Archive Zone

Much of what is stored in the Archive Zone reflects …
The way society was and has become…

Cartoon characters reveal a paradigm shift… such as:

Peanuts "Charlie Brown" was an under-achiever, and although DEPRESSED by it, he never stopped TRYING to achieve his goals... (1950s - 2000 era)

Bart Simpson is an under-achiever, PROUD of it and isn't trying to do anything to achieve improvements... 1990 - 2000+ era)

For most of recorded history, the standard expectation was that parents "push" their children to learn MORE and DO better than their parents... If they didn't succeed in doing so, the feeling was that of failure and depression... Charlie Brown never got to successfully kick the ball, or catch the little red head girl; BUT he never stopped TRYING...

Children born in the transition from the "Peanuts" to the "Simpson" became the first generation to NOT work hard to PUSH their self and their children to be better educated, and create a better lifestyle, than their parents... What is their attitude? ... Far too many seem to be caught in a "good enough to get by with" attitude, and even "poverty" proudness... Far too many are NOT TRYING to improve their lot, or push their children to improve conditions...

What will the next generation be like? ... Hopefully an awakening to "expect perpetual improvement" will occur on a massive enough scale to again encourage, and if neccessary push, our selves and the children to always be on Whole-Life Liberty Crusade to seek out errant beliefs and actions, to have the courage to make corrections, to always keep TRYING to make improvements... We must again "dream" and manifest the American Dream.

Do you have the Ideal Personal Portolio???... The Ideal American Dream is acutally a GLOBAL Paradise Vision and Mission.

What ends up in the "Archives" will reveal the history we write...

Some of what has gone before our arrival include...

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