Universal Laws
and "Predictable Constants", often termed as subordinate laws

The following overview about laws is possibly the most important part of this entire Art Of Living Process. In almost every workshop we hear people say that they have gone through other self-improvement studies, or have read "The Science of Getting Rich" but SOMETHING IS STILL MISSING... Research reveals that clear understanding and application of the natural laws that govern the universe, are what is missing for them... Thus this Internet Academy Course provides methods to achieve CLEAR comprehension of the Universe Laws, and how to use them to create An Ever Better LifeStyle, Family, Community and World.

We live is a universe that functions by laws; predictable, repeatable, understandable laws.

It commonly said: "Natural Law is the uniform and orderly method of the omnipotent God."
OR if you prefer a scientific statement...
Natural Law is the
uniform and orderly method of omnipotent Energy.

As Wattles points out,

"You can act in accordance with these laws, or you can disregard them, but you can in no way alter them. The laws forever operate and hold you to strict accountability, and there is not the slightest allowance for ignorance... Once a person learns and obeys these laws, he will get rich with mathematical certainty."

Dr. Warner Von Braun, the father of the space program, said:

"The natural laws of the universe are so PRECISE that we do not have any difficulty building a space ship, sending a person to the moon and we can time the landing with the precision of a fraction of a second."

The foundation for clarity is that: All laws fall under the one great law namely "Energy is." and Energy's seven subsidiary laws which govern Energy Transmutation. These seven absolute laws mandate how energy shapes and reshapes on this planet and in this universe. All happens in accordance with these laws. All science is based on this fact and all events fall under subjection to this fact. Since every event that happens in our life happens according to law, acquiring a firm grasp of these natural laws should be of great interest.

This presentation will leave descriptive sciences of energy "usages" to writings such as can be found in Wikipedia and other resources ... i.e. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass-energy_equivalence... that deals with Mass-energy equivalence as proposed in Albert Einstein's 1905 paper.... This presentation offers a mental construct for how energy affects and effects form and function within the Art of Living as a Human Being.

Lesson 16 in The Master Key System explains that "The vibratory activities of the planetary Universe are governed by a law of periodicity. Every "thing" that lives has periods of birth, growth, fruitage, and decline. These periods are governed by the Septimal Law."... The Law Of Seven... By applying these as 7 year cycles to our Human Life Expressions, makes it much simpler to form and REform energy in 7 year cycles with grace, elegance and ease... To in the process of living, consistently REview with NON-attachment the results created by past choices, so as to identify thoughts, feelings, and actions that produce desirable and undesirable "conditions" (experiences and memories)... From SELF and OTHER observations it is possible to SELECT and AVOID BOTH consciously, and create subconscious autonomic routine programs for the brain and other body functions to use in operating in alignment with that which will most likely generate most desirable conditions, experiences and memories... Select to REPEAT that which will most likely to produce what is desirable (i.e. pleasant conditions, experiences and memories), and AVOID that which most likely produces UNdesirable (i.e. painful conditions, experiences and memories).... CVS to BVS to EBVaC = Current View of Situation TO Better View of Situation TO EVER Better Views and Conditions.

By reducing all to ONE great law namely "Energy is." (a/k/a God), it becomes easier to sense, observe, identify, and categorize (label) Seven Universal Laws which guide function and form within the energy matrix for existence; which guide function and form of both formless and formed energy, (Undifferentiated, Differentiated, and rate of energy vibrations; RE: quantum physics).... Energy IS, and Energy's transmuting "Laws" and "Predictable Constants" control and influence all the other subordinate laws, principles, ordinances, and rules which govern function and form in the Energy Transmutation of what we term as Our Universe. They govern every day, creating reliable order and harmony in a cosmos. Ignorance of the Universal Laws doesn't negate their functions, instead actions result in chaos, instead of cosmos... Ignorance of, or attempting to suspend the laws, causes all the disorder, disease, suffering, et cetera experienced in the inner and outer worlds.

In the original writing of "The Science Of Getting Rich" Wallace Wattles did not list the laws. He assumed that the reader was already aware of them. However, Bob Proctor in Chapter 2 of his version, listed these laws, and herein facilitators at An Ever Better World Academies inspire ever expanding comprehension by adding more about these Laws, Predictable Constants, and functions of Energy.

A Brief Summary of the Seven Universal Subsidiary Laws

All laws fall under the one great law namely "Energy is.", it's Seven Subsidiary Laws and Predictable Constants, which include:.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

The Law of Relativity

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Rhythm
(aka Law of Periodicity - Septimal Law - Law Of Sevens (MKS L16, L25 #54-65)

The Law of Cause and Effect
(aka Law of Circulation, Law of Exchange, Law Of Causation - Law Of Consequences RE: LifeLab 28, MKS L26 #22.

The Law of Gender

Laws are the unseen forces that govern every thing on this earth and the entire universe. We can not see the law of gravity but we all live subject to gravity and can see gravity's effect. A comprehension of physical laws is called "physics". All mechanical devices operate according to law, and the laws are precise and constant. If this were not so car manufacturers couldn't build cars since the laws that make one engine run would not apply to each car on the assembly line.

We have the technology to fly an airplane through the air at thirty thousand feet because we are aware of the laws that make this possible. The laws have never changed but now we are aware of them and can harness them to our advantage.

In your observations and experiences, as you encounter "orderly energy vibration (a/k/a Laws, Predictable Constants, etc.), ADD references into your journal that facilitate comprehension of these Universal Laws and "Predictable Constants", often termed as subordinate laws; meaning they require one or more of the Universal Laws to function as a "predictable constant" for reliable orderly energy vibration, thus can be classed as "law"... i.e. Here's a list to begin the process of Notice (be conscious, aware of being aware), Think (ponder, consider, evaluate) Do (use).

Keep adding "Predictable Contants' (laws) in a Personal Journal, along with resources that explain the law in operation; example (________) as above shown.

Knowing that laws are absolute, Wallace Wattles states:

"THERE IS A SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws, which govern the process of acquiring riches, and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty."

This facilitator expanded the corecept of "getting" to "being" ... The Science of GETTING and BEING RICH; rich means having ALL forms of WEALTH... i.e. life, health, loving relationships, healthy and safe environment, financial prosperity, meaningful satisfying vocations, and plenty of free time to enjoy the many gifts provided for us to access and wisely enjoy eternally.

Our many gifts include "life" in a "life-expression form and function" (Human Being, Body, Mind, Spirit) complete with more talents and abilities than could possibly be used, along with an orderly universal system in which to be, do, have, and give gifts (Pay It Forward; keeps Energy Transmuting.)... Each Being can develop talents and abilities to our fullest potential by wisely using the universal laws and their subordinate laws, principles and rules.

You may very appropriately want to ask me how we are going to resolve the ever-acceleratingly dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas. I answer, it will be resolved by the computer (and Internet). Man (human beings) has ever-increasing confidence in the computer; witness his (our) unconcerned landings as airtransport passengers coming in for a landing in the combined invisibility of fog and night. While no politician or political system can ever afford to yield understandably and enthusiastically to their adversaries and opposers, all politicians can and will yield enthusiastically to the computers safe flight-controlling capabilities in bringing all of humanity in for a happy landing.

So, planners, architects, and engineers take the initiative. Go to work, and above all co-operate and don't hold back on one another, or try to gain at the expense of another. Any success in such lopsidedness will be increasingly short-lived. These are the synergetic rules that evolution is employing and trying to make clear to us. They are not man-made laws. They are the infinitely accommodative laws of the intellectual integrity governing universe. RE: last page in 'Operating Manual Spaceship Earth' by Buckminster Fuller

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