Environment Zone

This Zone IS the MOST Vital
because LIFE depends on Environment!

Links in the Side Menue offer a starting point
in helping keep a healthy sustainable environment...

Planet Earth IS OUR COMMON HOME...
Each of us is responsible for doing our share of work
in keeping our family home safe, clean and healthy...
Each of our lives depend on a healthy planet...

HOW passionate AM I about MY SURVIVAL?

How does passion occur?...
What causes us to become passionate about anything? ...
When do we become intereted in or sensitive to a specific topic?
Where do we put our attention and actions?
Why do we care about anything?
Who cares enough about life to protect life?

These 6 honest servants (Who, What, When Where, Why, How maxim and toolbox ) provides the starting point for components to include in this Environment Zone.... The principle underlying the question maxim is that each question should elicit a factual answer — facts necessary to include in choice-making processes... facts necessary to inspire thoughts and actions for self and specie survival.

Humankind is a species with the ability to CARE ABOUT survival, AND we are a species with ability to NOT KEEP attention on survival... Consider for a moment for ANY other species, their survival depends on their constant attention on NOT being killed and eaten by another species.... fight or flight to stay alive...

Honestly HOW MUCH attention is given to the MOST Vital component for LIFE survival??? --- For most the topic of "Life-Sustaining Environment" is NOT at the forefront of our conscious thoughts!... HOW much attention do I put on CLEAN AIR and WATER? ... HOW much attention do I put on preventing pollution from my home and my workplace?

Use OIL shortage scam to reveal WHO the enemy really is! - And at same time inspire actions to develop ever-more affordable clean energy technologies... Not only will this approach peacefully eliminate the oil cartel scams and prevent their hoarding wealth, it will make We The People wealthy and use oil in sustainable healthy ways; NOT being burned for fuel.

Many Individuals, Businesses, Governments, and The Media are beginning to openly admit and consider that actions by EACH of US are directly causing pollution and climate change. Whether you believe in climate change or not, there still remains the inescapable fact that we must do something; but WHAT to do first? ... Here are suggestions by Campbell Scott about what we do MUST focus on first:

  1. stopping the destruction of rain forests ( lungs of the earth )
  2. breaking addiction and reliance on fossil based fuels ( dirty business )
  3. significantly reducing pollution
  4. cleaning up our rivers ( arteries of the planet )
  5. protecting our water ( Blue Gold )
  6. Developing smart planet friendly green technologies and practices.

The 6 points above are at the heart of the mission at Carbon Credit Network... The commercial realities of this CCN opportunity would be difficult to ignore by any ambitious networker, MLMer, direct sales specialist or heavy hitter as we sometimes call them.

What also must be done if anything of real significance is to be achieved is to incentavise individuals and businesses to get involved, and reward them with commercial gains rather than taxable enforcement.

We are wise to STOP using OIL for fuel, and use Oil for other more beneficial commodities... This drastically will reduce NEED for oil and will ensure the expansive oil reserves will be available for use for eons, instead of gone this century.

Everyday Uses for Oil -- Other products made from petroleum include: medicines, heart valves, plastics, tires, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, ammonia, ink, crayons, deodorant, eyeglasses, CDs and DVDs...

Harmful Emissions and By-products Are Produced from Burning Petroleum Products

Petroleum when burned as fuel give off the following emissions :

Nearly all these byproducts have negative impacts on the environment and human health:

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and source of global climate changes.

SO2 causes acid rain, that is harmful to plants and animals, makes water toxic, and worsens or causes respiratory illnesses and heart diseases, particularly in children and the elderly.

NOX and VOCs contribute to ground-level ozone, which irritates and damages the lungs.

PM results in hazy conditions in cites and, along with ozone, contributes to asthma and chronic bronchitis, especially in children and the elderly. Very small, or “fine PM” is also thought to cause emphysema and lung cancer.

Lead has severe health impacts, especially for children.

IF already awake and aware then join us at the Carbon Credit Network to be rewarded (and reward others) for doing Ideal Carbon FootPrint actions that protect CLEAN AIR and WATER and much more...


"When a group is intent on pleasing a boss
instead of asking the questions that deserve attention,
that group risks decline, decay and disaster."

In the Learning Zone we focused on importance of: HOW To Think... but as Jamie McKenzie says in the Introduction to his book "Learning to Question to Wonder to Learn"...

"Sadly, thinking does not always lead to understanding or wisdom.

Thinking can be deficient, limited and delusional. It can skirt the real issues and avoid the dark (but promising) side of life. It can be critical rather than creative.

"If you don't eat your meat (or vegetables), you can't have any pudding (or ice cream)."

Those who think about serious issues and challenges may ask the wrong questions and be captive of biases, wishes, preconceptions and "gut" instincts.

Schools have taught thinking off and on throughout most of the previous century as the fashions dictated, but they have done less well with questioning and wondering.

Schools have done better with critical thinking than creative thinking, but one can hardly survive or flourish without the two operating in tandem, and in some kind of syncopated rhythm.

Wonder is at the heart of the matter, as is curiosity and passion.

Too much thinking is coldly analytical and logical in ways that end up missing the soulful aspects of life.

Some academics push a brand of inquiry that is dry, dispassionate and totally logical, as if extracting and ignoring both emotion and intuition will bring us closer to understanding. This is folly.

At the other extreme, we have policy makers who rush forward without gathering facts, evidence and sound intelligence as they pursue a faith-based approach to policy and decision-making.

There must be a way to explore truth and reality without surrendering to either of these extremes.

This book considers the dynamic interplay between dissonance, resonance and insight as questioning and wonder work to resolve the curious aspects of life."

MUCH MORE to be added.... Keep checking back here.



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