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Goal: IDEAL Civilization
I Do Everything Around Life


Ideal Solutions Educare Series
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Ideal Ad Network

Building Fortunes
Complete Integrated System: Affiliate Program - LIVE webinars and recorded How TO Build Fortunes Education.
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Building Fortunes Webinars Schedule

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Ideal Portfolio 101

Ideal Portfolio 102

requires Being:
Ecology Savvy &
Financially Literate.

Ecolonomic TeamWork
with people
desiring Same Goal
to think, feel, &
do actions required for
symbiotic healthy relationships
between ourselves,
in a strong economy,
and a healthy ecology.

It's OUR Life-Empowering Eco-System
Care & PROFIT From It

High Demand
Profitable Profession

Ecolonomics Org

Access My University -
academic courses on
MANY subjects -
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Smart Media Technologies
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Interactive TV
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Communication Tools
Bargain Finder
Movies and lots more!

Explore Freedom
How Wealthy Get
& Stay Wealthy

Think Global
Act Local

Join Hemp Network
MOST Useful Plant
On Earth
ReLegalize HEMP
ReBuild Family Farms
ReGenerate Economy
ReStore Health

GVO Conferencing Room
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Video Producer
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Internet Conference Rooms
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Internet Academy
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Universal Laws

List of Basic Adult Courses

Internet Academy Overview

Biz Evaluation Process

Propose THIS...
Put Politicians On Social Security -- Suddenly they will discover solutions for providing Affordable Health Care and Sound Retirement Program!

FREE NetBook
Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle


Am I My
Worst Enemy?

What Size is MY Cube?

Prosperity Principles On-Line Workshop & Guide Book

Act So AS
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Live Interactive Dialogs via Internet Conferencing of:

THE SECRET and Science behind the Secret ---

Master Key System

Science OF BEING Rich e-Book

Sovereign Thinking

Parents are
Research Associates

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Authentic Success

Success Engineering

Don Tolman

Age of Imagination

Learn With Movies

Watch Movies
Earn A Fortune

Certain Way Life-Labs

Rich Quadrant

Success Mentoring

Peter McCandless

Larken Rose
author of
"Theft By Deception"

Miracle of America

BUILD Freedom

Morocracy =
Moral Democracy

1776 Passion

7 Mega Trends

World Time

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