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This is an IDEAL Connecting Place,
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for individuals who desire
Ideal LifeStyles,
Ideal Families,
Ideal Communities, and
Ideal World (Sea Of Society)

As the family goes, so goes the civilization... It is VITAL to have Accurate Education About, along with Protection and Preservation For, Ideal Family Units AND Family Owned and Operated Entrepreneurial Enterprises that produces high return on investments and highly paid participants... This Internet Site and other Sites connected herein PROVIDE the required accurate education along with the Ideal Network in which to apply the knowledge... a/k/a Conscious Ideal Culturing... IDEALS ripple through the Sea Of Society.

We can have harmony or chaos... the real deal or raw deal... It is OUR CHOICE what to create and accept!... It is our individual and collective CHOICE about what to focus on... Upon what attention is placed is what gets created... Carefully monitor thoughts, words, and actions to keep attention focused on WHAT is actually desired.

To help stay focused on thinking about and creating IDEAL Experiences, an Ideal Network was created...

IDEAL = I Do Everything Around Life... Liberty... Love... Longevity... Learning.... Loyalty... Laughter... Leverage... Labor Fruits...

I Do Elegantly Affirm Life

Ideally Directed Engaged Abundant Lifestyles.

I Desire Elegantly Adundant Living Sustainably.

I Direct Energy Alignment Lovingly.

I Diligently Engage Attention Life-empoweringly.

I Develop Enlightened Agorian Life Styles.

I Demonstrate Every Activity Libertarian Style.

I Desire Ecolonomic Attracting Leverage.

I Develop Environmentally-sound Aquaponic Lakes.

I Delightfully Express Abilities Learned Successfully.

I Deny Every Anti-Life Lure.

Identify Destroyers, Evil, And Looters Safely

ID Evil's Attempted Looting.

I Defeat Eloquently Any Looter.

I Diligently Evade All Looters.

Intention Directs Ego-to Advance Liberty.

Intention Directs Ego-to Avoid Looters

I Defy Every Arrogant Lier...

I Decline Enslaving Authorization Licenses.

Identity Discovery Eliminates Accepting Lies.

Ideas Direct Evolution Along Life.

Ideas Define Enlightened Activated Life-expressions.

Inspired Dialogs Express Agape Love.

Individual Directed Evolved Actualized Life-expressions.

KEEP Expanding on acronym IDEAL on Learning....

Imagination Directs Evolved Appropriate Life-Roles.

Imagination Directs Enabled Actions Leveraging.

Independent Development Ensures Active Libertarianism.

Interdependent Diversity Effects Affects Laterally.

Individually Devoted Elements = Alternative Leadership Styles

Add "s" to IDEALS = safe... secure... successfully...

Keep building on these acronyms for IDEAL and IDEALS to facilitate application of IDEAL Dynamics...

I Do ...

I Develop ...

I Defend ...

I Desire ....

I Dare ...

I Decide ...

I Did ...

I Donated ...

I Delight ...

Human Beings are actively participating in a Self-Directed Evolution Revolution brought about by the desire to live longer, enjoy health, act more intelligently, and be ever-more protective of all eco-systems in the biosphere. As enlightened humans we are involved with a Self-Directed Evolution Revolution that bypassed genes and memes, to leap into ideal integrated-consciousness that enables designing and engineering of our own future, enabling each I.C. to BE IN ever-more conscious control of our own lives. The coalescing of arts, science, technology, and creativity, will challenge what was once the accepted idea of life and death.

As we move forward with Fully-Integrated Honesty and The Prime, we perpetually improve the Success Engineering System for Manifesting IDEAL Individual and Team Goals.

Throughout humankind's adventure what WAS MISSING is A Viable Learning System to Learn How to develop the skills required to Manifest The Various Components Within Our IDEAL Vision... We did not have a well-regulated science-directed learning and protection system necessary to have and sustain a free state. - WE NOW have a viable IDEAL Learning and Protection System for An Ever Better LifeStyle and World leading to IDEAL LifeStyles and Ideal Sea Of Society ... With the Ideal Network, we NOW have a viable system to protect and promote IDEALS in honor of all defenders of IDEALS - past, present and future!....

It is this writer's CHOICE, and hopefully the reader's choice, to focus on Healthy Family Units producing and growing Healthy Individuals capable of being WISE Eco-Friendly Conscious Capitalists creating and producing more than consumed... (i.e. Conscious Culturing IDEAL and IDEALS - I Do Everything Around Life, Love, Liberty, Laughter... Inspire Diligent Exploration About Living Sustainably ... Sustainable Business & Asset Developers, Land Owners who practice WISE Green Stewardship, Investors in Sustainable Life-empowering Commodities) !!!! ... It is within IDEAL (Sound Healthy) Self-Sustaining Family Units, individuals learn how to wholistically and value-productively self-educate and develop the skills to create that which provides for the needs of self and others... It is within our family units we learn about how to with love, compassion, and flexibility, provide for needs within different ages and abilities... to do and expect actions that are ability-appropriate... It is from WISE interactions within small self-sustaining social communities we learn how to be a healthy self-governor and self-care-provider, producing more than consumed, and being skilled at bartering as a Capitalist (trading what I produce with you for things or services you produce and I desire to have, but prefer not to produce it myself; and vice versa)...

Daily we each "draw a line in the dirt" like was done at the Alamo, and decide where we stand.... Will enough respond in time to SAVE TRUE LIBERTY and the IDEALS set forth in our 1776 and 1791 Documents Of Liberty? - Real Deal or Raw Deal? - Make the choice and stand firm!

Only when we have done all, can there be sufficient wisdom about all... NONE of us can individually DO it ALL... Thus we depend on Healthy Extended Family Units (community) whose members span several generations to preserve and pass forward information, and to provide sufficient "labs" from which to extract the components to replicate this sustainable healthy human life-empowering success... From this wholistic sustainable healthy community knowledge, it is then possible to success engineer a learning model from which it is possible to 'teach' about (inspire learning) the BE > Do > HAVE formula for transmuting energy into unlimited functions and forms.

IF destruction of liberty and prosperity are desired, then SOUND FAMILY UNITS MUST BE destroyed...

IF liberty and prosperity are desired, then SOUND FAMILY UNITS MUST BE vigilantly protected, nurtured and treasured.

This seems like a place to explain WHY the name "LibertyZone" was selected for this Internet Site... Simply stated: By our actions of self-care and doing no harm to others, WE EACH EARN an AREA (zone) of COMPLETE LIBERTY in with to live, move, and have our being... Liberty and Freedom mean the same... This writer prefers the label 'liberty', primarily because the word FREEdom all to often tends to devolve into beliefs that freedom is FREE; which it is NOT... Freedom is NEVER FREE - without cost or price to be paid... Freedom requires WISE SELF-control, SELF-care, SELF-education, SELF-choice-making, SELF-responsibility and Accountablity, to DO appropriate actions... FREEDOM requires SMART work to defend and keep... The MORE internal control an individual applies to be appropriately self-caring and self-governing, the LESS external controls (reward/punishments; pleasure/pain) are required to prevent harm being done to self and/or others...

There are basically 2 types of people on this planet - individuals who are self-controllers (libertarians) and individuals who desire to control others (not-libertarians).. a person is EITHER: ... FOR liberty or AGAINST liberty... Self-Leaders or Led-By-Others.

We acquire these preferences and skills from the experimental laboratory of living in family units with varied age groups and abilities. As children from free-playing with other children, we learn what is acceptable and not acceptable governing rules and social graces. We learn t4t (tit-for-tat) ... what I give I get... Nice-Nice or Not... Cause and Effects... Consequences from beliefs, attitudes, actions... We discover what produces pleasurable harmony and painful chaos. We could label these lab-learned predictables as: "home and sandbox rules for safe harmonious conduct"... From our Learning Life Labs, we begin consciously noticing what predictably works to produce desired results. From this awareness the brain begins mentally codifying these observations into a "guidance system" (and creates what we label as an "internal conscience"), that guides us to experiment with actions that is able to perpetually sustain our individual "libertyzone" and "safe harmonious interactions with others"...Then we begin applying these predictable constants into our Private Enterprises and Production Exchanges in what is labeled as a Capitalist System...Capitalism is the one human discipline (philosophy, moral code) which enables human beings to life-empoweringly deal with and solve small and large scale problems. Capitalism is the one human discipline which has the power to integrate and unify human activities for creating ever-better conditions in which to survive and thrive.... Jesus referred to this discipline, (philosophy, moral code) as "being written on our heart"... This survive/thrive wisdom is within our DNA code; a software code that our brain and mind accesses for specie-specific operating directions... At times we get together and put these Predictable Constants discoveries into a "written moral code" (i.e. 10 Commandments; constitutions) upon which we AGREE to hold each other accountable to and responsible for protecting and wisely using and adjusting as needed to stay on course to producing desirable conditions... We thus guide by clearly defined Objective LAWS we all can understand and know in advance what is acceptable and not... This avoids subjective whims that unpredictably changes so nobody knows what the next whim will be.

It seems wise to go BACK to the t4t topic and be sure this 'tit for tat' corecept is CLEAR... It might be helpful to read the following excepts from a post by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson about t4t....

We see how succeeding in life-survival & making a living is largely a strategic matter. We can discover that the best strategy of all in the Game Of Living is tit4tat...

Tit-for-tat means payback. The Dutch call it 'dit vor dat' and the French 'tant pout tant'. Caesar called it 'quid pro quo'. To Shylock it was a 'pound of flesh' and the Hebrews called it 'an eye for an eye'. In the Game it is NASTY/NASTY. If you play NASTY then I'll play NASTY, too.

Success in life consists of how well we manage the unfolding series of encounters with others. In each encounter we can cooperate and be NICE or we can defect and be NASTY. We see examples of those who always play NASTY, others who always use NICE and still others whose strategy is a mix of NICE and NASTY.

We are introduced to the Rules of The Game and also to the risks and rewards of life which are represented by REWARDS and PUNISHMENTS:

... the tit4tat strategy is also called the NICE Strategy and has two basic rules:
1. Always play NICE first, then
2. Always match the other's play thereafter.

In other words, you start by playing NICE then whatever move the other plays, you match it. If he plays NASTY then so do you. If she plays NICE, you play NICE. You never cheat and you never waver.

There are several outcomes for those who use this strategy. Obviously, you always punish Winners. Whenever a Winner plays NASTY you ALWAYS play NASTY, you ALWAYS punish NASTY with matching NASTY. That's what is meant by 'an eye for a eye' but there's more to Tit-for-Tat than just returning NASTY with NASTY. Tit-for-Tat also means you ALWAYS return NICE with NICE!

This always leads to NICE/NICE. The Winner soon realises that to play NASTY will immediately produce the same retaliation so that he is virtually playing NASTY on himself.

This paradox is the nut of the masterclass and takes a little getting used to. The members must fully come to grips with this insight: that tit4tat or an eye for an eye always ends up leading to NICE/NICE.

It is hard for the Western mind to grasp simply because we have been taught that 'turn the other cheek' is the better strategy. It isn't. Turn the other cheek always leads to NICE/NASTY because if one is always going to be NICE then the other is rewarded more for being NASTY than for being NICE.

... the I-Win-You-Win philosophy and ALWAYS scores the highest points. t4t is the ultimate strategy and those that ALWAYS play t4t, or NICE/NICE, will ALWAYS be successful in life. Win/Win is the #1 Law of Success.


Tit-for-Tat is how you reward a nice guy. When he or she plays NICE you always play NICE. You NEVER play NASTY. You NEVER yield to the Temptation to Win the million. You build trust and you ALWAYS both succeed.

In selling, the traditional American model, which I have called oldsell is the Temptation strategy. Close the sale and win! Contrast this with the newsell model which is based on the relationship of trust built up by the NICE/NICE strategy. The Chinese use this model (Confucian) and have been much more successful at selling for a much longer period of time than Americans."

Read the full post at

We see this process clearly in historical records about those whose thoughts and actions inspired the writers of the 1776 Declaration Of Independence and eventually Constitutions that protects individuals from bureaucratic whims... They seemed to have insight into T4T... They developed the insight from many social and governing experiments "labs" that evolved from interactions within diverse cultures flooding to live within the "free new world". - This era certainly provided for many "survival of the fittest" labs... Most new arrivals had the complete freedom to select ANY type of social/trading organizational system... From their experiences of living within both "free" and in "tyrannical oppression" (and every settlement combination in between these polar opposites), they gained knowledge and insights about Human Beings, Nature, and Nature's God...

From these extremes and their exprimental "labs" they then developed the wisdom about the values of having clearly understandable written Constitutional Laws derived as agreements from the consent of the governed... They instituted "common language and accounting schools" at their Trading Posts so the diverse cultures could communicate to share the rules of conduct for interacting and trading of goods and services... They developed organized "teaching" environments (schools) where people could safely and more-easily learn the survival skills and crafts required in this strange new land, and for higher learning required to manage the affairs in the art of living and achieving harmonic unity of diversity.

Settlers in America discovered quickly the "survive/thrive wisdom" offered in the Christian Bible: i.e. "My people perish from ignorance." (Lack of accurate knowledge among the general population is the best enslavement method used by kings/dictators throughout history.).... "Blessed are the MEEK for they shall inherit the earth." (Meek is being humble enough to recognize ignorance and eagerly willing to discover/learn what enables producing ever-more desirable results. Meek is power under control wisely harnessed to value-productively serve... The highest value being life.)

Human Beings who are "free" discover that we MUST have an EVER RENEWING Ever-Improving Whole-Life Personalized Education System that inspires HOW TO THINK which empowers learning Arts, Sciences, and Skills for IDEAL Living... We learn, then teach... Elders teaching Youngers... Master Artisans teaching the skills to Apprentices... We discover there are MANY forms of "educare" and "education": .... We generally category formal style information presentations as:

Academics and Financial are for achieving clear communications and survive/thrive educare among ALL the people... FROM Clear, Open Free-flowing Communications stimulate and empower creative applications to produce goods and services that empower having Ideal LifeStyle within an Ideal Civilization. Professional activities are "specialization in specific realms", which while efficient at energy focusing, must be carefully monitored to prevent indoctrination that blocks reasoning. - Learning is for Ever-Better Art of Living and EVER-Larger LIBERTYZONES... Have you ever wondered WHY the Bible begins with describing the Perfect GARDEN Of Eden? ... Eden provided a Perfect Learning Lab in which to acquire Ideal Art of Eternal Living Skills... (an apprenticeshiping lab in which to learn from already skilled artisans and ideal models.

THE FIRST TASK that Adam was assigned to EXPLORE and DO was to NAME (LABEL) EVERYTHING he encountered so that ALL could have the SAME labels for identifying pointers so that we all could ACCURATELY communicate - explore, discover and share with others our exploration experiences and discoveries...

THE NEXT TASK was provided in WARNING about what NOT to Allow or DO - warning about consequences of being tricked and deceived away from using what empowers and produces life and abundance - to avoid conflict - to avoid destroying this ideal realm... The "tree of knowledge of good and evil" implies the challenges of trying to have CONFLICTING ideologies in the SAME Brain... Books like George Combe's immensely popular "The Constitution of Man" (1828) attempt to provide information that treats the planet as a cosmos of benevolent design, with the laws of nature being decrees of a 'Being transcendentally kind.' Natural laws were thus the statutes of a well-governed universe that had been decreed by the Creator with the intention of promoting human health and happiness. George Combe became satisfied that the fundamental principles of phrenology were true -- namely:

"that the brain is the organ of mind; that the brain is an aggregate of several parts, each subserving a distinct mental faculty; and that the size of the cerebral organ is, caeteris paribus, an index of power or energy of function."

It seems that human beings have the ability to either connect directly with CLARITY of MIND, or use the conflicting Brain/Mind combo whereby INHERITED information that often gets proven as NOT accurate is held onto and used even when NEW NORE Reliable Information is available; which produces undesirable results like violence from fighting over WHO is right; instead of working harmonious with WHAT is right from observation of consequences and making adjustments, adaptations, exchanges to produce consistent desirable results...

It seems the MAJOR FLAWS in the Garden Of Eden told about in the Christian Bible are that Adam and Eve:

It seems wise to AVOID these FLAWS in designing our lifestyles and communities...

In this process, consider: Do you comprehend the massive amounts of whole-life health-empowering skills developed from MIND-directed activities such as: "gardening", food preservation methods, and food preparations? ... OBSERVATION and willingness to explore and experiment to consistently produce desirable results (i.e. healthy plants that produce abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains)... Homes with Gardens that include AquaCulture and AquaPonics offer "Ideal Learning Labs" for developing Ideal Lifestyles from connecting WITH MIND and making choices aligned with harmonics innate within Ideal Dynamics... Plus NO other enterprise or industry provides for participation at ANY age and ANY ability from youngest to the eldest; all are valued, appreciated, respected!!!

We have learned from connecting with each other that we more easily learn about, and share facts about, what is producing desirable conditions and what is not... We learn what to accept into our individual and collective homes, sand-boxes (play-yards), portfolios and toolboxes, and what to reject... Thanks to the Internet we have discovered that: All Forms Of Wealth is everywhere on the planet, hidden in plain sight. BUT, FEW could see this realm because the general population was taught to NOT think, and instead indoctrinated in ways that steer people AWAY FROM participating in realms flowing with all forms of wealth... Thanks to the School Of Thinking, participants with Ideal Network are providing a NEW Education System that empowers thinking... When a person has THNKING SKILLS, then HOW TO Think will always figure-out WHAT to Think and Do to create IDEAL LifeStyles, Families, Communities, and World! - - - Thinking is then main creative tool of a Capitalist! - - - NOT being able to think NOT reasoning through possible results, and NOT considering potential unintended consequences of actions, is the main tool of socialism, communism, fascism and all the other indoctrinational '-isms'.

WHEN enough individuals desire conditions on planet Earth to BE conducive for having IDEAL LifeStyles, Families, Communities, and World... THEN we will individually and collectively THINK and DO that which creates Ideal Conditions... WHEN individuals desire Ideal Conditions we gracefully step out of the holodeck of illusions and delusions into reality... We invest time in reality of Life and Happy, Healthy Living... The only difference between Rich and Poor, between Happy and Sad, is HOW time and other resources are used - invested wisely to produce desirable life-empowering results, or wasted in the arts of suffering and dying...

The end product of any civilization are individual activities and the harmonic coordination of those activities... Thus by beginning at the END Desirable Result of Harmony - energy can recognize that 'harmony has meaning and value' for being life-sustaining, and then can sustain corresponding comprehended vibrations.... THE END herein being IDEAL conditions -- aka Garden Of Eden -- then by holding IDEAL conditions as desired, then connection with MIND inspires the thoughts and actions that enable achieving the END desired result.

The Ultimate Liberty: Food and Shelter Security
Easy and Simple when Facts are known!!

Grow and Sustain a healthy family and community around fresh local-grown food.

EVERY HOME MUST HAVE Aquaponic System sufficient to feed the family.


Simple Capitalism: What they don't eat they sell!

Urban Homestead - Living the Real Simple Life (ABC Nightline Presentation) at http://youtu.be/W51JRTjoI1A

Share the Vision - help make this Ideal Happen!

Discover what others are doing, then adapt to your situation, the following offer a starting point:


Urban NYC farmers have set their eyes on a new prize: transforming privately owned backyards into lush, fruitful farmlands.

By signing up to share your yard with a urban farmer, you can eat fresh from your own personal farm during the harvest months, and even sell produce to your neighbors -


Limited only by our imagination and desire for sustainable healthy living!
Eden Project - St Blazey, Cornwall, UK
Multiple Greenhouse Complex with AquaCulture
Architectural style inspired by the moon

Remember to include: Self-Protection and Self-Defense
Also remember: In times of disasters and starvation,
the first to be attacked and stolen from are
those with FOOD and WATER!

Remember: It seems the MAJOR FLAWS in the Garden Of Eden told about in the Christian Bible are that Adam and Eve:

It seems wise to AVOID these FLAWS in designing our lifestyles and communities...

Wholistic Harmony can also be said to be the end result of Capitalism... Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit from individual activities and the harmonic coordination of those activities... Decisions regarding supply, demand, price, distribution, and investment are made within a free market from individual activities and the harmonic coordination of those activities... Profit being defined as increase over cost input - produce more than consumed - feel happy from doing = sustainable energy transmutation = life-sustaining... In industries: Resources/Financial/Monetary/Funds/ Profit is sent to owners who invest these Resource Profits in businesses, and 'wages' (payment for services rendered) are paid to the 'workers' (persons doing the services).

The bottom-line is 'energy exchange' = energy transmuting = selling = keeping energy flowing through: Unless somebody sells something to somebody else, nothing happens. (NO energy motion = death)... When reduced to its lowest common denominator: Just 'selling' that self has worth each moment to others around us, is how each individual stays alive... Selling is what any social creature does to transmute energy in function and form...

The family and township method of interacting that has been functioning VERY successfully for eons, seems to be described in: Open Source Governance also know as Panarchy, Canton, Libertarian, and Wiki. There are occasional conflicts, but these are worked out in a "tit for tat" nice-nice methods by the parties involved.

Government-as-we-know-it is based on coercion and involuntary servitude (taxation). A canton is a voluntary association of persons at a certain territorial level (municipal, county, state/province, nation), the first step in creating a form of government that exists by consensus, and that operates, not on the basis of coercion, but of cooperation, tolerance, and real respect for persons. See the article “The Road From Serfdom” for more details.

Government by Contract is an implementation of the political concept of panarchy.

Experience validate that entrepreneurs are made, not born, and not with that great a difficulty, so that “entrepreneurizing (the production of) entrepreneurs” is a profitable activity. Thus the first course in the Ideal Network is Ideal Entrepreneurialship.










12 Visions Party http://tvpnc.org/

September 2012 Newsletter from Jill Reed http://www.tvpnews.com/september-2012-tvp-news/

Whether a person prefers to emphasize the "beneficial moral" aspects of capitalism, or its WISE bare-bones practicalities (doing what produces desirable results - sustainability), no other system has produced as much prosperity and healthy conditions for as many people! ... The only people who hate or fear capitalism are Slave Masters and those who want others to take care of them for free... The book 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand clearly explains the difference between 2 common social conditions: Jon Galt = Capitalism - - Dagny = Socialism... Fast read using via Cliff Notes: Atlas Shrugged (Cliffs Notes)

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal


Institutions (created by human beings for collective actions, and sustained by human support) must be prevented from taking over being the parents, and doing parenting and family responsibilities of providing for the needs of those too young to as yet do self-care, and infirmed elderly no longer able to do full self-care... Unintended consequences of "charity" and "institutional welfarism" has destroyed sound family units... We can hold each other accountable for BEING WISE parents creating healthy family units, and BEING WISE Capitalists at home and workplace... We can inspire learning the skills for BEING wise parents and WISE entrepreneurs!

For eons humankind has experimented with various individual, social, economic, and political systems, none of which has sustainably produced IDEAL conditions... WHY? ... Identifying WHY, then HOW TOs, became the purpose for this site creator's life-design... and maybe your's too... From our reality-based experiences plenty of individuals clearly KNOW WHY, now the next stage is for us to connect and joint venture to form an integrated teams doing the next great experiment focusing our individual and collective thoughts and actions on that which creates Ideal Conditions... For those ready to have IDEAL conditions, let's begin the like-purposed team-growing process by linking via an Ideal Network... To facilitate this process and stay FOCUSED on working in the realm where Ideal Conditions are produced Ideal Network Members are creating an...

Ideal Solutions Educare Email Series

Participate with the Ideal Network.... these solutions are also presented during Daily Online Interactive Dialogs ... This is the fastest method to connect with Ideal Network Teams aligned with Personal Areas of Interests and Skills (a/k/a Niches - Worlds of Interests).

Ideal Network Teams are individuals working together to achieve the common PURPOSE to have IDEAL LifeStyles, Families, Communities, and World...

Our experiences have consistently proven that ONLY by going to ROOT causes, can solutions be formulated... WE instinctively know that our Individual Thoughts and Actions ARE the CAUSE for any experience (condition, result, consequence)... Universal Laws for Energy Transmutation are simple and easy because they are written in our DNA code and on "on our hearts" - solar plexus ... revealing that in this topic:

So the solution is SIMPLE - focus Thoughts and Actions on what enables producing Desirable Conditions!!!

"Watch thoughts, for they become words.
Watch words, for they become actions.
Watch actions, for they become habits.
Watch habits, for they become character.
Watch character, for it becomes destiny."

The challenge is that humankind created a COMPLEX maze of 'thoughts, words, actions, habits, and character dysfunctionalism' filled with 'sticky spider webs' that it is easy to became trapped in and LOST IN... Even when some individuals recognize the maze, realize being trapped and lost in a maze, not enough people have found a pathway OUT of the maze AT THE SAME TIME to work together to create Ideal Conditions to live outside the maze... Thanks to dedicated Escapees, NOW a SAFE Pathway has been discovered for MASS Escape, along with a Method To Communicate Accurate Information with others about how to Escape and Live Outside The Maze... PLUS this escape pathway is NOT as dramatic or scifi action filled, as depicted by writers of the Matrix Movies.

Escape Path Location HINT: Ignorance about money due to widespread Errant Information keeps people in the Maze... The Financial Security Zone provides Accurate Information, thus eliminating this 'spider' that is creating entangling sticky webs INSIDE the maze and OUTSIDE... It is vital to NOT allow the spiders to follow in brain software of escapees

RE: Viruses in Software Of Brain (included in a Ideal Solutions Educare course available Ideal Network Members... Also at these courses offer explanations about use of analogies, metaphors, parables, et cetera, to help the brain quickly gain clarity about complex issues.

Clear Communication and Accessing Accurate Information begins with Self-HONESTY Communications and Self-Trust that requires acknowledgment of being responsible for conditions I create, allow or accept... Allowing and Accepting any condition (experience) is giving Permission for that condition (experience) to manifest... I must be Appropriately Response Enabled to get and stay Aligned With Desired Results that requires Eager Willingness to Right any Wrongs to which I have become accustomed and attached to... (I eagerly avoid and correct whatever is not producing Ideal conditions.)... When I am self-honest I create feed-back feed-forward processes:

The stress is on the "I" because attitudes, thinking, beliefs (acceptances) are Individual INSIDE processes... External Conditions are reflections of Our Individual Inner Self...

Thanks to a great many pioneers experimenting with various methods for having External Ideal Conditions, brings us to the stage of Conscious and Conscience Recognition that each Individual influences the Whole, and the Whole influences each Individual... Instead of Ego Conflicts, what we can have is an Ideal Mutual Admiration Society... Consciousness of this factor WILL keep us focus on that which WILL manifest Ideal Conditions for Ideal LifeStyles and ALL the components within having an Ideal Civilization, which is monetarily incentivizing the process. Part-time Volunteerism has slowly gotten us to this point, BUT experience proves to achieve and sustain the massive momentum required to achieve desired results requires Participants to earn BOTH appreciation and enough monetary rewards to BE full time focused on doing the thoughts and actions required to manifest Ideal Conditions personally and publicly.

Most of the work is already done and being posted within this massive Information Repository... The next phase is EASY - Connect with The Ideal Team and WOM-BAT - do what we already do, Word Of Mouth - Buy And Tell...

Although this Internet Site is massive in content, it's user-friendly by following the basic Encyclopedia Method (without alphabetic arrangement) of providing information via interests categorized into zones... Making it easy to explore areas where interests are most likely to be discovered and used... If the participant is familiar with Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, then it will be very easy to identify how various factors provide WHAT Everybody NEEDS and Must HAVE to create IDEAL LifeStyles, and empower creating all the components within an IDEAL Civilization with grace, elegance and ease... In Abraham Maslow's view, once people's basic needs were met, we are free to explore our abilities and strive to further develop those innate abilities. Driven by MetaMotivation, people are more spontaneous and free to be ourselves, while exploring our ultimate potentials and creating a fulfilled life.

The main purpose for this zone is to inspire Conscious Thinking about WHAT Factors are required to have life along with the knowledge and conditions for the art of living with grace, elegance, and ease (have life more abundantly)... When seeking some factor, consider which Zone would logically provide the: WHAT I NEED Factors that Engage me and Interact with me... that Engage us and Interact with us... We are each Individuals engaging and interacting with Family... Cultures... Communities... Information Sources like the Schools, Libraries, Internet, World Wide Web, Wikipedia... Commerce and Cagoras (Community MarketPlaces)... Recreational Activities... the Body Politic to establish a "civil code of conduct" to protect life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. (a/k/a/ Peacefully play in our sand-boxes. - Not clear what that comment means??? -- Ask for explanation at a Daily Online Interactive Dialog.)

Enjoy your adventure through this Information Repository designed to collect WHAT empowers LIFE, along with Ever-Better and IDEAL Dynamics and Systems to HAVE Life abundantly... If you have something to contribute, please connect with us at our Daily Online Interactive Dialogs.

"When we build it, they will come!"
Stay the course - "Go the distance."
"People will come" to relive their childhood innocence,
"for it's money they have and peace they lack."
1989 Movie: Field of Dreams

"Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life,
to demand abundance and prosperity,
than is required to accept misery and poverty." --
Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich Chapter 2
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This website will be designed to interact with the mind and brain providing the needed interactions required for survival, thriving and enjoyment by a sentient being that has many faculties of sensation and perception. Sensation refers to the process of sensing our environment through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell; which sends information sensed to the brain where perception occurs. Perception is how we interpret these sensations and make sense of everything around us. A Human Being's survival depends on being especially sensitive, beginning with the sentient extremities of nerves that terminate in the various organs or tissues within the human body providing instruction messages of what to do, or not to do, what to feel or not feel, to sustain life of the organism in which the brain and mind live.

The brain and mind delight in working with sounds that we term as 'words' to label what we see, do, hear, smell, touch, feel, and think about, so we can communicate with our own self about internal and external environments, and with other brains and minds... Human survival depends on CLEAR communications... For readers of the Bible, have you ever considered WHY it reports that the first action of 'Adam' in the Garden of Eden is 'naming' the objects encountered? ... This action seems to indicate that having 'CLEAR communication labels' is vital to life as a human being... Consider a human baby, the first skill we develop is grasping meanings of sounds (words) that have meaning to those around us... Because during the first years of life, human life depends on OTHERS to provide us with our survival needs; thus it is vital to have clear communication about our survival needs. Plus getting long term care requires making our 'need demands' presented in ways that are appreciated by our care providers... baby stops crying when needs are met, soon skills of smiles and making pleasing cooing sounds are learned, and are offered as our first signs of expressing appreciation.

Getting and giving appreciation establishes our first 'medium of exchange' - bartering - exchanging - trading something we have to get what is needed from the person who has the 'something' needed and is willing to provide the desired need fulfillment.

This simplified journey through factors about words is presented because as we make this adventure together, we shall quickly discover "words", "labels", "language" and "terminologies used in various fields of endeavor" can block accurate interpretation of meanings, thus please seek understandings and values that the words (labels) connect with or point toward... Think, Reason, Research, Evaluate, Ponder, Be Honest, Consider: What does a specific "label" really "mean" in the context of that "label's" usage?... If the words read so far make any "sense", have any meaning, then the reader's brain and mind comprehends advanced English and should be able to stay at a point of clarity even with uses of intangible abstractions, analogies, metaphors, and mixed metaphors... Longtime participants, and readers of this website, might notice there is an ever increasing use of services provided by Wikimedia Foundation, especially Wikipedia ... "Wiki" validates and proves accurate many IDEAL Educare Factors recognized as needed since the inceptions that launched this Ideal Project... With the help-mates of Wiki easily access with any Browsers Search Functions on the Internet like Google we have instant access to definitions and corcepts that will facilitate wise use of the Internet Phase for spreading information about this Ideal Project and inspire IDEAL Applications is our daily life-expressions...

If at any time there is confusion seek to discover the CAUSE... Was a "word" missed or interpreted incorrectly for the context? ... brain's first encounter? .... used in a different context than accustomed to?.... spelled incorrectly?.... What ever the cause for confusion, return to the point of clarity and proceed again... If confusion continues, then it is most likely that the writer needs to adjust words to present a clearer contextual picture... Please share solutions at Daily Online Interactive Dialogs...

For a few more paragraphs let's continue on this vital part in Safe Preparation for our adventure together... working with "words"... Words are easily Polarizing causing conflicts... (Re: Law Of Polarity) ..... Words are thought of as the smallest meaningful unit of speech that can stand by themselves... When the corecepts about ENERGY are comprehended, it becomes clear that VERBAL Sounds - Words - set in motion vibrations that inform the brain and mind about what the word identifies and desired results for energy transmutation... In this paragraph we just added a "feed-back feed-forward" action to test where the reader is within current brain software programming -- connecting a basic information function to advanced brain function... If the reader participates with the 'School of Thinking' and has already studied 'Software For The Brain', then this "leap forward" process achieved by "feed-back feed-forward" actions, is clearly comprehended, and it is easy to CVS>BVS>EBV = Current View Of Situations to Better Views of Situations to Ever Better Views... Encountering and working with advanced concepts and corecepts can be confusing if Basic English has not as yet been mastered... Be Patient and absorb only what is easy to absorb on first encounters.

Basic English begins with picture labels... what we label (name) a person, place or thing, which we do so another's brain interprets the SAME picture (image)... We can reduce the 'label process' to a simple action: For example: We point to a tree (an object we both clearly see); then select a "sound" we agree to use to identify that object with the label of "tree"...

Consider various definitions for labels more intangible, like dividing this Information Repository into "Zones" ... The brain considers use of the label "Zone" in this context and if there is no understanding about this label, this presenter has made it is easy to "click the HOT Linked word", and consult Wikipedia for help in gaining comprehension about what 'zone' might mean in the context the label is used with... Because of past encounters with the label "zone" the reader might already have some comprehension about the definition when placed within a contextual frame (Zone = area within an Internet Website)... The label was selected because we usually visualize "zone" as some "land" area or form of "container" for holding something... So it stands up to reason that a 'zone' of real estate in virtual reality might contain information, like chapters in a book contains information... From understanding of labels for solid tangible objects it becomes easy for the brain to leap into understanding words that label actions and abstract meanings.

While for some readers might consider it "boring" to cover what to them is far too basic information... REconsider what was asked at the beginning of this presentation that: Without going to ROOT causes, no solutions can be formulated... UNclear communication IS the ROOT cause for ALL humankind's "ills" - dysfunctions - conflicts - wars...

An example of how fast the brain can make advances in interpreting "word labels" is considering the vast of amount of English words with suffix endings like "ism" labels, the brain automatically 'thinks at the end' to results socialism, communism, antidisestablishmentarianism, just a few of 234 Philosophical '-isms' representing a philosophical, political or moral doctrine or a belief system. - What is the probable end result (conditions, intended and unintended consequences) from following this "-ism label"? ... (Will it be toward: life or death?.... prosperity or poverty?.... peace or war?... slavery or liberty?

To facilitate safe exploration it's wise to consult with, and connect, with a GUIDE who has already safely made the journey, before when venturing into unfamiliar territory... Connecting with such a Guide is made easy at our Interactive Internet Cafe... Entry is gain via our:

Online Interactive Connects that Occur Daily
Where we convert seemingly Mission Impossible into Mission Possible, one easy step at a time.
Together we enjoy a delicious banquet served in bit-size digestible pieces.

Most people innately know
conditions could be "better" than they currently are.
We innately desire "our dreams"
which generally include
visions of "ever better" and "ideal conditions".
We know what is "ideal".
We dream about living An Ideal LifeStyle in An Ideal Civilization.
aka = Art of Living Paradisiacally In the Here And Now

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

Think Global --- Act Locally

The remainder of this page offers a Free Mini-Course Sampler Platter containing some of the delicious foods on the menue at the LibertyZone Cafe and available to Ideal Network participants... Enjoy...

It seems that what alludes (is missed by) most people are:

So let's address these WHY and HOW aspects head on with fully-integrated honesty and simple corecepts...

The WHY CAUSES revolve aroung being infected by the Plato Truth Virus, Mysticism, and NeoCheating.

To most directly access clarity on these topics and ELIMINATE infections, we need basic knowledge about DOING and BEING....

NOTE: There are interactive SESSIONS dealing with these factors for Ideal Network participants...

DOING is rooted in causation of WHYs... "Why I do what I do" involves a depth of exploration beyond this first encounter... Fortunately for the general purpose of no longer being "lost in a jungle" and getting on a SAFE Path that leads to a desired destination (result), most WHYs will reduce to simple WHERE and HOW... WHERE do I prefer to be?... HOW do I get from WHERE I Am currently to WHERE I prefer to be???? ... To answer these questions we use what we refer to as the GPS Method... A Global Positioning Satellite requires STOPPING at current position... From this stopped position take a deep breathe, then quiet and calm emotions, now clearly provide 2 pieces of information:

1. Where I am NOW is _________.
2. Where I desire to go is _____________.

WHEN I STOP doing whatever is being done (being lost, confused) by GAINING honesty and clarity about these 2 "WHERE" factors, THEN the fastest safest route can be selected, along with the HOW mode of transportation to move toward the clearly defined desired destination... Later in the adventure, there will be plenty of free time and new exploration skills developed from working with Ideal MasterMind Teams, to delve into esoteric topics of WHYs and HOWs of being lost and evaluating the lessons learned (so easy to avoid going back into same lost nightmare.)...

School House Earth offers us Free-Will CHOICE to take EASY Pathways, OR DIFFICULT Pathways, OR Combination Pathways, to achieve the knowledge and skills to BE, DO and HAVE the best of the best.

Another factor Humankind innately seeks to understand is our BEINGNESS.... How we get to ANY current state of BEING is the result of energy vibrations and energy transmutation... Universal Laws (aka God's Laws, Nature's Laws) govern how energy vibrates and transmutes manifesting what Human Beings label as cosmos or chaos... Human beings affect energy transmutation by our thoughts and actions... We empower:

When we apply fully integrated honesty, we have strong cause and effect connections, we transmute energy that manifests IDEAL conditions where we feel calm, balanced, harmonic, in control of self, and safe in our surroundings (also termed as objective reality)... LACK of fully integrated honesty opens pathway for harmful chaos... Innately we seek to get back into cosmos... Although we have the choice to adjust and accept existence in chaos, this eventually causes mental confusion leading to lost cause and effect connections, inaccurate interpretations, and even lies seeming like The Truth. If allowed A Truth Virus can develop and spread causing ever more harmful chaos (i.e. deadly wars between conflicting The Truth beliefs/doctrines.)...

When fully integrated honesty is applied to discover WHY ideal conditions are NOT being experienced, it's revealed that so far any obstacle to having ideal conditions is caused by LACK of Accurate Knowledge of what is generally labeled as Energy, and thus Energy transmutes as chaos instead of cosmos (harmony - balance - homeostasis)... WHEN energy transmutes as perceived chaos this allows dis-harmonic conditions which adversely affects humans. This includes physical and mental dis-eases that block abilities to make accurate interpretations from observations (termed as reality, clarity) and which can devolve into confusion conditions termed as non-reality illusions, delusions, allusions.... Without mental harmonics, current conditions can be perceived as having TOO many problems to solve - Institutional Gangs TOO BIG to deal with. -- Tangled webs of deceit and corruption TOO complex to comprehend... When "ALL is Energy" is comprehended the process to restore cosmos becomes clear; which usually requires reducing the necessary process in SMALL vibrational PIECES -- EASY TO DO TASKS... This is what is termed as "STOP and BE CALM IN THE NOW" -- hearing still small voice (GPS) providing safe directions to desired destination --- living in the NOW -- having one thought at a time --- doing one action at a time... WHEN each NOW is ideal, THEN energy transmutes as cosmos = IDEAL... Some describe this as: Being In the ZONE where "time" seems to stand still.

When in the Zone, we clearly know "HOW TO Actions" that effortlessly manifest desires and dreams... The target and tasks appearance as clearly defined, easy to assemble, pieces of the puzzle.

We explore these topics at Briefings and within various courses... We use the Internet and World Wide Web for Interactive Communication, which is what the WWW is FOR... OPEN Conversations... Peaceful, Respectful, Ever-Better Thinking, Talking and Writing... Continual Exploration... Ever-more Discoveries and Sharing... Communication that continually improves comprehending HOW TO Be EVER-MORE Life-Protective and LESS Life-Destructive; which usually begins by erasing "labels" and "instant judgments" or any factor that might block this wisdom from emerging... Life Protective or Sustainable could be labeled as "Living Paradisiacally In the Here And Now"... Dennis Weaver termed is as Ecolonomics. -- Creating a symbiotic relationship between a strong economy and a healthy ecology is the only formula for a sustainable future... “If we are to leave a planet that will sustain life for future generations, we have to have two things: a sustainable economy and a sustainable environment, and if we fail in achieving either we will suffer greatly.”

Indeed Humankind suffers greatly from not being WISE stewards of the bountiful resources Earth provides... Inspiring learning HOW To Be WISE Stewards is complicated by the vast array of 'different' languages and cultures, communicating beyond labels has indeed been challenging... The term "Life" and "Paradisiacal" are "labels" selected by this communicator because I haven't found other words that instantly describes a widely accepted Desired RESULT or conditions I prefer to live and have my being within...

In a communication system using a measuring and polarity style language, with terms such as "opposite", "extreme", "relative"... It seems that each of our choices result in conditions toward EITHER being Life-Destructive (Hell-type) conditions or Life-Protective-Sustainable (Paradise-type) conditions... Some common labels connected with Life-Protective-Sustainable-Paradisiacal, include: "individual", "family", "community", "naturalistic", "ideal"... If any of these "labels" trigger instant "knowing", the question is: "Do you and I know (have) the same definition for the label????" .... Only by communication interactions can we determine if we are in harmonic alignment or discord.

We could describe each Human Being as an energy packet with individual consciousness (awareness) seeking to gain ever clearer understanding about the "authentic self" and other Human Beings doing the same... Transforming from cultures forcing an "authority-follow structure" to "each being self-authority"... From being indoctrinated slaves to SELF-Directed Learners in ever-expanding LibertyZones... Observation proves to us that we each seem to naturally "be" and "do" that which manifests Living Paradisiacally WHEN allowed to begin "life" with a "memetic clean slate" and "learn the skills of thinking and sustainable living" in alignment with our genetic DNA from "feed-back feed-forward" experiences by safely, yet freely, interacting with our inner and outer "skin" environments... (also known by many "labels" such as "Nature and Nature's Laws", "Energy's Universal Laws", "cause and effect", "actions and results")...

This Internet site is designed for communicating with people who agree with thinking, feeling and acting in alignment with that which will manifest the Desired Result of the Art of Living Paradisiacally In the Here And Now... We begin this agreement with an innate knowingness that WHEN our first 21 years of experiencing life are teamed with parents, family, and community who observe each child's innate beingness, and provide for the child's survival needs using methods that inspire making choices that empower sustaining life lived Paradisiacally. ... For individuals past the age 21 years who might not have had this "Paradisiacal nurturing privilege", to acquire the required skills we must do RE-parenting, and often form a NEW family unit, and even join NEW Communities... This Internet site provides information that will help make this RE-parenting adventure done with grace, elegance, and ease... This Internet site is also a method to connect with more desirable Cyber and Local family and communities of interests to help in this purpose.. To begin this purpose we use a Universal Constitution to get on the "same wave"...

This Internet site is dedicated to

The Family and Individuals Families Create

It's families all across the land,
Each member respected trusted protectors,
That grows an individual independent and interdependent
Enabled to become self-disciplined ever-better co-creators.

It's families all across the land
That make a nation great,
Who harmonically work together, play together,
And interdependently carries its own weight.

It's families all across the land
That make a nation strong,
Who pray together, stay together,
Where everyone belongs.

It's families all across the land
That make a nation proud,
Who live together, give together,
So none will be without.

It's families that create powerful individuals,
Who by new ideas and courageous actions forge their own fate
That generate perpetual prosperity for self and all posterity,
Where well-regulated families create and sustain a free state.

It's families all across the land,
Each doing its own part,
That will make a nation live or die,
For the family is its heart.

To help achieve Desire Results, this Internet site serves MANY Purposes, including:

In exploring this site, remember to approach encounters as with ANY Library... select entrance at level of interest and what produces desired results (i.e. desire for Paradisiacal Conditions), then ignore the rest... This site is mostly about Research and Development, thus there will be encountered information that might be no longer relative, might have errors in light of current knowledge, might be too complicated for comprehension or application at a person's current level of knowledge or skill development, (return later and it could then be crystal clear and easy to do)....

As we sift and sort through what currently does work to produced a desired result, or is no longer working effectively, these let us know what to continue doing and what NOT to do, and often creates pathways to the next "what might" work better to more effectively and efficiently transmute energy to produce the desired result, or at least produce BETTER conditions and improvements...

Human Beings innately have Divine Beingness, and thus if encounter is made with situations or conditions that might be anti-life or life-health endangering, we are innately Inventive in being Perpetually Improvement Orientated. We feel the most acceptance, happiness and enthusiasm when we've improved on something (even if it's just improvement in our own skills and abilities)... or thought a new idea... or created something nobody else has yet done... One improvement, one new idea, one new invention, at a time is progress toward a desired destination... It's the accumulation of our creativity that is our shining glory. It's the accumulation of our unintended consequences that is our greatest shame... The challenge is, and the reason for most creating undesirable conditions, is MOST OFTEN the fact that there are NO CLEAR intended consequences, NO CLEAR desired conditions, NO CLEAR desired destinations, thus most people are adrift on the sea of life living in chaos and silent desperation vaguely hoping somebody will end the suffering... We can give or get ONLY what we have...

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson observed: "The problem is that at school we are mostly taught - through the traditional RIGHT/WRONG system - not to escape from our opinions, but to defend the rightness of our point-of-view, to get the 'RIGHT' answers and to avoid 'MISTAKES'. This mistake phobia has made far too many people fearful of change, innovation, experiments, risk, and of escaping from 'right' ways of doing things." -- Stay conscious to the fact that because of the Law Of Attraction we each attract into our experience that with which we are in vibrational resonance.

Charles Haanel said that "life is an accretion", meaning that we are building upon what we have and what we know. We are growing ever better in manifesting desired results. Join with us DAILY to share using the process Mr. Haanel outlined to help our growth in a confident and powerful fashion.

As we explore and share information, we do so using The NeoActions Constitution and a Prime Directive along the Do No Harm intent displayed in Star Trek TV and Movie Episodes.

We are seeking to locate the best of best from what we currently have available on the planet, and then inspire value-productive creation of what we perceive as still needed to manifest Ever Better and IDEAL conditions for life-expressions (also known as Paradise On Earth).

The tasks to the ideal are simple:

This Educational Library is designed for collecting information from which any individual can learn age-and-developmentally-appropriate-skills for creating An Ever Better LifeStyle, Family, Community, Commerce, Body Politic, and World.

The Universal Commission for a Perpetual Improvement Mission is to Think The Thoughts and Do The Actions that make the Current-Best Ever-Better in ALL areas of our life-expressions; with the target or objective being Paradise On Earth. -- Each of us as sovereign individual human beings, empower external conditions by our internal thoughts and external choices... Our thoughts and choices empower good or evil, justice or injustice, wealth or poverty, health or illness, peace or war, liberty or slavery... Functioning in harmony with Universal Design and Laws inspires a Paradisiacal Mental World within each of us, and inspires a well-regulated social system for the Art Of Living Paradisiacally...

HOW do we get from the current state of being to the ideal state of being???

1. Think Ever-Better and IDEAL Thoughts that lead to desired results of IDEAL (paradisiacal) conditions.

2. Enroll at the IDEAL Network and explore the Ideal Academy for An Ever Better World at ALL levels and attend courses to learn about and acquire skills for the Art Of Living Paradisiacally.... If you already have these skills, then join the Teaching Team (Guides) to offer courses in your areas of interests... (NOTE: Link opens in a NEW browser window.)

3. Unite with other Ever-Better World Thinkers to form a well-organized Ever-Better World Body Politic and eventually IDEAL Body Politics.... The second article of the Bill Of Rights 1791 Constitution of the united States of America, clearly states "A well-regulated Militia (community), being necessary to the security of a free State,..."... Militia means people within each local community are to be very capable of taking care of their needs at all times. In the USA, it is the "sheriff" selected and elected by the people of the area, who is suppose to be charged with insuring the people of the area are effectively educated and trained to fulfill "survive and thrive" responsibilities... We never know when "natural or human-made disasters" might occur, thus it's wise to always be well-organized and well-equipped to efficiently cope and recover... Although Local Fire and Emergency Management Systems are essential, they can not BE AT THE SCENE WHEN DISASTER HAPPENS... THUS EACH person must be well-trained to at least what is know as "FIRST Responder" level.... We must know what to do to save lives - ours and others --- seconds matter in emergencies!

4. Select and Elected Representatives throughout the larger Body Politic who clearly understand and have demonstrated by past actions, they will diligently protect individual sovereignty and other intrinsic rights of individuals, and all humankind with Enforceable Global Justice, Laws and Order.

While on this Body Politic Topic, here are few bits of USA history offered by Bruce Lipton to ponder about ...

  • The true founding fathers were actually the Native Americans who were here before the Europeans. For example, the U.S Constitution and balance of powers is largely based on the principles and practices of the Iroquois Nation.

  • But a significant check and balance not adopted by America's founders was something called the council of grandmothers. In the Iroquois Confederation, it was a council of elder women who determined whether the tribe went to war. They could even "impeach" the chief.

  • This would indicate that in Native culture, those who represented life itself had the final say about combat, and suggest that re-establishing the authority of our Founding Mothers would help restore balance and sustainability.

Seems wise to form local and national Councils of Grandparents!
Ready to connect
have All Forms of IDEAL (Paradisiacal) Wealth??? ....

For ease of communication, we use several Internet Conferencing Systems... Via Internet Interactive Conferencing we can verbally connect and cooperatively act for fast progress in achieving our Ever-Better and IDEAL Goals...

Most educare programs are presented in

Internet Conference Rooms...

Some are presented in Physical Locations

Explore the Ideal Network -- The information mirrors some of what is on this LibertyZone.com except in more SMALLER BITE-SIZED Chunks ALONG WITH a money-earning component.... You're encouraged to Join the Free Communities and enjoy many currently free benefits... Then select to participant with the Communities that most blends with the passions and purposes of your Authentic Self.

NOTE: The foregiong URL is in the DRAFT modality with content that can NOW be revealed ONLINE... It is only a tiny portion of how quickly dynamics from the causation of Universal Design and Laws UNFOLDS in alignment with what attention is constantly focused on... Focus on Hell On Earth, GET conditions of "hell" from life-expressions... Focus on Paradise On Earth, GET Paradisiacal Conditions In the Here And Now from daily life-expressions... The choice of actions set WHAT is manifested and the manifesting TIME-line SPEED... That which effects and affects the collective body requires cooperatively working together because results manifests along the time-line of majority rule.

A Success Engineering System is now available to super-size progress by inspiring understanding of Universal Laws and networking with others on this adventure of manifesting paradise... This is a scientific paradigm... A Step By Step Doing Process For Success Engineering Desired Results... This system works efficiently for anybody anywhere on the Ascension Career; whether as sovereign individuals already on the manifesting Paradisiacal Conditions path , or just now encountering this innate potential... The system empowers understanding energy and working in harmony with Universal Design and Laws, which according to the Garden Of Eden account in the Bible, IS the ONLY method for having and keeping Paradisiacal Conditions that guarantee individual sovereignty, sustainable security, justice, tranquility, welfare, prosperity, and all other life-empowering dynamics for all humankind and the planet. Making choices not in accord with Universal Design and Laws creates chaos, conflicts, and wars among the diverse individuals and their institutional gangs.

We The People Of Planet Earth are sovereigns individuals... Let's us avoid arrogance... We are endowed with Free Will that comes along with consequences of our choices... We reap in like-kind what we sow... We are held accountable for our actions. We are responsible for self-care and cleaning up after our own self... Our individual and collective choices create the conditions we experience.... Success Engineers understand Energy Transmutation and easily do Energy Transmutation via Intention, Attention, Thoughts and Feelings that Inspire Doing THE Actions IN The Certain Way which Consistently Manifests Desired Results... Experience proves:

This wisdom reveals the scientific method for Success Engineering Paradisiacal Conditions is very simple: Each person focusing thoughts and actions on what can create a Personal Paradise, which includes connecting and networking with others doing the same, results of Paradise On Earth (and in any other dominion stewardship realm)...

We each can instinctively envision IDEAL -- Paradisiacal -- Conditions... We each can intuitively feel love and recognize expressed love... Most imagine Paradise has Wealth in every conceivable form... Wealth then could be defined: Energy as Spirit Of God expressed in Life, Health, Love, Longevity, Learning, Security, Prosperity, Happiness, Choice-making Freedom, Consequence Responsibility, Justice, and all other components we could ever dream about within the realm of the best of the best getting ever-better.... There are NO limits in our glorious creations for our Life Lessons and Ascension Careers.... Whole-Life Wealth and IDEAL are terms often used in this website to REFLECT Paradisiacal Wealth expressed in any form... We REFLECT Inner Environments into Outer Environments... It's an inside job!

IDEAL = I Do Everything Around Life... Liberty... Love... Longevity... Learning.... Loyalty... Laughter... Leverage... Labor Fruits...

Remember The Alamo!!!

... "my bones shall reproach my country for her neglect." ... With humble respect and honor, read the appeal letter written by William Travis for reinforcements as BRAVE Freedom Lovers stood their ground against tyranny, defending liberty to death... Daily we each "draw a line in the dirt" and decide where we stand.... Will enough respond in time to SAVE our union and IDEAL set forth in our 1776 and 1791 Documents Of Liberty?

On February 24, 1836, during Santa Anna's siege of the Alamo, Travis wrote a letter addressed "To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World":

Fellow citizens and compatriots;

I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna. I have sustained a continual Bombardment and cannonade for 24 hours and have not lost a man. The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender or retreat. Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch. The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily and will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days. If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible and die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country. Victory or Death.

William Barret Travis
Lt. Col. Comdt.

P.S. The Lord is on our side. When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn. We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves. Travis

He gave this letter to courier Albert Martin to deliver. The envelope that contained the letter was labeled "Victory or Death". The letter, while unable to bring aid to the garrison at the Alamo, did much to motivate the Texan army and helped to rally support in America for the cause of Texan independence. It also cemented Travis's status as a hero of the Texas Revolution.

Remember and KEEP ALIVE The Alamo's Brave Spirit FOR Freedom !!!

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