ourselves how we can nurture these skills helps shape all of Haven."

They also say: "WHEN Ready to Begin

Here are a few suggestions. Talk to kids about how they are using the web. Involve young people as equals at the visioning, planning, design and content level of the learning community. Find collaborators. Share tasks. Pool equipment. Seek interns. Be patient. It can be slow going, with unbelievable techno-hurdles presenting themselves at every step of the way. Enjoy the surprises. As your community grows, encourage members to contribute. Your strength will come from their unique contributions. Seek diversity...young, old, multiracial. Cross hemispheres. Aim for inter-nation-all. Record your experiences along the way and make them available to others. Spread the wisdom gained. Value your sense of humor above all. And don’t forget to get your hands in the dirt. Plant seeds."

The news media has offered information ABOUT THE KEY COMPONENTS within this NEW EDUCARE system, that can EASILY SOLVE the Education Crisis... SO WHY hasn't it happened? ... WHY do schools and educational curriculum continue to fail our children? ...

It's simple... there is NO intention to change the "school institution"... it's very successfully doing exactly what it is designed to do... Eliminate use of America's Success Formula and collect all forms of wealth into ownership by the Elite.... Implement Global Communism, with distribution of all the forms wealth, under control of the Elite...

IF you're ALREADY aware that America's Success Formula is being systemically desolved, and if you're ready to implement solutions... OR IF you're not sure... continue reading this section...

What would be the logical "reaction" of individuals in places of perceived authority, to individuals able to think outside the authority's closed-system? ...

How about... Ganging up with others with political power and mega-wealth to create a "cartel" to BLOCK spread of the Consciousness Virus, and DESENSITIZE desire for Freedom from slavery?...

Authorities NEED the majority to be kept using BICAMERAL NON-THINKING PROCESS that can function only within concrete (closed-systems) dogma with fixed specifics. The Bicameral Brain has no organized ability to introspect or debate the "pros and cons" between potential choices... Thereby requiring "institutions" to create Traditions and enforce learning of Rituals to automate pre-determined designed responses to stimuli... (Make the rat follow the path through the maze to get the food-reward.)

It's universally self-evident, and a proven scientific fact, that Closed Systems can function value-productively only within very limited parameters, and as isolated specialized segments in an Open-System... Individual family units are each a "closed system"; each unit can function value-productively, or value-destructively, within the universe's "open-system"... Natural Perfecting in a closed system, can only be obtained by use of the same open-system energy that feeds the rest of the open-system paradigm.... Open-system energy can be used in a closed system paradigm; which is what happens in a sound family unit that functions around a "defined purpose" from which all members benefit... An Open-System functions to maintain collaborative symbiotic balance between the various closed or open systems within it; wherein interdependence does NO harm to the individual components within the whole-life system... For the healthy longevity of any Organism, a Closed System can NOT be in Steering Control.... This is why use of "royal family" dynasties is not a wise choice for the "head" of a Body Politic... Councils created by Representatives from the various "family units" is a wiser "head" of a Body Politic... This is the governing form used by Native Americans when English Colonists arrived in North America, and served as a paradigm (model) from which the American State's "Constitutional Congress" concepts evolved...

Institutions are like huge ships doomed to the same fate as the "Titanic"... When icebergs loom in their path, their momentum and stubborn refusal to heed danger warnings, make it impossible to quickly steer the vessel away from the danger... Due to the amassed momentum, when the ship hits the obstacle, the damage is so great that the vessel cannot remain afloat; resulting in HUGE amounts of the passages aboard going down with the ship...

This NEW open-system is essential for survival of the Human species... This statement is NOT an exaggeration... Social Scientists warn it's "Genocidal", and Prophets in the Christian's Bible prophesize the result will be "Armageddon", to continue on a course where the Elite's Huge Institutions attempt to block Human Beings from achieving fully integrated consciousness, (a/k/a self-governing spirituality) ... Even in good intentioned socialism, the Elite's massive welfare programs, eventually destruction will occur from not being able to effectively prevent violent conflicts between Non-Conscious, Various Levels of Consciousness, and Fully Integrated Conscious Beings...

Attempting to prevent Human Beings from their natural inalienable rights which include thinking, sound reasoning, and evolving fully integrated consciousness, results in "social and economic classes" and the controlling condition termed as "slavery"...

Conflict Resolution between the classes has been mostly by use of good feeling False Liberty illusions and delusions, along with Slavery Acceptance and right/wrong belief/habbit programming... (The Plato Teaching Method, Institutions, and Communism are slavery's most popular brain programming and chaos control models.)... When obvious forms of Elitist's slavery are no longer effective, then socialism emerges... Socialistic programming includes acceptance that "orderly classifying", "corporate institutions" and "their gang's rules" make living easier and safer... When socialism begins to collapse, then communism emerges for more equal re-distribution of the various forms of "wealth" to appease, calm and lull the slaves back into cooperative submission... IF True Liberty begins to emerge into possibility awareness, there is ridicule and persecution of those who advocate Individual Thinking, Universally Knowable Cause and Effect Principles and Processes, Free-Will Choice Making, and free-flow of Private Enterprises...

Parents under the influence of Slavery, Socialism and Communism, participate in promoting non-thinking communist forms of culturing... They allow child birthing methods and place to be determined by the Elite others... After birth, the "Elite state/feds" lay claim to the child and control over their life, beginning with forced numbering, immunizations and schooling... Children are indoctrinated about how much FUN it is to go to church and school institutions... Then kept in school with the belief that getting a "school diploma" is the only way to get a good job at a big institution, or get into a high paying monopoly Elite Profession (i.e. legal, political, religious, social services, pharmaceutic == slave controlling professions)....

Proponents of closed-system institutions FEAR individuals who can "think" and who desire "freedom" to pursue our own interests using our own methods, and live as we choose... This fear drives the Elite to do all sorts of persecution, in their attempts to prevent spreading knowledge about the blessings that flow from True Liberty...

The horrors resulting from use of closed-system institutions is becoming more apparent from the growing mass media courage and reporting about them... When the suffering becomes TOO uncomfortable, individuals will seek out, and collaborate with, others working to right the wrongs to which society had become accustomed...

The popularity of "Institutions" is because they USE the Universal Law of Energy which naturally follows the Path of Least Resistance, AND they HAVE Dynamic Momentum Power... This form and function requires VERY little conscious thinking to establish and maintain... Once set in motion, only an equal or more powerful force, will change it's direction... Understanding universal operating "laws" is essential... This wisdom is useful by those who WILL, and those who will NOT, apply the necessary effort to personally form the PATH, channel energy into that Path, and keep providing the momentum to flow energy within the Path... The Path of "slavery" is: Placing Survival Reliance into the hands of others... The Path for "liberty" is: Collaboration with other Path Makers (so each individual doesn't have to re-invent what's already been invented), AND learning how to make wise choices for Happy Healthy Longevity.

Education experts agree interactive multi-media software provides the KEY technology to drastically improve real-life education in every area of the planet!! ...

Many schools and companies have added these programs, only to have personal literacy and preformance continue declining... So WHY haven't these wonder tools worked as hyped?

The answers are shocking and angering!!! ... Most Youth know the answer... summed up in the words of George Bernard Shaw: "There is, on the whole, nothing on earth intended for innocent people so horrible as a school."

In spite of many reports about these facts, most institutions continue using the same ERRANT slave mentality, philosophies, and methods that WILL BLOCK success of any educational program; thereby dooming the children entrusted to their care to lives of desperation and failure (unless the child discovers HOW to escape and is willing to pay the price of freedom)! -- Whether or not we're comfortable using the term SLAVERY... Experiences prove that "Slavery" is the norm at all levels of social structure, disguised in various clothing.

Win Wenger, author of the Einstein Factor, offers expansion on this....

"The statement which at first seems most extreme, that "Slavery is the norm at all levels of social structure, disguised in various clothing.... " has upon closer inspection some pretty valid basis. Consider:

Of all the various societies which emerged and survived throughout prehistory and then history, those survived which were stable enough to make it, by definition, stable because, among other things, most of their people were somehow made content with their lot. The tradition of all surviving societies is rooted in the long stretch before our recent centuries in which 95% or more of the people had to be content with being the hewers of wood and haulers of water, supporting on their backs a tiny percentage of more favored persons dealing with the larger and longer-term issues of the society -- and living a more fully human life in order to do so.

Then came the industrial revolution, suddenly with steam power we no longer needed people as muscle so we adapted our schools and institutions to.... make most people content with being middle management and technicians. Now in the information revolution, we can't afford to leave anyone behind, can't afford not to use people as full human beings, but our schools and institutions are still geared to produce cogs in the machine. The one thing our schools HAVE been effective in teaching us is that we aren't all that good (except in sports). You can indeed call that "slavery," you can call it lots of things, one thing you can't call it is what we need now. -- win ---


Dr. Wenger observes in his article "Albert Einstein -- 20th Century Genius" ... posted at http://www.winwenger.com/einstein.htm ....

Only recently have we come to understand how certain forms and uses of visual thinking build intelligence and genius. Around now well-understood principles and processes, we in Project Renaissance have built modern Einsteinian Discovery Technique. Whoever comes to practice it much will find his or her own genius burning within.

It's self-evident, validated by research and results, that "schools" are NOT what we need for accessing and releasing the "Genius Within"... SO WHY do schools continue to be the norm in a civilization filled with methods, technology and tools that makes Personalized Education EASY and CHEAP? ....

In a nutshell ... HABIT -- done without thinking or reasoning about potential consesquences... It's become a comfortable habit to send children off to "school"... EVEN when the dangers become apparent... Habits keep the blinders on... For most, it's just too painful to do what is required to end the addiction... Hopefully, soon the wisdom of using Neighborhood Educare Co-ops will help break the "school addiction"...

But habit alone doesn't explain the reason in spite of all the HUGE amont of money invested in the schools and the good sounding programs, WHY is academic and moral decay so widespread? ...

Bluntly stated, the reason is... This decay condition has to be part of a plan...

There are many investigative reports and books on the market validating this as the only conclusion... This Learning Zone, and information within the various presentations and links in this Liberty Zone Cafe, will expand upon the factors... and also reveal WHY in the present system, only a few will discover the facts, and will do what's required to correctly RE-TRAIN their self and THEN appropriately EDUCARE our children... In the process of seeking more and more evidence about what educare and reality are, we shall become intellectual mountain climbers, each helping the other ascend higher and higher.

OUR MISSION (for those who choose to accept this responsiblity) is to launch a personal Whole-Life Liberty Crusade, and host or sponsor Genius Manifesting Workshops using TED.com videos and Teach With Movies ... (contact Darlene for details at: IdealDynamics@gmail.com.)... These actions will:

When the facts are known, the cause and answer to all the problems plaguing society is clear... Flawed philosophies and methodologies block understanding HOW to correctly train the brain to work with consciousness and reality... BUT detaching from errors is SELDOM accomplished ALONE! ... Whereas, connecting with WISE already done-it MENTORS and MasterMind TEAMWORK facilitates an easy BRAIN RE-TRAINING process... The best are offered within this Learning Zone.

Even with the massive media coverage, the greatest denied disaster-in-the-making on the planet is just HOW WIDESPREAD the adverse effects will BE from so many people...

If an individual lacks sound development in mental or emotional intelligence, then the person is UNABLE to successfully adjust and adapt in the "real world" of EVER-ACCELERATING CHANGES... and is UNABLE to be, or do, what generates happiness and having health or longevity...

"Education therefore is not chiefly to teach children a mass of things which have been true up to the present moment; moreover it is not to teach them to learn about life as fast as it is made, not even to interpret life, but above and beyond everything, to create life for themselves. Hence education should largely be the training in making choices. The aim of all proper training is not rigid adherence to a crystallized right (since in ethics, economics or politics there is no crystallized right), but the power to make a new choice at every moment. And the greatest lesson of all time is to know that every moment is new." Mary Parker Follett, 1921.

The danger of NOT being able to make ACCURATE CHOICES EVERY MOMENT goes far beyond the individual waste of human potential and suffering... The situtation endangers survival of the human species!!! ... SOLUTIONS emerge within the following article...

School DANGER!!!
by Darlene Sartore - founder of IDEAL Academy and Educare Cooperatives

MOST people see signs of "DANGER for our children" from mandatory institutional schooling, and the mindset that empowers this "take children out of the home" paradigm. But few have the courage to identify or admit the dangers, and do what must be done to eliminate the causes of the danger... No where in society can there be seen a more addictive attachment to a "sacred cow" institution than with schools... Fear about job security of those in the school system prevents changes that might end the dangers... Government institutions have taken over the parenting role... Welfare Agents' interference have caused most parents to endure NON-acceptable behavior from children in their own homes, and prevent parents choosing what's best for their family... Parents being locked out of being primary educare provider for their children, have turned to the work institutions to fill the void. When the children aren't in school, most roam the streets, hang out in gangs, or have the TV as a baby-sitter... Families are now-strangers, attempting to survive in same the home... As a consequence of destroyed family-units, most children receive very little whole-life educare! ... The insanity has resulted in it being common for children to have NO moral conscience and NO consciousness about the fine art of value-productive living... Thus there is CONSTANT THREAT to security and life of everybody they encounter! ... Children killing their parents and class-mates is an increasingly factor in the social system.

Concern for children and family is why I began being a personal advocate for responsible self-stewardship, for whole-life educare, for understanding HOW the universe is designed for eternal survival, and for an Integral Vision that inspires UNITY of DIVERSITY... It's been a long challenging journey out of old beliefs into a new sane paradigm... I'm dedicated to making the journey much easier and less traumatic for others who no longer are willing to sacrifice our childen...

Restoration of sound family units MUST BE our TOP Priority!!!

ANY THING that interfers with, or places stress on, the family, MUST be eliminated.

Personal experiences with our adult children, their spouses and children, provides first-hand chaos experiences from defaulting to the widely accepted anti-family and non-reality teaching model... This model takes individuals OUT of the family unit into age-similar and like-kind corporate institutions... This non-reality system causes NOT being cultured and educared so as to develop the skills required for responsible self-stewardship, value-productive family-unity, and ever-refreshing wisdom from community interactions... Thus main aspects of THE SOLUTION are acquiring the attitude and skills for...

In today's world (as I write this it's the last decade of 1900)... VERY FEW people have experienced, and thus lack understanding of, Sound Fully-Integrated FAMILY Units, or the Democratic Compound Republic Social Structure that works value-productively for CONSCIOUS Human Beings... The majority of individuals cling to familiar paradigms and institutions used for mass control during the "Bicameral Era"... The method of brain operation prior to discovery of "consciousness" ... Consciousness happened when human beings learned to write and speak in metaphors. -- Such as use of parables (story) to connect a current known to a new (previously unknown), or describe an invisible to a commonly known tangible object.

Family Units cooperatively working around a FAMILY BUSINESS Paradigm is the MOST important "divinely-inspired invention" of human consciousness... Cooperatively pooling and integrating resources, extends life and enhances living comforts... Whereas lone survival shortens life and enhances suffering... The democratic open-system includes "adult" children working with their parents, siblings, spouses, and the new family units created by wisely crafted marriages... A small "city" of homes and businesses are manifested from this wise educaring democratic open-system... Several Native American Cultures had developed this highly evolved reality-based system, and from which the English Colonists adopted much of the design for their New World Experiment.

Presentation of factors within a perfect culture are offered in the Biblical Account of the Garden of Eden... Some anthropologists believe this account occurred shortly after the ascension from use of the Bicameral Brain, to use of Consciousness about 3,000 years ago... The FIRST EDEN account reveals the GLORIOUS CONDITIONS that can exist IF the DIVINE PLAN is ACTIVATED and actions are accordingly continually applied.... The "Divine Plan" involves understanding "nature" (all aspects of the universe = reality) and discovering how to work in harmony with "nature" so as to manifest an eternal life-cycle... The Eden account also reveals that IF a person decides to take a bite out of the fruit on the other-world's tree (attempt to return to use of the Bicameral Brain or not use the Divine Plan for dominion on this Planet), then this contamination must leave the "family-protected spiritualized garden", and attend to their own survival alone among the rest of the unspiritualized world...

The main FACTORS that a "Garden of Eden" orientated family unit involves are...

Each individual develops their own unique imagination and potentials, then applies these skills to the benefit of both the self AND the +whole open-system... Some of the excess produced (i.e. 10 percent of the profits) is stored and accumulated for later usage ... Some of the profits (excess produced) is given to charity for use by others in time of disasters.... This Personal Economic "80/20 concept" manifests TRUE Social Security !!!

While on the topic of the Bible, another interesting lesson is understanding contextual reality...In doing so, the topic of "angels" is helpful... ANGELS represent the NEXT to HIGHEST form of ORDER - self-governoring discipline, possessing fully-integrated Creation Power Wisdom... The ANGELIC HOST is the most value-productive form of family-style society... Angels represent being one degree lower than GOD, the MOST HIGHLY Disciplined Value-Productive Creator.... Our Ascension Career toward God-Consciousness.

Reflect for a moment... "What horrors would be created IF every thought I have instantly manifested???" ...

I'm personally very appreciative, for the divine wisdom in manifesting DELAY for many thoughts and actions within this CAUSE and EFFECT designed universe.

It can be said that: Consciousness is a CONCEPTUAL, METAPHOR-GENERATED ANALOG, INTROSPECTION & VISUALIZATION, DEBATING with SELF Paradigm... Consciousness acts as Controller of Energy and Matter Re-shaping DELAY Mechanism... So before manifesting my thoughts, I have a technique, to evaluate the potentials results from speaking words or doing actions...

A "metaphor" is referring to a KNOWN thing to link to, and more clearly describe, or more fully understand another unknown or less familiar thing...

An "anolog model" is like thinking of a "map of a state" or "picture of a bird" to visulize the actual physical state or being...

Thus the CONSCIOUS THINKING PROCESS can inspire an unlimited variety and formations of subjective abstract imaginations and perceptions (open-systems) thereby allowing ever-expanding comprehension and description of reality, so as to make wiser survival and lifestyle-enhancing choices....

THUS, Beings able to use Consciousness, can reason and guide their own thoughts to determine what is best for their own survive and happiness... Consciousness quickly recognizes that my happiness is best maintained when I empower others to also be happy... Consciousness can recognize and "by-pass" external authorities. Whereas the non-introspective Bicameral Brain requires external authorities (stimulus-response) to function.

What would be the logical "reaction" of individuals in places of perceived authority, to individuals able to think outside the authority's closed-system? ...

How about... Ganging up with other authorities to create a "cartel" to block spread of the consciousness virus?...

Authorities NEED the majority to be kept using BICAMERAL NON-THINKING PROCESS that can function only within concrete (closed-systems) dogma with fixed specifics. There is no organized ability to introspect or debate within the brain the "pros and cons" between potential choices... Thereby requiring "institutions" to create and enforce learning of rituals to automate desired responses to stimuli...

For awhile it is possible for individuals possessing either consciousness and bicameral thinking processes to exist within the same social structure... BUT eventually one or the other will ascend to dominance over the other; the end result of which is extinction of the less dominant...

The rise and fall of societies attests to the result of consciousness surrending to the lures of orderly bicameral slavery... On the surface, having a SET of fixed LAWS to follow appears logically appealing...

Unfortuanetly the Bicameral Brain is NOT able to function in complex business or social conditions, thus a society built by conscious being will be destroyed IF the lures of the automatic systems of bicameralism are allowed to take power (usually via the political or religious structures)...

IF enough beings with consciousness escape to begin again in another location, the culture unique to that civilization will again grow, prosper and continually improve... If enough conscious beings don't escape to survive and re-seed, then that specific culture is forever lost from the planet.

The RIGHT hemisphere of the brain is the poetic, god-side. The LEFT hemisphere is the analytical, human-side. In the PRE-Consciousness realm, the hemispheres can communicate with each other as SEPARATE entities. Neither side knows it is part of a whole structure... In the Consciousness realm the hemispheres are integrated as ONE UNIFIED system and KNOWS that the 2 sides exist and are part of a whole system... It is then possible to connect a thought with other thoughts in clusters, and to connect with thoughts outside the self in what is termed the Spiritual MIND Realm... EVEN if the educare nurturing and culturing is bicameral orientated, this recognition and integration can be a CHOICE... These factors help explain the differences in children raised in the same conditions... Some become a risk-taking Genius, Inventor and Entrepreneur... Others prefer doing Rote Repeative Tasks.... Human children seem to exhibit with their curosity and risk-taking disective explorations, the INNATE desire for and ability to acquire this integration possess and consciousness acquisition...

To facilitate mind/brain integrating and consciousness, causation recognition and acquiring of required skills (acquired by personalized family-style whole-life educaring) the vision manifested for Educare Cooperatives, including virtual reality (Computer-Internet) Educare Co-ops... beginning with this URL: http://www.libertyzone.com ... that is mirrored at http://www.AnEverBetterWorld.info and connecting with others working within this Cooperative Educare Paradigm.

When history of schooling is reviewed, it's clear that AMERICANS were on the course toward manifesting sound Consciousness-empowering Cooperative Educare... The following table from the Institute for Educational Leadership reveals the top classroom concerns that teachers had in the 1940s, and concerns of the teachers today. We can clearly see that the educational climate of today is uniquely different than the pre-Second World War Era.... Do you know WHY? ... (If not, answers are throughout this article.)

Concerns circa 1940s
Concerns of Today
1. Talking out of turn Drugs
2. Chewing gumAlcohol
3. Making noisePregnancy
4. Running in hallsSuicide
5. Getting out of lineRape
6. Improper clothingRobbery
7. Putting trash awayAssault

FORTUNATELY... Now there are solutions that allow you to place the WORLD of Excellent Learning back into the hands of your child and yourself.

This solutions manifest from using the Educare Paradigms, Educare Programs, Educare Consulting, Educare Cooperative Networking using reality-based concepts, programs and projects presented in this Web-site.

IF you're aware that America's Success Formula is being systemically dissolved, and if you're ready to implement solutions to save this success formula, then you're ready to participate with the IDEAL Academy...

In surfing the web, I've been greatly encouraged to discover that I'm not alone in my preceptions, perspectives and unified whole-life excellence purpose... But also greatly discouraged that as yet there LACKS UNITY OF ACTIONS required to manifest the solutions into reality... One ray of hope appears to be manifesting among some people on the SepSchool List... (facilitated by The Separation of School & State Alliance founded by Marshall Fritz)... Many who post messages and engage is discussions, reveal they recognize "trouble", have identified the causes, and are doing something about it... You can connect with some of them via the Separate School & State WEBSITE .. Their "Education Liberator offers many informative articles... Past articles are on-line at their website; http://www.sepschool.com

In Zones within this Liberty Zone Cafe, you will connect with both the CAUSE for NON-education in the current schooling system AND the SOLUTIONS... which also is the SAME CAUSE for WHY the American Dream is no longer manifesting to its full potentials, and the SAME SOLUTIONS that will end illiteracy, moral degradation, and social decay.... To recognize causation and make appropriate adjustments to created desired results requires Accurate Brain Training and Open-System Culturing (Educaring)... To achieve these requires adjustments away from closed-system doctrinal methodologies to open-system paradigms.

The easiest method I've found to describe "adjustments" necessary is use of a LAKE Paradigm ... The lake offers a pictorial model for brain health, or comprehending open and closed systems... For a lake to remain a viable value-productive lake, and NOT become a dead stagnant value-destructive pool, requires a constant exchange of water... via an INLET with fresh water flowing in, and an OUTLET for excess water and polutants to flow out. IN depending consciousness, a LOCUS (center) and FILTERS (damn & spillway) are established for accurating controlling inlets and outlets flows; thus the Lake (brain) maintains it's desired form and function; thereby creating "Paradisical conditions to enjoy and share"...

Libertarian's would understand this paradigm in understanding "Negative & Positive Rights" ...

An interesting exchange during mid November 1998 on the SepSchool List reveals the paradigms we deal with in understanding education and schooling "rights"... the "bottom line" is in an excerpt from Friday, November 20, 1998...

"Kaleb, what is your definition of a right?

A right is any aspect of a person's existence that God has given to every person as a natural characteristic of his existence.... [long discussion follows]

OK, I see where you're coming from.

Let me introduce a couple of books that I've found very helpful on this. The first is "The Libertarian Idea" by Jan Narveson. This is the best book I've read on libertarianism and in general on discussion about rights. It is quite theoretical and well-grounded, which makes it plausible, but it manages at the same time to be quite readable.

One point it discusses in depth is the notion of positive rights and negative rights. It's clear you do understand the distinction even if you don't know the jargon. It goes something like this. If we say Bob has a negative right to something, we mean everyone else must refrain from preventing Bob from having or pursuing it. If we say Bob has a positive right to something else, we mean everyone else is obligated to help Bob get it.

An example of a negative right is the right to life. Others must refrain from taking it. An example of a positive right is government-supplied health care or schooling; others are obligated to help each individual (via taxes) get them.

A pretty good definition of a libertarian, then, is someone who thinks the only legitimate rights are negative ones.

The other book is more of a pamphlet, "The Myth of Natural Rights", by L.A. Rollins, available from Loompanics. He goes over many arguments about rights, especially by those he denotes as "bleeding heart libertarians", and does a pretty good job of demolishing them all. I guess his basic point is that, how does that old saying go, "A right and 5 cents will get you a cup of coffee." (It is an old saying...)

In other words, we constantly read in the papers about people getting murdered, people whose right to life is as valid as ours. What good did it do them?

You write, "a right exists even if it cannot be exercised." Again, that sounds like a right is just a warm and fuzzy feeling, and not much else.

However, it is a fact that the vast majority of the people you meet don't kill you. The question is, why not? Do they refrain because they like your pleasant disposition, or because they think it wouldn't be nice, or because they think they will burn in Hell or rot in jail, or because of some deep feeling they can't articulate? Probably for all of these reasons, in varying measure, from person to person. There might even be some that refrain because they think you have a right to life. But watch out for some people, very bad people. With them, your right to life will be no more useful to your survival than your pleasant disposition is.

I suppose the only help in that situation is a good, reliable gun.

Since I am at least doubtful about the utility of rights, I don't have much use for a statement like "kids have the right to be raised by their parents." I do think kids ought to be raised by their parents, and I am willing to accept the occasional abuse by some parents to keep the state out of it (which, in the end, would just make things worse). I believe in freedom, and freedom implies tolerance for error on the part of others.


Christ's Spirtuality Paradigm created a self-correcting open system wherein: freedom implies tolerance for error on the part of self and others, plus inspires corrective adjustments toward excellence attainment... an ASCENSION CAREER... Non-Reality and Doctrinal-based Schooling greatly hinders and often completely BLOCKS our self-correcting organism from functioning.

DO YOU DOUBT that education system is failing our self and our children???? ... The following reports reveals some eye-opening information...

In October 1993 the U.S. Department of Education admitted that nearly 50% of all adults are "functionally illiterate" and cannot handle anything more than the simplest mathematical tasks. The last 30 years have brought a dramatic decline in the quality of education in this country.

This does not really surprise many people since 60% of our youth either drop out of school, or just scrape through high school and graduate with only minimal academic competency. The adjacent table shows how the SAT scores have fallen almost 80 points since 1960. How has the educational system coped with this? They have simply adjusted SAT scoring so that lower raw scores are given higher grades! We are not increasing the knowledge required on these students' tests, but lowering the results and expectations -- with higher scores for equal or less knowledge.

Ironically, average grades are going up, even as performances on standardized tests are going down. Students are rewarded more, while learning less. Never has the gap between grades and learning been wider. The Chicago Tribune, on August 2, 1992 carried an article about a teacher who was fired when she dared to give "D & F" grades to some of her students. The principal said, "D's and F's are negative grades. My goal is to use positive reinforcement to improve the self-esteem of kids." Artificial grade inflation gives parents a false sense of security. In a recent report out of Stanford University, the faculty has requested the University to reinstate the "F" grade. This grade was eliminated from the University over 25 years ago, and most High Schools in America have eliminated them as well. Virtually all students are passed, regardless of how little they may have learned.

Many students receiving "B's & C's" are actually falling behind. We as parents must take off our blinders and see the problem -- if we do not, this problem is not going to be resolved. Teachers see it. Public school teachers are three times more likely to send their kids to private school than other parents with comparable incomes.

An article September 9, 1994, in USA Today, reported that half of America's High School graduates perform in "the lowest levels of literacy." Another study shows that 30% of all graduates "cannot reason from written material or solve math problems that involve a series of computations" and 17% are unable to balance a checkbook or read a traffic law booklet from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The National Commission on Excellence in Education reported that "Each generation of Americans has outstripped its parents in education, in literacy, and in economic attainment. Now FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY of our country, the educational skills of one generation will not surpass, will not equal, will not even approach those of their parents."

Business Week, February 28, 1994, ran a Special Report The Learning Revolution. "...Many education experts agree. Starting with preschool programs that make mastering the basics fun, and continuing up through high school and even college, they see interactive multimedia software as the key technology to revamp American education." The report continues - Donavan A. Merck, manager of the education-technology office for the California Education Dept. adds:" We want curriculum reform, and we see no other way to do it than multimedia."

Curriculum REFORM and addition of multi-media learning tools WILL HELP... but NOT SOLVE the problems...

The big corrective push is likely to come from parents and from a younger generation of teachers brought up with computers... who have seen "edu-tainment" - educational software combined with entertainment -- programs that excite and interest their kids, sparking wild imaginations and vivid visions!!! ... One reason for the success of the Carmen Sandiego computer game series, is from teachers SNEAKING the programs into their class -- often past the "curriculum cops".

Now, teacher lounges and Parent-Teacher Assn. meetings are abuzz with talk of "learning modalities" - the different ways different people learn.... If a child learns verbally, he'll respond well to traditional "preach-teaching", with its lectures, texts and tests... BUT studies reveal that MOST children absorb more when information is presented in visual and auditory exploratory/discovery methods -- as with multi-media... The shot-gun effect of traditonal classroom presentation methods, or shelves filled with multi-media edu-tainment, is bound to connect with every body, some where, some time, some how... BUT will there still be GAPS and HOLES of missing vital knowledge?

Even the experts who criticize the tilt toward "edu-tainment" in many of today's multimedia titles agree that the interactivity, graphics, sound, and video of multimedia will play an important role in the classroom.... Roger C. Shank, director of the Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, figures that classroom versions of the interactive training systems could be a big factor in fixing America's schools....

WHAT ABOUT FULL HOME VERSIONS to replace the current hours mindlessly setting in front of the TV ???? ...

If, that is, they can be successfully introduced into EVERYDAY SCHOOLWORK AND HOMES. And that's a formidable "if," because it implies a major overhaul of curriculum and teaching methods along with shifts in social and family paradigms (beliefs, habits & lifestyles).... "You have to marry the new technology with new ways of teaching," says Thomas Liao, chairman of the Technology & Society Dept. at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. "You have to say -- Let's redesign the whole enterprise." "Without that, computers will continue to be 'extras' that sit in the back of the classroom for drill or independent study -- or, worse, down the hall in the computer lab."

Research has proven that the more parents get involved, the better and MORE WHOLE-LIFE their children's education becomes... HEREIN IS THE ANSWER... THE SOLUTIONS will emerge WHEN diligent and dedicated parents willing to put aside comfortable prejudices to the way it is, and sacrifice time, energy, and yes, even money, will see their children through this education battle and into a WHOLE-LIFE WORLD of Excellence!!!

NOW through the programs within the Educare Co-op, at last there is something that we as parents can do that can and DOES MAKE real IMPROVEMENTS.... Technology and it's application to the Education Crisis in our country has been provided with a real tool to battle today's educational needs -- it's using the educational programs presented in this Learning Zone.

The WHOLE-LIFE programs selected for the Educare Portfolio offer innovative approaches to solve this crisis... They provide parents, grandparents, educators, and educational administrators new tools with which they can end this crisis.

NOW these great new programs are not only available for dedicated home schoolers, but also for students who may need in-home tutoring and for adults who may want to continue their own education.

Continuing Education
For adults both young and old the projects in the Educare Portfolio offer an opportunity to either refresh their education or to complete it without fear of any comments from others... Just think, NOW ANYONE can REVIEW or COMPLETE their high school and college education... It's now socially ACCEPTABLE to take the GED test and obtain a High School Equivalency Certificate.... NOW it's convenient and affordable to go as FAR AS DESIRED in the UNIVERSITY academia and ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY REALMS...

Home Schooling
Affiliated Academy programs provide the answer to parents who seek to provide their children with a traditional High School Diploma from a fully accredited school, which will be recognized by universities and employers.

The curriculum found in the suggested programs, is ideal for home schooling or tutoring use. There are several programs that contain the TOTAL CORE or FULL school curriculum from PRE-Kindergarten through High School, and beyond.

In-Home Tutoring
Now in-the-home-tutor via a computer based multi-media system allows the student to gain not only the education needed but to do it in their own home environment. Additionally, the programs allow parents of children in public or private school, to evaluate and supplement their children's education as deemed best from their perspective.

Is Your Child Off To A Smart Start?

NOW with WHOLE-LIFE Multi-Media programs, you can Give Your Children The Best!

To obtain an overview about the best of the best... read about the programs mentioned throughout this website...

After browsing through the programs and links mentioned of this Web Site, you probably still have questions that have not been answered. This is the place to get your questions answered, or to request additional information! P>E-mail IdealDynamics@gmail.com and one of our IDEAL Academy Educare Consultants will contact you.

PLEASE include in your e-mail WHICH PROGRAMS you're most interested in knowing about...

Do you STILL doubt there are serious problems?...

Have you listened to or read the daily news? ... The constant reports of violence at younger and younger ages leaves no doubt. - - There is no doubt in the business community struggling through employment applications deciphering the scribbled handwriting, desperately seeking to locate individuals with functional literacy plus some indication of having value-productive moral integrity and honest reliable work ethic... In addition to facing high levels of low level reading and math skills, employers must now cope with how comfortable most applicants have become with "work uncertainity" and being "welfare smart" ... Most applications reflect "job to job patterns"... staying long enough to qualify for government assistant... then getting "laid-off" to live as long as possible on the "free-to-them-social assistance".... Many have even gained enough smarts to know which states and counties have the best free-to-them social welfare programs.

These actions indicate that people are NOT stupid... People are surviving as best they can in a system designed to enslave them to those with slave-master mentality... Most people are victims of widely accepted socialistic-communistic schooling, corporate and monetary systems... Even the best-intended do-gooders using socialist and/or Communist systems lack insight to offer value-productive INCENTIVES that inspire acquiring essential academic excellence and entrepreneurial art of living skills... These skills are part of America's Success Formula, that originally inspired the American Dream to manifest wealth in many forms...

The greatest incentives to developing an individual's full-potentials are SELF-RESPECT and TRUE LIBERTARIANISM that generate... a sense of self worth, desire, imagination, and curosity to freely explore, both within and outside the self... a sense of being worth the effort to eagerly do what is required to develop the skills to be, do, and have the best of the best.

The so-called "New Age" is NOT about creating a new evil world order... The "New Age" movement is .... about ENDING evil dominions... about acquiring FULLY-INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESS... about ACCURATE INFORMATION... about FREE-FLOW COMMUNICATION ... about breaking bondage to 666 "double-speak deceptions" by listening to the spiritual integrity within... It's commonly accepted that the spirit nature that humankind possesses, is a single-source cosmic universal energy that collects and reflects collective consciousness gathered from all that is... from God... from a cosmic collective consciousness... often referred to by free-flow marketplace advocates, as "invisible self-correcting guidance"... Such as observed in Adam Smith's 1776 publication "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"... In a free-flow ecomony social harmony results "as if by an invisible Hand"... He also advocated that a persons' LABOR - not land or money - is both the source and the final measure of VALUE... THESE are primary success factors MISSING in government schools, and in most private schools and homes.

Fortunately, thanks to the whole-life Integrated Spirituality combined with the Computer and Internet information/communication Era... Eventually, this invisible but consciously-felt universal spirit, will inspire a UNIVERSAL language for disseminating accurate information and clear communication. Both music and computer-programming have evolved planet-wide accepted communication formulas... When a universal written and spoken formula emerges, a true agape-based familyhood of humanity will emerge... The problem with a LIVING language such as English, (as distinguished from a DEAD language such as Latin not in common written or verbal usage) is the ease with which the DEFINITIONS of a word can be changed or assigned multiple meanings.... Because of this, for the most part Christian churches, originally spawn by the true-liberty whole-life Jesusonian spirit, have fallen prey to the mystic's double-speak illusions and spell that blocks true liberty and accurate information or communication... Mystics enjoy creating problems, then sell their solutions.. which in turn cause more problems for which to sell more solutions.... et cetera in a spiraling cycle...

Orwell's double-speak... Word spell and double-speak methods and techniques are used to popularize and promote slavery to a doctrine... It's difficult for some to comprehend WHY when understanding was achieved about HOW the brain functions, such knowledge was used to create various methods of Brain/Behavior control to keep people in slavery. This knowledge has been used for melliniums by people in power... many of whom descend from, and are consciously or non-consciously, involved in the secret traditions of mystics and magicians who have used "magic spells" to control people's thoughts and actions. It's common practice to use all forms of media to purposely distribute false information about intent and methods, often hiding the truth right before our faces... Have you ever wondered why the English word "spell = magic" and the word "spell = words" are spelled the same? ... Was it a coincidence or purposely devised? ... Have Merlin-style books and movies taught the audience that a "spell" is something mysteriously other evil-worldly, when actually the truth is very this-worldly; whereby the deceivers can cast "controlling spells" in the way they use words and attach various meanings... (The Internal Revenue Code is a master-piece of spell-casting... making individuals think they are liable for taxes, even when few are "liable"... inspiring people to feel it's patriotic to voluntarily contribute, and be branded as a criminal or traitor to NOT volunteer... The IRC is careful to hide the truth, and avoid such facts as fractional reserve banking requires an "income tax" to take money OUT of circulation; thereby preventing, or at least slow the horrors of inflation.)

In the definition of "doublespeak" The World Book Dictionary makes this observation... "Before it learned caution and the art of doublespeak, the American Communist Party advocated the violent over-throw of democratic institutions." (Saturday Review - Doublespeak" coined by George Orwell, 1903-1950, an English novelist)... Which by reading the article Are Americans Practicing Communism?, it's clear they found better methods; including covertly taking control of school administration and education methods.

Hopefully the foregoing information expanded insight and conscious awareness enough to encourage you to join us in continuing to untangle the web of deception and restore the intent of all sound education and God-centered religions...

As the Urantia Papers observed: “Thus does the socalled Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development.”

- (Urantia Book page 1866)

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