This zone is like the high mountains
from which ALL fresh water streams flow...

Welcome to the
Financial Prosperity,
Fiscal Health and Security Zone

This zone is primary for individuals who Live Liberty
(or desire to Live Liberty) and
labor to perpetually expand Personal LibertyZones.

To Have Financial Prosperity, Fiscal Health, and Security
Requires Having
Financial Prosperity, Fiscal Health, and Security Consciousness

Did I "get" WHAT that title actually means???? ...

Did I recognize the BE > DO > HAVE success formula?

Did I instantly ask: Do I have the required consciousness to be and do what is required to have the desired conditions?
... IF I do NOT have these, did I ask: HOW do I acquire this consciousness? ... HOW do I develop the skills?

While reading, make note of words and phrases NOT clearly comprehended... Stay at point of clarity... There are on purpose words and phrases used herein to TEST levels of knowing... I must BE at the level of DESIRE TO KNOW, before I will be passionately motivated to DO what is required to GET THE KNOWING... I must know to do... Advanced Libertyzone Learners, might be able to observe and define meanings and values from the CONTEXT of the CONTENT when connected with knowledge already acquired from other Build Freedom Technologies sources... Observe then organize the content and context to make replicative values and meanings to consistently GET what is desired... That is HOW Human Beings begin learning as a baby.... These are also the innate survive-thrive skills that controllers seek to eradicate.

Like most writings in the and the Ideal Network Projects, they are pull-push intentional... INTENDED to pull-in those READY to learn, and push-away those who are NOT yet ready to know... This functions best for those who are at life-liberty stages: What do I need to know to survive and thrive?... How do I get what is needed?.... The information is for individual who will wisely use the knowledge to create ever-more values for the self and society... BE self-honest: consider the possibility that the brain is poisoned with certain toxic words which prevent being effective learner and expanding personal and group libertyzones... Writings such as "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki reveal how toxic words infiltrate a culture, get accepted as "the truth", and innocently spread... When dealing with the massive Truth Virus infections, especially when attempting to remove the infections, often frustrated feelings arise. These health-endangering feelings and other harmful toxins, are most easily eliminated by staying active within the Ideal Network... We each focus on CREATING and BUILDING Life-Health-Liberty Empowerment... We attempt to NOT fight against anything because so doing brings attention onto what is NOT desired... Put attention ON and work FOR that which is DESIRED... Like parents often do, IGNORE undesired behavior... children instinctively REPEAT the attention that gets attention... REWARD the desired actions... REdirected undesired actions toward that which IS desired.

Interactions with other individuals on this Liberty Adventure, helps these toxins to get washed away as poverty memes, and illusions spread by phobocrats and terrocrats, are brought to the surface of the information-ocean... When exposed, then the waves of honesty causes lost power over our personal thinking... IF a person is READY and WILLING to BE financially wealthy, THEN the effort to gain clarity WILL be applied.. Which includes ASKING questions of those sources who might already know, and using search function tools, to gain clarity... Individuals are using the Internet ever MORE WISELY to share Words Of Wisdom. As Life-Health-Empowering information enters, the arts and sciences of deflection, inflection, and reflection, combined with perceptions, deductive and inductive reasoning, helps to get "the selection, organization, and interpretation" correct the first time; while being OK with "do-overs" as soon as errors are recognized... Activities such as the WIKI Projects prove the self-correcting power of individuals VESTED in Accuracy and FACTS... With integrating-thinking and integrated-honesty it is possible to prevent being deceived or cheated by our senses or by other beings... It is vital to stay conscious that: Survival often requires getting any action accurate the FIRST time... The more an individual sucks up the responsibilities to SEE skilled survivor/thriver perceptions, the more skilled a being can BE at surviving and thriving.

WHEN it is recognized that currently: There is widespread ignorance about the brain and consciousness, resulting in NOT knowing how to have Prosperity and all other forms of wealth, beginning with physical and mental health... THEN it is possible to acquire enough CURIOSITY to explore for WHY-causations and SEEK how to eliminate cause(s)...

HOW is the MASTER KEY that OPENS an individual's MIND - consciousness - awareness. HOW questions reboot the BRAIN and defrags to make clear pathways for connections within it's innate survival mechanism's operating-system... HOW is a stimulator... HOW is the Human Being's solution creation stimulation.

BUTS is a SHUT down... excuses which block brain-power or emotions from rising thinking and thoughts to levels that inspire and enable solutions to be created...

The main ignorance cause is because far TOO FEW families have a HOW directional TrimTab CEO with Whole-Life Prosperity-Consciousness. Because of inherited-establishment-cultures, most of humankind has been NOT been parented by methodologies that inspire and empower individually and culturally possessed Ecolonomics Prosperity Consciousness.... Whole-life synergistic ignorance causes NOT "being" or "doing" that which inspires IDEAL (or at least ever-better) economic contextual knowledge skills and actions... The popularity of Self-Help and GREEN (eco-friendly) information, indicates there IS expanding AWARENESS that something is WRONG, something is MISSING... AND even MORE importantly, AWARENESS that solutions begin with ME being curious about ME, learning about ME, and ME learning about how and what I think and do... This honest exploration leads to recognizing, the major need for adults is A DO-OVER... to do SELF-parenting to make up for the lack of proper educare in our formative years... I must know to do... IF parents do NOT know, parents can not pass on what is NOT known... This is clearly seen in survival skills, trading, and learning non-native languages... I am able to present this information that I know only in a language I understand and can use effectively enough to get the "information" across the SPACE between you and me... This is why the first "schools" (organized learning spaces) in the society on the continent (land-area) that became known as "America", was a place where people can learn a COMMON information-sharing tool or mechanism - VERBAL SOUNDS and VISUAL SYMBOLS connected with tangible (able to be point to) people, places, things, actions. We term this complex tool and mechanism as a COMMON language connected to COMMON denominators... We begin with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW that we each can easily see and know and story-tell-about (so as to remember and repeat)... Survival requires accurate memory and instant recall of accurate information FOR surviving the current condition and situation.

The majority of leaders among the settlers (new to that land area) where traders who spoke ENGLISH, thus this became the "standard accepted commerce language" because there WAS a VESTED-interest - a survival reason - to understand each other so as to BARTER for goods and services... The Natives (people already living on this land) had a different language... It was quickly discovered that TRADERS from many different cultures speaking many languages coming to one place are NOT able to negotiate, and come to agreements to make commodity and services (skills) exchanges, and peaceful co-existence deals... Interactions and Trading survival items, require a COMMON language so as to understand each other. Language, and the ability to read and write or type, are unique functions of the HUMAN BRAIN. The ability to produce certain sounds, and to become consciously aware of being consciously aware, are unique to human beings... It is HOW we each apply these unique abilities that determine the functions and forms created.

We individually learn most easily by APPLYING the information being encountered. Learning involves developing knowledge skills acquired from observing effects and identifying their causes, testing, evaluating, and adjusting WHAT we individually think and do to achieve the result being desired. We learn BOTH consciously and subconsciously using BOTH our Brain and Mind... The more we encounter and absorb into the BRAIN (information management organ), and do with CONSCIOUS AWARENESS (mind) about our objectives and processes (causes), the easier we gain accurate knowledge skills and processes that can achieve the desired objectives (effects)... Thus in this Zone like all the Zones, it includes consciously "doing something" related to knowledge skills and processes being developed... Appropriately Applied Knowledge is Energy Transmuting Powerful to the max!... Applied Knowledge IS POWER!

The following presentation is designed to place conscious, subconscious, and conscience processing upon that which sets in motion thoughts, feelings, and actions required to have Financial Prosperity, Fiscal Health and Security... Conscience is a moralized consciousness. Conscious Processing is awareness of awareness that can shape and reshape choices made within subconscious and conscience processing.... These factors are explained in various sections of the website... Herein the focus is on ACTIONS proven to quickly and easily produce the desired results from Consciousness Being WHERE it must BE to produce desired results... In other words, a Template awaits; do actions in an already created Ideal Prosperity Portfolio.

Are you aware of 'memes'? -- Memes like genes are replicators... The 'meme' is the basic unit of cultural transmission, or imitation... Memes are ideas and information that function as autonomous entities leaping from brain to brain, in much the same way that viruses leap from body to body, spreading and replicating by 'infecting' the population of 'hosts.' - Memes like genes, can replicate desirable and undesirable ideas and results - transmuting energy function and form... The purpose of content herein is to replicate whole-life-empowering functions and forms, labeled as "actions"... Nothing happens until movements - actions - occur.

Action 1. Know Ideal Self and Community Protection - Independence and Interdependent - Protect Personal Life with Self Honesty and Easily Take Care Of Business (a/k/a TCB, Life-Care Actions); which is made easy by joining and working with an Ideal Network. In the process it's easy to connect with an Ideal MasterMind Team aligned with personal interests at ONLINE Briefings and IDEAL TCB Educare Course Sessions selected to participate with....

Ideal Network - Click HERE then Complete FORM in the "Sign Up" link, and submit...

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To BE at Online Briefings and Meetings use following Hot Link to at designated times in designated Better World Community and Internet Conference Rooms... NOTE: For many reasons, we use several difference conferencing systems according to the event and activities... If you get confused at any time about where to be, contact your Ideal Mentor, or Skype Dean Darlene at darlene.sartore ...

Via Skype, Virtual and Physical Meetups, it's easy to connect with Ideal MasterMind Teams. Together we facilitate confidently using dynamics and elements for Financial Health, Prosperity and Security; which includes gratefully staying aware to KEEP LifeStyle Cube BALANCE.... Remember Happiness, Gratitude, Pleasure, and Confidence within clearly defined Desired Results are essential components in the Certain Way to having all forms of wealth; which includes HOME as the center of our lives. Individuals and society benefit from an Economical Structure built on the sound foundation of Family Wages generated from Broadly Diverse Family Owned and Operated Entrepreneurial Enterprises. Prosperity, Productivity, Time and Resource Leverage and Insight evolve from Like-Interested Community.

ACTION 2. Be IN Check... WHERE liberty and money FLOWS TO us, is WHERE our attention is attracted to, and keeps us IN Check (in contact with capitalistic values, clients, and customers - RE: NEWsell)... This is WHY it is wise to USE a Personalized IDEAL Plug and Play Portfolio that begins with Building Fortunes System for Internet Marketing of ANY products or services being offered; includes quality leads put into contact manager, customizable websites, and interactive use-trainings via internet... This System comes with a PM Notify "IN-CHECK NewSell feature" that functions like bell on a 'cash register' in your personal store; it gets attention of being "in check" so it's easy to efficiently TAKE CARE of Business immediately when and where money is ready to flow in... This IDEAL System attracts and keeps attention WHERE attention must be to have Financial Prosperity and Security. - WHERE Attention MUST BE is ON efficiently marketing and providing services and products people need, desire, and will pay the cost to have. Marketing is using an Efficient Reliable Sustainable System to INFORM people about services and products so they can buy. NOTE: IF you do not currently have any services and products to offer, consult MasterMind connections made in Action 1. - The Ideal Portfolio provides the IDEAL Marketing Educare System - Earning while Learning - which brings us to the next Action...

ACTION 3. BE accurately informed (educated) about Financial Prosperity and Security... The greatest ROI (Return On Investment) - Equal Justice - is having accurate knowledge about Money and Wealth that is applied to produce desired results... Doing the First 2 Actions opens pathway to Free Courses in an IDEAL Internet Academy, where it is easy to acquire the education required to have ALL Forms of Wealth... Invest time in getting Money Education, Wealth Education, Business/Commerce Education, and all other forms of Health and LifeStyle Education, combined with standard Academic and Professional Education... What is being offered at this website is part of an IDEAL Internet Academy; which includes an opportunity to have a profitable career as an Instructor and Guide... (Details provided to participants in Dynamics 1 and 2.)

In this Zone we focus attention on Monetary Financial Prosperity and Security... TIME invested WILL GAIN a HIGH Return On Investment along with VALUABLE ASSETS that always keep and appreciate (increase) in value. Respect and value TIME; invest and leverage this precious resource wisely...

Time can be used to generate money, but
NO amount of money can buy more time in a day;
although having plenty of money empowers
using time more wisely and as we individually prefer.

Invest time acquiring Accurate Knowledge along with How to Apply and Leverage The Knowledge To Produce Desired Results... WITH understanding about WHY this Plug and Play system offered in Dynamic 2 makes it EASY to Survive and Thrive in the Ever-Expanding Realms of CyberSpace and Physical Reality... Also information in Zones on this website, and participating with courses at the Ideal Academy, will inspire streams of new ideas and projects to flow forth. New knowledge combined with WHAT is already known, will be WHAT will be PUT into the Play and Plug Marketing System to PERSONALIZE it, and Regulate Income Flowing through the system... The information will inspire knowing: WHEN and WHY to use what... WHERE to do what with WHO and HOW...

From Taking Care Of Business we individually constantly do small simple actions in the right direction that add up over time to get us each where we each desire to be. - "Nothing happens until something moves." [Albert Einstein] - Inertia is the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest until acted upon by an external force.

Let's be honest and recognize that the topic of Financial Prosperity and Security causes MOST people to "run away", to "zone out", and to quickly turn attention to escaping to something LESS confusing and LESS painful... Feeling the topic of "money" is TOO confusing and difficult to understand, OR EVIL, is WHY poverty and accompanying sufferings are the current culture and default state of being... Components to CAUSE people TO HAVE Confused Fearful Feelings is PLANNED into the current economic system... The current culture is designed TO DECEIVE people into believing that Financial Prosperity and Security is VERY complex and TOO difficult to understand and control... Beliefs spread that Money is EVIL, IS a LIE MEME ... Seems there a CLUE within the fact that LIVE spelled backwards is EVIL!!! ... Is Evil attempting to Live by infecting individuals trying to get control of OTHER's lives, money and other resources?... Parasites live by sucking life-sustaining energy from hosts... Pull the blood suckers off... DeBUG body and brain...

GET FACTS that make it SIMPLE and EASY to clearly comprehend and have Financial Prosperity and Security! -- This presentation will bring about clarity, simplify, and clear away the tangled webs... This escaping from confusion to gain access to clarity is like a Spider/Web Analogy: Have you ever experienced walking into sticky spider webs and the challenges of getting the sticky webs off your skin and clothing?... This memory helps with relating to and comprehending the sticky entrapment feelings of confusion and strangling debt... Solution identify the spiders (cause for confusion, cause for debt), eliminate the spiders (eliminate cause), clear away the spider webs (clear away effects/affects). With no spiders, then no sticky entangling spider webs can be made again. This presentation helps with this process... The first "spiders" to identify fall into a category labeled as OldSell. OldSell causes adverse conditions and unstable marketplace. - What we need is NewSell so as to be able to exchange and adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace so as to have all forms of wealth.

Having all forms of wealth is the noblest and most necessary of all studies, thus it is perfectly right that I should give my best attention to the science of getting and being rich. (RE: Right To Be Rich.) - Our first priority is always to Protect the Self; thus Protect Self is also the first dynamic in Taking Care of Business. As is most aspects in Taking Care Of Business and Topic of Self Protection, OldSell doesn't function to consistently get desired results because it ignores and violates The Law Of Cause and Effect. To consistently generate desired results requires working at level of causation. (RE: NewSell TCB)... To facilitate working at level of Causation and effectively Take Care of Business, herein is found a Fast Start Plug and Play easy-to-use system to Build Fortunes using the Internet; includes education about Financial Health, Prosperity and Security, along with connection with an Ideal MasterMind Team and KEEPING LifeStyle Cube BALANCE (a/k/a Whole-Life Health Care)...

A clear understanding is VITAL about Individuals using Community without harms from Collectivism... To help prevent harm while reaping the BENEFITS of teamworking, is WHY the term NETWORKING was selected, as in the Ideal Network... At all times it is vital to be clear that EACH individual is valued and protected... We individually and collectively thrive in "respect individual members" family units... BUT we must AVOID any collective that absorbs individuals into it and takes away individual value, discourages thinking/reasoning, and free-will choice-making!!! - Individuals voluntarily and consciously co-operate to achieve life-health protective desired results; but this must never be confused with gang-type collectism; such as where a 'fiction' (i.e. the culture, religion, state, institution, gang) is supreme and individuals only value is as slave to serve this 'fiction'... WHEN collectivism (i.e. institutionalize slavery) is avoided, and conscious voluntary cooperation embraced then Individuals early in life become wise self-care providers and produce more than is consumed... Because there are NO feelings of "lack", individuals are generous sharers... givers... pleasers... creative of legacy of ever-better conditions... legacy of Happiness... Individual Survival and Passing On Genetics and Memetics realize the values of Community without lost individual identity... Individuals can reason and recognize what is life-empowering and life-endangering. Individuals can agree on many collective actions; such as to form artificial fictions to facilitate achieving desired results and label the fictions, such as a Body Politic we label as We The People.

To have Personal Financial Prosperity, we each can apply external actions to set components into place on the path that leads to our desired destination. BEFORE there can be Financial Security the topics of Community and MONEY MUST be clearly comprehended, THEN from this enlightened mental realm We The People must AGREE to use a more stable "money" system than is currently generally accepted... Money is an AGREEMENT to use something as a medium of exchange. We The People, individually and collectively, MUST achieve accurate Financial Education, and MUST agree to create and learn to wisely use DIVERSE mediums of exchange.

From observing our experiences of living in community we are coming to recognize that every life form and eco-system - including humanity - plays an integral part in balancing the biosphere.

BE cautious in using, eco-system, biosphere, and wholistic dynamics to NOT fall into TRAP of divisive thinking, such as: I can't be free until ALL are free... I can't be rich until ALL are rich... EACH of us being and doing that which is Libertarian... naturally uplifts quality of living for ALL... As Frederick Mann asks:

"What if I'm really free and sovereign by nature, irrespective of the freedom and sovereignty of others?

What if I can discover that I'm free and sovereign by nature -- and then, develop my knowledge, wits, and resources to the point that, for most practical purposes, I can live as a free sovereign -- irrespective of the "unfree" masses around me (who haven't yet discovered they're free and sovereign)..."

Your mind may find it difficult to deal with some of these ideas. Orwell wrote: "Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought... crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity." So, please don't let crimestop stop you!

The following quote from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which can also be found in Basic Money Skills illustrates the basic mechanism of Slavespeak very well:

"Because I had two influential fathers, I learned from both of them. I had to think about each dad's advice, and in doing so, I gained valuable insight into the power and effect of one's thoughts on one's life. For example, one dad had a habit of saying, "I can't afford it." The other dad forbade those words to be used. He insisted I say, "How can I afford it?" One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, the other forces you to think. My soon-to-be-rich dad would explain that by automatically saying the words "I can't afford it," your brain stops working. By asking the question "How can I afford it?" your brain is put to work. He did not mean buy everything you wanted. He was fanatical about exercising your mind, the most powerful computer in the world. "My brain gets stronger every day because I exercise it. The stronger it gets, the more money I can make." He believed that automatically Ysaying "I can't afford it" was a sign of mental laziness."

Benefits of Understanding Slavespeak

Once you understand political Slavespeak (the language used to establish and maintain master-slave relationships), you become very aware of how those who don't understand Slavespeak can be dominated, subjugated, and controlled by words -- essentially enslaved by words. Correspondingly, you become impervious to external control through words. In other words, you enjoy more freedom -- you have more options available to you.

If you're active in promoting freedom, you'll see that most current freedom-promoting activities, while they may yield short-term benefits, are unlikely to bring about any significant expansion of freedom in the long term. The reason for this is that the most basic way tyrants and terrocrats wield their power is a "control-via-words" mechanism. Most current freedom-promoting activities don't attack this basic mechanism; in fact, they tend to reinforce and perpetuate it.

Understanding Slavespeak enables you to discard activities you may otherwise waste your precious time on. It enables you to focus on activities most likely to benefit you, while at the same time having the greatest potential for reducing the power of terrocrats, at least insofar as terrocrat actions infringe on you personal life and affairs.

A further benefit of understanding Slavespeak is that you'll become more aware of how people, generally, are manipulated through words. It will become much more difficult for others to manipulate you. And -- if you want to -- you'll become more able to manipulate others.

Understanding and transcending Slavespeak improves your perception of the world and enables you to act or behave more effectively in relation to it. In his article 'Toward Understanding E-Prime', Robert Anton Wilson says: "It seems likely that the principal software used in the human brain consists of words, metaphors, disguised metaphors, and linguistic structures in general. The Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis, in anthropology, holds that a change in language can alter our perception of the cosmos. A revision of language structure, in particular, can alter the brain as dramatically as a psychedelic. In our metaphor, if we change the software, the computer operates in a new way."

Frank Herbert, 'The Dosadi Experiment' comments: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual."

.... life operates as an entangled whole, not merely as separate parts... the Butterfly Effect...

The butterfly effect is a term used in chaos theory to describe how small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition (also known as an initial condition) can affect large, complex systems. The term comes from the suggestion that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in South America could affect the weather in Texas, meaning that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can have a huge effect on another part. Taken more broadly, the butterfly effect is a way of describing how, unless all factors can be accounted for, large systems like the weather remain impossible to predict with total accuracy because there are too many unknown variables to track.

Origins in Weather Prediction

The concept of the butterfly effect is attributed to Edward Norton Lorenz, a mathematician and meteorologist, who was one of the first proponents of chaos theory. Lorenz was running global climate models on his computer one day and, hoping to save himself some time, ran one model from the middle rather than the beginning. The two weather predictions, one based on the entire process, including initial conditions, and another based on a portion of the data, starting with the process already part way completed, diverged drastically. Lorenz, along with most scientists of his time, had expected the computer models to be identical regardless of where they started. Instead, tiny, unpredictable variations caused the two models to differ. - RE:

Financial Education includes History and NOW-ledge = clear knowledge about PAST and CURRENT conditions - evaluate - inventory - take account of current situations - moneyflow - assets - debts - health - relationships - social conditions - body politics - healthy eco-systems... What is our current 'score card'? - How efficiently and resiliently are we playing the financial game - individually and collectively? - Are current attitudes and choices individually and by collective policies producing sustainable desired results? - For those of us who have reached the level of awareness that most "scripts" as currently written are defective, and most "stories" we inherited and been passing on by our "agreements" are defective, WHAT DO WE DO? ... Stay HONEST and in areas where we each have personal control make leaps forward in continually exchanging what is NOT producing desirable results WITH patterns and programs more likely to produce desirable results... Bruce Lipton in Spontaneous Evolution Questions with Partial Answers offers the following excerpts:

While we have access to more content than ever before, content must be seen in the proper context in order for information to be used wisely.

Unfortunately, the current context for holding information is based on scientifically disproved beliefs.

We have accepted disempowering programming as "truth", and with new and more accurate knowledge comes empowerment.

How do we change the old story and write a new one?

  • The first step is to become aware of the story and at the same time recognize the story we've been brought up with has been programmed into the behaviors of the subconscious mind... MOST of what we do and say is done and said without our conscious awareness!

  • The beliefs that determine our reality are virtually invisible to us - like water for fish and air for birds. Making these invisible beliefs visible is the next important step.

  • As we come to understand why the old story is defective, we can make a "leap of awareness" (as opposed to "a leap of faith") into the new story.

  • With more and more individuals and communities divesting from the old story, that old story will have diminishing influence on reality. Meanwhile, as we learn, live and reinforce humanity's new story as a thriving organism, we will be providing ourselves with more and more evidence that we are indeed here on the planet to "re-grow the Garden."

  • Civilization is on the threshold of a profound evolutionary leap.

  • Conventional belief holds evolution as a long and gradual process. However, new scientific insights reveal that evolution occurs in what amounts to quantum jumps.

  • Just as health seems to be restored "miraculously" in an individual's spontaneous remission, by changing our collective beliefs human society can undergo a similar healing.

  • The repeating patterns of nature and evolution indicate that crisis ignites evolution, that change is imminent, and that the imminent evolutionary change will bring about greater awareness and greater connection.

  • Unlike prior evolutionary stages, we humans will be conscious participants.

What can our cells teach us about solving our current economic crisis? Politics and government? Universal health care? Our current military budget, and the balance between growth and protection?

  • In regards to the economy, our cellular community enjoys full employment, universal health care and truly "no cell left behind".

  • It is completely understood that communal health is wealth, so all cells receive proper nutrition and neurological protection from invasive diseases. Payment comes in the form of ATP, the body’s energy currency. All cells get what they need to thrive, and those cells doing the most important jobs are "paid" more. Some even are given a "staff" of supporting cells.

  • Excess "wealth" is stored in community "banks" (i.e., fat cells) and gets allocated based on the needs of the whole system.

  • There is no "borrowing". The body gets to use only the energy available.

  • There is no "inflation". The value of ATP had remained stable for seven billion years!

  • In regards to "government", the cellular system embodies the official motto of the United States, e pluribus unum, out of many one. Each cell is "free" to thrive, provided it contributes to the well being of the whole system.

  • Divisive and dualistic politics is unknown in the body. Different polarities – like proteins and lipids – cooperate to create an integrated whole.

  • Unlike the human mass media, our bodies rely on accurate information, unspun and undistorted, so that our protection systems can distinguish between real and imaginary threats. "Dialogue" between individual cells and the body’s central voice goes on all the time, and the "government" (what is in control) listens and endeavors to do what is best for the whole system.

  • In a cell – or for that matter a human body – growth and protection mechanisms are mutually exclusive. Growth is represented by moving toward a stimulus with “open arms” in order to assimilate and grow. In contrast, protection is moving away from a stimulus and closing down. While protection is sometimes necessary to defend one’s life, protection behaviors use the system’s energy but do not provide the system with energy for survival.

  • Consequently, an organism that spends an inordinate amount of time in the protection posture is by definition undermining its health. There is a biological truth behind being "scared to death". While protection is necessary, an "overmilitarized" body is expressing a pathology called "auto-immune dysfunction".

With ever-expanding wisdom about being CONSCIOUS Participants in shaping and reshaping energy, also evolves ever-clear comprehension about the Law of Cause and Effect... We are becoming ever-better observers... We observe conditions throughout the general populations on the planet, and like Napoleon Hill did for writing the book "Think and Grow Rich" we OBSERVE what is being done by politicians and mega rich, and how what they do causes and affects conditions (effects) we all experience. More and more an Individual's Physical and Fiscal (Financial) Health are affected by conditions of Local, Regional, and Global Physical and Fiscal (Financial) Health. -- Physical Health and Financial Health go hand in hand... Help us with grace, elegance and ease cross the River Of Myths and Mysteries to the River of Facts and Wisdom.

What is easily observed about current conditions is explained in Robert Kiyosaki's book Conspiracy Of The Rich (which this presenter prefers to label as Conspiracy To Enslave), America is decaying into a third world nation. A third world nation is a nation with a dwindling 'middle class', leaving only the rich or the poor on either side. Middle Class is defined as where people have roughly a third of their monetary income left for discretionary spending after paying for basic food and shelter. This allows people to buy consumer goods, improve their health care, and provide for their children's education It is only through financial education that we can REVERSE the decaying trend of the middle class in America and prevent sliding into poverty. Having Financial Health is why Robert writes about, and is an advocate for, financial education; and why Robert Kiyosaki's writings are included in the Ideal Educare Series.

A list of suggested additional study materials is provided in link at end of this presentation... Herein is an overview of information within the resources.

By understanding history and current circumstances, we have a better chance of seeing our own future. This zone is about what we can do to survive and thrive, in spite of any crisis... This zone is for financial education, watching what the ultra-rich do, and acting accordingly so as not to be what Zero Hedge founder, Dan Ivanjiiski refers to as, “the naïve, easily-manipulated, small-time mom and pop investors.”

While Dan Ivanjiiski watches the manipulation going on in the stock market, Robert Kiyoskai tends to watch the manipulation of the US dollar and its price relationship to gold, silver, oil, and food.

History proves that BEING ACCUSTOMED (too comfortable) with something usually BLOCKS comprehending that with which we are familiar with... WHAT we grow-up with is generally just accepted; unless and until enough PAIN forces attention onto examining "the current way it is" and exploring to find "A BETTER Way" that will relieve the pain... In seeking this "better way" be sure to explore and work at level of CAUSE... What we experience are EFFECTS that flow from a CAUSE.

Currently the human brain is mostly used as an EFFECTS responder because of the software programs installed in it. Most use the prepared programs inherited from that which we are exposed to without carefully evaluating the information generated from these programs. As yet few people use the brain's operating system anywhere close to its potentials... When we begin exploring beliefs, questioning why we do what we do, and acquire self-learned dynamics, then we discover ever more about our potentials, make ever-better use of our brain in connecting with our mind, and as a result reap multiples of blessings... (In other presentations we explore the brain and mind.)... In cleaning and correcting, let's avoid "throwing the baby out with the dirty bathwater"; which means some inherited software are worth having and keeping, such as survival mechanisms that directs the brain to prefer pleasure sensations, tangible pictures, and treasurable memories... Keep what is producing desirable results, eliminate what is NOT producing desirable conditions. Where possible allow "words" to create pleasant sensations, vivid mental pictures of what is desired, and treasured joyful memories... Remember in the evaluating process: When danger is perceived the brain's response is via what we term as a "Fight or Flight" mechanism... We either face the life-threatening danger and deal with the danger in ways most likely to ensure survival, then take actions to prevent the danger from happening again, OR run away and attempt to escape the danger... Avoidance will not eliminate any danger or undesired conditions.

As said in the first paragraph of this presentation: Let's begin by being honest and recognize that the topic of Financial Prosperity and Security causes MOST people to "run away", to "zone out", and to quickly turn their attention to escaping to something LESS confusing and LESS painful... Feeling the topic of "money" is TOO confusing and difficult to understand is WHY poverty and accompanying sufferings are the current culture and default state of being... Components to CAUSE people TO HAVE Confused Fearful Feelings is PLANNED into the current economic system... The current culture is designed TO DECEIVE people into believing that Financial Prosperity and Security is VERY complex and TOO difficult to understand and control... Whereas when the facts are known it is SIMPLE and EASY to comprehend and have Financial Prosperity and Security!

When we comprehend Universal Laws and Predictable Constants we get the Energy Transmutation (creation) process in proper alignment. The main factor we first deal with in this money topic is Cause generates Effects...

WHEN people do tackle comprehending current economic system and "money" they seem to attempt to find solutions at the "EFFECTS" level... For instance in the currency crisis since 1970s the effects method is "bailouts", where it's believed that throwing MORE money at a problem will solve the problem... This method never has and never will produce desired results, because CAUSE(s) for the problems are NOT being addressed, identified, and replaced with a CAUSE that can produce the desire result.

About all most people currently know about the economic system is: "Get an education and get a job." ... Few ever consider: WHERE do jobs come from? .... WHAT and WHO creates jobs? ... Jobs must just fall out of the sky like rain and all I have to do is hold out a cup to catch the free falling bounty... Most have been freely taken care of by their parents, and believe they are entitled to be cared for and that the social system will continue taking care of them... This Matrix spreads an Entitlement Socialistic Belief Virus (Cultural Meme) and its builtin denial pain blocker... (It really hurts when we realize we've been lied to, tricked, and deceived, by the people we trust.)

Because MORE PAIN might be encountered if the facts are known, as yet FEW are willing to investigate, understand, and cope with what MIGHT BE complicated and might require changing to something NEW (or revived from past)... It's just NOT currently familiar, so there is fear and resistance... Because of exposures to Culture Memes (what people around them say) somewhere in their past encounters, most decided subconsciously that having Financial Prosperity AND Security is TOO Painful and getting relief is NOT important enough to SEARCH to get the FACTS to end the pain... The current known pain is preferred over a possible new pain; or even exchanging pain for pleasure which is also new unknown... It's just easier to do whatever will BLOCK or NUMB feeling the pain... Most would rather DIE than right the wrongs to which they are accustomed.

Fortunately in some cultures there are some people who DO TRUST their self to explore beyond current memes, have self-confidence in their ability to gain ever-more clarity about how to have ever-better conditions, and REFUSE to keep inherited memes that produce undesirable conditions...

There HAS TO BE a Better Way and I am going to discover the ever-better ways to have ever-better conditions!!!!! ... THEN these brave "rebels" and "Ever-Betters" MAKE it ever-more easy to learn ever-more knowledge and then share the NEW memes... Finally it becomes EASY and more pleasurable for Any Body to FIND SomeBody or some educational course, that CAN make the topic SIMPLE and EASY and FUN to learn about... NOW WHERE the brain perceives there is PLEASURE is WHERE the attention is focused and NO Longer will most people just go along to get along... Now most will go away from pain and toward pleasure... We'll gladly WORK hard to have FUN...

It can BE FUN comprehending the monetary/currency system and enjoy the FLOW into an IDEAL economy...

Just as river banks and dams determine where water is encouraged or discouraged to flow, our monetary or currency system (from the Latin verb currere – to flow) determines the directions in which human energies are encouraged or discouraged to go, and what we can individually and collectively create as a result. Since the dawn of times, our monetary system has been shaping the flows of human activity in every realm of endeavor (food production, education, health, business etc.) by determining how we value, apply and exchange our creativity, and the fruits of our labor. It is for this reason the most influential of all our man-made systems.

From Blind Spot to Leverage Point

Most governments, communities and organizations working to create a sustainable world are painfully aware that access to money is the key bottleneck to their efforts. There never seems to be enough of it to clean up the environment, create better schools, ensure proper access to health care, create green jobs, and eliminate unemployment or poverty. And yet, while most people tend to see money as a key obstacle, hardly anyone seems to really understand why that is so. Most of us do not usually grasp how our monetary system works, when we notice it at all. Specifically, we tend to misunderstand (a) what money is, (b) how it is created, and (c) how our monetary system shapes our behaviors, relationships and circumstances. You can see for yourself by answering the questions in the Monetary Literacy 101 section of the site at

Connection or Disconnection
Common Agenda or Individual Agendas?
Well-Planned Well-Regulated or Evolved Voluntary Unorganized
Civilized or Uncivilized

Community revolves around the KEYSTONE success factors for sustainable prosperity and security which is when diverse commerce and community agendas (purposes) are strongly aligned and connected, we discover how to develop ever-better structures and mediums of exchange that we can agree to accept in lieu of one to one bartering or a monopoly currency. These are factors FEW evolved cultures consider, and thus evolved cultures end up with BOOM and BUST cycles.

WHERE we pay close attention to a common agenda (clearly defined purpose - desired results), and WHERE we have strong connection to achieving the tasks connected to that common agenda, is WHERE we are able to generate sustainable prosperity, enjoy loyal respectful trusting partnershipping, and have financial security from agreed upon fair trading, exchange mediums, and accounting methods.

For instance The American Dream Success Formula is founded on UNION of Diversity agenda set forth within Our Documents of Liberty (1776 Declaration of Independence - Constitution Of united States Of America Preamble and Bill of Rights)... This Union is actually a Democratic Compound Republic designed for the best of the best to emerge from our diverse participatory citizenry... WHEN our ATTENTION is focused on doing our part of self-govenoring and self-care while also acting in ways that protect and preserve the American Dream and Our Union for diversity to flourish... WHEN we participate in harmonics playing our diverse instruments and achieving our common agenda set forth in our founding/operational documents... THEN we generate many blessings that come along with honoring our common and personal agendas; with peace, financial prosperity and security being the FIRST blessings gained.

Where we do NOT pay attention is where we get into trouble. -- IF we don't pay attention to doing the actions that protect and preserve ourselves and our union - IF we do NOT participate in harmonics and achieving our common agenda along with our individual agendas - then we destroy the blessings that come with honoring our common and personal agendas; with financial prosperity and security being the FIRST LOST blessings... The current political agenda is DIVERTING ATTENTION AWAY FROM WHERE our attention must be to have peace, financial prosperity and security... Our agenda must be filled with plans and actions for Sound Family Units and Sound Communities... Think Global ACT LOCAL... FOCUS attention on local communities being able to provide their own needs and producing diverse commodities to trade with other communities using Complementary Currencies... With the level of technology we now how it is possible for EVERY community to be Well-Organized and SELF-Sustaining, beginning with growing our own food, producing shelter materials, generating electricity from ever-improving diverse wind and solar energy capturing systems, and developing our own sound mediums of exchange.

We make ourselves prosperous by providing what OTHERS need and desire, and are willing to "barter" or "pay" to have? ... WHAT is NEEDED in MY LOCAL community that I can provide? ... WHEN OUR ATTENTION is on wise self-care and well-organized barter exchanges and complementary currencies, THEN anybody and community and nation can have peace, financial prosperity and security. - Don't zone out here or scoff ... PLACE Attention ON THIS NATURAL Economic Prosperity System and solutions for ANY Problem WILL flow forth... It literally is a FACT that "MONEY is the root of all evil"... Although "money currencies" are often defined as a medium of exchange, currency money is NOT a medium of exchange ... Money is an agreement to use some "object" as a convenient commodity and service trading mechanism... BARTER Certificates are an agreed upon medium of exchange... Barter takes into account ALL energy exchanges - including the currently ignored HUMAN Energy Exchanges such as child care provided by parents, home cleaning and care, land stewardship and resource conservation... The ability to build and sustain mutually supportive relationships is ultimately what enables a human being to survive and thrive... Bartering is at the HEART of developing this ability...

Have you ever wondered why cash shortages so bottlenecks our best efforts and initiatives when we actually live in a world where there is NEITHER a shortage of things needing to get done, NOR a shortage of people wanting to do them?

Money can be defined as an agreement, within a community, to use something as a medium of exchange. As an agreement, money lives in the same space as other social constructs like marriage or lease agreements. These constructs are real, even if they only exist in people's minds. The money agreement can be made formally or informally, freely or by coercion, consciously or unconsciously. Most of us do not consciously agree to use U.S. dollars, euros, or yens, for instance, nor do we consider their nature. We just use them, unconsciously entering into an unspoken agreement with our banking system. Any monetary agreement is only valid within a given community. Some monetary agreements are operational only among a small group of friends, like chips used in card games; for certain periods, like the cigarette medium of exchange among front-line soldiers during world war II; or within a larger community, like the citizens of one particular nation. A community can be geographically disparate, such as Internet users, or can include large segments of the global community, as in the case of the U.S. dollar in its role as international reference currency. The key function that transforms the chosen object into money is its role as medium of exchange. -- Source:

Bernard Lietaer a Currencies Expert on his website and in his books explains why the transformation of our monopoly money system is critical to resolving the challenges of our times and many of the issues we care about. He also explains that MONETARY DIVERSITY is just as important to human survival as bio-diversity is to the fate of the earth... He also explains that we are using a broken STRUCTURE... to solve the money crisis requires use of sound structures.

WHEN we clearly comprehend Basic BARTER dynamics, THEN it is NOT easy to be deceived by banksters and it's easy to avoid their use of "currency" to steal the fruits of people's labor!

Barter is a method of exchange by which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money... Barter Exchanges DEAL in and Track REAL wealth.... The LUST for MONEY is the root of all evil...

Let's consider examples of these Agenda Attention and Barter Dynamics using carefully planned military communities and evolved civilian communities... WHAT are the agendas?

This presenter clearly comprehends this topic from active involvement within both military and civilian communities, along with study of research done on the topic... The first 30 years of this presenter's life was within a Military Family living in Military Community on Military Installations around the planet, where our mission is clear and defined; where our attention is clearly focused on success of a Common AGENDA Of Desired Results... The MAJORITY of family units pay close attention to generating and sustaining Our Mutually Supportive Community of Excellence (Military Installations) around the common mission WHERE our Service Member is stationed, or where we live while our Service Member is deployed where family units can not accompany the Service Member. - Military family units work together on sustaining the common union and common purpose of providing well-regulated common defense system. - When a Service Member is away from their family unit, the rest of the members step up to take over the deployed Service Member's homefront responsibilities, then when our Service Member returns we relinquish back to them their family care responsibilities... Military Communities are carefully PLANNED with forethought to the whole system, and sustained by Well-Regulated Support Corps designed to keep their attention fully on assigned TASKS.

Civilian Communities are EVOLVED with little forethought or planning, and sustained by local residences doing voluntary care. Most communities have Political Guides... Mostly Civilian Communities ADENDA is NOT a Common Agenda, rather ever-changing Political Agendas and Individual Agendas.

Civilian Communities where seldom no more than ONE percent of residents pay close attention to keeping activities well-regulated and integrated, can NOT be excepted to provide enough blessings for all of us.

Consider companies, corporations and institutions... these are generally formed around a COMMON Purpose and Agenda set by the Owner, Founder or Board Of Directors... Operations are directed by whatever is required to produce the desired service or product being manufactured...

The main factor for the foregoing is to help form a CLEAR Mental Image that being well-regulated around a common purpose is necessary for the prosperity and security of a FREE-state...

REMEMBER as stated at the beginning of this section.. Stay at level of CLARTY.... IF anything gets confusing; If you ever feel confused... STOP allow a 'mud' settling time, allow RETURN to point of clarity, then begin again from that point of clarity!!!

Staying at level of clarity in Healthy Whole-Life Economies and Financial Security requires addressing HOW and WHAT we think about economics; our focus must stay on wisely investing in high quality human capacity and survive/thrive skill development... Invest in Human InfraStructures. - Beginning with comprehending Art of Living Care-Giving Economics and Social Wealth Economics... Making wise Neuro-science and RE-skilling investments - State of Individual Health - Healthy Families - Healthy Communities - Healthy Environments - Healthy Eco-Systems... Healthy Humans and Healthy Environments are our greatest forms of wealth... They provide the sound foundation and scaffolding for any social or economic structure.

NO clue what these words (labels, terms) mean??? -- That is because of being DE-skilled by schools, mass production industries, and mass media... DE-skilling is blocking learning how to think and do basic survive and thrive skills... Skills that a species innately develops to survive and thrive... Can I survive in the natural habitat around me? ... Am I able to feed myself from what is growing naturally in my location? ... Could I provide shelter from the elements? ... How much of what I use every day can I keep in sound working conditions or repair? ... How skilled am I with survival methods? ... What do I FEEL about this topic of skills? ... What are the 'gut' feelings?

Clarity in comprehending any topic is most easily sustained by thinking and working in alignment with feelings felt in 'our personal solar plexus'... those 'gut' feelings... This innate feed-back feed-forward system for information processing provides a reliable method for validating what works effectively to sustain life and health... Our human solar plexus monitors and advises about alignments within Energy Transmutation... What our 'gut feelings' reveal is vital in this topic of Skills and Whole-Life Economics.. The feelings inform about what is wise to do, and warns us away that which could do harm. Being sensitive to solar plexus guidance, and honing the art of living skills, (RE-skilling' REclaiming our INNATE Human Abilities, Capacities and Qualities) can be developed by participating with Ideal Academy basic courses in application of time-proven information within: Brain Software, The Master Key System, Science Of Getting and Being Rich, Think And Growth Rich... While billions have read these classic writings, as yet FEW comprehend the wisdom for actions that generate sustainable healthy local and global ecolonomics... The insanity of inefficiency in globalizations, injustices, inequalities reveals there is NO eco-systems or economic literacy... Because we generally properly care for that which is experienced personally to provide "true solar plexus happiness', this is where literacy BEGINS... We gain this 'solar plexus' sensitivity wisdom from that which provides LOCAL HEALTH along with comprehending how LOCAL conditions affects all else on the GLOBAL (and universe)... What I do here (at home) affects there (away from home)... When I go there (when away from home), what I do there affects here (back home)...

Financial Prosperity is about a process and using a system that generates enough money (mediums of exchange for commodities required for healthy sustainability) to have the freedom required to live your dream... Financial Security is about having a Transparent Whole-Life Process and using a Transparent Integrated System that protects Personal Financial Prosperity with Freedom to enjoy the Prosperity... Whole-Life Prosperity... Everybody has to define the MEANING for WHAT Prosperity and Security IS for our own self!... MY definitions set what SUCCESS is for ME.

The 'Solar Plexus' inspires thinking and acting at level of CAUSATION... not at level of effects... For example: Level Of Effects Paradigms HIDES from our sight (awareness about impact), that Government Gangster Policy Makers and Tax Subsidiaries encourage INsane individual and culture actions that cause suffering (effects) at all levels of society and environments by NOT protecting and using Local Human Capital.... WHEN we have Healthy LOCAL DIVERSITY and Prosperity, then we have GLOBAL Health and Prosperity. Human dignity, mutual respect, diversity tolerance, health, and prosperity happens at HOME that sets up vibrations for like-kind qualities.

Inspiration for Perpetual Improvements and constantly REinventing ourselves and our industries flows from FEELINGS in our 'Solar Plexus'... This 'Solar Plexus' has also been referred to as Human Beings having direct connection to Divinity -- inspires Divine Excellence - inspire Paradises IDEALS!

Thus Common Sense would indicate that the FIRST Step in the Process is: GET CLEAR about Personal Definitions for Financial Prosperity and Security... If you need help in getting this clarity, please participate with our Webinar Course about Success Clarity...

The NEXT step is to answer: DO you know HOW to BE SUCCESSFUL in generating financial freedom and security using a profession, or a work within a corporate structure, or a home-based business, or any other business model???

DO you know HOW to get to the root cause for the catastrophic failure of the many economic experiments throughout history??? ... (As yet, most of humanity have NOT learned the lessons within the Law of Cause and Effect.)... Oh my, that's TOO complex to even consider... clarity being lost... confusing... Zoning out...

DO you know HOW to bring together idle hands with the work that needs to be done to manifest desirable living conditions....

Information IN THIS ZONE WILL reveal HOWs and PROVIDE the wisdom to manifest the desired form of wealth that we know as financial wealth and economic security... For the creator of this Internet Site, the wisdom began flowing forth after a meeting with Dennis Weaver... He termed the foundation as Ecolonomics... We'll dialog about this later.

Let's begin with some Journaling Questions for you to personally write the answers... BE HONEST with yourself!!!!

The foundation for financial stability and security is an honest self-inventory... Ignorance about, and fear of, a form of wealth will BLOCK personal access to that form of wealth...

Let's also be honest by admitting that the topic of Financial Security causes MOST people to quickly turn their attention to something LESS threatening... This is because most people have been DECEIVED into believing that Financial Security is VERY complex.. Thus most people are NOT willing to investigate, understand, and cope with what MIGHT BE complicated... Most go along to get along, hoping to not become a victim of poverty... TO END being a victim simply READ the information and DO the actions suggested in this Zone....

There's no doubt that large amounts of money helps achieve the goal of Financial Security... BUT large amounts of money NOW does NOT insure Perpetual Financial Security... To consistently generate huge sums of money in ANY business requires marketing a profit-margined product or service that people DESIRE AND WILL EAGERLY BUY NOW and FOREVER... That's it... Don't dismiss the simplicity of this -- it's the KEY to perpetual streams of big money... In other words...

HOW to BE financially secure requires ALWAYS having something that people will, without hesitation, REpurchase every month FROM YOU... There are only two types of true residual income producing products and services:

For such a service, CLICK HERE to go to the Agora World Member-Driven Internet Site that is part of the Ideal Network of SUB-domains... As membership grows, there will be a trading-style domain for EACH community...


It's International and you JUST PLUG into the cooperative system...NO financial RISK... No sign-up fee... It WORKS very effectively FOR MOST people throughout the planet... PLUS, if you're interested in building LOCAL Community Worlds to connect between CyberSpace and Physical Space, it's easy and has a VERY SMALL amount of start-up money, time or skills... Products ARE WHAT EVERY person in ANY business or information sharing ENTERPRISE MUST HAVE TO GENERATE Financial Freedom and Financial Security... Uses a very profitable pay-out affiliate program... The compensation plan does NOT require a large network to generate massive amounts of money... JUST plug into and USE the system to show you HOW to generate as much CASH as you desire!!!!!!!

The biggest STARS in the Networking Industry use these products and services... They can afford ANY products... so when SO MANY ALREADY rich people SELECT the SAME product, it's a HUGE CLUE that they know something everybody WOULD be wise to KNOW ABOUT!!!!

People who are financially secure and healthy desire associating with OTHERS also in this state of being... Thus people LIVING IN the Rich and Healthy Quadrant form and join CLUBS and work in Networks, where members are of like-kind... Dream Manifesters interact with OTHER Dream Manifesters ... If you've not yet read the books in the Rich Dad series written by Robert Kiyosaki... BUY and READ THEM... start with...

A factor that the economic sector is less than HONEST about, is that in a debt-based economy ALL traditional economic structures and systems are "pyramids"... the greatest being the Social Security Program in the USA and welfare schemes using "laws" to force people to contribute to them (= legalized robbery).... The current and next generation pays for past generation's expenditures.... Since the consequences are DELAYED and PAST ON into somebody else's realm, there are NO incentives to DO what produces desired results NOW... The only major winners are at the top of these pyramids which are the money-changers (i.e. banking and corporate cartels)... Who Want the Earth, Plus 5% ...

Networks are unique in that they are NOT pyramids... A network is any system of lines that cross, intersect, or interconnect... Modern society is to a great extent a system of networks interconnected by common interests with feed-back feed-forward loops...

Networks are NOT held hostage to a pyramid leader-dictator with all power following to the top... Networks function by Integrated MasterMind Teamworking Methods using Mentors and Coaches to teach and develop the skills required for success in a particular discipline...

Most forms of SPORTS have long used mentoring and coaching for their "players"... BUT because it's not as yet the social norm in other areas of our activities, to use Personal Success Engineering Mentors and Coaches, only a few people recognize that financial security, like all forms of wealth, follows the same success engineering streams that FLOW FROM the same FIRST Source and Center of all that is... Networks and Streams utilize the SAME Creation Power Modality...

If any form of wealth is desired, you have to tap into the SOURCE and get into the streams and networks of wealth THAT FLOW FROM THE SOURCE... In other words: Learn about and DO WHAT CAUSES THAT form of wealth. AND equally as importantly, you have to learn about and STOP doing the things that prevent that form of wealth. While this sounds simple enough, so far only a FEW people know what these things ARE! -- YOU can help change that... You can learn what the wealth generating "things" are, and then point others to where to also get the wisdom...

There is NO shortage of wealth.... However, There IS a huge shortage of UNDERSTANDING about wealth and how to generate wealth.

ONLY with passion for, and understanding of, financial security and economic correctness traps, can there be security for any other form of wealth.

For most of our humankind's history, we've had mostly people controlling (herding) systems... WHY??? ... Because FEW people clearly understand financial security and it's relation to having and keeping all other forms of wealth... What's not understood, can't be claimed and kept... The reason why socialism and communism attracts followers, is because distribution of resources being done fairly to all the people, "seems wise"... This lure is a holdover from infancy when life depends on others GIVING survival substances to the baby who is unable to do what's required to care for their self.... Human Beings have a long outside the womb gestation period, before self-care is possible... Without proper LIFE-style self-care educare during this long gestation, DEATH-style and being taken care of dependency habits are formed...

The first component of financial security is to mature beyond this "being taken care of dependency stage" and ascend into producing MORE than is consumed... The next component is to begin the process of replacing DEATH-style choices with LIFE-style choices... These are accomplished by producing some tangible product or service of value, usually something that others desire and will buy... We can not manifest freedom from all forms of Death-style dependencies (which are forms of tyranny), UNTIL the majority of We The People comprehend WHAT financial security and other forms of wealth ARE and HOW to manifest these conditions... As of now, most consider having enough money to pay the bills each month is being "financially secure"... As a result MOST people are ONE PAYCHECK away from bankruptcy... Fortunately the WAKE-UP ALARM is being sounded by people like participants of Co-op World....

As with all information in the Liberty Zone Cafe... there's no claim to having THE Truth... The most any of us can do is offer information about what has worked value-productively and value-destructively for ourselves and others we know... We adjust and made improvements as they are known... It's our feed-back feed-forward information-communication loops that alert us to need for and facilitate prompt changes as changes are deemed wise.... THIS is the KEY function of a Mentor and Coach, who sets outside the set to more easily and accurately view the actions of their student... From this detached broad-spectrum view of current actions and conditions, it's easier to provide the accurate communications about what actions are likely to produce improved conditions... (WHY do you think movie-makers use highly skilled Directors?)

Movie-Makers and Song writers have ascended into basic understanding that knowledge and ideas are a form of property and deserve the highest kinds of rewards for their intellectual accomplishment... Only recently have private enterprisers begun recognizing these facts... Andrew J. Galambos attempted to rectify this with his Theory of Primary Property and attempted to design a society in which everyone receives what is due them, not just freedom, but an even higher concept, Justice.

Andrew Galambos created a structure driven by intellectual accomplishment instead of tangible wealth. This is a capitalism which has never before existed, one in which intellectuals such as Archimedes, Newton, Paine and Einstein determine the course of civilization, not politicians, not money-grubbers... Information and projects in the various zones within this Liberty Zone Cafe facilitate this same purpose.... Intellectual accomplishments manifest MANY forms of wealth...

A main factor to consider in financial security is understanding that there are TEMPORARY and ... RECURRING INCOME... TEMPORARY INCOME is where you do the work one time and get paid one time.... RECURRING INCOME is where you can do the work ONE time, then get paid for that work over and over again - thus creating an ongoing CASH FLOW. (This is also known as Residual Income.)

What type income do you earn... TEMPORARY or RECURRING?

Not sure?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, then you earn TEMPORARY INCOME.

Temporary income is income dependent on the amount of hours put in. And since there is always a limit to the amount of hours you can or are willing to work, there will always be a limit to the amount of income you can earn. The reality is that you can never really accumulate wealth and enjoy true lifestyle by exchanging time for money. There simply are not enough hours in the day!

Our goal is to build RECURRING RESIDUAL INCOME... WHICH IS WHAT HAPPENS BY USING Projects in THE Solutions Unlimited Portfolio... From participating you'll naturally gain the skills required, including that of being a wise in-demand mentor...

Mentors are in huge demand because of the new reality...

ARE YOU a victim of "The Lies" being spun to keep workers addicted to and enslaved by temporary income...?

Wise Mentors expose the lies and get their clients using facts that manifest reoccurring residual income...

As a time, money and other wealth SAVING DEVICE, we Mentors, Coaches, Directors, often use "axioms":... 1. self-evident factor; 2. statement taken to be accurate without proof; 3. well-established principle, rule or law.

The main Success Engineering Axiom is: Having any form of wealth, and as many forms of Wealth as desired, CAN BE very easy, WHEN the correct "how to process" is known and applied!!!!

Financial Security Axioms include:

  1. constantly monitor conditions in all the streams,

  2. identify Dream Stealers, and weak flows within streams,

  3. make provisions to remove or avoid Dream Stealers and strengthen stream flows,

  4. be ready to quickly replace weak flows with new stronger flows...

  5. be in a position such that a decline and/or failure of any particular stream(s) do not adversely affect overall prosperity.

  6. establish a Zone in which financial security ALWAYS exists, AND

  7. be able to perpetually survive within THIS SAFE Zone.

  8. view all Zones as conveniences, which IF disappeared "life" would go on and new Zones could be created if so desired.

The Art Of Living requires being comfortable with the ever-changing flux of reality, which involves self-trust in whatever happens I can cope, adapt, and survival...

Throughout this Internet Site there are constant reminders that: When facts are known, the reasons are clear why wealth is, or is not, manifested for all conditions...

IF having many forms of wealth can be very easy...
WHY do most settle for living just over broke?
Why is it so common to accept mediocrity?

The reasons are presented throughout the Liberty Zone Cafe, as are the SOLUTIONS...

The Master Key Answer always reduces to PREJUDICES (blocks to receiving information) and/or LACK of ACCURATE Information.

The Master Key Question is: HOW dedicated am I to knowing about and doing the Wealth Alignment and Manifesting Process? -- (Simplified question: "How much do I desire Paradise ON Earth Now?") -- THIS passion will drive you to discover HOW TO DO the actions that manifest IT!

Although this Internet Super Site is designed to reveal facts and the process to easily have all forms of wealth, it's an Individual's Degree Of Dedication at seeking facts and applying the whole manifesting process, which determines what wealth forms are manifested and how much of each form of wealth is accumulated...

If you're among those who realize that having Financial Wealth is the most challenging area in wealth manifesting, this zone will be of great help... IF there is DESIRE to HAVE consistent financial success, the main Success Engineering Factor to comprehend is that....

A Genius recognizes what others ignore...
such as the obvious facts

A Genius recognizes: BEING ABLE to secure FINANCE FREEDOM, or DEFAULT to SLAVERY, is the KEY determiner between success engineering long-term financial security, and settling for whatever happens...

Most people have defaulted to slavery because of refusal to recognize and acknowledge that personal choices manifest EITHER of these paradigms... Invest some time to: Think about the "excuses" used by the poor for being in poverty... Think of where "credit" is placed by those with financial riches... IF an individual is content to: Accept whatever happens, then there is never disappointment... The comfortable zone is to settle for whatever flows into the lake in which you find yourself... Thus Financial Security becomes a matter of "chance" (being at the right place, at the right time, with the right skills to grab the opportunity), instead of resulting from a well-conceived and executed plan.

A Genius recognizes: Sustainable Financial Wealth requires aligning production AND consumption with, and staying within, a Sustainable Environmental Paradigm. -- That upon which life depends are the most precious commodities, and as such demand the highest priority in protecting and preserving these life-sustaining resources.

A Genius recognizes: A well conceived plan manifests along with the COURAGE to implement the plan, when it's learned that: Creation Power Wisdom begins to flow forth by copying lasting genius-maker axioms and dynamics... Such is knowable by observing what has proven to consistently produce the same results throughout the ages.

A Genius recognizes:The profit producing power of a CONSUMABLE Product that has never before been seen, and for which there is GREAT DEMAND... Spread the good news, then quickly reap HUGE $$$$$$$$$$$$ returns on investments made during this wave... Profit from Capital Investing is a major part of the Reward Structure that powers Sustainable Financial Security... Profit (gain, increased benefits, fruitful) provides a tangible incentive to do the work required to "survive" and "prosper"...

Using Rich Quadrant projects within The Creation Power Wisdom Portfolio makes linking to financial genius very easy... From using this portfolio it's discovered that, when an economic base is LINKED to the dynamic of Value-Productive TEAMWORK: (1) an individual's momentum consistently increases for producing highly desirable consumable products that are within the mission of "whole-life wealth", (2) obstacles to sustainable environments begin quickly crumbling... For instance, while enjoying a Delicious Liquid SuperFood we CAN END hunger and protect-enhance health at the same time... Join us to experience Teamwork Dynamic.

These factors when combined, place into motion many streams of wealth-generating opportunities flowing toward the Success Engineer... The questions then for each individual is: Whether or not I have enough courage to step into the streams and make a "tributary trench" to allow the blessings from the main streams to flow into MY Personal LAKE, and allow the excess to over-flow into other's lakes?... Most individuals "dam-up" their lake trying to keep all the wealth in their lake... Since the universe won't allow "hoarding", greed induced decay and diseases begin in many areas of the hoarder's life-expressions... Participating with the above project proves these factors very clearly...

Children have the unique ability to recognize genius in their current interest and formulate a plan to copy this genius... Children are keenly aware of what is going on around them.... Through the eyes of a child, imagine seeing your surroundings for the first time... Can you see and feel the child's expression of pure joy when they first encounter any new pleasure? ... Imagine visiting an ocean for the very first time... Imagine visiting a Zoo filled will exotic creatures the child has never before seen.... Imagine the happiness radiating from a child living and loving life... Am I as aware of my surroundings as I was as a child? -- Do I feel excited delight when I see somebody do something I've never seen done before... Am I excited by life and the pure miracle of every breathe?... ---

The freshness and wholesomeness of child-like curiosity, imagination, and discovery excitement must be kept alive to allow easy recognition of Genius and wisely formulate value-productive manifesting plans... Lack of "extraordinary amazing wonder makers" (which excite feelings of admiration, surprise, interest, astonishment, puzzlement) is a major reason WHY the concept of and desire for "paradise" becomes lost! -- Paradise is filled with such wonders as to be overwhelming for those not child-like.

One of the first discoveries of a child is the awesome manifesting power of "teamwork".... It's so much easier to get what is desired, when others willingly share in doing the tasks they're most able to do...

BUT "teamwork" can be easily transmuted into "manipulation" of others... (** Jobbery)... What are some of the things you've noticed parents eagerly doing FOR their children? ... I remember the first time I realized that my first child was dropping toys from his highchair just to get others to pick them up... It was a fun game that he had learned by observing actions and reactions of those in his surrounding... Once he recognized that I knew what he was doing, and had stopped doing what wasn't necessary, he began experimenting and learning new tactics for negotiating desired results... With appropriate feed-back feed-forward responses a child and their parents develop value-productive teamwork (that which benefits ALL participants, without doing harm to any)... Family Teamwork inspires the child's self-care skills to consistently increases and develops a co-operative collaborative partnership with the parents... As a result of the teamwork processes many forms of wealth flow forth... MOST values can manifest ONLY with teamwork... It's very important to be conscious of the fact that AN individual usually first mentally conceives of A value, BUT soon discovers that most values will manifest into experiential reality only with the help of others... Appropriate Educare is required to protect teamwork from degrading into gang of gangsters.

** Definitions: Jobbery = The dishonest management of public business for private gain. -- Gang = Coercive use of "Teamwork"; placing depersonalizing constraints upon individuals; forced same action by all.

To facilitate getting REacquainted with the powerful value-productive teamwork processes, several projects are available... The most effective format is:

Increasing Degrees of Creation Power Wisdom Portfolio... This provides a complete Whole-Life Wealth Manifesting Program... Financial Security and many other forms of wealth flow forth by doing the factors within each Degree...

"There's no feeling quite like the one you get when you get the truth: You're the captain of the ship, called you. You're setting the course, the speed, and you're out there on the bridge, steering. -- Carl Frederick -- (RE: Full Circle Success THOUGHT OF THE DAY 1-19-2001.)

When financial security basic knowledge is in place, then the next actions involve learning how to identify those who desire to STEAL the wealth you've acquired, and design tactics to avoid these predators and parasites... The fastest method of doing this is by joining the SUNshine Rich Quadrant, which is another factor included in earning Success By Association Degrees... The advanced financial information you receive will identify WHY slavery is part of every institution humankind has become accustomed to... and HOW to EASILY REPLACE all forms of slavery with True Liberty.... As a CapitalWise Liberty Crusader, you'll receive the mentoring to easily get out of slavery and into the glorious Light and Life of True Liberty and all other forms of wealth...

Conditions attest to the fact that policy-makers and money-generators have chosen to FINANCE SLAVERY in a vast variety of formats... Most have wisely and carefully disguised their actions, usually as projects done for the "general welfare" ... They know that it's essential to hide their true motives, and hide the facts of how "good works" are used to trap individuals onto their web and wrap them up in cocoons of financial indebtedness, and being so dependent on the enslavers products and services, that getting free requires risk of giving up too much of what has been invested in... Thus staying in slavery is preferred, as long as it's tolerable... Most enslavers today are wise enough to NOT make their victims too uncomfortable!...

Fortunately a major NO RISK leap forward in FINANCING FREEDOM has manifested... The FREEDOM FINANCIER is Electronic Commerce via the Internet...

Electronic Commerce via the Internet is creating a NEW Culture that will manifest the American Dream in its full glorious grandeur... WHY? ....

Because ... A very unique and innate part of the American Dream and America's Success Formula is "individuals" PRODUCING and KEEPING Financial Security... or any other form of wealth... WITHOUT ANY HINDRANCE to value-production...

Actions inspired by a commitment to unencumbered free-flow of "private enterprise", flows resources through the social spectrum causing "acceptable standards" to continually ascend...

What is "comfortable" NOW, will become very "UNcomfortable" when the facts are known... Whereas other prevalent slave-based philosophies are based on "divine right of kings" to possess and distribute, or withhold, resources according to this hierarchy's preferences and whims; which always causes "acceptable standards" to decline... Unfortunately the decline is often "slow" so that the decay is NOT directly connected to the "causation"... Individuals who accept "general welfare" paradigms are either the "kings and king's men" or "poverty-ridden"... The FIRST WAVE of general welfare social programs manifests illusions of HIGHER than current standards, which gives the illusions of being a "good thing" thereby gaining BLIND confidence and TRUST in the good king's system... But over time the conditions always decline to make the kings richer and the poor more in debt to the kings.

A study of history reveals that through a series of covert maneuvers, reversion to hierarchy paradigms has moved Americans toward accepting mediocrity and poverty for 95 percent of the population and mega-wealth for 5 percent.

Do you really want to be among the 5% who are firmly financially secure and who set policies the other 95% must obey??? ... OR

Rather than trying to GET INTO that 5%, would you use your choices to greatly expand the PERCENT of financially secure, and enjoy all other forms of wealth???? ... Does it make more sense to use our choices to reclaim America's Success Formula for ABUNDANCE, so everybody can be financially secure???? ...

If you agree with the ABUNDANCE Paradigm, then being an active participant with Solutions Unlimited Empowerment Team and using the Whole-Life Wealth Generating System are vital!!!

IF the AMOUNT of people having financial security is drastically expanded, would that ALSO increase the amount and size of Personal Liberty Zones??? ...

Would that in turn manifest a VESTED INTEREST among a greater amount of "Voters" to seek out, and elect, representatives who will ACTUALLY PROTECT true liberty, and implement "policy" that empower individuals to manifest and keep the wealth that's been earned?

Achieving these factors is the main purpose within all the information and projects in the various "zones" Liberty Zone Cafe's... They do NOT COPY mediocrity... they are based on the ORIGINAL PLAN for Manifesting American Genius Into Consensus Reality....

WHEN ENOUGH individuals feel desire at the level of consciously expecting MAGIC Reality, (manifest consensus) THEN the required tools and actions will be cooperatively designed and used, to consciously reform energy and mass so as to create this paradigm and this reality...

Most people who are WEALTHY, think and act so as to MANIFEST Money MAGIC WAVES of Financial Security... The poor wish, wanta, and hope to just FIND a wave... Some get lucky enough to encounter a Money MAGIC Wave and wisely hop aboard to ride it...

Am I TOO BUSY to Make BIG Money, or enjoy other forms of wealth? ...

Am I TOO BUSY to recognize a wealth-generating wave when it passes by?

If so, then I'm part of the majority... and will continue getting the same busy-ness without manifesting true wealth in any form...

When I am eagerly ready to have lots of money & learn how to enjoy wealth in all its glorious forms... then I shall passionately...

These are the two major secrets to success in RECLAIMING and KEEPING True Liberty and all other forms of wealth !!!

SO..... "Why create mediocrity, when you can copy genius????"

This Financial Security Zone introduces the Genius' Money & Income MAGIC Concepts and Projects that...

To get a fast start, actively participate with the Rich Quadrant portion of the Whole-Life Educare Portfolio...

Remember, the NEED being satisfied - the SOLUTION being offered - is to FINANCE having and keeping True Liberty... to AFFORD to be free and enjoy all other forms of wealth; including life and healthy longevity, even unto biological immortality if such is desired.... It's interesting to note that "healthy longevity" and "biological immortality" are potentials being actively pursued by very few, because: "Who really desires to live forever in a parasitic or slave environment?"... Physical death is being used as a honorable way to escape from the suffering caused by not having true liberty.

True Liberty on "The INTERNET is like a TIDAL WAVE, those who do not learn to swim in it, will drown!... Those who bet against it, will lose... Fortunes that will be made on the Internet will be GREATER THAN MINE!" - Bill Gates - The RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD thanks to THE Microsoft WAVE he set in motion...

Ideal Network Projects will DO for participants what Bill Gates did for his inside team players... EMPOWER them to develop the software to ride on his platform name. Then these new inventions were either bundled together for sale along with every IBM compatible computer sold, or offered on the open market for purchase by the consumer to be added to their computer portfolio of programs!

Note the difference results from the philosophies and actions within the various computer companies, especially Apple and IBM Compatibles... Restrictive Protectionism and special interest markets primarily to government schools and universities, drastically limits the purchase of this paradigm beyond these "users"... While free open competition and appeal to the large audience of the general public catapulted the consumers desire for quickly and ever-expanding various of products being offered that worked on IBM Compatible Personal Computers, but NOT on Apple or other operating systems BY THEIR CHOICE!

History reveals TRUE financial security flows to those who do NOT fear true liberty, and willingly do what is required to MANIFEST and CONTROL the course of the Money MAGIC WAVE, so as to have ever-expanding wealth for their self AND others who eagerly endorse the concepts and get abroad the wave to ride and keep the wave's momentum going strong! ...

History also reveals: The knowledge and skills required to accomplish these aspects are NOT part of mainstream culturing; but rather carefully KEPT secret within certain families or groups.... The INTERNET provides the tools to create and quickly distribute Appropriate Educare programs that CORRRECT this gross flaw and inspires BUSINESS...! Business is the BLOOD-STREAM of the civilization! ... Entrepreneurs put the life-sustaining nutrients into business so they can flow in the blood stream to the body's vital organs and nourish eternal life and health!

As Yasuhiko Kimura writes in The Neo-Tech Revolution... "Business is the integrated circuit of consciousness designed to produce values. Value is the actualized knowledge that protects, nurtures, supports, or accommodates all growing needs of life. The process of value production consists of four stages:

  1. metaphysically conceiving potential values -- the conception stage;

  2. metaphysically/physically developing working models of previously conceived potential values -- the development stage;

  3. physically mass producing previously developed product-models -- the production stage;

  4. physically mass marketing product-values for consumption -- the marketing stage.

The process of value production is a tetrahedral system (time-tetrahedron) that divides the universe into that which is relevant and that which is nonrelevant to the production of particular values. That which is relevant to the production of particular values includes: all the information and knowledge that is required; all the individuals who possess the information, knowledge, or skills that are required; and all the physical materials, equipment, space, and time that are needed to produce particular values.

Each stage of value production -- each vertex of the time-tetrahedron -- has a unique value-index which increases geometrically as the process of value production evolves from one stage to the next."

What he goes on to present is PERFECT description of the Age of Light & Life manifesting stages described in The Urantia Papers... and offers information on how to gain control of actions that manifest the events we experience...

"The thing women {& men} have got to learn
is that nobody gives you power...
You just take it."

-- is a wise comment made by Roseanne Barr,
b. 1952, American comedienne and actress ...

Individuals who think they don't have the "financial means" to dress like a person taking power for their own life-expressions, can be helped by benevolent projects such as Dress for Success™ & help others that guide learning how to also Dress For Success™

There is a major difference
between Benevolence and Altruism...

Benevolence is "reality-based" premise that every human being has the exclusive right their own life and property given to them or manifested by their private-enterprise... Implementing free-flow of private enterprises (capitalism) naturally yields a benevolent society in which individuals interact with each other on the basis of VALUES and the voluntary exchanges of values that empowers the natural wealth manifesting problem-solving nature of life. Humankind is "happy" when competitively and voluntarily producing values for self and others.

Whereas altruism is a "morality based" premise that a human being lives for the service to and sacrifice for higher causes (country, God, needy, et cetera)... Implementing the various forms of altruism (such as socialism or communism) naturally yields a malevolent society wherein individuals interact with each other on the basis of who will be sacrificed for whom, and the haves giving to the have-nots.

Motivations and ability to produce values competitively and in abundance for self and others, FLOURISH when the value-producer has full ownership and distribution stewardship (earns, saves or spends whatever portion of income earned is desired, and gives away whatever portion as so desired); but VANISH when the value-producer sacrifices to non-producers.

The American Dream Manifesters' Financial Security Zone GOAL is reality-based....

EVERY Individual, Family and Home
Debt FREE with Financial Security
and easy access to affordable...
True Liberty and Health-care knowledge,
products, services, support systems & insurance
Multi-Media Learning & Educare Cooperatives
Modern COMPUTER Communication System
Unlimited INTERNET Access

The articles and linked websites for each project mentioned throughout the Zones in the Liberty Zone Cafe reveal how to MANIFEST ALL FORMS of WEALTH MAGICALLY... including MONEY MAGIC.... HOW TO SAFELY KEEP what a person CREATES and EARNS... HOW to do value-productive leveraging with TEAMWORK.... HOW to give-away produced values in charitable methods that empower others to also be value-producers. and do NOT encourage growth of laziness and greed of parasitic socialism or welfarism.

THE most important project to participate with in the Whole-Living Project is carrying FREE-Speak Rich Quadrant WISDOM to the entire planet!!!

How many people have you heard about who created various forms of wealth... then LOST it?

Who do you know who had robust health, then destroyed it by their actions? ...

When we're honest with our self... It's not surprising that each of us can be counted among this very large portion of the population! ... Often our actions are simply due to PEER pressure... Believing and Doing what others do, so as not to be considered an outsider!!

Research reveals there is a repetitive "self-destructive" PATTERN and a ROOT CAUSE... As you journey with us, the pattern and cause emerges...

By participating with projects in the Ideal Network Educare Portfolio, the destructive cause is removed, and the pattern transmutes into a pattern of "self-educaring" and "self-caring" that in turn inspires others to do the same... Just as Light Waves from our Sun shine upon all...

EACH business project has VERY AFFORDABLE start-up and operational cost, plus offer VERY REWARDING compensation plans.

EACH project is part of the STEPS THAT PLACE a person EVER MORE INTO Power-Thinking and CONTROL of their thoughts, life-expression, time and resources; while at the same time inspiring others to do the same.

Because of the instability in economic infra-structures, there is need to generate multiple streams of income.

Plus since no company has all the services and items a person might need or want, it is wise to connect to several companies and build a TEAM who also purchase from these companies. - Helpful relationships are what networking is about.

Herein... The term "money" is used to indicate mediums for exchanging goods and services. The term "income" is used to indicate flows of profit from such exchanges.

The skills required to manifest Money & Income MAGIC Waves actually are the skills to Manifest A Generous Income Consistently from a variety of sources...

For a few people, Money & Income MAGIC happen suddenly or manifest from one source... For MOST people, Money & Income MAGIC, and all other forms of wealth, manifests by creating many small streams (fluid-liquid assets) and by planting many seeds and cuttings (fixed-assets, savings, investments)... Then by carefully nurturing the plant's growth, and directing the small streams, so they all feed toward and into the main stream that fills the large lake's reservoir... When the main garden and reservoir are filled to the max by reliable steady harvesting and flowing INLETS, then new plantings and OUTLET tributaries are created to allow excesses to flow into these newly chosen garden plots and courses... This multiple planting and streaming method is also a wise means of PROTECTION... if any garden or inlet tributary dries up, the other multiple plantings and streams keep the garden growing and the lake filled from fresh flows of life-giving substances.

Financial Security, and the many benefits generated by the multiple gardens & streams "form" of wealth manifesting, is the universe's method of long-term survival success... A few seeds planted on fertile soil in a friendly environment soon produces a bountiful garden... Small streams of water soon filled a lake that's been dug out to serve as a collecting pool... A little material accumulated consistently soon builds a mountain... Shiftings, slow or sudden, redistribute the material and seeds to begin the process again... Universes are formed and re-formed by this unique designing, growth and re-growth plan.

Acquiring any form of wealth, and surviving shiftings, usually requires Creation Power Wisdom = accurate knowledge applied appropriately so as to produced desirable results... When "Daniel's Challenge" as told in the Bible (First Chapter of Daniel) is understood, THEN so too is there understanding about the importance of learning how to make WISE choices in accord with the universe's design... Jesus' parables provide many lessons dealing with the importance of reality-based thinking and acting; such as the investment lesson of the Talents... NOW anyone can acquire this wisdom, by participating with American Dream Manifesters; which includes regular visits to this Liberty Zone Website, and interacting in cyberspace with members of the American Dream Manifesters' Virtual Reality Community. You're invited to freely drink from each zone's Well of Wisdom as they are filled and refilled. ... Remember...

This Financial Security Zone introduces Money & Income MAGIC PROJECTS that...

BEFORE lasting financial security can be a personal or global reality, there has to be clear understanding of a BASIC UNIVERSAL LAW that affects all individual AND humankind's survival...

It's a well-established fact that... As private initiative and family goes, so goes society... WHEN all factors in society are focused on creating sound family units and integrating home culturing with all other aspects of the civilization, then individuals strive to BE and DO THEIR BEST, which always inspires cooperative efforts; thereby causing the whole of society to function peacefully and prosperously. ~ The MORE families doing home-based PROFIT-INCENTIVE private enterprises ... those activities having truly productive labor that generate the PROFIT of survival and healthy longevity ... the more peaceful, happy and value-productive each individual is... and the more stable are the global social, moral and economic foundations... and the more able to survive and prosper within the shifting trends... This is why an Agrarian Lifestyle (even as a hobby, i.e. gardening of food and flowers, bee-keeping, home repairs, mechanics, etc.) attracts so many Success Engineers... Working directly with the universe (nature), especially in survival and horticultural areas, is the fastest and easiest method to learn universal success principles and skills. Once acquired, these always-work-well concepts inspire success from choices made throughout life.

Modern Scientist and Economists have proven what Dr. Marie Montessori (b.1870 d.1952) proved in 1900 (but rejected by American Educators), there are far-reaching specie-survival and ever-improvement values generated by children freely moving about actively participating with the various forms of in-touch with nature "culturalizing action upon the environment", such as:

  • horticultural - growing plants for food and beauty, production of tools to do so, harvesting, preservation for later use& aesthetic, practical & moral presentations...
  • home-cultural - building secure comfortable shelter & furnishings...
  • economic-cultural - creating tradeable goods and services...
  • enviro-cultural - living with, but not harming the environment upon which life depends.

A plight has developed by not comprehending APPROPRIATE EDUCARE during childhood... Corporate Human Resource Managers are reporting a major profit destructive condition with employees NOT being able to think multi-dimensionally... FEW can visible in 3-D models or paradigms... This greatly interferes with creating or maintaining sound tools, machinery, buildings, or any form of structure... The PROBLEM IS CAUSED by NOT having done sufficient hands-on perceived as profitable work (brain neural-connection-creating spacial [ spatial ] tasks) during childhood... such as naturally occurs in gardening, building structures, fixing automobiles... Being able to do and visiblize spatio-temporal activities (that occupy or take up space and time) are ESSENTIAL to understanding and working with the operational "laws" universe; including laws of mechanics (the branch of physics dealing with the action of forces on liquids, solids, and gases at rest or in motion - kinetics, statics, kinematics).

Remember when schools had several grades of REQUIRED classes in Home-Ec, Shop, Ag... ??? ... FEW schools do so now... Many don't have such real-life classes available... SO, IF neither the HOME or the SCHOOLS provide this BASIC but ESSENTIAL EDUCARE, where are the children suppose to obtain these survival skills??? ... Where can a child's work, which consists in actions upon real objects in the external environment, be done? - - One solution is with true home-based horticultures and other value-productive home-based business enterprises, where profit and loss are REAL issues. (It's even better when the 2 can be combined, such as in growing and selling produce... building a better mouse trap and marketing it to people with mice infestations... )

This whole-real-life culturing blends naturally with the world of computers and internet for information and communication creating and exchanging...

It should be mentioned... It's a well-known fact by supporters of centralized control, that: IF THE GOAL is to enslave a certain culture, group, or civilization, then sound family units MUST be destroyed, followed by removal of all access to learning how to be self-care reliant. The goal of slavery can NOT be accomplished in any arena where individuals have loyalty to family, and can survive in true liberty without an " external government"... The American Dream was and still is... Creating a relationship with the environment where true value-productive liberty is a personal zone and then a global zone...

American Dream Manifesters know that ALL life, even plants, develops and survives at the expense of its environment. BUT LIFE itself is an energy that DEPENDS on keeping the balance of creation by constantly perfecting and protecting the environment, WITHOUT which this energy would itself disintegrate... Humankind survived and progressed at living ever more securely and comfortably, because as a species we acquired this understanding of value-productive energy - environment symbiosis relationships of renewal, conservation and protection in our childhood play-work within the environment (nature, universe).

Symbiosis is the opposite of parasitism. - Symbiosis is the association or living together of two or more unlike organisms for the benefit of each other, without doing harm to any in the process. Parasitism is when an organism feeds off the body (energy - environment) of another, and in the process is more harmful than beneficial.

American Dream Manifesters know that true liberty, life, health, personal responsibility, sound family units, and survival skills, are great treasures, and are parts of the wealth paradigm worth protecting and using wisely.

In the Liberty Zones, we'll explore HOW TO HAVE & KEEP as MUCH WEALTH as YOU WANT!!!!

How many forms of WEALTH can you think of???

Some of the most common thought of wealth form among the VAST VARIETY and FORMS of wealth... include... life, God, loving relationships, health, longevity, accurate knowledge, choice-making freedom and accountability, as well as financial security!

When the term WEALTH is used, thoughts usually flash to MONEY ... Because money represents a convenient form of barter for exchanging our symbiotic creativity... a medium of value measure and exchange... to acquire the TRUE WEALTH BENEFITS we really desire... like nutritious food and comfortable shelter to protect our life and health, and those of our loved ones... The skills required to acquire the income of MONEY actually are the skills to Make All Genesis Interchanges Creatively.... which translates what comes into being (has origin, genesis) from our thoughts and actions Manifests A Generous Income Consistently.... Hence... Money MAGIC is what is desired...

Visit the websites for each project in the Financial Security Zone...

THEY show how to MANIFEST $$$$$$$ MAGIC AND HOW TO SAFELY KEEP what you EARN...

EACH business project has VERY AFFORDABLE start-up and operational cost, plus offer VERY REWARDING compensation plans. EACH project is part of the STEPS THAT PLACE a person EVER MORE IN CONTROL of their life-expression, time and resources. Because of the instability in economic infra-structures, there is need to generate multiple streams of income. Plus since no company has all the services and items a person might need or want, it is wise to connect to several companies and build a TEAM who also purchase from these companies. - Helpful relationships are what networking is about.

Financial Security Zone GOAL

EVERY Individual, Family and Home
Debt FREE with Financial Security
and easy access to affordable...
True Liberty and Health-care knowledge,
products, services, support systems & insurance
Multi-Media Learning & Educare Cooperatives
Modern COMPUTER Communication System
Unlimited INTERNET Access

Because of false liberty philosophies, the major obstacles to freedom on our planet are:

  • excess CREDIT/DEBT usage...
  • monopoly of currencies by private banking cartels...
  • NOT having full benefits health care INSURANCE that REWARDS being healthy...
  • not having instant connection to accurate information...
  • not having reliable broad-spectrum communication WHEN they're needed...
  • small private enterprises that generate sustainable wealth, have been absorbed into a government-corporate system that now control access to all forms of wealth...
The majority of humankind don't have basic wealth, because WHO gets access to even basic survival needs is more and more being controlled by a FEW individuals... The rest are being priced them out the market place.

HOW can we remove these obstacles?..
plus have true liberty and access to all other forms of wealth??? ...

Simple and as easy as allowed to be is
7 MEGA-TRENDS for Wealth-Manifesting...

  1. Local & Global Support Networks for Manifesting Shared Visions
  2. Computer-Internet Technology
  3. Personalized Education
  4. Education Consulting... all ages & interests
  5. Home-Based Entrepreneurial Projects
  6. Access to Local AND Global Markets
  7. BE PAID for Helping Others to Perpetually Improve Their Lifestyle!!!

DARE TO BE as happy, healthy, and prosperous as we were created to be!

Manifest inner potentials, and ascend into the glorious IDEAL Dream, that includes living in a world blessed with perpetual IDEALS - including: Life, Love, Light, Laughter, Liberty...

  • Life... Spiritualized Conscious Thoughts manifested into Value-productive Actions
    (Life Is Free Energy)
  • Love... Agape = highest value-productive form of love, that opens to all other expressions of love.
    (Agape Desires Manifest Excellent Consequences)
  • Light... Creation Power Knowledge and Wisdom
    (Let Intelligence Generate IDEAL Thoughts.)
  • Laughter ... Enjoy the humor of our follies and learning experiences.
    (Humor is an expression of Happiness)
  • Liberty ... Perpetually increase Personal LibertyZone by joyously allowing others to have their Personal LibertyZone
    (Leveraging True Liberty inspires IDEALS - Happiness, Self-Government, Life-empowering Values, Respect for all life.

Money MAGIC STARS of the Financial Security Zone include:

  • Earn plenty of money while helping build a library of ACCURATE INFORMATION in every home!!! The MOST honorable method of Making A Generous Income Consistently, while also saving and manifesting the American Dream!!!

  • Educare Consulting & Networking - THE MOST NEEDED CAREER TODAY - Wide-open profession... very little competition... Pre-school through College and beyond... for a lifetime of joyous learning adventures... Educational Software for HOME-based & traditional TUTORING or SCHOOLING... includes SOFTWARE Courses direct from the Internet!!!

  • Healthy Longevity & Fat Be Gone MAGIC... Surf these ZONES ... Click on them in the above Liberty Zone Cafe...

A Financial Security Portfolio isn't complete until these projects are an active part...

The IDEAL and American Dream Manifesters' Financial Security Zone has the primary goal... (which can be said of each of the projects selected to be included in the Financial Security Zone)... Offering products and services that fulfill the mission of supporting life, harmonious family values, and filling specific family needs in a libertarian format. We carefully select products and services that answer these specific needs, as well as have broad spectrum mass appeal. You can always be assured that projects suggested offer only products and services that exhibit the highest values and quality to you and your family.

IDEAL Home-Based Business

As a Home-based Entrepreneurial Opportunity, the projects meet all the qualifications of the perfect home-based business including:

  • convenience
  • low startup cost....
  • fast income generator
  • easy to operate
  • effectively worked at home (making home the center of our lives)...
  • most can involve all ages in the family unit..
  • allows for very flexible hours...
  • gives a great return on investment of time and resources... and
  • creates income streams that can guarantee family's security, lifestyle, and financial independence.

Financial security flows from the corecept of FAMILY WAGES generated by diverse family-owned and operated businesses... These often home-based entrepreneurial apprenticeship (elders teaching youngers skills of their diverse crafts generated SEVERAL streams of money flowing from various sources... Should one stream or more stream dry up, the others keep flowing and can be used to help build new streams... The Family TEAM BUILDING concept (which is the foundation of Home-Based Business Programs in the network marketing industry) is designed to work successfully within the confines of our own home, and offer the freedom to choose the level of involvement with which family-members are comfortable, while providing exciting long-term financial rewards for work and efforts.... IF the wisdom of HOME as the center of our lives is NOT comprehended, then please connect at Daily Briefings with IDEAL MasterMind Team to gain this wisdom... Here are a few blessings: promotes sound family units producing healthy civilized individuals who do good works, liberate us from workplace slavery, and place individuals firmly in control of our lives generating family-control sustainable financial prosperity and security.

Alexis de Tocqueville observed that: "America is GREAT because her people are GOOD; if her people ever cease to be good, America will cease to be great"... He also observed how the "separate spheres concept" was working in America of the 1830s. "American women engaged themselves exclusively in "the quiet circle of domestic employments... in no country has such constant care been taken as in America to trace two clearly distinct lines of action for the two sexes and to make them keep pace one with the other, but in two pathways that are always different." In other words, Americans responding to guidance of early woman’s movement worked out a separate but EQUAL gender role system - the foundation of America's Success Formula.

The women’s movement of the 19th Century in response to the "industrial era" taking men away from the homefront, struggled to establish not a male but a FAMILY WAGE. It did not favor men; it favored "breadwinners". This policy derived from the natural design for human species progeneration (propagation, reproduction), and thus from primary concern that mothers should be able to devote full time to raising children and managing a home. To do these services without direct financial compensation, they had to be provided for, and it was the husband and father who had to do the providing, which meant that he had to earn a wage sufficient to support not only himself but his entire family.

The long enduring effort to institutionalize the family wage eventually succeeded. In the book There’s No Place Like Work by Brian C. Robertson, sub-titled: "How Business, Government, and Our Obsession with Work Have Driven Parents From Home." is an account of how the workplace REPLPACED HOME as the center of our lives. Brain Robertson writes: "it has been estimated that by 1960 a family wage was paid by 65 percent of all employers in the United States and by 80 percent of the major industrial companies."... "Although feminist historians today call the family-wage ideal a ‘myth" designed to keep married women oppressed, few myths have come closer to becoming reality."... "the family-wage economy that prevailed from 1945 to 1970 was the product of an ideal pursued deliberately, primarily by women’s organizations, through the political process...." the old system that protected family and home was destroyed "By conscious effort on the part of a feminist and business elite [as well as] neglect on the part of a comfortable society that had ceased to see any need to shield home and family from destructive market and state pressures."

In the 20th Century, with the drive to send women (who could be forced to work more cheaply than men) into the workplace, the titular head of the family was no longer needed. There was then another answer to the question, "How can we support the work of mothers?" It was by making mothers financially independent and by assisting mothers with tax-supported institutionalized childcare and by assisting mothers, married or not, with taxpayer funded outlays. Of all the blows to fatherhood and sound family units, perhaps the single most significant was the decision, made somewhere in the Johnson Administration bureaucracy, to open Aid to Families with Dependent Children to unwed mothers. (AFDC was designed for social support of widows and orphans.) - Financial support of unwed mothers living OUTSIDE the extended family home encouraged unwed motherhood in the 1960s through 1980s; Nobel Prize winning physicist William Shockley argued that AFDC and similar programs encouraged unwed child-birth among less productive members of society causing a reverse evolution (dysgenic effect)... In 1994, libertarian author Charles Murray suggested that welfare causes dependency. He argued that as welfare benefits increased, the number of recipients also increased; this behavior, he said, was rational: there is little reason to work if one can receive benefits for a long period of time without having to work.

From that point Fathers became disposable. Institutionalized child and elder care reduced Mothers to baby-factories. Children lost BOTH parents and became "latch-key kids" forced into literally raising their self in unstable fractured families, or in the impersonal care of paid strangers. Both Children and Elders (once highly respected and valued) became valued as "income tax deductions" and SOURCE for NEW social welfare industries founded on KEEPING children, elders, and single parents IN NEED of high cost social care; whose job security requires having NEEDY to take care of... Home lost its center priority with society forced to pay for child/elder care that throughout history was done FREE at home within sound family units generating various forms of barterable-wealths and paying their own FAMILY WAGE from family-owned and operated businesses.

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